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#GOP #Debate @realDonaldTrump @tedcruz  @CarlyFiorina  @gretta  @TheWellsReport  @FrankLuntz @mdmedved @thewellsreport

#GOP #Debate @realDonaldTrump @tedcruz @CarlyFiorina @gretta @TheWellsReport @FrankLuntz @mdmedved @thewellsreport


Between the main stream media and Hollywood, Conservative values are constantly under attack.

The GOP debate last night called them out on their hypocrisy; which I would doubt many liberals even watched.

The government is “Of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

Progressives want government in every facet of your life, not theirs, just yours….

Conservative values are for limited government… Keep the country safe from all threats both domestic and foreign.   We don’t need you mucking with our McDonalds fries or Big Gulps!

When the MSM decries Hillary had a good week when she was exposed as the liar she is, you know that the Rachel Maddows of the world are just so biased, that they cannot be objective, therefore they are not journalist!

Journalism is finding the truth and telling the truth about it, whether it is against what you would like to see or happen or not.

Walter Cronkite was a Flaming Liberal, but you would not know it by his reporting of the facts. He was a journalist.

I would like to turn on my TV and watch the news without the Brian Williams of the world slanting the story to fit some White House agenda as they currently do….

Fox has the ratings that it does because they are for the most part “fair and balanced.”

I would exclude Hannity from that lineup, as he is entertainment, opinion related, with a biased version of the news.

The Winners last night were Cruz, Rubio and Chris Christie in that order (in my opinion.)

Donald Trump was just about a no show last night, as were the rest of the candidates.

For the record, I don’t believe that Trump knows what an H1B is.

Companies lobby to bring them over by the thousands to pollute the pool of workers keeping the price down that they have to pay for talent.

The talent is here…they just done want minimum wage for a job that is for skilled workers.

Any visit to a Walmart of hardware store you can find American people who are under employed because of H1B’s.

Our government is for sale to the highest bidder, and the American people don’t stand a chance as they are asleep!

Where greed is concerned, companies will find a way like outsourcing, shipping jobs overseas or taking their whole company to Mexico and beyond.

If you are in college now and looking to pick a major…pick something that requires English, knowledge of our mores, idioms and   possibly customer service centric, as “Peggy” still does not have it….


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GOP Debate II

GOP Debate II

While many watched the GOP debate last night, many did not. It did in fact draw a record audience of 22.9 million which is a record, and clearly due to Trump!


Many in fact will get their news from snippets, sound bites, tweets, or comedians looking for ratings, at the expense of candidates.


This is the world that we live in. 

The first debate between the lower polling candidates, it was easy to see why the four there polled so low and to be fair, Rand Paul should have been there as well. To be absolutely fair to Mr. Paul, I admire him.  I don’t think he is presidential material but, I do think he is fighting for you and me and the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and for that my hats off to him.

Even this debate was about TRUMP
Even this debate was about TRUMP

Lindsey Graham who I have little respect for, actually schooled the bunch and tried to drive the message home that the world is a dangerous place; and under this administration, it has not gotten better.


I actually respect Lindsey a little bit more, after his performance last night.

The reason that we have so many GOP hopefuls is, that this president set the bar pretty low!  There was a time that I was considering running on the slogan, “I could not do any worse!”  If you like this guy as your president, my apologies and “bless your heart.”

So Un-presidential..
I am certain that as a person he is probably someone I would enjoy knowing. These last 7 years have been an unmitigated disaster.

What we have in the white house is the JV team and of that, I have little doubt.

Most of the candidates simply took shots at the front runner, in order to make a name for themselves. They were desperate and floundering and it was to be expected.  This was their chance to get back onto the board and I think they all failed. Mr. Graham focused on the president and the issues of the day which is really how as a candidate you should differentiate yourself.  His comment about “more drinking in the white house,” Showed a human side of him that I liked.


At the main debate, Donald Trump was set up as the Straw Man by CNN for ratings.  Simply that, nothing more.  The questions and methods used were to tarnish the entire GOP; and of course make the front runners appear as feckless, as the current administration who think that ISIS is the JV Team. My opinion, your mileage may vary.


Hollywood elites also weighed in and that too, sniping from the cheap seats.

Just because you can remember a few lines and emote, does not make you a brilliant politician, or your opinion any more germane than that of john Q public.  It simply means that when you speak, people know of you, and because you have name recognition, you can get printed. If you played a good guy, they might think your character is that of a good guy etc. There is a responsibility that comes with that, but few acknowledge it and abuse it regularly.

