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You’re a Doo-Doo Head!

You’re a Doo-Doo Head!


If that sounds familiar to you, you are either young or have children who are maybe three????

Social media intrigues me, as I am a people person.

I watch trends, check out who is saying what and sometimes I chime in.

Today we don’t use sophisticated adjectives like “doo-doo head,” no we have evolved…

We label people things like Racist or Perverts.

People attack what they don’t understand, and they also attack when they have no real argument for “their point of view.”

Case in point.


A teenage boy decides that he wants to shower with the girls so for the day, week or what have you he defines himself as a girl.  I watched the arguments for and against the transgendered debate and came to many conclusions.

People, who identify as a sex other than what they were born as have most probably been using the bathroom of choice for years.

Those who argue that they want to dress with the women or shower with them even though their plumbing is not a match, no dice!


Allow me to make a caveat to that, and it is this…

If a spa or other business wants to make accessible, “clothing optional facilities for anyone, and those that choose to do so are of an age that they are accountable for their actions,” then I would be ok with that.


In some circles this is NORMAL 



Many countries other than the USA think nothing of nudity.  This country, due to its Puritan heritage is still hung up on such things.  It was not too long ago when there were police on the beaches measuring the length of a woman’s bathing costume to make sure that it was legal.






We have come out of the dark ages some…



Free the Nipple and other clothing free organizations have a way to go but on this transgendered topic, we must employ common sense.


Free The Nipple in Colorado


I know too many while going to school who thought that they were “asexual or lesbian or gay.” After they had got out of school, into the “real world” they found that they were indeed, straight.

School children are getting too many mixed messages from places like social media, Hollywood, their peers and so forth.  When gay is trendy, that should set off all sorts of red flags.

download (1).jpghispan64.jpg

Which one of these do you think is based on ignorance? 

The simple facts are folks, all fetuses “you” start out as a girl!  It is not until later in the process that the hormones kick in, and your “true sex” is crafted.  I chose the word crafted carefully as that is exactly how it works through a process of virilization.  If you men out there ever thought past the end of your “self” and asked, why do men have tits?  Well, now you know!  You, we all, started life as a girl.


By the way, a fetus has a unique blood type, and heart beat about two weeks after conception, that happens to be my definition of life.

Not only is the body crafted differently, so is the wiring in the brain.  There is indeed a difference between men and women and their wiring.  It was and is supposed to be that way to compliment each other.  It is almost as if it were “designed that way!”


Now, what happens if the hormones don’t work as they should?

Many different outcomes could be the result but, one might get a brain wired one way in a body “crafted” another way.  Not rocket science but not “trendy” either.

Hollywood and others try to make this something that it is not, which further screws up the process.

So why the doo-doo head title?

I was trying to make this argument on a “friends” post about the transgendered movement when one of his liberal friends called me a pervert!  Yes indeed, I made this simple argument saying that children in school need to use the locker room that matches their plumbing, so some young girls are not molested or traumatized by those among us who would use this as a means to a nefarious end.  There are deviants among us who would think nothing of this.


Scene from Porky’s


Now, his words did not trouble me in the slightest.  He, most probably a drunk, coward, or both chose to attack that which he did not agree with because he had no legitimate argument. Indeed, had he been in front of me I dare say he might have thought differently about his words. I am never surprised by the power of liquid courage, or anonymity.

When someone starts calling names or labeling you, they have nothing else, so they name call.  If you ever follow any threads where someone possibly likes one candidate over another and instead of using logic, they name call or worse, it is because they cannot defend their position.

Young boys using young girls locker rooms and showers with them is indefensible!

On any of my blogs, I welcome civil discourse.  When it stops, so do I.  I have no time or patience for it.



Clothing Optional Resorts



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Thinking outside the box, two cents at a time… 🙂


My Two Cents










The balkanization of America @realdonaldtrump

The balkanization of America @realdonaldtrump

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today signed an executive order banning all non-essential state travel to North Carolina. The order…bar[s] any such publicly funded travel that is not essential to the enforcement of state law or public health and safety. The ban, which takes effect immediately, follows North Carolina’s enactment of a law, which bars transgender individuals from using restrooms appropriate for their gender identities, excludes sexual orientation and gender identity from state anti-discrimination protections, and prohibits municipalities from extending those protections to LGBT citizens.

Here is an early flexing of the political muscles of the homosexual rights agenda, attempting to undermine the rights of the citizens of North Carolina to organize its rules for bathrooms, by treating the state as a cultural outsider, unworthy of normal official recognition. This may be the beginning of the balkanization of America, that is, the beginning of its division into hostile groups, over the issue of homosexuality. Peter Jones


Maybe I am over simplifying this but…it seems to me that if someone is truly “transgendered,” and was to discretely use the bathroom of choice, nobody is going to demand to see their “junk” to qualify their use of said bathroom. I would suggest that they “act like a lady,” and sit, as to not arouse suspicion.

With that in mind, this is more, much more than the “right” to use the bathroom.

This is about the right to use the women’s locker room, where children may very well be with their mom’s, ergo the rub.  Should a young child or women for that matter be subjected to, and possibly exposed to some man, which is anatomically still a man, changing in the same dressing room with women?

I would say in that case, you must use the facility that has been created for your unique plumbing. If there is the slightest possibility that your anatomy might be seen by others then you should use the facilities created for your anatomical gender.

If they want to use the dressing room for the other kind of plumbing, commit to the surgery so if you were exposed in a “public” facility, your junk would match, or at least not stand out. “Pun intended.”

I get that some folks identify as something other than what they were born.  The fact that all people start out as a female, and later in the process, the correct chromosomes turn on and off certain “things” causing the fetus to develop into a male or female is not lost on me.

“Ever wonder why men have tits?”  That is why.

