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Death with Dignity


Ever since Dr. Kevorkian assisted some who wished to end their lives rather than face the inevitable ending at the hands of some dreaded disease vs. taking control, I have been perplexed to say the least.

Today a young lady Brittany Maynard living with a horrible brain tumor ended her life.  I am saddened by this and I grieve for her and her family.  I don’t know them but I know of them and have followed this story.

It has been said that if you want to know someone, read their book.  If they don’t have a book you can read their Facebook, blogs, and or other writings that they have shared.  In many ways we know people better today because, many of us share by writing here on blogs or Facebook, or what have you.

I would have liked this person.

She was courageous in the face of death, fearless from what I could tell.  I am certain that she had her weak moments and cried until the tears were gone but, she faced her killer, and took control.  This is something that I would do; I recognize this and have total empathy for her.

I read some of the “post” by these “people” who hide behind anonymous names and are self-righteous.  These people are trolls and have no courage.  If you are going to comment, grow a pair and use your name!  And by the way, if you cant say anything nice just don’t bother, who the hell died and made you king?

They talk about this person going to hell because she violated the 6th commandment.

Properly translated; “that thou shall not commit murder.”  Murder is killing someone with malice. That begs the question, can you murder yourself?  I suppose if you hated yourself and planned it out, one could call it murder.

I do not believe that Brittany did that however.  I do not think that she was a coward and I believe that her method of dealing with her illness was a choice made by a sane person who chose to end her life while she had the means to do it, rather than die in horrible pain and anguish and literally wither away.

Let’s visit this from a legal standpoint for just a minute.

Currently if you are dying of cancer or some other horrible disease and they put you into Hospice care, the method of dying is basically to deprive the body of all liquids and food for the amount of time it takes for the organs to shut down due to toxins in the body and the lack of sustenance. Yes, they say that they control the pain with drugs but since the person can no longer verbally communicate, in many cases, we really have no idea if we are controlling the pain or not.  Since they are quite and unable to do anything we may be controlling our pain and “feelings” over what is best for them.  We are acquiescing to some arbitrary law made up by politicians regarding taking ones life.

Nobody should be forced to stick a gun in ones mouth, or jump from a high point or in front of a bus to take control! We force their hand with stupid archaic laws!  Brittany and her family were forced to move to Oregon!

So, death by starvation and deprivation of all fluids vs. taking some barbiturates’ that overwhelm the body’s ability to function.  For you religious zealots out there who magically think that there is a difference, you are still committing suicide either way you go, one way you just suffer for a lot longer than the other.

I would point out that we treat our pets and prisoners on death row more humanly than we treat the terminally ill.  Once your time on death row is up, you are put to sleep before paralytics are administered to stop the body from functioning.  Do we love our pets more than we love each other?

So here is the conundrum and the slippery slope that, so many fear.  At what point do you have to be at before you can request some doctor to prescribe a lethal dose of barbiturates?

Brittany wanted her death to matter.  She wanted to be part of a “death with dignity law” passed in this country and in each and every state.  I think that it is time to break free of these chains that hold us to puritan ideals of what is life and who has control over it! We need to start the narrative in each and every state.  No, this is not about Sarah Palin’s “death panels” as the person to make the final decision, should be the patient. Not some group of doctors or politicians.

This is not hard!

  • Does the person have a terminal illness?

Don’t tell me that life is a terminal illness as I know it is terminal, but not an illness.

  • Can the pain and illness be managed to afford the person a quality of life?
  • Quality of life is subjective and should be left to the person to define.

If the answers are yes and no respectively, than the person in question should have the right to request to die with dignity when they are ready to do so.

How hard is that?  Put the legal mambo jumbo to it, call it Brittany’s law, write it up, and make it happen!

To my fellow Christians out there, there is no sin that God cannot forgive. There is in fact no sin that a True Christian can do, that cannot be forgiven by God. We have no business putting ourselves in his place, and we certainly have no right to judge anyone and in fact are told not to.