Donald Trump is resonating because Americans’ don’t like where we are going, and want America to change.  Mr. Trump cannot be purchased by special interests and even though he is flawed, I like the idea that if he says he will do it, he probably will.


His largest flaw is not his truculent attitude towards “idiots,” or his sophomoric attacks on people’s looks.  It is; he is very short on substance.  His bravado and ego seem to overpower his respect for the office which he seeks.  Donald needs to come up with some humility and reverence for the office of President, and I question if he can do it.


Think about it just for a moment, what kind of person thinks that he or she can be the most powerful person in the world?!  Narcissism would certainly come into play or should be suspected.




It was obvious that Mr. Trump was not rehearsed or prepared for the onslaught of attacks from both his fellow candidates, and the moderators.  He deflected and defended, but the facts are that he was on defense for 3 hours!  I am certain that he felt like one of those Trump Piñatas the Hispanics are selling.  Those of you who don’t like him probably enjoyed that part of it but, this is more than entertainment.  We have serious issues and we need someone who is going to get serious about fixing them!

That face! Sorry...Learn to Smile and tell a joke, lighten up.
That face!

Carly appeared to be the “winner” last night but, I must tell you as much as I appreciate her moxie, she came off as a bitch last night.  She came off as petty, vindictive and uninformed, in many political areas, even though she managed to memorize some facts and figures, much like Rubio, it was too rehearsed for my take.  She tells of great times at HP but as someone who has been in IT since 1982, I know that it was because they merged with Compaq.  I also had many friends who lost their jobs to overseas.  Tough decisions to put Americans out of work are not what we need!  While she gained ground with some, she lost it with me.  It is my hope that she can earn that back, as we really need serious candidates.

Huckabee, Who I have never really been a fan of, gained some traction with me in that he gave a solid performance.  I would like to know more about him without the bloviating. Cruz was too rehearsed, and way too in your face.

“If we can make provisions for convicted killers we can certainly make provisions for elected officials!”

Chris Christie had a good night, and I think his pitch to the American people was smart, I liked how he “became the adult” in the room and, I think that was a good moment for him.  Christie will be one to watch.

“You had your turn now do not interrupt me!”

The media is having a hay-day poking at Trump, and his argument that autism and vaccines have some sort of link while standing next to a neurosurgeon “planned by CNN,” fell flat.

We need answers to this!
We need answers to this!

While science says that is debunked, they also say we are in the middle of global warming. While I am not a denier of some sort of climate change, I do think it is a little like Chicken Little.  I know that Al Gore has those Carbon Credits all printed up, waiting to sell them to companies here in the US; while we ship our coal to China! In short it is completely disingenuous and all about money!


images download

Files/The Associated Press Workers cycle past a coal-fired power plant on a tricycle cart in Changchun in northeast China’s Jilin province. China’s label as a developing nation in climate matters is facing a challenge. ---
Files/The Associated Press
Workers cycle past a coal-fired power plant on a tricycle cart in Changchun in northeast China’s Jilin province. China’s label as a developing nation in climate matters is facing a challenge.

This administration evidently thinks that the poisoned air over China, will stay over China!

If there is a shred of doubt in the vaccine science, it needs to be looked at carefully.

I personally feel that the rise of autism is due to drug use in the different countries and once you “do drugs” you screw with you DNA, thus effecting the DNA of any progeny.  That is true for both parties, not simply the mother! True fact, we like the drug culture for some reason, so we don’t report it.

Maybe we feel that people who did drugs and gave birth to kids with special needs don’t need to bear the burden of their actions, so we downplay it.  Sorry folks!  We need a nation of accountability.  If you speed and get caught you get a ticket.  If you do something wrong and there are consequences, you should pay those consequences.  If you give birth to special needs kids and you did drugs…..it’s probably on you.

Twitter was busy last night with GOP haters talking smack behind their anonymous handles, and what have you.  There were even threats lobbed at some of the candidates. If you live behind the curtain, and in your mother’s basement, I guess you feel pretty bold.  

Well my pretties, let me tell you something as a technology guy, they can find you!  They can not only find you by the unique id of the device you are using but, with technology; they can walk right up to you in a crowd of thousands.  If I can do it, so can they, and they have much more expensive toys than I.

One way to find you and your secrets.
One way to find you and your secrets.

Freedom of speech is one thing, threats are another.  Calling Trump stupid is your right, not smart, but.. Threatening someone with his resources, and a presidential candidate, really not too smart.