Therefore, if you were to have an X and a Y chromosome you will develop male characteristics.  Two X’s you are a female. The SRY gene on the Y chromosome starts the process of virilization.  But, what if?…

What if these chromosomes don’t play by the rules?  I know that this will fly in the face of “religious” types which tend to oversimplify things but, scientifically this is a proven concept.

Some folks are indeed genuinely trapped in a body, “vessel” that does not match the wiring in their brain. I concede that and so should you.

Not all gay people are deviants, and not all deviants are gay.

This has happened since man trod the sod and it will continue until the sun runs out of fissionable material.

I also will tell you that there are too many out there, whose motives are less than genuine, and I for one want to protect the rights of all, not just some.

The LGBT folks have a voice and they need to exercise that voice in a manner that is not truculent, as they tend to do, if they would like a fair hearing.  I know why they do it; it simply must stop.  Discourse such as we have today will not end well and we do not need to pit people against one another as we have been doing since I can remember. It must stop. This country is so divided it is amazing that anything ever gets accomplished.

The “Balkanization” of which he speaks, must necessarily end.  In these political times, the social engineers are experts at this for their manipulative purposes.  Divide and conquer. Sandra Fluke was the tip of the iceberg to facilitate this imaginary war on women.

BLM, a George Soros funded group is another distraction as was the Occupy movement in 2012; also, George Soros funded.

We are indeed being “Balkanized” on every possible front in every possible way. This is necessary to identify which groups will vote in a particular way so they can then run the demographics and tailor commercials to your particular demographic.

Political science and social engineering is a real deal, and they have gone truly high tech.

There is a software that knows more about you, than you do. The Koch brothers paid to have this created.  More Billionaires interfering with the political process is just what we need.

While I am not discounting the LGBT folks and their unique issues, this is nothing but a shiny object to take your attention off the grand scheme of things.

The marionettes are pulling the strings and the LGBT folks like every other group of people are simply pawns and in some cases, useful idiots doing the bidding of the Soros’s and Koch’s of the world.

It was never about $6 birth control pills, and there is no war on women, never was.

Common sense dictates that men cannot go into facilities where young ladies might be in a state of undress but, it does get your emotions going, doesn’t it?

Manipulating people with your emotions is how they do it.  That is why they pick and choose what snippets of conversations that the MSM plays, to just piss you off.  Once pissed, you are focused on that which pissed you off and no longer are you looking at the larger picture.

Radio talk show hosts are given a talking point planted by some strategist and the useful idiots take to the airwaves manipulating their faithful masses.  It is brilliant actually in a sinister way.

With the 24-hour news cycle, it never ends.  Turn on the news and the MSM attacks those that will not play ball, in this case Trump. Since Trump cannot be controlled by those that pull the strings; he must be stopped.

A man that takes a million dollars and turns it into Billions is somehow so incompetent, so evil so degenerate that he is not fit to be the president of Delta House! Does anyone actually believe that?

Sadly, the answer is yes… Many will listen to that sound bite from a talking head and digest it.

How many millions, or even Billions of dollars do you think that the anti-trump people will spend?

Do you honestly believe they give a tinkers damn about the country?  They care about staying in power and not allowing the system that they have created to be broken by an outsider.  Whoever is elected must be stringed up to the marionette and dance upon request as demanded.

Therefore, in this land of OZ I would encourage you to pull back the curtain.  If you will give it some thought without the vitriol, you too can see the larger picture.

I choose not to dance upon command or, be a useful idiot.



Adult men in bathrooms with young girls…

Adult men in bathrooms with young girls…

Adult men in bathrooms with young girls…

This is the cry coming from some on the right who feel there are those that would take advantage of a bill that the Dallas City council passed under the cloak of the darkness of night…  I guess they have a pen and a phone and don’t care about the public…the people that they serve…

A similar Bill went before the voters in Houston after Anise Parker pushed a bill known jokingly enough has HERO….

On its face, the law is nothing more than political correctness run a muck…

If a public place has bathrooms, that place must allow the trans-gendered people to use their facility of choice…Not anatomical birth; but choice.  Since there is no test for this…that means anyone…

Most, not all but, most women are the “fairer sex” and Men are compelled or duty bound to protect them from people that might wish them harm or want to force themselves upon them.  Chivalry is not dead in this country, just stunted by the progressive leaning individuals playing to the LGBT crowd… Most women that I know, like it when the door is held for them, and their dinner is paid for…

Our president plays into that crowd as he has modified his stance on Gay marriage as have many politicians looking to get re-elected.  It is not about what is right or wrong, but what is politically correct.  Politicians are afraid to say anything that might alienate anyone. So they stand for nothing.  

“When you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.”

“Activist judges are a scourge on this country, they in fact will be responsible for its demise, as we move forward trying not to offend any voting block… Judges are not there to write laws, simply apply them…”

Houston defeated the rule allowing people to use which ever public facility that they wanted, overwhelmingly, so the Dallas city council did it over night with the stroke of a pen.

If this is not challenged, this means that people of any sex can use whatever bathroom that they want while your wife or daughter might be in the stall next to them.

We already see deviant behavior by individuals who go into same sex bathrooms using cameras on cell phones taking pictures or video of others in locker rooms or bathrooms without their knowledge…Now we amplify  that risk of this happening with you, your daughter, or wife.

We have Korean style health spa’s popping up all over this country.  In these spa’s the sexes are separated by gender but folks are publicly nude…share hot tubes, showers and other activities all wearing nothing.  Since this is public what would stop someone who is nothing more than a common pervert to go into one of these places and leer at you, your wife or your child?  If this law stands … nothing.

