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I spend a lot less time on FaceBook, and other social media, than I used to.

It is not that I don’t enjoy stalking my friends and family, looking at their vacation pics and what they ate for lunch…  Some of that is interesting and truthfully bespeaks to the reasons for their obvious weight issues…. I digress…

The reason that I do less and less of it is that those who control Facebook in particular have made such an advertising vehicle out of it, that just about everything you click on, every story hijacks your computer or other device.

Suddenly you are forced to watch some advertisement for something.  All you really want is to get past the “teaser”  (that line that made you click in the first place) and see what they are talking about.

Nope, you have to wait for the ad to load which is bandwidth, and your time.

Once you get there, you find that the teaser was flat and the story was written in such a way to get you to click.  Someone gets money for your click, so the writing worked.

You were manipulated by those that are smarter than you and someone got paid for your click.  If you are doing this on a data plan that charges you for your data download, you might very well be paying for the privilege of being manipulated.

When this happens to me, I close the story as I am certain that it was not that interesting anyway; and because of this, I have been on Facebook less and less.

If they want to sell advertising space off to the sides of the screen or even in the middle of the stories I can live with that, to hijack my browser and force me to find the hidden close button after I have watched the obligatory 15 seconds of the commercial is wrong and while I cannot affect change with the advertisers, I can kill the story, and I can find something else to do with my time like “read a book.”

Some of these pop ups and hijacks are eerily reminiscent of the pop ups that were indeed viruses.  “Click here to update your drivers, or scan your computer etc.”

Surfing the web one finds this type of thing and you can and should turn that option in your browser off.  If you want to see some video about the veg-a-matic, you can click on a link and be entertained in whatever way you choose.  To be forced to watch commercials before you can see what the teaser is about is “part of capitalism” that I don’t appreciate.


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Shocking things are beginning to become the norm…

Shocking things are beginning to become the norm…

Shocking things are beginning to become the norm…

I have written rather extensively about how our moral compass seems to be lost.

Today there is a video going viral of a mugging.

The video starts out with an elderly white guy walking down the sidewalk, my guess; heading for a store front.

A young black guy with a bag of groceries in his hands walks buy him, and in an instant, sucker punches him in the face knocking him to the ground.  After the initial attack he continues punching and kicking the guy until the white guy no longer moves.

After the attack, the black guy wonders off a little ways and appears to do a celebratory dance. Much like football players tend to do when they get a touchdown or make some other large play.

When his dance is complete, he hovers over the man, picks up his groceries and begins to leave and the video stops.

The white guy is 84 years of age.  His assailant was in his 20’s.

This caught on camera is shocking enough, and police are asking for your help as this guy needs to be off of the streets.

Here is what is more shocking than this video.

In the comment section, one person actually defends the black guy saying that there may have been “just cause” (my words) for the attack.  Good reasons were his words.

I, like the rest of the people on the thread found this an insane statement to make, but there is this logic out there.

What possible cause could there be for a young black man to violently attack an 84 year old guy who was simply minding his own business.

One of the people on the thread identified the 84 year old man as her uncle, one of the nicest people around.

I would come closer to believing that this attack is part of the racial tension “brought to this country” by far too many playing the race card, to  evoke an emotional response to further divide this country and bolster the base for the party.

If we play into this line of reasoning of the “person” who made that comment tell me, what could an old white guy, that can barely walk, do or say in about a second; that would “justify” this horrific attack!

The answer is nothing.  If the old guy did something then or some time prior to this time, that this fellow thought so egregious that he attacked him and knocked him out than he should do like most civilized people and call the man in blue, and let them work it out.

We hire the police to protect and serve and we pay for the judicial system to deal with those that don’t follow the laws of this land.  Rarely is it ever a good idea to take the law into your own hands.  Self-defense is about the only time one should resort to this type of activity.

Later this same day we read of a women who was arrested for insisting that “her people rise up and kill police and them white privileged crackers.  Her rant was full of rhetoric fit for the gutter as every other word was a profanity usually starting with F.

She was arrested and will get to explain herself to some judge somewhere.

Lastly, same day see a video of a kid punching another kid.  The kid he was attacking was blind.  This story has a happier ending and another kid come to the blind kids rescue and punches his attacker.

