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The Sheep have come home to roost! @RealDonaldTrump

The Sheep have come home to roost! @RealDonaldTrump

Convicting Trump of malfeasance before he even gets the nomination is the cause of many who promote social engineering in order to sway the would-be voter’s to their person or at the very least, to not vote.


They did this in 2012 and it kept 26 million at home.  Obama won…

While the country clearly needs a change of direction, many in the good old boy club are investing millions to sabotage the outcome in the favor of the Democrats.

One candidate who is non-trustworthy and should be in jail is the current front-runner on that side.

The people who vote for her only know that she is a woman and will stand up for their right to kill their unborn child.  Too harsh?  Listen to her speeches…divide and conquer are the democrats strategy.

  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Sex
  • Color of eyes


You name it, if they can drive, a wedge in they will do it!  Control the narrative away from the facts.  Maybe they can drag Sandra Fluke out again and we can all talk about her $6 birth control pills instead of jobs, Terrorism, Economy, immigration and so forth.


“Why are we talking about those things instead of her birth Control pills???? Because of Trump!

  • He is the reason millions are tuning into the debates.
  • He is the reason we are talking about the issues and not manufactured things.

Say what you will, his entrance has been good for the process.

The other, a Socialist / hippy who has no concept of economics is affable and tells a good story.  If you have no clue how economics work, his speech is nice.  If you don’t know history you are apt to vote for this guy.   A lovable Nut!


History is a great teacher and we fail to teach it much less learn it.


The rise and fall of the Roman Empire is a good start.  If that is not enough for you try looking at Germany and the Weimar republic. Hyperinflation is what is next….  Look at Greece in very recent history….


This is where we are headed when the money runs out…


Socialism has never worked, ever!  We are moving in that direction and have been since Woodrow Wilson.  Another Democratic win will take more of your money away from you and give it to those who do not want to work.


This is on your head if your fail to stop it!


26 million Evangelicals stayed home instead of voting, as they were damned if they were going to have a “MORMON” in the white house… We have Obama today for that reason…  How is that working out for you?

Well, we are 20 Trillion in debt, we will be $21T by the time Obama leaves on a golfing retirement now that he has perfected his game for the last 8 years… How did that decision work out for you?


For those of you who have no concept of how much that is…. $21,000,000,000,000.00 …. All of that money is borrowed!  The interests is incredible!


We still have not learned.

Those that practice social engineering acquired a new database that tells them all about each and every person in their target area.


Software for the political campaign that knows more about you than your do.


  • What kinds of cars you drive.
  • Do you go to a gym
  • Do you hunt?
  • Do you go to a church?

The information at their disposal is mind blowing!

Why is this important?

Using that data they can tailor and ad campaign or a speech for your particular demographic.

They can tell you what you want to hear!  (not the truth, just what you want to hear.)

To sit this election out is about is a head in the sand, rectal cranium inversion ish as you can get!


Cannot vote for them unless they are perfect and tell me exactly what I want to hear….

So what, you will feel better that you did not vote for Trump.  When Hillary or Bernie take the wheel, appoint up to three supreme court justices and welcome all of those Syrian refugees to live in houses in your neighborhood that you will pay for …you can feel good because you did not vote!


When the rest of the major companies leave this country because Bernie taxed them to death, you can feel good because you did not vote for trump.

When you are forced to live under a bridge because there is no work other than part time retail, you can feel good because you did not vote for trump!

I am not an apologist for Trump!

Folks, Jesus is not running this time around for president of the United States.  Sorry!


Well, there is that….. 🙂


Whoever is the  GOP nominee, I will be in his or her corner…

When the liberal media highlight anything in Trumps past that flies in the face of what Evangelicals hold dear, you are being manipulated.

If they cannot persuade you to vote for one of their two losers, they will persuade you to stay home and not vote.

  • Look up social engineering in regards to politics. Interesting stuff!
  • Look up the I360 App for politics… That is the app that knows you better than you know yourself.

This man is not my first choice but….I don’t think that he is a bad choice.

Six months ago, he was clueless how to be a politician.  Now, spending his own money, he is beating the “established” politicians who are owned by god knows who.

Every twenty-four hours his savvy regarding politics increases exponentially.