This will have a devastating effect on the economy as people of moral compass will not want to risk sending their wife into such a bathroom or facilities where they could be harmed in any way… Restaurants with public bathrooms could indeed have perverts waiting in their bathrooms for your wife or daughter…

Action steps…

  • The entire Dallas city council and Mayor should be voted out of office, as the entire body are responsible for this action.
  • Houston’s mayor and people of her ilk who risk the general population over their deviant agendas, should be voted out and put on notice that this country is fed up with political correctness.
  • Women should take courses in self-defense, obtain a CHL, and laws should be re-written giving more latitude to women using deadly force, against sexual predators.
  • If a man which is identifying as a women, is accused of immoral conduct, that man had best be completely anatomically modified (incapable of penetration of a woman).
  • Sexual predator laws should be re-examined, and made tougher to thoroughly discourage this type of behavior.

If you are truthfully trans-gendered, these actions steps should not offend you…If you are not, than you will probably take issue with them.

If you are a women in a man’s body, than you know what it is like to be in a bathroom where you don’t feel comfortable.  Now imagine women and or girls having some bald headed tattooed bearded 300 pound man, waiting to greet them in a bathroom designed for them, just hanging around because under this law, that is legal…

I find it interesting that the proposal of having a gender neutral bathrooms for people who are not comfortable in their own skin, was rejected by the LGBT crowd as that was not fair in their minds…Putting women and children at risk because of your desire to force political correctness down our throats is using your sexuality as a weapon and is in fact the very definition of a bully!

I don’t like Bullies and in case you haven’t noticed…Americans don’t like bullies!

If you would read and learn from history instead of who is screwing who in Hollywood, you would know that Americans will only tolerate so much before they push back!

Political Correctness is an attack on our First amendment rights under the constitution… If they can’t change the constitution, they do an end run around it by forcing you to willingly give up your freedom of speech under the guise of “you can’t say that…”

Friends, you better say it…before you can’t!

Before you write me some ugly comment, know that I have friends in all walks of life; and I hold them near and dear…  None of them, think that this idea of men in women’s’ facilities is a good idea…

There simply must be a third option, and it should be explored before caving to people that are incredibly selfish, who don’t have America’s women’s or children’s best interests, at heart. It may be as simple as re-designing all bathrooms in such a way that any gender can use them, as they are private enough once in the stall that anyone using them can be safe from cell phone cameras or rapist of other deviant behavior.

This would mean that security cameras would most likely have to be installed in the common areas as to protect the public from criminals using ill-founded laws to their advantage.

A would be female rape victim shot and killed her attacker, shooting him seven times.  The police asked her, why 7 shots…. “I only had 7 bullets!”   Right answer!


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Obama to nominate first openly gay service secretary to lead the Army

Obama to nominate first openly gay service secretary to lead the Army

Obama to nominate first openly gay service secretary to lead the Army

Ever Since Obama flipped flopped on the issue of gay marriage, the gay agenda has been for front in the media.  Daily, there is a story about something gay.

The story of the bakers that were targeted by the gay couple, to make them a cake was one of the most outrageous stories dealing with this.  A quick look at their website would paint them as incredibly religious as there was scripture on every page!  An activist judge quashed their first amendment rights not only with their freedom of religion, he also repressed their first amendment rights when he basically put a gag order on them, so they could not even talk about it!  On top of this he found for the two gay folks that targeted this couple, and fined the bakery some $135k as one of the people claimed that she was mentally raped!

Kim Davis also had her first amendment rights quelled when she too was targeted by activist gay couples wanting to force her to do that which violated her religion.  She sat in Jail for several days as the activist judge found for the couple.

Now we have Obama nominating a gay service secretary to lead the Army.  I am sure Patton is rolling over in his grave!  This is a political maneuver to try once again to make the Republicans look weak or bigoted.  He has placed them in a no-win situation.  If they oppose this nomination for any reason, they will be painted as bigots.  It does not make any difference if the guy is qualified or not.  If they block it for any reason, they are bigots.  If they don’t block it, the conservative voting block will see them as weak, and vote them all out at their earliest convenience.

Obama is doing anything he can to make the republicans look bad, and this nomination is simply moving one more pawn on the chess board, dividing this country along gay vs. straight lines.  This president will go down in history as the “Great Divider!”

Those on either side will either see the LGBT side of this, or the evangelical conservative side who are being assaulted in these political maneuvers and are simply collateral damage, which this administration does not care about.

When you use your sexuality as a weapon, you are a bully!

Further collateral damage will most certainly occur in the minds of our service men and women.  Those of this day and age will probably not think too much about this but, those Vets, of an earlier generation like Patton, will be offended.  This is the emotional trigger that manipulates the masses, and some chess master in the Obama administration knows this; and is very good at what they do.

This is where the “Art of the deal” would come into play.  I would use any leverage I could to make Obama re-consider, and somehow put the monkey back on his back.  The republicans must take a stand, and force this president to take a stand, instead of giving him a pass.  I would force him to veto so many bills that he ran out of ink in his famous pen. Boehner and his people must grow a pair, or the 2016 election will look badly for them; as Americans will not see the political maneuvering, and the liberal media will certainly spin this in favor of the Democrats.

Those conservative candidates should talk about this during the next debate.  The general public has no clue how this government really works or as Obama calls it, “the process!”  “It’s a process and sometimes it gets ugly.”  Said Obama at some speech four years ago.  Trump is bringing a very large audience to the table, use it to place the blame where it belongs!  We have lost the art of the politics or we are cowards when it comes to this president.  The race card has been his “standard” for 7 years and that is getting really old!

Promising the American people a transparent government, with no lobbyist, are two of the first promises he broke.


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Open letter to GoTopless.org

Open letter to GoTopless.org

Warning:  The following blog contains pictures from the go topless demonstration in New York Today.  Some of these shots “that were taken by other people and posted publicly” contain (nipples.)

