Month: September 2013

Trust Me


It never ceases to amaze me how people will blindly trust “in this case” the government.


People continue to surrender their rights to privacy in exchange for safety.  How safe are you? 

Here is an article I found most disturbing.


 These are kids playing soldier.   Does this not look eerily reminiscent of this? 


The government has deals with cell phone providers to get anything that they want detailing your account and activity.  My guess would be that they can also tell what you watch on TV and where you have been on the Internet, all without a warrant.

 Bush opened this can of worms and Obama is just capitalizing on it.  Do you know that once you surrender your rights that you will never get them back?  Again, looking at history; it will take a war with our young men and women fighting each other to bring about some sort of government that is not so “corrupt” if we don’t start now.  It will be that or the word “free” will have a whole new meaning.  With each new law you loose some freedoms.  

We learn that they have supercomputers which break your passwords and security algorithms (most probably using brute force) and that too is done without oversight from a governing body.



In months to come your complete medical history will be available online.  That includes notes about your confidential conversations with your mental health provider.   If you are prescribed any type of medicine for anything, big brother will know about it and most likely profile you in some sort of slot.

It would seem to me that they should tie this profile to a unique number.  There would be no names in it that could identify the person to whom the medical  information belonged.  Until you provide them a number either by telling it to them or producing a card with it on it would they have access to it.  I realize that it will take hundreds of thinkers in several states and committee meeting after committee meeting to think the process through and come up with this idea but, you can have it for free; and save the tax payers billions while you try to come up with it.  Oh, and use a hexadecimal numbering scheme so you have lots of numbers.

We have many companies out there providing backup services to companies and individuals via “The Cloud.”  Now how much would you care to wager that the same cloud that houses your encrypted data also provides a shadow over a less than honorable sector of our government?  “all in the name of safety of course.”


Their reasons for originally doing this may seem honorable but with absolute power comes absolute corruption.  If you doubt this, try reading some history.  It happens to be rife with such events although the internet was not invented then..


We in fact are following cyclical history and we don’t ever seem to learn from it.

Like the frog in the boiling water, we just never saw it coming…



-Best to you and those that you care about!