When I googled the story to post a link to it there were so many stories with the line “black guy attacks old white guy” that I was shocked!

The race baiters have done such a good job of stirring things up that these stories are simply not uncommon!  That is sad and is telling.


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Michael Medved, Really?!

Michael Medved, Really?!

I listen to the radio when I work.

(I don’t have time to call in and pontificate, sorry.) 

If I am doing the kind of work that takes little concentration, I have talk radio on as I find some of the subjects thought provoking.


Today I listened to Michael Medved for about as long as I could tolerate his blather, without tossing the radio into the trash.

The subject was “millennials living at home.”   First off, a millennial is someone between the ages of 18 and 34, if I remember him correctly.

Michael went onto to extol the virtues of his kids living here and there, but would love them to be living with him.  They brighten up the room when they walk in.  Trust me, if they lived with you day in and day out that brilliance would tarnish quickly when they left their mess for you or your wife to clean up.  When kids become adults they need to have their own place, not sponging off of their parents.  They need to learn that the dishes don’t wash themselves, and the trash does not take itself out.

When they have a car, they need to learn that the maintenance of that car is their responsibility.  The gas does not magically appear, and the oil does not magically get changed.

Millennials are moving home, or never leaving, because this economy will not support them living out of the house.  They then become parasites on their parents, and the relationship can become synergistic in that the parents are getting older and need “want” help with certain things.  Those parents if they are able to do for themselves, they need to do for themselves.  It is not good to allow them to sit on their ass all day and watch TV.  They need to be moving, doing things and not having it all done for them, unless of course they are unable.

Obama care has companies using different hiring strategies to get out of paying these exorbitant prices for health care, so they hire twice as many part-time people instead of full time, thus screwing the millennials. Yes, a few find full time jobs but a lot of them don’t, or are under employed.  These “hires” also screw up the unemployment stats as all of these part time people would be half that number if they were full time.

We have millions of aliens in this country, flooding the job market, further weakening the job market.

We have corporations buying politicians through campaign contributions, which turn into thousands of H1-B workers taking technical jobs from Americans.  And still we have companies like HP outsourcing tens of thousands of jobs overseas where they can hire much more cheaply and OSHA and the EPA are not around to make their lives miserable.

For anyone to get a full time job, they must go after a job that is a profession; and simply not something that an unskilled worker can do. I consider trades as professions by the way.


I was at the local Kroger not long ago during the day, and a cashier saw me waiting in line and tried in earnest to get me to use the “self-checkout!”  This idiot is either so lazy, or so stupid, that he does not realize that those bloody things are taking their jobs and hours!

Every time you use a self-service device, and that includes an ATM, any kiosk, or shopping online; you are in fact doing something that someone would normally be paid to do. Technology is taking jobs away.

Michael did not go after these kids living in the basement but, rather celebrated the virtues of having your kids stay with you.


Michael, when the kid turns 26 they are no longer a deduction.  Never mind the fact that the deduction was minimal; it was something.  Now we have kids using resources that cost money, and allowing mommy to still wipe their snotty nose.

You have people who should be saving for retirement using those funds to help their children, as their children have been handicapped by their parents.  Yes, their kid’s issues are the fault of the parents.


Why don’t you simply pull a Kathy Bates on them and take out a baseball bat and break their legs while you are at it.  By not encouraging your kids to go out and make a life for themselves, you are crippling them.

Apathy… A major problem in this country is apathy but, nobody cares.

The millennials got this way because of apathy.  We saw it happening, we listened to news stories and read stories and watched it happen with our own kids, and we just allowed it.  We turned our backs on the problem until it became a crisis and then we screamed “how did this happen?! Look in the mirror pardner…That is how it happened. 

When I was a teenager, 18 was my move out day.  “When you get 18 you are out of here!”  My parents loved me, they loved me enough to force me to become a man, and make something out of myself.

Did I move into a house like I left? Oh no, far from it.

In fact, with my pitiful salary, I moved into a rental that cost me my first weeks’ paycheck every month.

I drove a car that I had to work on just about every weekend, and I did not go into restaurants.  I ate cheap soup, and a lot of cheap canned foods that are probably so processed, that cat food would have been better for me. I still managed a savings account while living like that.

