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Chumming the Water © 2023

Chumming the Water © 2023

The term chumming is a fishing term. In short, it is a way to bring fish to you. In Peter Benchley’s jaws, they toss copious amounts of bloody fish guts into the ocean to attract the infamous Jaws.

In marketing, some authors chum Facebook and other social media. Again, it is a technique to bring readers and or an audience to you.

They usually will post a comment that is a hot topic.

“If he identifies as a girl, why shouldn’t he shower with the girls?”

“It’s not like Hitler killed all the Jews, just a few… million. They were privileged white people who took advantage of the have-nots.”

I could go on, but you get the point. The media does this by reporting like this.

“A white cop shot a black man.”

While the cop did shoot a criminal, they don’t tell you that the criminal attempted to kill the cop. They also use the adjectives white and black to stir up racial tension even more than it is. Once the adjective white and/or black is read by those triggered by hate, they won’t read further. They will have their hatred of the opposite race justified and amplified to the point that they, too, will dehumanize the opposite race.

There is a local radio station that I listen to on occasion for black people. What if there was a local radio station for White People??? Would that equal things or foment more hate, racial division, and violence?

If you don’t know the answer in a split second, you might be part of the problem.

A black man that commits a heinous crime against a white child will read as follows. “A man killed a six-year-old girl.” If the media were truthful and not biased, they would say, “A black man killed a six-year-old white girl.”

Is it ok to foment hate of white people but not of black? Biased much?

I worked in PR for years. Herding the masses off a cliff has never been easier with the advent of Facebook, Twitter, and Tick Tock. Indeed we are treated as lemmings.

Reporting on hot-button topics to sway voters is critical, and politicians know no shame. “Mass shooting?? Blame the guns.

Not only do some authors chum the water to attract attention to their novel, but they are so jaded by the process they are missing the big picture.

If I were to jump on the same bandwagon that the ladies of the View have regarding Tucker Carlson, half the country or my readers would be alienated.

If I were to defend him, the other half would be alienated.

When Trump was arraigned in New York, I was disappointed that Stephen King weighed in with ‘lock him up.’

If you were in an office with your co-workers, you would probably be smart enough to keep your political affiliation to yourself. We, as authors, don’t have the luxury of espousing our opinions on anything. The Queen of Harry Potter JK Rowling, took a major political hit when she promoted her thoughts on transgender issues. Again, no matter how factual or logical you are, it is the proverbial Kobayashi Maru. The only way to win the game is not to play.

The problem with that is this. Your first amendment rights are being trampled on by anarchists who are either paid by oligarchs or are just stupid regarding history.

That leads us back full circle to chumming the water.

If you are a terrible writer and just want the attention of those aligned with your political views, go for it. Piss off half your readers and feel good about yourself.

You probably spent months to years on your novel, not to mention all the money you spent editing it, etc. Then someone says something you disagree with, and you stupidly step in dog shit to argue with the dog who just pooped it.

There is an old saying which is incredibly germane. Garbage in, Garbage out.

I admit I spend a very tiny amount of time watching anything on TV. I have found little that has any redeeming quality and certainly nothing to waste heartbeats watching. Whether you watch FOX or MSNBC, they feed your hate. Some talking heads hate white folks to the point it is disgusting. If you are a racist, your bigoted views will be provided more fodder to justify your hate of white people. One racist anchor is on the record stating the world needs far fewer white folks. I was reminded of Hitler saying that the world didn’t need Jews.

If people like her fill your head with hate, guess where you will lean. MSNBC knows bloody well the extent of her racism, but they are chumming the water. Who do you suppose their audience might be?

The world has way too much hate already. We are controlled by people who use hatred to motivate our actions. Don’t fall for it.

Ever since I could remember, I have admired Barbara Streisand. I loved her acting and singing until I heard something horrible about her. It was rumored that she did not allow her servants to look at her in her face.

I found that fact repulsive but believable, disturbing, and upsetting. What I didn’t do was check to see if it were true. Why did I race to judgment? Hate. Hate is a strong emotion that will cause you to act before you think.

The media know this, and they use it daily. That is why I don’t watch cable news.

There is another reason: Cable TV with internet costs me nearly $300 a month. Have you priced eggs recently? How about gas? That $300 would be much better spent on the necessities of life than on propaganda fused with hate.