You were warned….   🙂

As stated in my letter to “free the nipple,” there are real issues with public nudity.

While I agree that there is a time and a place for everything; I feel that a truculent style of forcing your “agenda,” detracts from the message.


  • Why do some women want to go around topless?
  • Is it really an equal rights thing?
  • Is this an attack on men?

Most men like nipples ladies and I have to tell you that if the laws were only left to men to make, they would be very generous to any lady that wanted to walk around half nude!

I give the respect that I am accorded.

When you choose to dis-respect a segment of the population; you don’t win over very many of them.

I get it, you got publicity and you made the news.  Now people like me are spending their time pontificating on the merits of your cause, and how best to solve the issues.

I don't get the pink mask.
I don’t get the pink mask.

As I stated in my letter to “free the nipple,men are visually stimulated.  (I must admit that nothing in the picture above stimulated me what-so-ever-!) That is the way that we either evolved, or God made us pick your choice; those are the facts!  When you expose yourself, you set hormones and other endorphins into action.



IMG_1144A whole host of things happens when we are sexually aroused and visual stimulation for men starts with hormones. 

What color eyes does she have?We call it behavior but, in reality, our actions may be partially driven by things out of our control.  Things happen automatically that we are not in control of. Chemicals are released which cause us to sweat, pupils dilate, adrenaline is released along with cortisol (the stress hormone) followed by Dopamine the “desire and reward hormone” then comes into play. We have serotonin that causes us to “think about a person” or in this case those “lovely breast,” several times a day!

The list goes on and folks, we are programmed for this action.  Had we not been such a puritanical society and ran around naked or “nude,” then I dare say that we would control our “urges much better.”

The argument to allow half-naked folks to run around cart-blanch anywhere should really be addressed by serious people who understand what they are asking.


If you don’t think that what I am saying holds water, then tell me this, why is pornography such a huge issue today?!

Some Men and some women are lost in pornography. Where it used to be restricted by age and content, with the internet there is nothing held back.  I find it amazing that with each successive year, each and every magazine took pornography to new lows.

Much like drugs, pin-up girls no longer cut it.


There is an interesting parallel to this and drugs because, if you think about it, both are chemical addictions.   With drugs, some of those same hormones are released as well as the action of the drug itself!

Some people cause themselves pain because, endorphins are released that like adrenalin; one can become addicted to them.

From the early days of Playboy, where clover leafs covered the nipples, and maybe a little flash of pubic hair to” gynecologists’ type shots” of inside the vagina or anus!  Who thinks that is sexy!?

Where are we headed as a society?

It is clear to me anyway, that you simply can’t just walk around naked, anywhere that you please.

For the same reason drunks who are “recovering,” don’t go where there is booze, people who have issues with porn, or sex addicts, don’t go to strip clubs.  It is not fair to everyone to allow you to parade around naked when or where you choose.

On the flip side of the coin, there should be places where such behavior is permitted with adequate signage depicting same.

The bottom line to this is really respect.  Ladies from a pragmatic look at things there is little difference in our anatomical makeup and for that, your argument is germane.


Realistically, however; looking at the science involved and how we as humans are “driven;” you can certainly see that unfettered nudity would not work unless you forced the issue making everyone walk around naked!  I suspect that after an hour or so, the novelty would wear off and soon; breasts of men and women would look like any other part of them, and a stare would quickly turn into a passing glance, and then into not even noticing.

nudist couples meeting sites
Ok, I included a few bums for effect…you get the point. These folks are enjoying the outing and looking at the scenery and not staring at each other’s rude bits…

That is a part of human evolution that is simply not there in this country at this time.

Most people are way too hung up on their body, whether it be good or bad, and sexuality is right under the surface of most people’s thoughts.

With the Ashley Madison hack, it should have placed a light on what is going on with people of all walks of life.



It is not simply sex, as these folks have a wife or husband who they could have sex with.  It is different partners or sex with someone else.  WHY?

If we could put our differences aside, just let people be who and what they are and “get along” and, we were not thinking about, planning for, and working towards sex, just think about what we could accomplish as a people!

Is it just me or does this thing appear phallic in nature….?

We are terribly un-evolved for the most part.  Those that want to “free the nipple,” I actually think might be more evolved than those that see this as some sort of taboo.  You can’t simply feel that it is wrong, you need to know “why it is wrong.”  These folks are pushing the envelope on social mores, that admittedly are out of date but…to what end?

If you go to a nudist resort, there will be people there who are probably more evolved than those that would condemn such a place just because.  Some will undoubtedly be there for the same reason that I thought about becoming a photographer for Playboy as a child.  The difference is, I grew up!

When we accept who and what we are, we can move past this truculent dialogue that persists in the world today. We are in fact sexual creatures that are geared for procreation, and that is why we do what we do, and think as we think.  That is why sex feels good, and hormones are released to drive us to seek partners to spread our seeds and subdue the earth.

That is why a high percentage of people will read this blog, over the others that I have posted which frankly are much more intelligent and enlightening than this, and many men will peruse the picture of the attractive redhead, longer than those with the pink mask over their faces!  Just know why you do what you do, and know who you are….

Life is about more than sex.  As a young person, I expect this and make allowances for this.  Spring break and other places where young people gather seem to be nothing more than a hormonally charged group of people oozing with testosterone and estrogen.   You hope that they make it through it, and hope that someone in the group is adult enough to govern the collective body, so people don’t get injured.

Spring Break 2016 Daytona
Spring Break 2016 Daytona

When you become “self-aware,” you learn to ask yourself why?


“Why” is probably one of the most important questions that we learn to ask as a human being.  I do not discourage but encourage this.