When you have to live on what you make, suddenly you get a reality check.  When you work for someone; you do as you are told whether you like it or not because, you need that paycheck! 


Kids today wander around with a $1000 dollar phone sticking out of their ass pocket, wearing $200 jeans with holes in them, driving $25K~$50K cars that mommy gave them, and we wonder why they are so screwed up!

Bernie Sanders is gaining traction today because he is the government version of mommy! 

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks at a rally demanding presidential action to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Sanders will run to Hillary Clinton's left, trying to elevate economic issues.
Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks at a rally demanding presidential action to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Sanders will run to Hillary Clinton’s left, trying to elevate economic issues.

Socialism is great until you run out of the other guy’s money , then what?

I know, you riot, and you protest the fat cat bankers and anyone else that has anything, as you can no longer get it, because they ran out of money!  That day is coming folks, the day of the Obama Handout is going to end as we are over $18 trillion in debt, and a lot of that is Obama phones and other handouts.

By the way, how much of what somebody else earned is your fair share?

No Mr. Medved, you kick their asses out when they either reach 18, or finish with college, and you love them.  You love them much more if you allow them to have some tough times or even fail, rather than if you constantly bail them out. Failure builds character because it teaches us humility, which we see so little of today.  There is this entitled mentality because of logic like yours.  That is the same logic that everyone gets a trophy!  Really?!


If you teach them morality, and let them develop their character when they are young, bring them up to be self-sufficient; you will be raising them correctly.  Allowing them, or encouraging them to live at home is a mistake of biblical proportions and you Mr. Medved, who has a microphone, hence audience; really should be espousing responsible ethics and morality, instead of a freeloading relationship that so many fall into today.


It is not good to live in your mother’s basement, play on the computer and do nothing with your life, or make excuses.  Remember this, if you are coasting, you are going downhill.  If you want this nation to stay the “greatest nation on gods green earth” reconsider some of the stuff you preach.


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The bill failed, and it represents a failure of the people of America.

Partial birth abortion, or any type of abortion where the baby can feel pain is abhorrent!  Not only is it repugnant, but incredibly selfish.  Cloaking abortion under some obscure notion that it is a women’s right to commit murder is repulsive; and displays not only their character but their moral turpitude. The fact that this bill was not a slam dunk, speaks to the degradation and absolute depravity of this country and its people.  When you place a priority on politics over what is morally right and just, you descend into an abyss that there is most likely no turning back from.  To argue that the killing of innocent lives is anything but slaughter in wholesale fashion is delusional at best, and unequivocally disgusting.

The face of Evil
The face of Evil

Planned Parenthood was formed by a racist women who believed in Eugenics.  Her goal was to rid the world of “in her mind” an inferior species, so she did so under the guise of women’s health.   That organization has been responsible for the death of millions, with a disproportional percentage being black; and yet the democrats and some republicans defend it because they are afraid for their political careers.

Those who we have sent to Washington have failed the American people monumentally.

We truly need term limits in Washington. We also need to change the way that campaigns are funded so those who we send to represent us, can actually take time to do their job versus being in campaign mode looking for money for their “next election.”


Obama to nominate first openly gay service secretary to lead the Army

Obama to nominate first openly gay service secretary to lead the Army

Obama to nominate first openly gay service secretary to lead the Army

Ever Since Obama flipped flopped on the issue of gay marriage, the gay agenda has been for front in the media.  Daily, there is a story about something gay.

The story of the bakers that were targeted by the gay couple, to make them a cake was one of the most outrageous stories dealing with this.  A quick look at their website would paint them as incredibly religious as there was scripture on every page!  An activist judge quashed their first amendment rights not only with their freedom of religion, he also repressed their first amendment rights when he basically put a gag order on them, so they could not even talk about it!  On top of this he found for the two gay folks that targeted this couple, and fined the bakery some $135k as one of the people claimed that she was mentally raped!

Kim Davis also had her first amendment rights quelled when she too was targeted by activist gay couples wanting to force her to do that which violated her religion.  She sat in Jail for several days as the activist judge found for the couple.

