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Insanity Run Amuck

Insanity Run Amuck

A sudden rush of noise distracted me from being careful of the truck ahead of me, which seemed to have trouble staying in one lane. As his tires crept over one white line and then over the other, clearly, the driver was not paying careful attention to what he was doing. Perhaps this truck was not updated with the safety devices, or the driver didn’t care.

The noise, however, was not from the truck. It was from not one, not two, but three sports cars weaving in and out of vehicles on the busy freeway.

Two were Dodge Chargers, and the other was a Ford Mustang.

Traffic was moving at the posted speed. These folks passed us like we were not moving.

The last of the three, a charger, came inches from my back bumper. Had it collided with me at that speed, the formula F=M*A would have applied.

It would have been like a ‘pit maneuver’ at highway speeds.

Folks, this was at 17:05 hours last Friday, the 18th of November, on Westbound GBT.

Since this was on the tollway, is there a way to check which vehicles were on the tollway? I bet there is.

I won’t state the obvious of how utterly stupid this action is. People go to events where fast cars are involved to see the wrecks. Much like boxing, it is a sick sport. That is my opinion.

I live over a mile from major highways. However, I can still hear the Ninja bikes and other loud cars occasionally on those highways. I listen to them as they put the proverbial pedal to the metal.

There must be a way to track these drivers after the fact. There will be some who defend their actions, although they are indefensible. If the death of your loved one was caused by their stupidity, you would not even think to protect them.

Think of the attorney seeking to defend such a deviant’s actions. How can they sleep at night?

Possibly I am oversensitive because an intoxicated driver almost killed me. A head-on collision at highway speeds changed my life forever. Over thirty years later, every movement is a reminder of that day. Whenever I get behind the wheel, PTSD reminds me of how tenuous life is. It is a struggle to leave the house and get on the road because of the actions of one inconsiderate SOB.

As we head into this Holiday season, I implore you to think before you decide to drive while under the influence. The life you save might be your own.

Even after the fact, I would encourage the traffic enforcement folks to go after stupid people like that. I am not interested in speeding per se but in reckless driving, including speeds far exceeding rated maximums.

As you travel this holiday season, be on the alert for stupid people. Statistically, there are safer times of the day and the week to travel.

Early in the morning (after sunrise) until noon is relatively safe. From noon to first light the following day, rates of accident increase logarithmically, tapering off the closer you get to morning.

Rush hour most any weekday, sees a higher number of car crashes. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are much higher in incidents of accidents than Monday through Thursday.

We can apply a little common sense to this equation and determine the source of the rise in accidents. They are lower when people are expected to be working or will need to return to work than on other days of the week. Holidays are worse for that very reason.

I wonder if we could sue the liquor industry like other idiots are attempting to sue gun manufacturers. It’s obviously the booze causing the problem, right?


GreCom PSR 700

GreCom PSR 700

Tacky radio


Well, one would think that I was about to write a commentary on some DJ, or perhaps some radio personality that was messy, or ill fit for their job but, that is not the case.

This is actually a technical article regarding the GRECOM PSR 700.

This radio is actually a very nice, easy to use scanner, for the person who wants to listen immediately without punching in all of those dozens of frequencies.

The data base comes on a small SD card that you simply install in the radio under the batteries and it is then menu driven with familiar controls as it mimics the old iPod in many respects.

I picked up the radio the other day as I have not used it in over a year.  With Trumps visit coming up and all of the protesters I thought that listening in might prove interesting.

When I picked up the radio it literally stuck to my hand.  This thing was made in China and I am guessing that like their famous capacitor flub up they too did not do something right with the chemical makeup of the case on the radio.  The plastic actually started to break down and reacted with the atmosphere “I am guessing.”

If you run your fingernail along the back of the plastic the “sticky” actually comes off and adheres to your fingernail much like the glue on those nasty little labels that you find on so many things that you buy now days.

Going on the web looking for a solution there was not one.  There are others that have reported this but, Grecom is out of business.   I am guessing that the refund or warrantee of all of the radios that this affected was too much for them and they abandoned those customers.

I took the battery cover off and simply tried to wash it.  Dish soap and a brush just made a sticky mess of both the brush and my hands.