His outgo is a tenth of what the others are spending…that says something.

His promise to the GOP was predicated on them treating him fairly.  It is clear to anyone that watches the news that they are not, and still he is running as a republican.  The threat of running as an independent I feel is a shot across the bow… Trump is the ultimate tactician and a hell of a smart person.

“Is he a bully?”  I think that he can be but, I also know from his books and listening to those that know him, he has a benevolent side as well.

  • I think Mexico will pay for the wall…
  • I think that he will rebuild our Military
  • I think he will take care of our vets
  • I think that he will make sure that our police are taken care of, and respected
  • I do not think that he will be pushed around, by politically correct people.
  • I think that those who don’t respect us, will again…
  • Business as usual inside the beltway will not be the same!

During the last debate when North Korea was mentioned, he was the only one of them that had the right answer.

The established on both sides of the isle are responsible for this as they have been the good old boys too damned long!  They fight to get there often spending millions for a job that pays $175K a year to live by different rules and laws than what they impose on the taxpayers.

I for one think that his rhetoric is a breath of fresh air. 

I will be watching all of the debates, all of the rhetoric before I cast that final vote but to date, if nothing changes drastically, I will be voting for him.

I wish that his “New York” persona were not as hostile as it comes across, but having been there many times, many of them talk that way… Does not make him any less of a person or any better of one; it is simply a mannerism that comes off to some as caustic.

The country is in trouble and we need someone to kick ass and take names… Rubio is too young, too rehearsed and lacks the swagger.

I like Cruz but he is to me, too much of a politician…. (That may be just me.) I do think that either of those two would make a decent VP.

Read Trump’s books if you want to get a glimpse of who he really is.  The pundits and established are spending millions in smear campaigns against him.  There is, at least, one super pack funded with its whole purpose to discredit him.  With that many people against him, there is a reason.  I feel like the reason is that business inside the beltway depends upon people who can be bought.  Trump cannot!

There is not a perfect candidate, if there were you would not vote for him because he would not have the spiz, fire, and swagger that we need.   Ben Carson would be good for that, as he is basically and honorable man.  Nobody would hear him.

Folks, we need a big personality in the White House for a few years.  We need a take no nonsense kind of person for a few years to right the ship.

If we keep the house and the Senate they will not allow him to pass by executive fiat that which would be incongruent with our constitution.

I for one would like to see the GOP become that which they have not been in years…the voice of the people!


If you write your own blog you can take artistic license too! 


Feel free to disagree…keep it civil and we can talk about it.


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Snopes The Ultimate “what?”

Snopes The Ultimate “what?”


Snopes The Ultimate “what?”

While quoting Snopes as the ultimate truth seekers, I question everything that I read. This goes for them as well.

The fact that the site was created and is run by two liberal leaning folks in California makes it suspect as to its amount of bias…

Take the following story as an example.


Marine Assaulted at McDonald’s by Black Lives Matter Activists?

Marine veteran Christopher Marquez was involved in an altercation at a McDonald’s, but police said the teens were likely not Black Lives Matter activists.  “From Snopes”

If you read the actual report, the three black teens were asking him if “black lives matter?”

The taunting continued until he had enough and got up to leave.  Once outside, he was attacked by the three, knocked out and robbed.

Define activist?

While these three also meet the definition of criminal, thug, low life and few other adjectives I could come up with, they also meet the definition of activist.  Since they are black and espoused the line several times…”do black lives matter.” I am at a loss why the police would think otherwise.

“Maybe this is workplace violence too.”


Does BLM issue membership cards?

My point to this is simply that you must not believe everything that you read on the internet, even if it comes from Snopes!



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The sophisticated waltz of the #query letter. #LiteraryAgent

The sophisticated waltz of the #query letter. #LiteraryAgent

The sophisticated waltz of the #query letter. #LiteraryAgent

Having read countless blogs on the subject of the “perfect query letter,” I have concluded that something is very wrong or broken in this process.

The process is this:

  • Research the agents.
  • Who considers your type of manuscript?
  • Research their track record.
  • Are they large or small?

Small agencies have less time to read every query.  They then cherry pick, out of the 10’s of thousands of wannabees. There is no shortage of writers.