  • Why do I like this?
  • Why do I hate this?
  • Why is this a good idea?
  • Why is this a bad idea?
  • Why did my parents tell me no?

Knowledge is powerful and, self-knowledge is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal!

I call this mirror time.  Who is that person in the mirror?

Before espousing your thoughts on a particular subject, know where your thoughts came from.

We as a nation have stopped thinking critically.  We act upon emotions which is just stupid. Emotions are one of the easiest ways that there is to manipulate you, and those that are in power; know this.

The Race card is played to divide people and it works because it is an emotionally charged issue.

If I can stir your emotions, I can control you!  The elite call these folks, “useful idiots!”  They can think for you by stirring your emotions, causing you to act without thinking!

A movement based on a complete lie.  While there may be some issues with Police and people this movement which has been the flash-point of much violence and mayhem needs to stop.  

If you spend some time in the mirror guess what, they lose that power and you gain it.

Free the Nipple and Go Topless are saying the same thing.  Personally, I would not mind seeing everyone wear a shirt.  Let’s take this issue off the table, just wear a damned shirt!


If you want to be naked in public, seek out nude beaches or nude resorts or clubs, or even cruises that cater to clothing optional events.  There are actually parks in Germany I think that are clothing optional.


Americans are much more prudish than our European counterparts and I am certain that is a left over from the puritan start, this country had not that many years ago.  Don’t be disrespectful of them; if you want to be taken seriously, and respected.


With the LGBT community, I have a thought that I would also like to espouse upon.

There are many places “spas” and such where people enter into an area and are expected to remove all of their clothes.  They are provided a “uniform” to wear in the common area but not before they are expected to shower and enjoy the wet area with other people who are also nude.

friends Justin Estill age 30 (blond) and Michael Ladagana age 34 of Astoria (dark hair) . Spa castle premier, saunas and pool. 115 East 57th Street Manhattan NY
friends Justin Estill age 30 (blond) and Michael Ladagana age 34 of Astoria (dark hair) . Spa castle premier, saunas, and pool. 115 East 57th Street Manhattan NY


It is no secret that there are men who happen to be gay that go to these spas to watch other naked men shower and what have you.  Folks, that is simply creepy.

I know from reading, that some women do this as well, and then you have the folks who are Trans gendered, who identify as one sex or another.  What do they do?

In these “wet areas” not only are there adults but there are children, naked children who simply are playing in the water and having a good time.

I think that the laws need to be changed to protect children from let’s face it, pedophiles that might be lurking in the area.  As an adult, I can choose to go into one of these places knowing full well that there may be some deviant in there that enjoys watching others shower and what have you. 

I don’t believe that we have any business exposing children to possible creeps.

While I am on that subject, since gay folks knowingly go into these areas; how about a communal wet area that anyone can decide to use? 

It would be interesting to see how many people of different genders would actually take advantage of it.

Once again I have pontificated to the tune of right at 1700 words on a subject that should be rife with stimulating conversation.

As always, I appreciate comments, shares, re-blogs and of course stimulating conversation. Please keep your comments civil.  Thanks!


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House Bill 1748

House Bill 1748

And the Adult enters the room…

Texas Politics
Sponsor of Bill 1748

It seems that common sense is coming into play by one Debbie Riddle (R) of Tomball Texas. She has sponsored a bill that will make it illegal for persons of a different sex than that of the facility it was designated for i.e. men’s room women’s room to enter the room.

Where the mayor of Houston has publicly made a spectacle out of herself, and Houston; with crazy legislation making bathrooms and locker facilities less safe; the adults are taking measures to stop her and others like Plano Texas and Planet Fitness.

Mayor of Houston who thinks that anyone of any sex should be able to use any bathroom or locker room.
Mayor of Houston who thinks that anyone of any sex should be able to use any bathroom or locker room.
Men where they don't belong.
Men where they don’t belong.

House Bill 1748 is an adult way to define what gender is and stop non-sense from those who feel that gender is really not an issue and folks should be allowed to just do what they want.

Admittedly this is oversimplifying the problem.


I still like the idea of facilities designated for “other.”

One has to wonder what other bills will be forthcoming in the future, defining what we accept as common sense today.





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The Third Sex or No Sex?

The Third Sex or No Sex?

The Third Sex or No Sex?


Recently a lady was asked to leave a Planet Fitness facility because she complained that there was a man dressed as a women in the dressing room with her.

Carlotta-Sklodowska-facebook-1-465x620 Carlotta Sklodowska, the transgender woman at the heart of the Planet Fitness story. Photo credit: Facebook



Planet Fitness seemed more concerned with the rights of the man dressed as a women, than the majority of their clientele which identifies as man or woman.  That was reported by a third party.


Houston has also set precedence allowing those that identify as a sex other than what they were genetically born with (plumbing,) to pick the bathroom that best suits their needs. This bill would allow anyone to use any bathroom that they wish, of either gender. This bill also allows for those same folks to go into other private places, which are gender specific.


This progressive thinking is not without collateral damage.

Imagine a 13 year old girl in the women’s dressing room when a transgender-ed person comes in to change next to her, and a penis is exposed to her.   Is this transgender-ed person going to pay for that girl’s therapy?  While I would hope that anyone with such anatomy would do their best to be discrete, there is still the issue of the privacy of the child, and protection from those that are truly ill and wish to expose themselves for self-gratification or the fulfillment of some dark fantasy.

Imagine some deviant individual deliberately dressing in such a manner as to gain access to the facility for the opposite sex for clandestine purposes.  Several cases have made the news where locker rooms have been bugged with cameras and other recording devices, which are commercially available to anyone with a few dollars to spend.