In these absurd debates, we attempt to one-up the other, which is pure insanity. History contains the road map that we refuse to acknowledge. There is no such thing as your truth or my truth; there is only ‘the’ truth.

It might be time for another Woodstock.

We should look for the things that unite us instead of focusing on things that divide us.

Using cheap tactics like those mentioned above for clicks or followers to my way of thinking is reprehensible. Our government and I suspect others are magicians. Don’t look at the hand with the shiny object; watch the other hand.

Let me know your thoughts, keep it clean; this is a family show. 😊

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Red Pill or Blue?

The media is currently either throwing a tantrum or engaged in a celebration over the former president’s arraignment.

If you are like me and are focused on living in ‘your world’ and not in ‘this world of corruption, violence, and craziness, ’ you must find a way to detach.

I lead a writer’s group in my hometown.  I was asked why I write.  The answer is simple.  I like my world and characters more than those who seek to control us through emotional triggers and corrupt media who will print or say anything for clicks.

Journalism is dead and buried.  Whoever owns the most media controls the world.

I was disappointed when Stephen King weighed into the fray, tweeting, ‘Lock him up.’

Does Stephen have privileged information that we don’t have?  Is he friends with the DA?  Maybe he lives in the white house and tells Biden what to say.  That would explain the twisted way the country is currently being run.

As authors, the public, ‘our audience’ shouldn’t know which way we lean politically.  They should be totally clueless if we are pro-life or pro-choice.

They should know what kinds of stories you create, what you have done in the past, and your current WIP.

I cringe when I see want-to-be best sellers go off the deep end, regurgitating the talking points of the left or right-wing media.

It matters not who you vote for or which way you tilt.  You should know that what you believe to be true is probably not the entire story.  The media is incredibly Stalinist, and today’s youth think socialism can work if you just do it correctly.  That is akin to being ‘kind of pregnant.’ They either didn’t study history, or it wasn’t taught.

You have heard the phrase to live or die by the sword…Well, my friends, the media lives or dies by the lies they create.

I will get more clicks if I add the word black or white to describe a person.  I will do it.  Pissing people off is the way to get more readers.  Pissing people off also foments racism and violence by dehumanizing an entire race for what; clicks?  Who cares if someone gets hurt or is pushed in front of a subway because they are a different color?  You got more clicks!  People are irresponsible when it comes to the media.

I genuinely believe we are living in the matrix.

Six people are killed in Tennessee.  The president jokes about Jenny’s chocolate chip Ice Cream before giving a predictable speech about gun control.  Others pray for the trans person and not the people she killed. OMG, I misgendered the murderer! Who cares!  Three nine-year-old children were shot to death, and three 61-year-old people were also killed.  What the hell is wrong with people worried about the shooter’s pronouns?

Be respectable, and I will respect your right to identify as a toaster if you are an adult and that is what you want to do.  Be an asshole like that, turd, nope.  Not going to dignify her in any way.  She can rot in hell.

The answers to violence in the world are painfully obvious, but…the lobbyist purchased the elected officials to lie to you and me.  From the NRA to the teacher’s unions to the gaming industry, it’s about money.  Money and power trump the taxpayers every time.

Mental health is the problem!

If you are young and seeking a vocation, become a mental health expert.  The world, not just this country but the world, is in crisis.  I totally believe that video games are the gateway to insanity.  That and mind-altering drugs.

Hollywood is not excused; they are culpable too.

Those with the loudest voices live in gated communities and have never entered a Walmart.  Tell me, how much $16 a pint of ice cream is in your freezer?

I don’t listen to opinion shows.  Again, they don’t live in our world.

I live in our world but can escape, and so can you.

While I create the worlds, the characters, and the situations, you can come into my world by reading my latest novel ‘Earth’s Last Hope.’

Everything you would ever want in a novel, from aliens, affairs, sex with the president, and I destroy this world before I give you a happy ending.  Each page is rich with the story, so don’t skip to the end; it won’t make sense.  Start at the beginning and simply enjoy it.

Don’t start it late, or you will be up all night.  You will love the character as the pages turn, and the science fiction is not hard science fiction.

Trigger Warning: If two ladies loving each other bothers you, this story might not be for you.


Give it a review!  Reviews are critical to the process of success for authors.  My e-mail address is in the book so, write to me if you have any comments.