Large agents do the same, however; because there are more of them, they may see more letters.

Keep notes of all of the agents that you queried, you do not want to bother them with duplication and, if they sent you a form letter or even worse ignored you, that is good to know too.

Remember that some of the best authors out there are facing the same task, the same rejections, etc. because agents are so swamped with queries that they do not have time to do this properly.

When I do a direct marketing campaign for my business…my real livelihood…I have about a 2% return.  Every hundred postcards usually net two customers.

Query letters are probably even more subjective.  It is more important that you know who the agent is and how they deal with letters.  Whom have they helped in the past? What is there rate of taking on new authors?

My no bullshit approach would be, “Would you like to make a lot of money, look at my damned manuscript!”


They do not play that game, like a princess they want to be, wooed.  Money does not seem to be a factor in the selection process.  Think foreplay on steroids, complete with all of the best manners when you are on a date for the first time.

“My novel will make you misty with anticipation of the next paragraph!”

When Mr. Covington came into the room with his shirt half torn, Sheila knew it was only a matter of time before she would feel the brunt of his hunger. The passion, which raged inside, tipped the boiling point, and was about to spill over!

Depending upon your agent, they will either reject it or become hot, thirsting for more… Is this what people read?  Can I market it? What did Sheila do to get Mr. Covington so stirred up?  What does he look like? What is his hunger?  I must know more….Or not….


My dream is this….

When the novel sells over a million copies, I want to take the time to send a copy to all of the agents that have ignored me or…sent me a form letter… Is that petty?  Maybe….  If I do have to self-publish the first novel, I will make “E.L. James a verb, much like google it!”

Keep at it my friends; the spoils go to the one who never gives up. As always, feel free to write. I love hearing from fellow writers. 


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Just this morning I wrote about this topic; this afternoon we learn that a California hospital was hacked.

You see this and you are screwed… 

Firstly, someone executed that ransom-ware in an e-mail or some other way. The payload most probably came in as an attachment through a phishing scheme, like the one that I wrote about.

  • Secondly, this tells me that they do not have a good disaster recovery plan.
  • Thirdly, this tells me that their firewalls were inadequate to block “zip” files.
  • Firewalls should be set to strip any attachments from messages. 

“You say, oh that is just great, my business uses attachments all the time!”

Most probably, attachments could be directed to a virtual machine, much like a bomb disposal box, where it could be executed in such a way that if it were a virus or worse its damage would be mitigated.

Fourth, what kind of anti-virus were they using? Were they using group policies stopping the execution of executable s?

Someone on his or her IT team messed up, and it starts with the “CIO!”

The bottom line is you never want to be a position where you have to pay money to terrorist.  Folks, make no mistake, people who extort money like that are terrorist.

I would be doing a serious root cause analyses to see how it happened, and why they paid the ransom.

The news tonight said it happened on the 5th.  Are you telling me that a hospital being down for 13 days cost less than a good disaster recovery plan and of course an audit of your system?

Do not open attachments that you are not expecting and if you are, make damned certain it is what you are looking for.

It might be a real good idea to keep a standalone pc that employees take their files to on a thumb drive and open it there.

Once infected you options are, pay the ransom or start from scratch.


With a tested DR plan, you could be back up a lot sooner than being at the hands of the terrorist.

Lastly and I cannot stress this enough, don’t get cheap on your anti-virus software.  MailWareBytes has been working on software to mitigate this threat.

You would be surprised at the companies that I run into who use the cheapest damned software that they can find.  Often Free!  Whoever does this should be dismissed as they clearly dont value your data or your company.  This is a hill to die on folks.

You can take the cheapest CFO and argue or “negotiate” the need for the expense, or you should not be there.

Excuse me but that is like living in a high crime area using using a bathroom lock set for your protected, you know the kind, the one you stick a small pin in to unlock it…

To recap…

  • Education
  • prevention
  • disaster recovery plan



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#fedex #phishing #Scam

#fedex #phishing #Scam

FedEx Scam

Every now and then a phishing scheme catches my attention.  Usually we know that there are no Nigerians that want to give you millions of dollars. Some fall prey to this each and every day hence the e-mails.