Speaking of really not smart, Someone not on the stage but, a vocal supporter of Trump tweeted through the entire event.

Ann Coulter, who I have watched, listened to, and find her intelligent, had a major brain fart last night.

I hope your accoutnt was hacked but I think it was you… Not smart!

I do not understand this tweet of hers, and I don’t think Mr. Trump will find it any too smart either.  He will have to distance himself from her, and hope that he does not get too wet from the splash.  Many on the twitter-verse were linking the two as one.


Most people that I know and call friends or even associate with, welcome diversity.   You and I can be polar opposite on everything.  As long as there is mutual respect, we are good.

This tweet is totally disrespectful and uncalled for.  The similar attacks lobbed against her, were also over the top, and simply sub-human.

Israel is our friend and so are the people of Israel.  Mentioning them in their closing statement was germane as many feel that this administration has dissed them (they have) and they don’t like Netanyahu for reasons which escape me.


To alienate people with comments like hers is unacceptable, and proves once again that you should not drink and drive, and or drink and tweet!

Bush and the rest were unremarkable …to me….Sorry.  We don’t need career politicians and we need term limits.  Once you retire as a politician you go home.  You don’t simply move over to Avenue K and become a lobbyist, you go home.  And by the way, you live by the same laws that we do.


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Why a high speed train to run between Dallas and Houston?

Why a high speed train to run between Dallas and Houston?

In 2009 52000 residents of Dallas Ft Worth commute to Houston daily.


Dallas draws 44,300 Workers from Houston daily and another 32,400 from Austin

Automobile travel between Dallas to Houston with 1.63 people produces 157 pounds of Carbon Dioxide.  Roughly half a pound is produced per passenger per mile.  That assumes of course a car that gets around 22 miles per gallon.


Plane travel produces 134 pounds of Co2 per passenger per 240 miles.  That does not include what the Co2 emissions will be for taxi or bus travel to and from their final destinations.

Now we figure in the High speed rail that will get you from Dallas to Houston in about 90 minutes.

Best estimates are that your carbon footprint for the one way trip is, 33 pounds, per person.

With these figures we can do some math.


If we had high speed rail in 2009 here is how it would have played out.

Between Dallas to Houston 495,000 people commuted by whatever means to these two destinations daily. If we assume that 330,000 traveled by air and the rest by car 165,000 we can easily look at the carbon footprint.

By car they produced 28,252.8 pounds of Co2.  We can assume that each additional mile is .654 pound of Co2.  That’s .654co2 per mile X 240miles X 180 working days in a year. Now multiply 28,252.8 which each person created X 165,000 automobile commuters and you end up with a staggering 4,661,712,000 pounds of Co2 produced.

By plane, they produced in total 8,031,960,000 pounds of Co2 in total assuming of course that all of the seats were full. That’s 134 X180days worked 333,000 Workers. Per person that would be 24,120.

There are many variable that are impossible to calculate as the figures are not available.  They are in part, how much cargo is each plane carrying?  How many crew members per each flight? How long are they sitting on the tarmac waiting to take off or find a gate?  These figures are based on the newer 737 that has had many pounds taken away by newer lighter seat covers and flooring.

For Arguments sake let’s assume that everyone takes the train. 495,000 people take the train, park their cars and put SouthWest out of business. 495,000 times 180days per working year X 33 pounds of Co2.

2,940,300,000 pounds of Co2 for one working year of commuting for all 495,000 people.  That is 5,940 pounds of Co2 per person per year as opposed to 24,120 per each person per year for flying and 28,252.8 pounds for driving a car with lots of miles on it.

Car = 28,252.8 co2

Flying a newer 737, 24,120 co2

Train 5,940 Co2

So, if every rode the train there would be net reduction in Co2 per year by

8,031,960,000 plane

4,661,712,000 car

2,940,300,000 train

Add the first two together to get a sum of 12693672000 pounds of Co2 produced per year and subtract 2,940,300,000 equals a reduction of 9756072000 pounds of Co2 per year produced.

If it were this simple it would be a matter of public education / indoctrination, grabbing land that has been in people’s families for generations, and making it more expensive thus “nudge,” the commuting public into taking public transportation.  Welcome Comrade….