With this in mind pray for the family of Brittany and her friends.  Re-post this if you will, so others can see this and act as they see fit.  Change.org might be a good first start..






Life is more than a box of cereal, or a board game that one might play on a rainy afternoon.


It amazes me that people will rise up and take on animal cruelty in such a vehement manner but, when it comes to human life, we seem more lackadaisical or indifferent.


The dichotomy that exists between animals and people are plenty.


A fetus is out of sight, not furry or cute and quite frankly treated like a disease. 

Baby animals have some redeeming quality, even if they are some sort of featherless bird.


We will push our lawmakers to adopt strict laws on any sort of cruelty to animals but when it comes to human life we politicize it. All of the sudden a fetus becomes a political football used to paint the other side in some sort of negative light.  This is anything but a proud moment in history and I truly believe that somewhere down the road we will be judged for this.  It may simply be in the history books and unless the trend of re-writing history continues, our grandchildren will look back at this generation and ask, “What the hell were they thinking?”


A few days after insemination (about the time the women misses her period), a fetus has a heart beat and its own unique blood type.  I would argue that this is when life starts.  Birth control ok, morning after pill ok, termination up until the fetus has a heartbeat I could live with.  After that it is simply killing a life that you don’t have the right to kill. 


The simple facts are that your choice in this process is to “choose” to have protected sex or not.  Whether your decisions produce a baby, or infects you with herpes or aids is now out of your hands.  Choose to practice safe sex or know that there may be consequences for your actions.


The other issue that needs to be aired out is “death with dignity.”  Currently if you or a loved one has some terminal incurable disease, you are pretty much left to die of “natural” causes.  This is anything but natural in that you are deprived of food and water and your organs have to literally fail, one by one, until enough toxins build up in your body to cause the heart to stop.   Since we have no idea what the person is feeling “as they can’t tell you” I would argue that our treatment of the ill needs to be changed. These people could last several days in this condition.  Since we can’t talk with them, we have no idea what they feel, what they are thinking or what is going on!


We treat our damned criminals more humane than this!


The criminal is strapped to the gurney where an IV is installed.  Through this IV at the time the order is given to execute the person, a chemical is given to sedate the person ( a general anesthesia).  He or she is put to sleep much like you would be put to sleep for a medical procedure.  After the person is asleep, more chemicals are given “paralytics as well as chemicals which stop the heart.”  I stress that the criminal is not there for that procedure.  Anyone who has ever been put under knows that the scariest parts are the unknowns and anticipating the procedure.  I would suspect that the criminal’s worst part of this is taking that last walk into the death chamber, and being strapped to the gurney.


The argument is that death with dignity “could” become a slippery slope, in that anyone could elect to die whether they were terminally ill or not.  If someone wants to die there are many ways to accomplish this and a loophole in some law should not stop us from offering assisted suicide to the terminally ill. 


There is another argument in that these “death panels” that are actually in this unaffordable health care act, could be expanded to terminate a life that has reached some arbitrary cost to keep alive.


No person should have this power to decide for another if they are to live or die.  Unless the patient assigns someone as a medical proxy; giving them the power knowing full well that they will let you go if the situation is that grim. If you create a living will and in that document your desire would be to die with dignity “morphine drip” that should be legal and allowed.  With enough morphine the respiratory system shuts down.  By the time that happens, the person has long since drifted away.


If no such document exist than the doctors should do everything in their power to keep you alive.  I am referring to coma patients who cost a lot of money to take care of.  We know that many people if given time will come out of a coma. 


Medicine in the most general terms is a practice and why drugs work as they do or people live who should be dead is a mystery.  Often times your doctor will prescribe medications to you that they have no clue how they work, they just do.


Until our medical acumen progresses to such a state that we understand much more, we should always error towards life. 


As far as cruelty to animals…; I am vehemently against it. Hopefully Dante has a special place arranged for those who would harm animals.


-Best to you and those that you care about.