  • We know that the IRS does not E-mail you with important notices.
  • We should know that Inga from Russia is really not hot for you when you click on the file that contains her personal contact information.  Unless of course you personally know an Inga who is hot for you, best not click.
  • “Overdue Invoices” click here for details probably should be suspect as well.

This one came today which interested me in that we do so much with Amazon and Woot and of course eBay that we have no idea if there is really a package or not.

fedex scam
Capture of e-mail…

The picture here is a copy of a phishing scheme that unleash who only knows what on my computer if I were foolish enough to click on the attached Zip file.

Some clues to look for are the senders address…  If it were truly from FedEx most probably if would be from a or something similar.

They provide a tracking number, which you might actually go to the FedEx site and see what it does, I suspect nothing.

Bottom line, do not click if you are not 100% sure that it is indeed legitimate.  The damage you unleash could be anything from a key logger to ransomware.

Always Always Always have really good anti-Virus software running and updated.  Currently I like ESET Node 32… That is my choice for now, but your mileage may vary.. Free anti-Virus software is not worth what you pay for it.

I have no affiliation with Eset or any other software company…


(c) All Rights Reserved 2016


Dear #CEO #Recruiter #LinkedIn

Dear #CEO #Recruiter #LinkedIn


I find myself between contracts on occasion. If there were something, that is a good match for my skills and talents, I would love the opportunity to speak with them or you about it.

As a seasoned professional, I bring many things to the table.

If I had a nickel for every time someone would ask me, “I got this C:\> on my screen, what do I do now?”  Family is the worst, you cant charge them!

I started working with computers when DOS was in its infancy; nobody knew who Bill Gates was and  Wang, IBM and Xerox were the major players with Atari, Tandy and the Commodore PET was in vogue for the affluent home user.

Early hard drive which had to be in a really cool room.  The media was removable, the heads would stay inside the machine. 

Steve Jobs had just stopped being a criminal with his phone freaking hardware, but still was a nobody, while building the first apple in his garage.

Alex Gibney’s newest documentary, “Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine,” chronicles the famed Apple founder. Courtesy photo
Blue Box


BBS’s or Bulletin Boards hanging off a POTS line at 300baud were the standard.  1200 baud was certainly not common as some were still using acoustical modems.

Al Gore had not invented the internet yet…

Truthfully I think he had something to do with legislation allowing the public access to it. Somehow it got conflated with him as the inventor.

Main Frames were what most companies used complete with water-cooling.


Networks went from different coaxial types for the physical layer.  Arc net was the least expensive, Ethernet was still in the works, and Token ring, IBM’s idea was the standard; but few could afford it.


Starting on the ground floor of this industry, leaving a rather successful career in electronics was a valuable experience for me.

Witnessing the demise of the typewriter, dictation equipment, Gregg Shorthand and the secretarial pool replaced with high-powered laptops and smartphones has been quite the thing to see.

Yes, I actually worked on these…Mylar belts were the media.

The cost of one business letter in the 70’s was well over $100 in 1970’s dollars.  Today a quick e-mail re-defined the way we communicate. In today’s 2016 dollar, that is $627.38…

Before my time but not by much!

If you do not believe me about the price of a business letter, ask me about it.  I was there.

Gregg shorthand


The first virus I fought was before there was anti-virus software.  The cleverest virus I fought was the “pong” virus.  Modeled after the Pong game, one would be working in some program and a ball resembling the ball in pong would appear.  As it struck a character, the character would fall to the bottom of the screen.  This of course was destroying your document but at least you had some entertainment while it did it.

Pong or “ping pong virus”

Moving from the XT Based 8086 systems in the late 70’s up to the recent, has been a nice ride and I have enjoyed being part of that evolution.  As hardware hits the brick walls of physics and bigger better faster slows down, software must carry the advancements forward until such a time that chip manufacturers figure out how to get more speed and throughput maximizing everything from RAM to video and disc performance.  Embracing advancements while constantly positioning the company strategically ahead of the curve, but not on the bleeding edge is my long-standing history.

download (13).jpg
These were great!

Once included in your world, seamlessly; I will become part of that world knowing your business and how technology fits.

Every part works in concert to fulfill its intended purpose. Employees must necessarily “fit.” 