We start by pushing this myth of Global Warming, and point out any weather anomaly as “absolute evidence” that the planet is dying and we the people with no power to say no, are at fault as our selfish ways are killing it. We have to do something or there will be “no breathable air for the children, wont anyone think of the children!”  You know, the ones that we are aborting by the millions each year…

I suspect that this global warming initiative that Obama is really trying to keep gaining traction on is the next project that they are doing clandestine things with, while they trot out the IRS and other breaking scandals to keep your eye off of the ball!

He actually said in some speech to some idiots that will believe him, “that Global Warming is a greater threat than this ISIS mess!” Holy Shit! 

Al the Phony Gor has to sell you carbon credits as he has already had them printed up on fine banknote paper, they really look nice!  And now since he invented the calculator right before the internet he can calculate your carbon footprint and for a modest $99 dollars a month using the “Al-Gor-ythem!” 


Size of house, electricity used and when used (thank you smart meter), energy efficiency of each appliance, windows, insulation, amount of miles driven each month, type of car and Co2 emissions produced, your weight and size (larger people more Co2) number of pets, kind, and age, and all people in your house, same information. Then you get a reduction if you have solar panels, or wind turbines, as he has lots of stock in those companies.

Energy prices must necessarily sky rocket! Another cash for clunkers campaign might be a good idea but first we place new regulations that every new car sold must at least get 40 MPG.   Didn’t he put some regulation on new cars a few years back? Damn, a memory like an elephant!

In 2012 Prince Obama announced new regulations trying to force the average gas mileage of new cars to 54.5 MPG!  That is to happen in the next 11 years!  While claiming independence on foreign oil is the primary objective Carbon footprint comes into play.

Let’s think this through for just a moment shall we?  As the deadline draws closer simple physics will come into play.  You know, well maybe you don’t but look this up.  F=M.A  He is requiring automakers to create new laws of physics!

The “Big Three” expressed support for the initiative!  He must have nude pictures of the presidents of the companies with someone’s wife or whore or hookers that maybe they took while going on that trip to that island of overly sexual misfits, you know like that planet Risa in Star Trek!

I know, we can recreate the Peoples car, you know the one that Hitler did.  “You don’t know what I am talking about?”  Put down the video game and read a damned book every now and then! Hitler Created the Volkswagon. The Peoples Car!

download (10) download (9) hitler_in_car-ww2shots-people

So, people will be forced to park their gas guzzling trucks and sedans and purchase new death traps.  You know the not-so-smart “Smart Car!”  They won’t tell you that you can’t drive your gas guzzlers, they will just increase the price of gas, while watering it down so much that even the newer cars won’t run on it.  The gas companies will comply as they get to charge big dollars for “slightly flammable water.”

Have you seen the trails of water coming out of tailpipes?  Even the ones that have been on the road for some time in the middle of summer? Where do you think that water is coming from?  When you put ethanol in gasoline you can actually blend it with water and it will suspend the solution making it burnable.  If you don’t believe me put some in a centrifuge and give it a whirl.  There will be water in the bottom of the test tube.  Get some gas from each of the stations that you deal with and give em a rotating ride.  Tell me what you find.  Better yet, post it on YouTube! Name names! You can find centrifuges on eBay for just a few dollars and the test tubes are there as well, I did it!

Here… When you get to the bottom come back to this link and educate yourself on specific gravity.


The problems with the math above are many.  In the world of theoretical it is solid.  People are not theoretical.  Unless the administration, you know the Prince of America; yeah him, if he takes out his pen and phone and decides that he wants to force public transportation he can make it happen and the Republicans I fear are in lock step with him, and all of this noise that they make is for show and by design.  The ones that don’t fall in line are ostracized, or are trash talked by the Boehner’s of the world and demoted to places where they are effectively neutered.

This is simply crazy talk…I wish!

Hey, put down that book and forget trying to learn anything.  Just fall for everything that this administration throws up “as in regurgitation,” and you will be fine, just like Russians, Chinese or maybe the Mexicans.  Maybe, just maybe, Obama likes Mexicans so much he wants to convert America to look and feel more like Mexico, or any other third world country to make them feel like they are at home.  It is only fair after all…. NOT! 

By the way, I am a science fiction writer and if this were not so credible, it would make a great story line for a book about a country falling under the control of Aliens, maybe illegal aliens by way of usurping the votes!  They would be great voters right, look at how well they took care of their country before they fled it!

-Best to you and those that you care about!

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This time of year is rife with ads on TV and Radio telling you how awful the other guy is.

Here is the truth about those ads; for the most part they are all lies.  There may be a smidgen of truth in them but for the most part they are complete fabrications designed to either get you to vote for their person, or to become so disgusted with the “process” that you simply stay home.

