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#fedex #phishing #Scam

#fedex #phishing #Scam

FedEx Scam

Every now and then a phishing scheme catches my attention.  Usually we know that there are no Nigerians that want to give you millions of dollars. Some fall prey to this each and every day hence the e-mails.

  • We know that the IRS does not E-mail you with important notices.
  • We should know that Inga from Russia is really not hot for you when you click on the file that contains her personal contact information.  Unless of course you personally know an Inga who is hot for you, best not click.
  • “Overdue Invoices” click here for details probably should be suspect as well.

This one came today which interested me in that we do so much with Amazon and Woot and of course eBay that we have no idea if there is really a package or not.

fedex scam
Capture of e-mail…

The picture here is a copy of a phishing scheme that unleash who only knows what on my computer if I were foolish enough to click on the attached Zip file.

Some clues to look for are the senders address… Eurafrik.org  If it were truly from FedEx most probably if would be from a fedex.com or something similar.

They provide a tracking number, which you might actually go to the FedEx site and see what it does, I suspect nothing.

Bottom line, do not click if you are not 100% sure that it is indeed legitimate.  The damage you unleash could be anything from a key logger to ransomware.

Always Always Always have really good anti-Virus software running and updated.  Currently I like ESET Node 32… That is my choice for now, but your mileage may vary.. Free anti-Virus software is not worth what you pay for it.

I have no affiliation with Eset or any other software company…


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Interesting Scam

Interesting Scam

scam 515

There is not a day that goes by that someone does not try to scam me or “my e-mail” into opening some document.  Of course it will be infected or at the very least take me to some porn-site or some site for Viagra or some such non-sense.

I have spoken about these ad nauseam so I won’t go in to too much detail about the latest.

The e-mail starts as an email from the bank regarding a wire transfer that was aborted by my bank from my account.  “Click on the link to view the reason why it was aborted.”

There is a number with a dollar amount, my e-mail which was collected from something and…a link to a dropbox account which is where the Trojan or what have you lives.

This could be anything from some innocuous advertisement to ransom ware.

There was no bank logo on the e-mail and hovering over the link you can tell enough that you should not click on it.

The criminals and ne’er-do-wells are forever trying to get you to self-destruct, so don’t take the bait.

Keep really good anti-virus and malware software updated and running on your computer and make certain that your important stuff is backed up to some sort of non-volatile medium.

Oh, and Happy Friday!


#Scam of the day… No time off for the Holidays #virus

In today’s e-mail there were several different scams from well known companies.  Most of them deal with “order status.”  Be wise about clicking on any of these things as most of them are fraught with danger… Yes DANGER….  The link could be as innocuous as some ad for Viagra or it could be a link to Cyber Locker or some other virus waiting to just ruin your day.

If you are not expecting something like that, don’t click it!

Have a good Monday!

Scam Tri-Fecta

Are you getting the idea that this is rampant…

Here are three that each tries to get you “me” to open that attachment!

Notice the enticement that they try to use…



This is some sort of sales order that I am to look over…



Oh no, the better business bureau is after me, I had best open the document to see what is up…NOT


From somewhere I have received a fax, but not on my fax machine….Think I should see what this is about???? 


It doesn’t stop with BS e-mails but also comes in the form of phone calls via people fishing for information.  Today I got a call from someone telling me that they are able to keep the IRS from enforcing my tax lien.. “Oh good!” Wait, I don’t have any stinking IRS problems…. Think I should give them my social security number to check “just in case?”  Holy crap, it never ends.!  Some people fall for this stuff and that is why I am here today… Don’t!  Tell your friends, family and neighbors  and countrymen… LOL 


If you find any of this useful spread the word for me.  Sometimes I feel like I am typing all this simply to amuse myself….


-Best to you and those that you care about.


Scam of the day 5/7/14

Today’s scam comes from your friendly banking institution.  Just kindly open the attached ZIP file for all of the details… Nope, don’t think so!


Your bank may very well send you e-mails.  I would not open any files that you were not expecting. 


If you look at the “from address” you will see that it is not from Bank of America but someplace that makes no sense.


Make a phone call to your local bank if you are in doubts, before opening anything!


-Best to you and those that you care about.