While focusing more on business applications vs wiz bang hardware, I specialize in providing an ROI to the people who have to pay for it.  Is this technology necessary? How will it help?  Will it prepare me to transition in the future?


Spending much of my life with technology, I have run a business now for the last 10 years providing ad-hoc IT services, while performing disaster recovery services.

My specialties include, but are not are limited to:

  • Over 30 years hands-on IT projects.
  • Over 15 years in Management.
  • Data Center design and installation
  • Power
  • Placement
  • Controls
  • HVAC
  • Fire retardant
  • ADA compliance
  • Security design and audits
  • Physical security design
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Best Practice
  • Business Acumen
  • Compliance issues with SOX or other regulations, as the need requires.
  • Visionary and forward “out of the box” thinker.
  • Troubleshooter

From the desktop to the cloud, I have it covered.

Some of the typical calls I receive while on site. 

  • The internet is slow.
  • The server crashes.
  • We think we might have a virus.
  • This computer cant “see” the printer.
  • I don’t know what we have?
  • I thought we paid for that software?
  • Somehow this computer got hacked.
  • Cant get on the Internet..

If these sound familiar the underlying causes may surprise you.

Through best practice, a complete inventory of your hardware and software it usually does not take long to figure out why?

Lack of documentation is generally the common denominator.

From a startup that just needs things set up right the first time, to a company that let some family member set it up, and now needs help, I am your person. No sugar coating…


This letter is meant for those of you who see my profile on Linked in and wonder if I am available. Drop me a note, I might be!

Unlike others who will blow smoke, I will not.  If you are seeking a trip to the moon with funding for the carnival, I will tell you. If I cannot help you, I will not waste your time.  I know many people in the industry, I might simply refer you.

As someone who has written many job descriptions, hired and let go more than I care to think about, I am a tried and tested realist.   I find options for you, and then you decide.









Golden Arches, Take II @Reachout_mcd @Arbys @BurgerKing @ChickFilA @awrestaurants

Golden Arches, Take II @Reachout_mcd @Arbys @BurgerKing @ChickFilA @awrestaurants

Golden Arches, Take II


The golden arches have forever been a small source of satisfaction for millions of folks.  As a young person… I was introduced to A&W drive trough’s until I moved south in the early 60’s.

They had the different burger sizes by baby, teen, mama and father I think burger… Same with the size of the ice cold Mug of Root beer!

On the way south there were the famous Burma Shave signs to keep one entertained on long car trips and finally the Golden Arches.

These were awesome marketing..

Before Trans-fats became evil …. Their French Fries were the Best!

Doesn’t this make you want to go right now and get some fries?

Second to McDonald’s, later in life a place called Arbys.   It was not until the early 70’s do I remember them as being a staple on the fast food fast track of life. Their fries were awesome! They screwed that up by the way, with those hideous curly seasoned things…Yuck!

Bring back regular fries and I will patronize you again.

They would serve them in cups back then, much like the cups that the drinks came in.  It was a toss-up really, if I were going after the sandwich or the fries.

As a young person, I worked for the King of Burgers or Burger King.  There for $2.10 an hour I slaved away with a team of my peers making and selling burgers.


Wearing that nylon polyester orange and yellow zip up shirt, that would more than likely com busts if I got too close to the flames, I made countless burgers.   We had good fries as well but here is the thing.  We were taught customer service.  For $2.10 an hour, we worked until after one in the morning where I would finish by putting the food up and cleaning up the place. Then I would ride my bicycle home in any kind of weather.  It was about 2 miles and oh by the way, I still was expected to go to school the next day and if my grades suffered, the job went away.

Before I talk about the “Golden Arches”, I would like to say … I appreciated that job and I think that every child should work in the food services industry while going to school.


Firstly, you learn what an entry-level job is and what it is about.  You learn some skills even if it is simply getting somewhere at an appointed time and doing something for your shift.

If you are fortunate like I was, you learn what customer service is and, you might even learn some remedial cooking skills.  Most certainly, you will learn some skills regarding sanitation and cleanliness. You get more out of it if you will put something into it.

Burger King paid more than minimum wage.  When I worked there, minimum wage was $1.80.  .30 cents an hour to the entitled class seems like nothing but when gas was .50 cents a gallon guess what….thirty cents added up.