It is an easy decision to stay home, no lines, not having to think about who is really the best, or care. Many will take that route and than bitch about the outcome.  When it turns into a decision between the “lesser of two evils” they have done their job!

Someone released a plea from a former state representative to vote for their democratic candidate, or simply stay home.  This is ludicrous, and anyone asking you not to vote should throw a  “red flag;” telling you that they are spewing utter BS!

It is your civic duty to vote!  Just like Jury Duty is a civic duty, so it voting. Not only is voting a civic duty, it is a privilege that many died for you to have.

When folks are desperate they run horrible ads slamming the other guy.  

While I would really like to see a debate or political discussion, where each side offered solutions and not simply bad mouthed the other guy; I don’t think it will happen.

Why, because they are politicians and for the most part don’t really give a damned about your problems.  They may tell you that they do, but they don’t.  They may start out by caring about your problems but once they start selling their soul to get money for the election, they only keep their eye on the prize, power!

Politics is all about controlling the narrative.  The Press Secretary Josh Earnest and others are spin doctors whose sole job is to control the narrative.  The truth never enters into the equation, unless of course it serves the agenda at hand.  These folks are professional liars.  Sound Jaded?  Not really, been around long enough to realize that this is what it is about.  This is the “process,” that Obama said sometime “gets messy.”

Ron Klain is the new Ebola CZAR. One would think that he would be a medical guru!  Nope, not at all.  He knows nothing about medical things, he is a political strategist and is there to “control the narrative.”  His sole job is to make sure that anyone from the white house or under this administration that talks about Ebola only says things that are approved “spun” by him, to fit an agenda.  The agenda may be as benign as to control panic, or as malevolent to buck common sense and keep the flights coming and going from Ebola ravaged countries. Either way you can not believe anything that this administration says about this as it has proven time and time again that they don’t have your best interest at heart!  The last argument made against stopping the flights was that stopping the flights might damage these third world economies, as they are fragile!

I don’t know how or if Ebola will fit into this 2014 vote but it might.  Anyone that says we should not have commercial flights going to or from those places should be in the “vote for” category.

So, when you vote consider this, we have their record to look at, and that is what you should be thinking about when you step into the booth.  Vote on their record, their character, and if they represent what you believe.

Obama should never have won. Had people not been so elated about voting in a Black Man they might have looked at his record better.  The narrative of Obama was scrubbed, sealed and spun away!  He was distanced from his former radical pastor who married them, his affiliation with Bill Ayers (the self proclaimed terrorist and his abysmal voting record of his short time in the senate, “present.”  His school records were even sealed!  Someone had been grooming him for this and it would really be nice to know who he really answers to as it is not the people. Who is the puppet master?

Move-ON.org is up to its tricks again using George Soros’s money to scare the undecided and independents to vote for liberal candidates.

The last 6 years is an example of liberal thinking; do you want more of that? While Obama is not on the ticket, all of his policies are!

There is no war on women, it is a complete fabrication.  It is easy to sell because they appeal to what, emotions!  Women and men think differently and most women that I know start a conversation with “I feel..,” well men start it with “logically…” I can manipulate women much easier than men, and the spin doctors know how to do this all too well!  Of course this is not all women but the voting block as a whole is enough.  Simply tell them that men want to control their ovaries and they will vote for the devil.  If you watched the DNC when Ms Fluke got up and gave her contrived speech, the audience was comprised of mostly women who appeared hypnotized or somnambulistic.  Some women voted for Obama because he is good looking…according to polls.  

Before you write me and call me a sexist, or a misogynist, take a breath and read everything. I am most certainly non-of-those things! I have a huge respect for diversity, intelligence and anyone that thinks outside the box even just a little. I have studied too many of these topics and I know how this stuff works.  Politicians spin the facts in such a way to manipulate everyone!  Why else can you be anti Gay marriage in one location, and pro-gay marriage in another? Same person, same  political affiliations just a different message for a different group.  The more you know about yourself and the facts, the less easily you can be manipulated.   The easiest and most simply way to manipulate you is through your emotions.  Women are generally more emotional than men. If I tell you that there is a war on women and I make up some facts, a large percentage of women that read those facts will buy into them. Hopefully more of them might say Bullshit, and look a little harder.  It is kind of like all of those things that people pass around via e-mail or Facebook that is complete Shit!  When you send them the SNOPES link with the article I often wonder if I offend them.  That is certainly not my intention but, my god folks, use your heads.