One option is that you have a men’s and a women’s facility, and then you have “other.”  As I cannot relate to “other,” I have no idea how palatable that would be.  As a man I have no desire to enter into a ladies bathroom, and I am certain that women would say the same.  As these folks seem to want to relate to some sex, I would think some might find it offensive; and others might prefer it.


You could have co-ed, where “anything goes” which not only would attract a whole new clientele but, most probably, several visits from undercover agents.  We are talking co-ed nude wet areas, open showers and pools and just whatever. Many of the Korean spas have nude wet areas for the different sexes, why not just have one nude wet area for everyone!  I think they did this in early Rome, and that really didn’t work out too well.


The only agreeable option that should satisfy everyone’s needs is unfortunately the added expense of providing an environment that allows for privacy, no matter what sex the person is.

Setting aside the obvious gender differences, there are those that go to such facilities and hang out in the “wet area” to ogle others of their same genetic sex.  Imagine these sheep in wolves clothing going to the opposite sex’s side for entertainment.

It would seem that with this in mind that the best answer is to provide privacy for any and all concerned. The wet area with saunas and so forth should be co-ed where proper attire is required.  This would hopefully offset the added cost of providing private areas for all to change shower etc.

Bathrooms for either gender should also provide appropriate privacy, as you never know who is in the bathroom with you.  As children use these facilities they must be protected from the possibility of deviant behavior by those that are truly not there because they identify one way other another, they are just genuinely mentally disturbed.


Mayor Parker and other progressive individuals should put their personal agenda’s aside to look after the “entire population” and not just those of the LGBT community.  I would think that the LGBT community would also support this as instead of a women’s and men’s bathroom, there would simply be “The bathroom.”

The simple facts are that we as a people must rise up to meet this challenge.  Ignoring it will not make it go away.  Law abiding citizens regardless of gender must be heard and accommodated for and protected from those that wish to take advantage of a situation for devious purposes.

Before we change the rules, we must make changes to protect those who are most vulnerable in our society from those that are of ill repute.  Video surveillance of the bathroom “common area” could actually be accomplished without violating anyone’s privacy, thus allowing for some modicum of security.

There is an answer; working together instead of the truculent attitude which pervades this entire conversation every time that it is mentioned, will provide a solution.


Is “gay” a choice, or are you born gay?

Is “gay” a choice, or are you born gay?

Is “gay” a choice, or are you born gay?


Dr. Ben Carson was recently asked some gotcha question about “is being gay a choice?”

Dr. Carson is a Famed Neurosurgeon, he is also a potential GOP 2016 presidential candidate.  That makes him a target by the “Liberal Media.”

Firstly and most importantly as a politician you have got to know how to handle “gotcha” questions like that one and not give them what they want which is “talking points” for the next several weeks while people instantly form opinions about you based on some conversation taken out of context.

Subjective topics like gay marriage should all be handled at the state level; so if people don’t like what is going on in one state they can vote with their feet, they can move.  For instance if you don’t like the fact that WEED is not available legally in your state, MOVE!  This should not be a presidential issue as “there is no one size fits all,” where people are concerned.

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The context of the interview went along the lines that straight people go into prison and come out gay, a lot of them; therefor he reasoned, that being gay is a choice. 

I think it is much more of a complex situation than being gay or not.  It has to do with making do with what you have on “hand,” pardon the pun.  After a while of changing your behavior to adapt to your circumstances, the associated life style comes with the package!  The real differences between man and women has a lot more to do with the brain, than the plumbing; but most don’t know that.

His answer should have been “I suppose it could be or, it could be that you are born that way.” Next subject! Now the narrative is cast for the next few weeks as he backtracks or explains his position.  The good news is that people are talking about him.  The bad news is that some will make the decision to vote for him or not by this one question taken out of context.

They picked that question to get him to swing in the dirt, because they knew he would. A short one sentence answer, to stop the BS; is all that he should have said.  They “the liberals” need to control the narrative and if they can keep good candidates on the defensive. subjects where emotions are easily involved, they win!

Politics is a science of manipulation and controlling the narrative through subjects like this or race or you name it, subjects where you can stir up people’s emotions damned the facts!  The War on women was a biggie for Obama

By damaging the credibility of strong candidates and allowing for the weaker candidate to succeed even if it means getting the other party to vote for the weaker candidate in the primary so be it!  That is how you win elections!

What difference does it make what the president of the US thinks about is “gay a choice or are you born with it?”  You are what you are and what he thinks is just a so what!

The good news is for him is that he is making his gaffs now when few will remember, and he can make points when it comes to other topics that people care about.

Going to be an interesting next two years, and I plan to be here to make sense out of it all.

-Best to you and those that you care about!

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Pick Your Battles

Sitting back watching the Houston Mayor run roughshod over preachers has been entertaining.


The LGBT community has in many ways influenced the lives of everyone on this planet who has a TV, or a radio or even use a PC or other device to get on the internet.

Hollywood insists on putting “gay” into many of their products, which may be a sign of the times, or it may be part of an agenda, or both.  The public can either accept and embrace it, turn a blind eye, turn the channel or turn it off.  As Reagan once said “vote with your feet, or in this case your remote.”

When the Mayor of a huge city like Houston who is openly lesbian gets elected, I think that Hollywood has done a pretty good job of indoctrinating the masses.

The simple facts are that few of us care what folks do in the privacy of their own home.  That is between you, your partner and your god.  Most people simply don’t care, and if you read the bible you would understand that Christians are called not to judge others.  They are taught to hate the sin, not the sinner. Christians are not your enemy!

“Sin” is where the rub is, and why the attack on religion.

If I had to guess I would say that is the reason that there is more animosity towards religion and God. If you “believe” you are called to live a different lifestyle “hate the sin” than if you simply do as you  please.