Now we have Obama nominating a gay service secretary to lead the Army.  I am sure Patton is rolling over in his grave!  This is a political maneuver to try once again to make the Republicans look weak or bigoted.  He has placed them in a no-win situation.  If they oppose this nomination for any reason, they will be painted as bigots.  It does not make any difference if the guy is qualified or not.  If they block it for any reason, they are bigots.  If they don’t block it, the conservative voting block will see them as weak, and vote them all out at their earliest convenience.

Obama is doing anything he can to make the republicans look bad, and this nomination is simply moving one more pawn on the chess board, dividing this country along gay vs. straight lines.  This president will go down in history as the “Great Divider!”

Those on either side will either see the LGBT side of this, or the evangelical conservative side who are being assaulted in these political maneuvers and are simply collateral damage, which this administration does not care about.

When you use your sexuality as a weapon, you are a bully!

Further collateral damage will most certainly occur in the minds of our service men and women.  Those of this day and age will probably not think too much about this but, those Vets, of an earlier generation like Patton, will be offended.  This is the emotional trigger that manipulates the masses, and some chess master in the Obama administration knows this; and is very good at what they do.

This is where the “Art of the deal” would come into play.  I would use any leverage I could to make Obama re-consider, and somehow put the monkey back on his back.  The republicans must take a stand, and force this president to take a stand, instead of giving him a pass.  I would force him to veto so many bills that he ran out of ink in his famous pen. Boehner and his people must grow a pair, or the 2016 election will look badly for them; as Americans will not see the political maneuvering, and the liberal media will certainly spin this in favor of the Democrats.

Those conservative candidates should talk about this during the next debate.  The general public has no clue how this government really works or as Obama calls it, “the process!”  “It’s a process and sometimes it gets ugly.”  Said Obama at some speech four years ago.  Trump is bringing a very large audience to the table, use it to place the blame where it belongs!  We have lost the art of the politics or we are cowards when it comes to this president.  The race card has been his “standard” for 7 years and that is getting really old!

Promising the American people a transparent government, with no lobbyist, are two of the first promises he broke.


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Trump and Nutz

Trump and Nutz

Yesterday, Mr. Trump gave a talk in New Hampshire.  During the talk he decided to simply open up the floor to questions from the crowd.


My gut feeling is that he decided that “practice fielding questions from just anyone,” might help him in future debates.  Now, that would by my reasoning however; I would not do it if I were him because he loses control of the setting.

True to form there were some nut jobs, or plants, that got the mic and asked some really far out questions.

Mr. Trump is short on substance anyway, so simply ignoring the bad questions and or placating them with “yea yea sure sure” was his strategy.

One of the loons talked about Fema camps and “visions” of bad things happening, which got no play in the press.

Supposedly 1 billion dollars worth of disposable coffins ordered by FEMA
Supposedly 1 billion dollars worth of disposable coffins ordered by FEMA

Another loon (first question actually) asked about the “Muslim problem” and accused President Obama of being a Muslim and not an American Born citizen.  Trump used his standard answer “were looking into a lot of things, next.”

The press has seized on this to once again attack Trump and of course his rivals are attacking him.. ”outrageous” on cries and another calls him a clown and not fit for the office!”  His opponents have nothing to lose and by saying things like “outrageous” simply gets them printed or Air Time.

These are all great sound bites but, what they are not reporting is that Mr. Trump simply placated the (nut or plant) and moved on.

Trump knows that Obama is a good guy, not a Muslim, and certainly not an alien!

Official portrait of President Barack Obama in the Oval Office, Dec. 6, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not be used in commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House.
Official portrait of President Barack Obama in the Oval Office, Dec. 6, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not be used in commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House.

No matter how much you disagree with this president, allowing such talk to go un-challenged is pretty close to saying it yourself.  If the press and other candidates have their way, they will spin this as Trump said it.

Tip:  When you run for any office, everything you say (or don’t say,) has to be, “Has to be” metered with “how will this be perceived by the voters, and how will it be used against me.”

Practice debates should be only with your staff, with no outside people anywhere near it.

In 1990 Clayton Williams was running for Governor of the state of Texas.  He made an off the cuff remark at a party for friends, that cost him the election.  He suggested that some victims of rape should “simply relax and enjoy it!”

Now this was said at a private party, drinking was involved and we don’t know the context of the statement.  He said it was part of a joke but, never the less, it cost him the election.