Just for the record, Snopes is run by a couple in California which may or may not be biased.  Don’t stop your investigation with snopes.

Before Obama we were fine with racial relations, not great but we did not have polar bear hunting, and now we do.   By the way, where the hell is Al Sharpton and Rev Jackson on this? They are all up in arms when a thug gets shot but; when innocent old white guys are beat up or killed because they are white, nothing!  I would have a whole lot more respect for these two if they would denounce all violence!  Before Obama the Ferguson debacle would not have had the focus of the world, would certainly not been talked about at the United Nations and we certainly would not have sent several White House representatives to a THUGS funeral.  As the facts are trickling out we are learning more and more that the cop was justified.  The local mob is calling for vigilantism.  Sharpton and company stirred this pot; they need to stop it!  If anything goes wrong and they do nothing to prevent it, I would hope that the folks wronged would get litigious in a hurry!  We are a nation of laws, this is not the wild west!

“If you don’t want to get shot, don’t screw around with COPS!”  I am not saying they are perfect but, for the most part you have to have something going for you to even want that job. All cops should have a body camera that is on when they are on the clock!  I would like to see a bill written and passed to that effect. When cameras are on, people seem a little more civil.

No one will ever do anything with the Tax Code, because it is the government’s way of controlling the masses.  It makes for great talking points and distractions from the real issues but if a candidate is talking about it, it is a distraction.  The Tax Code consist of several thousand pages of code which force anyone making more than minimum wage to seek the advice of a tax service, or a CPA.  “The Tax code is written for people of means, by people of means, and and by no means written for the masses, you and I.”

Minimum wage laws will be bandied about by the democrats to entice young voters to vote for the “liberal agenda” because young people have yet to have enough life experience to see that it is all smoke and mirrors, and that nobody should be depending upon starter jobsminimum wage” for a living wage.  If you are, you are doing something wrong.

Public Pensions will be of interest as many States who have pensions for their retirees that are very generous, will run out of funding and bankruptcy will most certainly follow. Will we bail them out on the tax payer dime?  If democrats control things, probably!

Immigration needs to be looked at very carefully.  Many states are experimenting with laws that allow undocumented immigrants who graduate from high school to receive in-state tuition to public schools on the tax payer dime.  As far as natural born folks, you know Americans; you still have to pay as well as pay for theirs.  This will be a topic of discussion / debate that will certainly pass, if your state turns blue.  This thinking has also caused lawmakers to think about granting drivers licenses to undocumented people. WTF?  I am surprised that we don’t take out advertising on their television stations telling them about how great it is over here, and how we love to pay for everything!  Come on down, or up!

Nothing could be further from the truth!  We are paying for education for them, and I am guessing that if they stay undocumented and we educate them then we have smarter slaves!  More workers equal guess what, lower wages for everyone! Yeah, that is what you want right?  Not only do you too get lower wages, you still have to pay for your college tuition.  GO Blue!

47 million folks are living below the federal poverty line and one section of government wants to get them back to work and the other, wants to figure out creative ways to help them, financiallyThat is 47 million votes, paid for by tax payer dollars!   Who says you cant buy an election?

People need a hand up, not a hand out!  Democrats are hurting them and one day, when the printing press stops, there will be utter chaos in the streets as those that are sitting home watching cable TV, playing video games while you are out busting your butt working two part time jobs to make ends meet, run out of money.  Stores will not take IOU’s and when the cable, electricity, and free phone stop working; it will end up being some sort of Racial thing where the fat white man is to blame. Of course we know that it is the food stamp president who is doing this but when the feces hits the rotating oscillator it will be someone else’s fault…Bush…yeah he takes the blame for everything!

This administration has built its key economic strategies around transportation and infrastructure but has kept its level of funding stagnant. States are looking at this as a possible state issue, dealing with it at that level. Look for bonds and or taxes to pay for this; as the feds have failed.  Personally, I think that there will be more toll roads which amounts to hidden taxes into perpetuity! .

Drones will be part of the politics in the future as the laws around them will most certainly benefit the government and not the public. This is a topic for you the voter to watch carefully as your rights to privacy among other things, may be on the line.  Make certain that you know how your candidate feels about this issue.

Abortion, the war on women, which is really a war on babies, should not be addressed at a federal level but each state should handle this.  This is not a one size fits all solution but, the pendulum has swayed too far in the liberal direction and needs some correcting. Look for more scare tactics in the 2014 and 2016 elections.  I look for this to be really blown out of proportion if Hillary runs. When topics appeal to your emotions you are being manipulated and politicians are expert manipulators! They actually have people who have degrees in how to manipulate you.  Isn’t that nice? 