The human race is under attack from every angle.  Pornography for instance is now incredibly easy and prolific.  We have legalized Pot in a few states and more people want it on the ballot in their state even though those that have done it, now say that it was reckless!

We have stuff at the box office which comes from such twisted minds one has to wonder what they were smoking when they wrote it.  Even worse, people pay good money to go see it. Our moral compass is way off. The people driving this lack of morality, attack God, and those who follow him.  The entertainment industry as a whole is giving the people what they want from pornography to violence to incredibly violent video games which are nothing more than simulators designed to desensitize one to violence.

We have programs that explain everything through science except how did it all get started?  Science would tell you that there is no room for God and Religious folks would tell you that there is not room for science.  Only when they each realize that they must necessarily co-exists, will they find the answers which they seek! Indeed if God has a language I believe that you will find it to be math!

Mrs. Parker, the same constitution that allows you to live your life as you choose, also allows Christians to live their life as they choose.  By attacking organized religion and trying to get them to submit to the gay agenda “whatever that is” is biting off more than you can possibly chew.  This is not Canada, we still have Freedom of speech.

Here is the problem.  The Bible is what it is.  The words in it are what Christians believe to be the inerrant word of God; the same God that judges them, will judge you!  Unlike public opinion, the Bible is static, it does not change at some whim of bloated officials such as yourself. While atheist have made a religion out of being atheist; forcing the removal of God from Schools and public places, the Bible will not change.

Live your life as you like, causing others to stray has penalties all of its own; if you believe the words in the bible; and again, that is between the people who do it; and their God.

Denouncing God does not make him any less real but, if that helps you live with your life choices, so be it.

Not my Monkeys; Not my Circus!

If however; you use your powers of office to try and circumvent the constitution; than we have a whole other problem.

The constitution is not out of date as Ruth Ginsburg would have you believe; but a very timeless document that is just as salient today as it was when it was drafted.  It was crafted in such a way to protect the public from people, such as you who abuse your power to fit an agenda.

The Gay community did not happen in just the last few decades, but way back before Jesus ever trod the sod.  I know of no one that holds any animosity towards them but, if you choose to believe that people do, that is your problem; don’t make it ours.

Houston needs a lot of things and you can do a lot of good, taking on the church or religion or God is not what you were elected for, and I doubt that most of the people who voted for you would want you to continue on with this.  Your foolishness is making national news and not only are you hurting your cause but, you are hurting Houston, and you are hurting the Democratic Party. Stop tilting at Windmills.  If you are serious about turning Texas Blue, this is not the way to do it!  If you want more people to accept gay people, stop making them look bad!

Pick your battles carefully…


We The People, Man or Sheep and God?


Pondering that phrase for just a moment, one has to ask; just who are these “we the people?”

In order to answer that simple question, one must first know the person in the mirror, who are you? What do you stand for “if anything?” Why do you stand for that? What do you believe and more importantly, why do you believe it?

Frequently I ask people who profess a belief in God, why do you believe that there is a god? (Hint: I just do, is not an answer.)

The issue at the heart of the matter is simply this, if you cannot articulate why you believe in what you believe in, you can be easily manipulated. In fact, if you are a religious person and your faith is not grounded on solid principles and facts, and your understanding of scripture vs what someone tells you; When you most need it, it may not be there. When something happens to shake it, it could very well be shaken! Know why you believe what you believe.

When I ask the simple question “why”, it pisses people off. Why is this person a perfect candidate for this office over that guy? Mostly their answer is curt and they cannot respond intelligently; because there is no intelligent answer. They have chosen a team whether it be red or blue and the rest of the reasons be damned! That line of thinking has us $16 Trillion in debt and climbing!

Since we the people are a competitive lot, we are being played by those who understand who you are, better than you do. They understand how to play to your emotions, instead of your logic. If they played to your logic, they would loose as that would make you think. They would prefer that you don’t think. (Just drink your beer and watch your sitcoms and of course your Football, leave running “ruining” the country to us!)

They win by playing to your emotions and they do that by pointing out all that is wrong with the world and convince “we the people”, that it is the other guys fault. Which of course is not true; truth be known, it is the fault of a flawed system, and an apathetic country that has a broken “give a damn.”

So here is your challenge; next time one of your friends tells you how great their guy is, ask them why do they think that. Avoid getting excited, avoid profanity and finger pointing. Calmly and rationally ask, “Why do you think that?” The odds are good that they will not know why, and dismiss you as a trouble maker or use the phrase “we should not discuss politics, women’s-lib or religion,” as those subjects are too volatile. Note that I used women’s lib, as that was the phrase back then in the day, when this phrase was crafted, the real issue should be abortion.

The reason I want you to ask why is this, if enough people ask why, a small percentage of those asked may actually “think.” If enough people “think,” this country would be a much better place, and I for one want to leave it better than I found it. Don’t you?

These topics should be debated in the open and frequently. If we as a people cannot have an open discourse on these topics, we are doomed as a people. Why, because we can be manipulated. If these topics are used to scare people, “manipulate through fear,” than the assholes win!” If we openly and honestly discuss these topics with logic, rather than emotion, it is like turning the light on in an otherwise darkened room to prove to your child that there really is no monster under the bed. If we understand the topics and deal with them then “they” loose power over us.

Gay marriage is another hot button to manipulate the masses, and race is another. Don’t buy in to the company line, it is crap! Most people don’t give a dam about gay or straight. Love is great wherever you find it. Just don’t do it in my living room! A straight couple would use discretion and so should you. And race, Holy crap that issue died in the 60’s. The only people screaming about race are the black activist and certain Hollywood self-appointed assholes! This country needs someone to heal it, not to further divide it, stop with the race bating! I would hazard a guess that the largest racists out there are the ones screaming the loudest! Tune those assholes out too! Do not give them power over you! They don’t disserve it.

