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Writers Block

Writers Block


As a writer, I follow many, talk with several; and listen a lot.

There are those who feel that they must complete 5 pages a day.  There are those that don’t.

If you are passionate about it; writing 15 a day or more could be a piece of cake, or a bloody nightmare.

You simply cannot force creativity….

I have crawled out of bed at 3 AM and worked till well past noon the next day, as I was inspired.  I have also stopped, and not touched the keyboard when nothing was happening.

There is a flow to the creative process and “external shit” can mess with that flow.

Maybe you don’t feel good, maybe the neighbor or spouse or sibling pissed you off…

Writing and painting to me are one in the same…I am an artist; I paint with oils…I can paint from my head, or from a model, or from a picture…it depends what I am going for.

I can also paint with words.  In many cases I am much better with words than oils.  My paintings have sold in many different countries, and yet I aspire to invoke emotions through language.  Many artist do it through painting, or music, and that is all great and good.  While I too play instruments; that is not my passion… I love music but telling a story…Ah…That excites me….!

Tonight I had a block…The story stood still and I sat here… I looked at the words and my characters were frozen.  A fluid story stopped … as my creative process stopped….

I walked away…took a long shower and in that shower the next chapter sprang to life as the water danced off my hands and arms and…the rest of me….

Sometimes you simply have to wash the block away…..

Five pages a day….no…..I could force it but it would suck, and be badly created, and poorly read and most probably deleted the next day when I reread it….

You simply cannot force creativity….


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What are you thankful for?

What are you thankful for?

What are you thankful for?

I wrote earlier that Thanksgiving was one of my favorite holidays as it does not involve gifts, or greed…simply food, fun, family, and Turkey Comas all around…

Roosevelt in 39 tried to move it up to promote more shopping time to boost a sluggish economy after the depression.  So, in learning that; it like anything else can be a political tool to meet some end, I was a little downhearted.  Man is who he is and I should come to expect that but…alas what do we hear about today…now!

Online black Friday every day!  Stores opening up 6pm the night before and staying open 24 hours to drive the bottom line.

Black Friday got its name by the way as that is the time of year when re-sellers hopefully get out of the red into the black.

Think about this…. Goods are generally marked up 40%… What they pay for it, and what you pay for it can have a 40% delta… Larger box stores have higher purchasing power so they can get it cheaper, and might pass that along while still making a large profit.  That puts the mom and pop shops out of business.

To be fair they have the bricks and mortar to pay for, and the employees, lights advertising …you get the idea.

Online stores can operate much less expensively, yet some of their prices rival that of the local Target or yes…Walmart…

If you shop online you cut out the teller… You cut out the salesperson and you cut out the bricks and mortar, when it comes to a store front.

While we do this for the sake of convenience, we do away with jobs… The very jobs that people bitch about not having…

We have lost our way… Sunday after church, there was a time when family was important…Homemade ice-cream and Ice tea on the front porch were important. Lunch with your church family was important.

To me…some go to church to be seen… and are ready to hit the door ten minutes after the first song starts.  Engaging people in the church is a tough job… Keeping the kids awake and engaged …I have seen it but truly, I think the art of preaching is waning…

I see people in church with their smart phones texting…How can you listen to a sermon and get something out of it, when you are posting things on Facebook; or texting while in church?

I have all but stopped watching TV… I listen to the radio some, but prefer to read my news, and stop before I get overwhelmed by the massive amounts of stupidity in the world.

In short, I am thankful for my friends and family…”You…and you….and yes you too.”

I am thankful for my pets, as they offer unconditional love…maybe because I feed them but, I think of it as love…

I am thankful for my intellect, and my ability to discern between what is worthy of my time and attention; and what is not.

I am thankful for those that take the time to write a nice note, or even challenge my take on a particular thing… Nobody has all the answers….

I am thankful for my faith, as it keeps me together, and sane, in this unsettling world that we find ourselves in.

-Best to you, have a stellar Thanksgiving…!