Fracking is a topic which should be addressed at the ballot box.  I am certain that the public is being kept in the dark regarding full disclosure, and the public is not sharing in the rewards, only in the possible hazards.  If for instance there is an earth quake in an area of the world that has never had them, and houses are damaged the “frackers” will say, it was a coincidence and leave you to fix your house yourself; and by the way,” some states don’t sell earth quake insurance as they don’t have earth quakes.  I would argue that the “frackers” should be on the hook for paying for earth quake insurance at the very least, or be on the hook for any damage caused by an earthquake in areas which are not prone to such events. Either way a bill should be drafted and language to this effect should be included before Fracking is allowed. In that same bill I would push for more transparency as we really don’t have a clue what they are pumping into the ground and if it will have an affect on drinking water. Again I would call for civilian over-site.

The border should be in this list as there are more issues with this than ever before.  For some reason the government does not really want to close it as, more potential voters are crossing it every day! Never mind the fact that we have people from countries that mean us harm  also crossing that same border.  Never mind that if Ebola gets loose down south that they too will cross that border in droves; this is simply a common sense problem that no one wants to take care of!  Democrats want the voters, and Republicans want the cheap labor, slaves!  We need to wise-up and close the damned border!  Maybe it is time for an independent to run.

Privacy is a concern to most voters so make certain that you are up on how your candidate feels about such things.  Since the end of GW Bush and all of Obama’s reign, our privacy has been under assault.  From porn scanners, to searches without warrants to phone taps as well as data mining.  Technology is such that drones can peer into your open window and count your freckles from over a mile away!  Satellite technology is also intrusive.   Electronic surveillance is easier than ever before.  Your movements tracked, your picture taken, your transactions tracked just because they can.  We really need a technology expert who is on the side of the public. You are no doubt thinking that our government should be doing that, better stop voting for the progressives if you want a government that actually respects the constitution and ah, works for you, and not against you!

One outfit that I know of just released a hand held device that can see in the dark.  This device also has thermal imaging as well as infrared, and can not only record what it sees, it has a super sensitive microphone so audio can be recorded as well.  This device will end up in the hands of anyone with money to purchase it, and certainly into the hands of police.  If used for “lawful” purposes, that is ok but, I must confess, listening to the police on the scanner, I am not ready to surrender my worries about these guys as they can get full of themselves fairly easily.  You know this to be true as you see it every day, even if you don’t listen in on them via a scanner.

How many times a week during your commute, are you passed by a cop who is speeding, for no apparent reason?  Many I suspect but, if you passed them, you would have a ticket to contend with.  We really need to be careful who gets what technology and how it is used. Get a police scanner and learn what your servants are up to.

Just like we need term limits, we really need civilian over-site of the government, and local municipalities.  Lets see some politician float that bill!

 I am very much against voting party.  These guys are all politicians and they switch the R and or the D to match their demographics.  Progressives can wear either shirt, and that is who you don’t want to vote for.  Vote for those who are for smaller government which protect the country, your rights, stand by the constitution, and create an atmosphere that is friendly to business. Before you “pull the lever,” make certain that their track record matches that.

I realize what I am asking.  Put it this way, if the ballots were fill in the blank, less then one tenth of all ballots cast would be valid.  By fill in the blank I mean that nobody was coaching you once you were inside the building, no signs or cheat sheets.  Even if it were multiple guess, if you threw in  two bogus names like Humphrey Bogart and Carry Grant would you care to guess who would get the most votes!   Yep, dead guys! That my friends is why we are in the mess than we are in. That is APATHY! Apathy combined with ignorance is a really bad combination!

You have seen what voting the party gets; now we need to do it better.


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Liberals vs Conservatives

Liberals vs. Conservatives


The simple facts are that you win elections by defining the other guys as either for or against something, make blanket sweeping statements about them and then get millions of people to spread the lies, or at the very best, half truths.


As children we are brought up in school playing sports on one team or another.  The concept is further propagated in sports like soccer or baseball or football or some other sport that happens as a function of school or after school.


We learn young through pep-rally’s and cheer squads and alike.  We in fact make signs that say crush, kill or other wise destroy the competition.  The other side or team does this as well.  We are in fact programmed to be competitive at an early age and it carries with us the rest of our days.