Working in this industry really makes you appreciate a real job when you get one and by the way, it will drive you to secure one.  Cleaning those damned walk-ins every Sunday was a bloody nightmare, but I did it and never complained.

Many things happen when you get your first job.

You actually learn time management as you have to juggle school and work and oh yes, sleep.  The schedule is tough, I am not going to sugar coat it, and there is little time for play.

Riding a bike home in the snow, at 1 in the morning actually builds character if you can fathom that…

I could have asked my parents to come get me. What would that do?  What would I learn in that deal, how to guilt my parents?  I knew that this was about me…It was about learning who I was.

The first paycheck is a revelation as well.  When you get your first check for $200 for two long ass weeks work and you see that $35 of it was taken out for taxes…What a kick in the gut!  What was this Fica and other taxes on there.  “This is not even a real job, can they do that!?   I learned some basic economics.”

Well, it is a real job and those are real dollars being taken from you for the beginnings of a socialistic society, which has been going on since Woodrow Wilson.



Fast-forward 30 years….

A few (18) months ago, I stopped into a McDonalds in East Texas.  I was traveling and had little time so truthfully, fast food was called for.

As many know, the bathroom is a critical part of any visit to a fast food place for a number of reasons.

The most obvious is that you are traveling. I hope that in a restaurant the bathroom will be clean.  I have never ever stopped into a place and just used their facilities and not patronized them, never!  All of that cost money and to me doing that would be “theft of service.”

The visit to East Texas was a bad experience.  The bathroom was a wreck.

If the bathroom is not kept up, you can guess what the kitchen will look like or at the very least, they may not be paying attention to how the take care of the food.  This is the second and I would argue more important reason to visit the bathroom, in any place you intend to eat.

There were many things wrong with this restaurant, so much so that I took notes, pictures and contacted the corporate office.  For all of my time and effort they sent me a form letter business card coupon for a free quarter pounder…I tossed it into the bin… I was not looking for anything other than for them to fix the problem.

Years, well 18 months or so have passed and I finally broke with tradition and went back to the Golden Arches this week leaving the well-established Whataburger and Chick filet habit for a Quarter pounder, fries and a Doctor Pepper.

This was after 2 in the afternoon, there were three cars in total in the line, one in front of me ordering.   After waiting over 5 minutes, the person in front of me finally pulled ahead.  I am a patient person but had someone not pulled in behind me, I might have headed back to Whataburger, as they are very predictable.  “Keep that in mind, I want to get back to that fact.”


Pulling up to place my order, there was nothing.  Saying hello several times, a person in a very low voice said “just a minute.” I think that is what they said.  A van behind me full of a family started to get impatient, looking at me like I was the holdup.  He then started yelling at me “what is the problem!”

Pointing at the box, then raising my hands while making eye contact with him was the universal language for “cool your jets!” It is not me holding this up.

Finally, she took my order and on the screen, she indeed got it correct.

Pulling forward to the “first window,” a young woman took my card and charged close to $8.00 for this meager meal…ok…just get the food and I will leave.

At the second window, it takes another several minutes with the guy in the van giving me the stink eye once again, thinking that I am the holdup…nope…just waiting on my food.  #3…Dr.Pepper…simple.

The folks behind the counter have a robot that makes the drinks now.

Instead of what I remember as a K-Way, they have a robot where they put in the proper cup and hit a button.  A set amount of ice fills the cup and a set amount of sugary drink fills the cup the rest of the way.  Sweet…right?

Grabbing my food, I thanked her and left, before the person in the van became agitated further and did something stupid. “Can you imagine having to get into a fight with some hot head in line at a fast food place because the people inside have something very wrong?”

The meal was two thirds correct.  I got Diet Coke instead of Dr.Pepper.   People, diet drinks are evil!  I would rather drink tap water than that crap.  I have no idea what chemicals are in diet drinks. I was not going back and probably will not go back.

Remember what I said about consistent?

The secret to Ray Kroc success was in large part, no matter where in the world that you went, if you went to eat at the golden arches the food was consistent in taste and quality.  

Another secret to his wealth was real estate. That is another story.