Rape is kind of like the weather. If it's inevitable, relax and enjoy it.”​ —1990 Texas gubernatorial candidate Clayton Williams (March 1990)
Rape is kind of like the weather. If it’s inevitable, relax and enjoy it.”​ —1990 Texas gubernatorial candidate Clayton Williams (March 1990)

When you are in the public “eye” so to speak, you must control the environment and you must be rehearsed.  While Mr. Trump has defied the laws of politics thus far, this cannot last forever.

The sophomoric behavior and truculent attitude must stop, he must be armed with some substance when asked questions, and he needs to control his stump speeches.

  • When loons like those two were allowed to speak, they hurt him.
  • Mr. Trump should employ people to vet the questions, and the people, before they are handed a mic.
  • Those two loons should never have been allowed to speak on camera.
  • I stress camera, as every time he speaks there are many live television feeds; and he knows this!  Don’t play to your competition.

His candidacy will implode if he does not take control of it.


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GOP Debate II

GOP Debate II

While many watched the GOP debate last night, many did not. It did in fact draw a record audience of 22.9 million which is a record, and clearly due to Trump!


Many in fact will get their news from snippets, sound bites, tweets, or comedians looking for ratings, at the expense of candidates.


This is the world that we live in. 

The first debate between the lower polling candidates, it was easy to see why the four there polled so low and to be fair, Rand Paul should have been there as well. To be absolutely fair to Mr. Paul, I admire him.  I don’t think he is presidential material but, I do think he is fighting for you and me and the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and for that my hats off to him.

Even this debate was about TRUMP
Even this debate was about TRUMP

Lindsey Graham who I have little respect for, actually schooled the bunch and tried to drive the message home that the world is a dangerous place; and under this administration, it has not gotten better.


I actually respect Lindsey a little bit more, after his performance last night.

The reason that we have so many GOP hopefuls is, that this president set the bar pretty low!  There was a time that I was considering running on the slogan, “I could not do any worse!”  If you like this guy as your president, my apologies and “bless your heart.”

So Un-presidential..
I am certain that as a person he is probably someone I would enjoy knowing. These last 7 years have been an unmitigated disaster.

What we have in the white house is the JV team and of that, I have little doubt.

Most of the candidates simply took shots at the front runner, in order to make a name for themselves. They were desperate and floundering and it was to be expected.  This was their chance to get back onto the board and I think they all failed. Mr. Graham focused on the president and the issues of the day which is really how as a candidate you should differentiate yourself.  His comment about “more drinking in the white house,” Showed a human side of him that I liked.


At the main debate, Donald Trump was set up as the Straw Man by CNN for ratings.  Simply that, nothing more.  The questions and methods used were to tarnish the entire GOP; and of course make the front runners appear as feckless, as the current administration who think that ISIS is the JV Team. My opinion, your mileage may vary.


Hollywood elites also weighed in and that too, sniping from the cheap seats.

Just because you can remember a few lines and emote, does not make you a brilliant politician, or your opinion any more germane than that of john Q public.  It simply means that when you speak, people know of you, and because you have name recognition, you can get printed. If you played a good guy, they might think your character is that of a good guy etc. There is a responsibility that comes with that, but few acknowledge it and abuse it regularly.

Donald Trump is resonating because Americans’ don’t like where we are going, and want America to change.  Mr. Trump cannot be purchased by special interests and even though he is flawed, I like the idea that if he says he will do it, he probably will.


His largest flaw is not his truculent attitude towards “idiots,” or his sophomoric attacks on people’s looks.  It is; he is very short on substance.  His bravado and ego seem to overpower his respect for the office which he seeks.  Donald needs to come up with some humility and reverence for the office of President, and I question if he can do it.


Think about it just for a moment, what kind of person thinks that he or she can be the most powerful person in the world?!  Narcissism would certainly come into play or should be suspected.




It was obvious that Mr. Trump was not rehearsed or prepared for the onslaught of attacks from both his fellow candidates, and the moderators.  He deflected and defended, but the facts are that he was on defense for 3 hours!  I am certain that he felt like one of those Trump Piñatas the Hispanics are selling.  Those of you who don’t like him probably enjoyed that part of it but, this is more than entertainment.  We have serious issues and we need someone who is going to get serious about fixing them!