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There is a theme to my blog here, and it is simply that…insight or enlightenment…

I coined the phrase “mirror-time” In that one needs to know that person who looks back at them in the mirror.

Over the years I have given you clues like “know why you like, or don’t like something.”

I have asked you to examine why you did something a particular way.

Other things included looking for the truth outside of what you would like it to be, or your particular bias and once you find it, embrace it.  The truth truly will set you free….

The media in our country has divided this country driven by differing ideologies.  Social media is ablaze with ideas which are diametrically opposite of one another… We have devout socialist on one side and conservative capitalist on the other, and their opinions are driven by what the media and Hollywood are selling.

These folks who espouse that guns are evil, all have body guards with guns.  Folks who say that guns are a tool, turn a blind eye to the violence in this country.

Garbage in garbage out…

People who see the American way of life as “bad,” teach their children from a young age that dying while killing another people that they don’t like is glorious.  We have groups working with 3 year olds showing them how to kill someone, while extoling the virtues of it, while here we have people teaching their children to stifle their free speech; as to not offend anyone…

“There are none who are so blind, as those that will not see…”

Alcoholics refuse to believe that their drinking is a problem.

Drug addicts fail to see the connection between their use of drugs and a lifestyle that they have relegated themselves to while placing blame elsewhere.

Socialist, refuse to learn from history.  The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.

Some capitalist, don’t know when to stop.  How much money is enough?

Most politicians, lose their souls after they are elected, as power is such an aphrodisiac, that soon they rationalize that living in an ivory tower while looking down at the “little people” is there god given right.

(That is why we need term limits.)

When you start believing your own lies, or the lies of your peers…  You are lost.

The people, get it.  The people understand what the problems are, and that is why they have gravitated toward non-politicians.  Washington insiders are totally perplexed.  Like the men who flew the planes into the buildings on 911…  They truly believed what they’re doing was “right and good!” they were in fact delusional.  The man in the White House truly believes that what he is doing is “right and good.” Instead of looking in that mirror taking a selfie…  He should be looking in that mirror doing some soul searching…  He is lost.  His advisers who are all connected in some way to the liberal media, are also lost.  The voters have sent resounding messages to them and their response is to ignore those messages and find more voters in swing states who they can corrupt via scientifically targeted smear campaigns, to vote for them, or their kind.  Technology used in this way is in fact a cancer.  To corrupt the American way of life to fit an agenda that is anti-American, is by definition evil.

Once your mind is made up, you lose your objectivity…  You are of no value as a politician.  You are of no value as a voter.  As the matter of fact the opposite is true.  If you are unwilling to watch something else other than FOX or MSNBC, or CNN…  You actually harm the body that we know as the United States of America.

As the Brian Williams’s of the world are called out, you can at least know that somebody, somewhere, cares.  If groups have to make up the facts and otherwise lie to sell their agenda…  That should at least prompt you to dig into history.

We have lost our moral compass in this country, and somebody is trying to tell you what it is rather than what it should be.  In this case, history holds the key and you should look at it quickly before somebody rewrites it.  Talking with recent graduates from high school and college, one has to wonder if they have rewritten it, or simply stopped teaching it.

Back in the days of slavery it was illegal to educate them or teach them to read.  I would challenge the American people to look at their school systems today.  Is not teaching to the test, and ridiculous things like common core, not creating tomorrow’s  slaves?


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Adult men in bathrooms with young girls…

Adult men in bathrooms with young girls…

Adult men in bathrooms with young girls…

This is the cry coming from some on the right who feel there are those that would take advantage of a bill that the Dallas City council passed under the cloak of the darkness of night…  I guess they have a pen and a phone and don’t care about the public…the people that they serve…

A similar Bill went before the voters in Houston after Anise Parker pushed a bill known jokingly enough has HERO….