We pick our sides on the political battlefield as well.  We don’t want to be confused with the facts; we just want our “guy” to win.  We will go door to door, make thousands of phone calls, even go to rally’s carrying on the tradition of “kill crush destroy” the other team.


I have made the analogy many times that it is simple a matter of Shirts vs. Skins and most people have lost sight of the fact that it is not about that, but the character of the individual.


This last election Obama won because their side painted the other side in a bad light.  They in fact defined Romney as the problem and his policies would put us back into those problems, he is a rich guy and does not care about the little guy and so forth.


They painted Ryan as right wing nut job who would keep all women at home barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen and would throw grandma off the cliff!


The smear campaigns were ruthless and over a Billion Dollars was spent to win this election.  I can think of a lot of hungry people who would have benefited from a billion dollars.


Not unlike the super Bowl, one side is giddy and the other side is downhearted.


While politics is an ugly game, and it is a game; the real losers were all Americans.


Why do I say this?


The issues that were the real issues of this last 4 years were not addressed.  They in fact were swept under the rug by a very clever and expensive PR campaign that knew exactly how to manipulate the American voter.  The GOP having everything they needed to win this election “the last 4 years” did not capitalize on it as they constantly had to defend the lies.   Truthfully the facts of the last four years should have been all any voter needed.


A voters mind gets made fairly quickly.  Most people do not spend much time getting the facts.  Who can blame them, we are working more than forty hours a week, trying to keep food on the table, fill up our cars with gas as well as keep a roof over our heads.


I know people who cannot afford to heat their house over 50 degrees in the winter time.  These are working people!  I know people who work 60 odd hours a week at two jobs and still have no money left over to put into savings in case of emergency.


Americans are hurting and that is one of the issues that should have been addressed.


We can no longer afford to be loyal to a party.  We the people need to vet these candidates better.  Candidates will often change party if the constituents in their district change demographically. That should tell you that they are not even loyal to the party.


We have seen congressmen change party giving the other side an advantage.  Voting the party line is bad for America.


We are manipulated at every turn in the road.  We are manipulated by news Medias that unfairly slant a story one way or another either by embellishing the facts or by omitting some facts or simply by not covering it at all.


We are manipulated by Hollywood; from HBO series to movies that play to one party or the other.


Our children our manipulated by shows that have some agenda in them.


How do you know when you are being manipulated?  For one thing manipulating can be done in many ways.  First and foremost is to play on your emotions.  If I show a devastated forest with dead animals, empty and discarded trash and evidence of pollution I have effectively made you susceptible to my message of recycling and anti-factories and anti-capitalism and so forth.  If I wanted to make an argument against coal I might create an advertisement or even a movie that had this in it.  The Lorax comes to mind.


If I made a commercial or movie that showed thousands of people in the street, starving, inadequately fed clothed or sheltered and then showed some fat cats looking out from their ivory towers lighting cigars with $100 bills; I could go anywhere with that.  I could blame big government or I could blame capitalist.  Whatever the message, I could sway voters.


Guess what, you are a victim of manipulation on a daily basis.


The trick is to know when you are being manipulated.  Once you know how, knowing when gets a little easier.


To win an election first you remind people of simpler times.  You remind them of $1 gallon gas, and inexpensive groceries. You then convince people that all of their misfortunes in life are the fault of the other guy and or his party.  The one who has the most money to spend and gets their ads on TV in swing states early and often defining the other guy as the nemesis, wins!  It really is that simple.


There is little difference between either party.  They are in Washington or where have you, living like kings, while we the peasants “more like the stepford wives” sing their praises.  We tweet for them, we argue with one another and we call one another names all in the name of our loyalties to the party.  We don’t know history so we don’t learn from it.


The problems in this country can be fixed but we the people first have to realize what the problems are, so we can address them.  Those who think that they know will argue and they may even take their shirts off so we can draw delineation between the shirts and the skins.  The simple facts are that this is not a sporting event.  When someone will spend $19 million of their own money to try and get a job that pays $174K per year; there is something wrong!  The system is flawed and needs repair and it starts with us the people.


They work for us and are accountable to us.  We need to get the facts and hold them accountable.  I would start by boycotting news media outlets that slant the news one way or another.  We disserve the news that is the truth.  We need a news agency that does not have a dog in the fight that cannot be corrupted by money or bribed with one on one interview in the oval office.  Demand better!  In this case vote with your remote!


I welcome polite and civil discourse on this or any subject on this blog.  -Best