In this day of different fast food places, an Icon like McDonalds needs to get back to what made it great.  Consistent food quality, at a good price, with quality customer service.  McDonalds hires and trains many first time workers.  I do not know what has changed in their management, but something is amiss.

With more and more robots, there will be fewer people needed as the idiots in government seek to put their nose in the business of business’s trying to tell them how to run their company, and order them to pay a certain wage.   Fast food places are not, and were never meant to be careers! They pretty much idiot proof the process, so they can hire kids and hopefully teach them some remedial skills along the way.

More and more companies will go overseas and, more and more companies will replace people with automation.


We see it in the stores everyday with self-checkout and fewer checkers.   I just wonder when I am going to be asked to go up and self-stock the shelves.

Would it be too much to pull into a gas station, look out the window and say “fill er up?”




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A few thoughts on this election 2016 @RealDonaldTrump

A few thoughts on this election 2016 @RealDonaldTrump


Part of the election process is that people want to “like” whom they vote for.

When I say to “like this person,” they must have many of the characteristics that they themselves have.

That is one of the reasons that Obama won both times is that he is likeable. You will notice in the polls that one of the categories is “likability.”

On that trait alone, Bernie Sanders should win, as he is probably one of the most likeable candidates around.

maxresdefault (3).jpg

He is an old hippie who espouses something just this side of communism, which resonates with the millennials. They feel that have been disenfranchised by corporate America because they have paid the big bucks for student loans and companies are not jumping through the hoops to court them with 6 figure salaries and the corner office!


Companies are leaving the country because of people like Bernie but that is another story!

If Bernie were elected his plans would cost another $20 Trillion dollars in just 4 years.  I do not think that any member of congress is that braindead to sign off on it.

This is 1 Trillion Dollars.

Firstly, those who paid the big bucks for college, get over yourselves.  You start in the mail-room or some other entry-level position and work your way up.

Immigration should really be on your top ten list to worry about.  There are more of you and fewer jobs.

If you want to make good money from the get go, be a plumber or AC repair-person or yes, even a mechanic.  You will never get rich, but you will never lack for work. Your white collar counter parts will spend more time unemployed than you.

Character is the defining trait that you should be looking for when you vote.

  • What has the person done?
  • What is their record of accomplishment?
  • Who owns them?

Which group of special interests has given them millions of dollars to hire all of these specialized marketing and PR firms to sway a certain group of voters by telling them exactly what they want to hear?

I seriously wonder if she can even tell the truth.

I do not care personally if I like them or not, I want someone who will do the right thing and make the tough decisions.  I want a candidate that will keep the country safe and defend the constitution!

You have no doubt heard it said repeatedly, it is always between a lesser of two evils.

Let me pose this question to you.

What has to be going on in someone’s mind for him or her to think that they are good enough to be the President of the United States?  How much EGO and Narcissism, not to mention delusions of grandeur, does it take to run for president?

In House of Cards, Frank is a Megalomaniac!  Great Actor!

They all share that trait; the only one that will most probably not change is Trump.  Moving into the White House would actually be a downgrade for him. Is that humility?

Love her as well… Great Actress!


Since Trump is funding his own campaign you pretty much have an idea of who and what he is, the rest are total unknowns, as you have no idea who owns them.

Is he a bully, I think he can be.  Will he keep his word? I think so. Will his family keep him grounded?  I hope so.

They call him the “unpolished” Politician.  Good!

Since all of the good old boys and even the other billionaires are fighting Trump, it seems like an easy decision to me.

Promoting and funding political unrest…why?

Just think … all of the billionaires that currently buy politicians will lose their control! The American People might actually get their government back!  Special interests might have to take a back seat until someone of lesser intestinal fortitude, wins the office.

For the record I don’t think that Trump is an “Evil,” I think he is a necessity.  I think that he has the Swagger to tell those who try to stick it to us, to go F#$K off!

Just my thoughts!

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Voice of Reason @realDonaldtrump @glennbeck

Voice of Reason @realDonaldtrump @glennbeck

Voice of Reason @realDonaldtrump @glennbeck



When the likes of Whoopi Goldberg or a Hollywood celebrity uses their megaphone of stardom to taint the election process, it sets me on edge.