On its face, the law is nothing more than political correctness run a muck…

If a public place has bathrooms, that place must allow the trans-gendered people to use their facility of choice…Not anatomical birth; but choice.  Since there is no test for this…that means anyone…

Most, not all but, most women are the “fairer sex” and Men are compelled or duty bound to protect them from people that might wish them harm or want to force themselves upon them.  Chivalry is not dead in this country, just stunted by the progressive leaning individuals playing to the LGBT crowd… Most women that I know, like it when the door is held for them, and their dinner is paid for…

Our president plays into that crowd as he has modified his stance on Gay marriage as have many politicians looking to get re-elected.  It is not about what is right or wrong, but what is politically correct.  Politicians are afraid to say anything that might alienate anyone. So they stand for nothing.  

“When you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.”

“Activist judges are a scourge on this country, they in fact will be responsible for its demise, as we move forward trying not to offend any voting block… Judges are not there to write laws, simply apply them…”

Houston defeated the rule allowing people to use which ever public facility that they wanted, overwhelmingly, so the Dallas city council did it over night with the stroke of a pen.

If this is not challenged, this means that people of any sex can use whatever bathroom that they want while your wife or daughter might be in the stall next to them.

We already see deviant behavior by individuals who go into same sex bathrooms using cameras on cell phones taking pictures or video of others in locker rooms or bathrooms without their knowledge…Now we amplify  that risk of this happening with you, your daughter, or wife.

We have Korean style health spa’s popping up all over this country.  In these spa’s the sexes are separated by gender but folks are publicly nude…share hot tubes, showers and other activities all wearing nothing.  Since this is public what would stop someone who is nothing more than a common pervert to go into one of these places and leer at you, your wife or your child?  If this law stands … nothing.

This will have a devastating effect on the economy as people of moral compass will not want to risk sending their wife into such a bathroom or facilities where they could be harmed in any way… Restaurants with public bathrooms could indeed have perverts waiting in their bathrooms for your wife or daughter…

Action steps…

  • The entire Dallas city council and Mayor should be voted out of office, as the entire body are responsible for this action.
  • Houston’s mayor and people of her ilk who risk the general population over their deviant agendas, should be voted out and put on notice that this country is fed up with political correctness.
  • Women should take courses in self-defense, obtain a CHL, and laws should be re-written giving more latitude to women using deadly force, against sexual predators.
  • If a man which is identifying as a women, is accused of immoral conduct, that man had best be completely anatomically modified (incapable of penetration of a woman).
  • Sexual predator laws should be re-examined, and made tougher to thoroughly discourage this type of behavior.

If you are truthfully trans-gendered, these actions steps should not offend you…If you are not, than you will probably take issue with them.

If you are a women in a man’s body, than you know what it is like to be in a bathroom where you don’t feel comfortable.  Now imagine women and or girls having some bald headed tattooed bearded 300 pound man, waiting to greet them in a bathroom designed for them, just hanging around because under this law, that is legal…

I find it interesting that the proposal of having a gender neutral bathrooms for people who are not comfortable in their own skin, was rejected by the LGBT crowd as that was not fair in their minds…Putting women and children at risk because of your desire to force political correctness down our throats is using your sexuality as a weapon and is in fact the very definition of a bully!

I don’t like Bullies and in case you haven’t noticed…Americans don’t like bullies!

If you would read and learn from history instead of who is screwing who in Hollywood, you would know that Americans will only tolerate so much before they push back!

Political Correctness is an attack on our First amendment rights under the constitution… If they can’t change the constitution, they do an end run around it by forcing you to willingly give up your freedom of speech under the guise of “you can’t say that…”

Friends, you better say it…before you can’t!

Before you write me some ugly comment, know that I have friends in all walks of life; and I hold them near and dear…  None of them, think that this idea of men in women’s’ facilities is a good idea…

There simply must be a third option, and it should be explored before caving to people that are incredibly selfish, who don’t have America’s women’s or children’s best interests, at heart. It may be as simple as re-designing all bathrooms in such a way that any gender can use them, as they are private enough once in the stall that anyone using them can be safe from cell phone cameras or rapist of other deviant behavior.