That face! Sorry...Learn to Smile and tell a joke, lighten up.
That face!

Carly appeared to be the “winner” last night but, I must tell you as much as I appreciate her moxie, she came off as a bitch last night.  She came off as petty, vindictive and uninformed, in many political areas, even though she managed to memorize some facts and figures, much like Rubio, it was too rehearsed for my take.  She tells of great times at HP but as someone who has been in IT since 1982, I know that it was because they merged with Compaq.  I also had many friends who lost their jobs to overseas.  Tough decisions to put Americans out of work are not what we need!  While she gained ground with some, she lost it with me.  It is my hope that she can earn that back, as we really need serious candidates.

Huckabee, Who I have never really been a fan of, gained some traction with me in that he gave a solid performance.  I would like to know more about him without the bloviating. Cruz was too rehearsed, and way too in your face.

“If we can make provisions for convicted killers we can certainly make provisions for elected officials!”

Chris Christie had a good night, and I think his pitch to the American people was smart, I liked how he “became the adult” in the room and, I think that was a good moment for him.  Christie will be one to watch.

“You had your turn now do not interrupt me!”

The media is having a hay-day poking at Trump, and his argument that autism and vaccines have some sort of link while standing next to a neurosurgeon “planned by CNN,” fell flat.

We need answers to this!
We need answers to this!

While science says that is debunked, they also say we are in the middle of global warming. While I am not a denier of some sort of climate change, I do think it is a little like Chicken Little.  I know that Al Gore has those Carbon Credits all printed up, waiting to sell them to companies here in the US; while we ship our coal to China! In short it is completely disingenuous and all about money!


images download

Files/The Associated Press Workers cycle past a coal-fired power plant on a tricycle cart in Changchun in northeast China’s Jilin province. China’s label as a developing nation in climate matters is facing a challenge. ---
Files/The Associated Press
Workers cycle past a coal-fired power plant on a tricycle cart in Changchun in northeast China’s Jilin province. China’s label as a developing nation in climate matters is facing a challenge.

This administration evidently thinks that the poisoned air over China, will stay over China!

If there is a shred of doubt in the vaccine science, it needs to be looked at carefully.

I personally feel that the rise of autism is due to drug use in the different countries and once you “do drugs” you screw with you DNA, thus effecting the DNA of any progeny.  That is true for both parties, not simply the mother! True fact, we like the drug culture for some reason, so we don’t report it.

Maybe we feel that people who did drugs and gave birth to kids with special needs don’t need to bear the burden of their actions, so we downplay it.  Sorry folks!  We need a nation of accountability.  If you speed and get caught you get a ticket.  If you do something wrong and there are consequences, you should pay those consequences.  If you give birth to special needs kids and you did drugs…’s probably on you.

Twitter was busy last night with GOP haters talking smack behind their anonymous handles, and what have you.  There were even threats lobbed at some of the candidates. If you live behind the curtain, and in your mother’s basement, I guess you feel pretty bold.  

Well my pretties, let me tell you something as a technology guy, they can find you!  They can not only find you by the unique id of the device you are using but, with technology; they can walk right up to you in a crowd of thousands.  If I can do it, so can they, and they have much more expensive toys than I.

One way to find you and your secrets.
One way to find you and your secrets.

Freedom of speech is one thing, threats are another.  Calling Trump stupid is your right, not smart, but.. Threatening someone with his resources, and a presidential candidate, really not too smart.

Speaking of really not smart, Someone not on the stage but, a vocal supporter of Trump tweeted through the entire event.

Ann Coulter, who I have watched, listened to, and find her intelligent, had a major brain fart last night.

I hope your accoutnt was hacked but I think it was you… Not smart!

I do not understand this tweet of hers, and I don’t think Mr. Trump will find it any too smart either.  He will have to distance himself from her, and hope that he does not get too wet from the splash.  Many on the twitter-verse were linking the two as one.


Most people that I know and call friends or even associate with, welcome diversity.   You and I can be polar opposite on everything.  As long as there is mutual respect, we are good.

This tweet is totally disrespectful and uncalled for.  The similar attacks lobbed against her, were also over the top, and simply sub-human.