Much like unions having their member’s vote for who they want them to, that to me is collusion of the process, or at the very least, a corruption of it.  That is one-reason preachers cannot use the pulpit for such things.


John Stewart in my mind is in large part the reason we have had 7 plus years of Obama.  Why? People conflate his comedy show with actual news.  I would suggest that they don’t read, watch, or listen to the news or tune out when a politician is mentioned.


California is in horrible economic shape. They vote for overly liberal candidates, which have been pushed in large part by the media and of course celebrities.  A conservative celebrity is black balled which to me should tell the voters that maybe they should not listen to those that use the megaphone of talk shows, to convince you how to vote.


Liberal giants own most of the mainstream media so a form of “yellow journalism” is a standard.


Glenn Beck who is on the opposite side of the isle has endorsed Ted Cruz.  Cruz is as far right as Bernie is left…  This in my mind makes him complicit if Cruz becomes elected, and then screws things up. (Another first time Senator.)

Beck has always been entertaining in a John Stewart kind of way except that Glenn is much more macabre that John.  Becks’ theatrics have engendered support from the far right.  With his advertisers selling things suited for preppers, he has created an atmosphere of paranoia.  With such talks of Fema camps, we have many spending their hard-earned dollars on things that they will probably never need.


Gold comes to mind.  The multi billionaires of the world can change the value of it in a heartbeat! It was not long ago that oil was a safe bet.  Right before the collapse, there were many radio and TV ads trying to get people with a minimum of $40K to invest.  Surprise!

Beck’s message resonates with those on the far right. Those who would happily take the world back to the days of no internet. Maybe even take away women’s rights to vote and to drive.   Too much?  I wonder…


Obama’s talk about guns is responsible for the huge amount of gun sales as well as driven the NRA to receive lots of money from new membership.  The gun folks should be thanking Obama!  Now we have grandma thinking that she needs an assault rifle with thousands of rounds…just in case! In case of what?


meme12.jpgAt a Sanders caucus, a college student who was caucusing for him was asked to explain socialism.  She was unable to do so but, still firmly entrenched in his camp. “Oh Bernie…what a man…. (Sarcasm)”


Beating Sanders will be simple.  Whoever is opposed to him simply needs to educate the useful idiots what socialism is, and why it never ever works!  I would suggest they do it with comedy, maybe even a Saturday morning cartoon, as those who vote for him must certainly be ill informed. (Yes, I am being nice…)


Clinton who should not even be running is another example of people not watching or knowing the news.  This person should be doing time … Not running for Commander in Chief! …

The Democratic candidates are all incredibly old … One would think that should cause some sort of concern among the voters as we have no idea who would inherit the office if or when they kick the bucket!


Stress releases something in the body known as cortisol. “The stress hormone.”  That hormone kills people.  Now a young person can handle it however it still takes a toll on their health.  And older person???

Truth told the DNC does not have a viable candidate.  The RNC has many.  Finding a moderate among them should be easy.

What are Americans looking for in a leader?

  • Trustworthy
  • Vision
  • In touch with the people
  • Defense of the homeland
  • Limited government
  • Set the stage where businesses can flourish
  • Bring Americans together, instead of dividing us on every possible angle.
  • Someone who can fix Washington … Tall order … Start with Term limits!
  • Fix the Tax Code, so we do not need accountants.
  • Stop screwing the Middle Class!


As far as Trump is concerned, Americans should be thanking him.  His celebrity status has focused the country to talk about topics that the political elite would love to not talk about.  The here to for technique is to control the narrative, talking about things that are benign issues.


Trump has forced the narrative to address things like Immigration.

Political correctness; which is nothing more than a voluntary surrendering of your first amendment.

Trump has made us painfully aware of how bad our “deals are.”

Trump is the elephant in the room and has forced the narrative to substantive issues vs team names and political correctness, not to mention Sandra Fluke.  You know the rich girl that wants you to pay for her $6 birth control pills.

This is why both sides abhor him.  They cannot talk about bullshit issues.  The narrative is now more real and they all have to talk about it.

One final note, Microsoft is not a Trump supporter.  If I were he, I would have all of the “free software” looked over carefully by people who know things about such things. 



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