Don’t let small minded people stir the pot or have power over you. The majority of American’s are not racist, and are in fact ok with the issues talked about. Are there a few who have issues, certainly, but they are their issues, not yours. Don’t marry their crap! Don’t buy into the left’s rhetoric to scare the masses; it is simply that, crap!

There truly is a war on babies not only in this country, but in the whole of the world. Some babies are killed because they happen to be “a girl.” Some are killed because they would be an inconvenience, and still yet others are killed because the person had unprotected sex and is a child herself and does not want mommy and daddy to know that their little girl did the nasty with Bobby down the street. News flash, your parents were kids once and most probably made similar mistakes. (Have you ever done the math as to how old you are vs. how long mommy and daddy have been married? Oh wait, they don’t teach math anymore.)

I digress, Mistakes are a human condition, killing your baby is a mistake that will haunt you. You will have to live with your actions, for convenience sake, for the rest of your days, which would be far worse than telling your parents that you made a booboo albeit a big one. The guilt will either consume you and drive you to seek therapy for ever,( which is not cheap) or you will rationalize your actions away, several times a day until you build a habit of rationalizing that, and other bad behaviors as “ok.” The hard thing to do is often the right thing. Besides, your parent’s look of disappointment will disappear when the grandchild is born. They would have to be monsters if there were any other reaction. Parents love (or should love) their children unconditionally. If we were “persona non grata” for screwing up as a child, than maybe CPS is a better option.

Instead of throwing millions of tax dollars at planned parenthood (a baby killing machine,) maybe we should invest in a CPS type related business that provide safe places for mommies who made a mistake, and who happen to have the misfortune of having monsters for parents.

It is time that we should discuss these topics; we should debate them on their merits. They should not be political fodder as they currently are; they should be something that each state deals with through their constituents and the democratic process.

The issue with this is that each of these topics are so emotionally charged! That is why they are perfect tools for manipulating you. We need to shine the light on them, one by one and remove the emotional element from it and see it for what it is. It is only than can common sense be applied.

As children, we are manipulated by our emotions by our parents, teachers and other authority figures. Guilt, fear and the promise of reward, will manipulate most people. “If you do that you will get spanked, if I do this I will get candy!” “If you don’t go to bed, Santa will know it and will not bring you presents!” If you speed you will get a ticket. If you drink and drive you will go to jail (which you should,) and if you sin, you will go to hell for all eternity! Really? Do they ever stop manipulating you? Once you understand how you are manipulated guess what, you take the control away from them. And how do they control you again….”right, through your emotions.”

BTW any Christian should know that we are saved through the Grace of God, Jesus died for your and my sins and knowing this and confessing this will most certainly save you from that toasty place dreamed up by Dante.

Some religions/churches manipulate you in this fashion. When the coffers are lean they preach this.. Malachi 3:8 – Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings.. Then it becomes time to guilt you, or play to your compassion for the starving kids in the Congo, help pay for someone’s kid that wants to go on some mission trip to the UK, as there are evidently no Christians there. This fund or that fund is getting low, please pray about it, and see what “god” calls you to do.

Last time I prayed about it, I distinctly heard a voice telling me to get money up for a mission trip to Hawaii, as the surfers there evidently really need to hear the word… Yeah right….

“Free advice here; before you go to church, write the check for the basket. Then leave the checkbook at home.” If you are like most people, donations are a budgeted item, and we are charged to be good stewards of our money, that includes what we give to charity. Don’t be guilted into giving more than you can afford. People are human, and without realizing what they are doing, will manipulate you through any means to reach a desired outcome, even if it is into your pocket book, leaving you in a bind. If your preacher or church has a habit of doing this, find another church. The preacher man is no closer to God than you are. He is in fact no more perfect than you are. He has studied the bible more than you, perhaps, understand church doctrine better than you, “perhaps,” but his prayers do not get to God any faster than yours. He in fact has no direct line to his Holiness! He is simply a man and he puts his pants on one leg at a time just as you do. You can respect him as your spiritual leader, but do not worship him, and realize that he has flaws, warts and an ego. There are more than enough tools out there to understand scripture yourself, look for the truth for yourself! One question you may want to ask your preacher, rabbi or what have you is… , you guessed it “why?” Why did you become a preacher, etc….

Some will say that they were called, but I find that answer too easy. Something else happened in their life somewhere in the past that led them here, which is ok; it is just one more way that one should know themselves. If I am to trust this man with shepherding me spiritually; I really need to know that he knows himself. Once you know who you are, than and only than can you be honest with yourself; and others. Honesty and Truth are two valuable commodities that are far too scarce in this world.

One of my pet peeves is going into a sanctuary, trying to get into the right frame of mind and spy on the wall one of those large thermometers made out of paper, with $$ signs on it. We are this close to our goal…. I am reminded of Jesus turning over the tables of the money changers and I too, develop righteous anger, and I depart! The sanctuary is just that, a sanctuary from the trappings of this world, and should not be a place of worldly things…in this case money! Money is nothing more than a tool, and end to a means. If your church is about money well, you should probably find another church. The only way to change bad behavior is not to accept it, or acknowledge it. Vote with your feet!

The truth can be daunting; it may not be what you expected. One must not look for the truth already “knowing what the truth is” but understand that it could be something totally different than what you expect. Use the scientific method, build a hypothesis from what you know, and what others may tell you; and then seek to prove it. Whatever it turns out to be, embrace it and move on.

C.S. Lewis set out to prove that there was no god. Through the process, he found God and is now one of the heroes of the faith! I can’t say this enough, Seek the truth!

Know why you believe what you believe. Find the truth and embrace it, no matter what the truth is. Remember that the “truth has no agenda, people usually do.”

-Best to you and those that you care about!