Israel is our friend and so are the people of Israel.  Mentioning them in their closing statement was germane as many feel that this administration has dissed them (they have) and they don’t like Netanyahu for reasons which escape me.


To alienate people with comments like hers is unacceptable, and proves once again that you should not drink and drive, and or drink and tweet!

Bush and the rest were unremarkable …to me….Sorry.  We don’t need career politicians and we need term limits.  Once you retire as a politician you go home.  You don’t simply move over to Avenue K and become a lobbyist, you go home.  And by the way, you live by the same laws that we do.


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Facebook friends, Social Media and thought of the day!

Facebook friends, Social Media and thought of the day!

Facebook friends, Social Media and thought of the day!

I am convinced that Facebook is not the place to have political discussions or debates.

First off, most people do not get on Facebook to read a political opinion, unless of course they agree with you, and then by all means; prattle on.

Most of us have opinions in that regard, and some are well founded, others are simply based on the last thing someone read, or heard, on the radio or TV.

A quick look at the twitter feeds, especially with the total anonymity that people enjoy, they can say the most vile, disgusting things, under the cloak of being a coward in their mother’s basement, and the world sees this.  These people have opinions and they don’t want yours, they simply want to lash out and call everyone who differs from them names. Of course they do this most eloquently, utilizing their limited vocabulary consisting of 4 letter words, that they would not want their mother to hear.

Whatever the case, if someone is interested, they most probably are a little more actively involved than simply reading a few post, and thinking that is “news.”

If on the other hand, someone shares their perspective on “things” and you “unfriend” them, or they unfriend you over the sharing of opinion, I would not get too torn up about it.

If you have “friends” they will respect your right to an opinion, and you will respect theirs, and you can go on with life.  Agree to disagree and life goes on.

I happen to value friendships, and while I don’t agree with some, I would never equivocate when it comes to their right to post it, have it, or talk about it.  I also would never block someone as I firmly believe that there is “strength in diversity.”  That has its limits however; if personal name calling comes into the equation, there are things that I will not put up with.

Toxic people, and or toxic relationships; I have no use for, and will divorce them.

If your opinion is different than mine, I want to know why; as it may be possible that I don’t have all the facts.  You too should want to know for the same reason.  We are much stronger united by the truth, than divided by lies.

“Diverse”   is what we really are as a people when you think about it.

Your race, religion, political standing, etc. are all part of who you are. If one were to only have likeminded friends, one would have a myopic view of the world, and that would distort their reality.

If someone leaves your circle, blocks your feeds, etc… they are allowed, and if they do that the friendship was truly one sided to begin with so, no loss.

A friendship is accepting me and all of my warts etc. as I accept you. 

I am not perfect, but I am smart enough to have friends that are diverse enough; to obtain all sides of the equation instead of just one.

In short, your opinion matters to me.  I may not agree with it, or I might adopt it.

Social Media is a great place to see who lives around you, and what they do…. in some cases it’s about what they eat for breakfast lunch and dinner….


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GreCom PSR 700

GreCom PSR 700

Tacky radio


Well, one would think that I was about to write a commentary on some DJ, or perhaps some radio personality that was messy, or ill fit for their job but, that is not the case.

This is actually a technical article regarding the GRECOM PSR 700.

This radio is actually a very nice, easy to use scanner, for the person who wants to listen immediately without punching in all of those dozens of frequencies.

The data base comes on a small SD card that you simply install in the radio under the batteries and it is then menu driven with familiar controls as it mimics the old iPod in many respects.

I picked up the radio the other day as I have not used it in over a year.  With Trumps visit coming up and all of the protesters I thought that listening in might prove interesting.

When I picked up the radio it literally stuck to my hand.  This thing was made in China and I am guessing that like their famous capacitor flub up they too did not do something right with the chemical makeup of the case on the radio.  The plastic actually started to break down and reacted with the atmosphere “I am guessing.”

If you run your fingernail along the back of the plastic the “sticky” actually comes off and adheres to your fingernail much like the glue on those nasty little labels that you find on so many things that you buy now days.

Going on the web looking for a solution there was not one.  There are others that have reported this but, Grecom is out of business.   I am guessing that the refund or warrantee of all of the radios that this affected was too much for them and they abandoned those customers.