This would mean that security cameras would most likely have to be installed in the common areas as to protect the public from criminals using ill-founded laws to their advantage.

A would be female rape victim shot and killed her attacker, shooting him seven times.  The police asked her, why 7 shots…. “I only had 7 bullets!”   Right answer!


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#gopdebate   IV

#gopdebate   IV

Interestingly enough, it is not about the facts but more the style and impression that the viewers leave the debate from, which might influence them.

Kasich and Bush I feel were the two weakest up there, with RandPaul close third.

Rubio most probably came off best as he was most informed and I think we will see donations to him increase.  Carson was on point, soft spoken, and hopefully the media smear campaign will be put to rest.  I want to hear more about his ideas instead of what he said in the third grade.

Fiorina probably would be one of the toughest opponents against Hillary but factually I have no clue how well she would stand up.

Cruz is an animal, I think one of the smartest in the room; certainly one of the best debaters.

Again Trump was simply there…low on depth and high on platitudes… I think he has the swagger but he really needs to do his homework….If he had a little of Rubio’s facts that he could regurgitate “like Rubio does” he would be much more formidable…

The haters took to twitter tonight, as they promoted the progressive Hillary agenda…. It is almost laughable that 40 odd % of the country is behind such a corrupt individual…tens of thousands of tweets each denigrating the GOP and extolling someone who should be in prison…

Carson’s closing monologue was succinct and on message.

“During this debate we borrowed another 200 million dollars… 20 babies were killed due to abortions so many murders occurred from some sort of violence and 2 vets took their lives because they were depressed and not getting the care they disserve… “

Folks, if that does not mean something to you, than you are probably a progressive…

Of the pre-debate…the four that did not make the adult table cut…Chris Christie was the winner, and I hope that he makes it back to the adult debate…


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How dare you!

How dare you!


So we have this principal in Michigan that thinks girls ought to dress more conservatively.

He claims that Boys will think about more sex than school work if girls show some skin.

There is simply too much material here to work with, so I am going to pick and choose.

Firstly it was not reported in the “teas” that this was in a Christian school.  Schools like that do hold their students to a higher standard.  If you know that there is a dress code signing up for the school, you live with the rules.

I have a news flash for you Mr. Bazen…Guys are not the only people who think about sex!

Why in god’s name do you think girls dress provocatively, because they want to be a wall flower or become a nun?

They want to be noticed!

What you have in this country is a matter of the heart.  If parents don’t pass down family values to their progeny, then they are going to look up to the likes of Miley Cyrus or that Kardashian person who has a sex tape and that will be their role model.

LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 30:  Host Miley Cyrus  attends the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)
LOS ANGELES, CA – AUGUST 30: Host Miley Cyrus attends the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)
LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 30:  Host Miley Cyrus attends the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)
LOS ANGELES, CA – AUGUST 30: Host Miley Cyrus attends the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)


Boys or “men” as we call them here in the south, also have role models that are no John Wayne or the Lone Rangers.  They look up to people who can talk in such a way that makes a “song” about cop killing appeal to them.


No Mr. Bazen It is a heart issue, and parents who either don’t care, or don’t know how to raise their kids.

Truth be told, men and women should be able to be in the same room totally nude and behave like they would if they were dressed conservatively as you suggest.

FOR TV Ð TLC Show called "Buying Naked."
FOR TV Ð TLC Show called “Buying Naked.”

There are no excuses for bad behavior from either sex. Accountability must be restored to our youth before they become dysfunctional adults, bringing another round of kids into the world who don’t know how to behave properly and end up in the legal system or recruited by other miscreants for nefarious purposes.

If someone dresses badly Mr. Bazen, that is a sign that something is wrong in their life.

In this country we dress as we like.  We don’t need anyone telling us how to dress.  Now the stores or businesses can dictate standards if they so choose but then the customers can choose not to shop there.