I took the battery cover off and simply tried to wash it.  Dish soap and a brush just made a sticky mess of both the brush and my hands.

Even if it worked you could not run the radio under water so some other form of “fix” was going to have to be discovered.

Goo Gone to the rescue.

Using Goo Gone and that little plastic tool that you use to take laptops of smartphones apart worked nicely.

Simply get a little goo gone on your finger and rub it on to the area that you want to clean.

After it sits for a few minutes use the tool much like a scraper and small deliberate strokes and you will see the sticky crap come off and pile up at the end of the stroke.

If you feel comfortable dismantling the radio first that might be your best bet as any mistake will have this stuff inside your radio.

I carefully did this too all of the surfaces removing as much as the sticky stuff as possible.  I then got a cloth rag and with some force rubbed and buffed the rest as best I could.

I finished the process with “Windex,” and a paper towel. Dampen the paper towel with Windex, never spray it on to the radio.  Small deliberate forceful strokes, removed the rest of the nastiness that was nothing more than flypaper on my radio.  Cosmetically the radio is not as pristine as it once was, and the lettering that was under the sticky mess disappeared as well.

The radio is still usable, and does not stick too anything any longer.

If you are thinking about buying one of these online think twice as you may be buying a sticky mess.

This is not for the faint of heart and I am disappointed that I spent that kind of money and have a radio that clearly is not as pristine as it was when I bought it.

If you have one of these here is the page for downloads and if you want third party out of warranty service..  I contacted them several days ago and no response so, your mileage may very…


108556-03 108556-04 GooGone-4oz


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A note about #Trump

A note about #Trump

A note about Trump

I find it fascinating that the liberal media does not understand why Trump is where he is in the polls.

They think it has something to do with “thinking people,” not liking politicians, but they are not really sure.  “He is Teflon.”  they say, “He defies the laws of political gravity!….”

Trump cannot be bought by special interests, and that is what is resonating along with his, “in your face to PC speak” which has crippled this country for far too long! 

Add to this a complicit media that only reports on that which bring ratings, and only then if it fits an agenda of whoever they are supporting.

I think Americans are tired of being lied to and Trump, Carson, and probably Fiorina are Washington outsiders, who have yet to sell their sole to the devil that is the Washington DC Good old boys, what can you do for me” crowd.

Trump is most likely the only candidate that cannot be purchased by this crowd, and that is why (Washington insiders) are talking trash about him and, why he resonates with people, even if he is not the perfectly scripted, speech written by committee based on polls of different demographics, type candidate.  I find his rambling, unscripted style of speech refreshing, and if he wants to bitch about China at each speech, so be it.  He is what he is, and for that I will stand up and say Hell Yes!

If he “Trump” gets elected, how long do you think it will take to get the Keystone Pipeline started?  Do you think we will be spending more millions studying the effects on migration patters of birds or fish that are in some small creek?  The stalling will be over!  The Age of Bullshit will be over, at least political backscratching bullshit that has paralyzed this country for the last 7 years!

Twenty thousand (20,000) attended today’s speech, (not simply thousands WFAA) in Dallas, and I have no idea how many more watched it on TV but, I suspect that Wednesday, CNN will enjoy a boost to its ratings as never before, and it will be because of Trump, not the others…. (Sorry Ben and Carly) Those that choose to attack Trump at the Debate should tread carefully, he brought you that audience. 

I think Trump is right about this phenomena, I think it is a movement! 

Personally, I do not want to see another Bush or Clinton in the White house. I think it is time for the “dynasties” and Washington Elites to be dethroned, as they have time after time convinced the masses that they think that they are kings and emperors and other types of royalty who are above the law, who simply tolerate the little people.  “let them eat cake…”  Hillary still thinks she is above the law and this whole e-mail thing and the Benghazi lies are simply a right wing conspiracy!  Keep trying to sell those lies, you still have a few hard core believers…  Chris Mathews still loves you.

It is time for term-limits and hopefully we can get that enacted by getting the right person in the white house.  Whether that be Trump, or Carson, or Carly, I think Washington outsiders are a good start.

“Of the people, by the people, for the People, should be our battle cry!”

Our Government is accountable to us the people, and when they forget that, you get what we have, lawlessness! 

We also have pens, and phones, and Social Media and … we vote!


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