Even if it worked you could not run the radio under water so some other form of “fix” was going to have to be discovered.

Goo Gone to the rescue.

Using Goo Gone and that little plastic tool that you use to take laptops of smartphones apart worked nicely.

Simply get a little goo gone on your finger and rub it on to the area that you want to clean.

After it sits for a few minutes use the tool much like a scraper and small deliberate strokes and you will see the sticky crap come off and pile up at the end of the stroke.

If you feel comfortable dismantling the radio first that might be your best bet as any mistake will have this stuff inside your radio.

I carefully did this too all of the surfaces removing as much as the sticky stuff as possible.  I then got a cloth rag and with some force rubbed and buffed the rest as best I could.

I finished the process with “Windex,” and a paper towel. Dampen the paper towel with Windex, never spray it on to the radio.  Small deliberate forceful strokes, removed the rest of the nastiness that was nothing more than flypaper on my radio.  Cosmetically the radio is not as pristine as it once was, and the lettering that was under the sticky mess disappeared as well.

The radio is still usable, and does not stick too anything any longer.

If you are thinking about buying one of these online think twice as you may be buying a sticky mess.

This is not for the faint of heart and I am disappointed that I spent that kind of money and have a radio that clearly is not as pristine as it was when I bought it.

If you have one of these here is the page for downloads and if you want third party out of warranty service..  I contacted them several days ago and no response so, your mileage may very…



108556-03 108556-04 GooGone-4oz


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Police, PR, Andy Griffin & Barney

Police, PR, Andy Griffin & Barney

Police, PR, Andy Griffin & Barney


Only if life were so simple that we could hand Otis the keys to his prison cell, so when he was sober again he could let himself out of prison and get about his day.

Only if, the cops had one bullet and kept that bullet in their shirt pocket instead of the gun.

Andy never had to deal with terrorist and Barney, well he never had to deal with a hardened criminal that would have shot first and asked question later.

barney-fife (1)

The truth is that many of us want Mayberry RFD.  Many want to go down to the local fishing hole with our son or father spending the day hooking worms and pulling the hook out of the mouths of the fish that fell for the bait.

THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW.  from left: Elinor Donahue as Ellie Walker, Don Knotts as Deputy Barney Fife, Andy Griffith as Sheriff Andy Taylor and Ron Howard as Opie Taylor in front in episode
THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW. from left: Elinor Donahue as Ellie Walker, Don Knotts as Deputy Barney Fife, Andy Griffith as Sheriff Andy Taylor and Ron Howard as Opie Taylor in front in episode “Christmas Story” . Image dated October 18, 1960. Copyright ©1960 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. Credit: CBS Photo Archive. File: T21041_47

Andy was the optimist, there was good in everyone and, everyone was innocent until proven guilty.

Barney was a small city cop that had the heart of a big city cop, with the pessimism to match.

Sunday mornings in such a town would have been about getting the family up and dressed in their Sunday best and all sitting in the pews attentively listening to what the preacher had to say. After church, pleasantries with the other “saints” would be exchanged and in some church’s most likely Fried Chicken on the grounds would be in order.


Most certainly if not enjoyed as a group, each family might retire to their own home to enjoy Fried Chicken, homemade ice-cream (you know the kind without listeria) and lemonade on the front porch, “family time.”


Where have we gone astray?

I think it started with radio, and then TV, and now we have so much technology that the world has become a small place. All the evils of the world have pervaded the threads of our humanity, which cause many of us to rail against it and some to simply shut down and ignore it.  We seek refuge in the few places that seem untouched by “life” and Church is such a place.


The old Hymns of the 1800’s still comfort some of us, and for a little while we focus on things other than their evil but, our own sins, and how we might do better and of course, give thanks to God.


Today, on the way to church, at the bottom of a hill sat a cop with the latest in technology LIDAR “light detection and ranging” equipment.  This device can accurately determine your speed down to the .00 “hundredth” of a mile per hour.

If this does not look like hunting to you maybe you should go hunting.

While Mayberry and Andy are nowhere around, at this time of the day the road is occupied by a high percentage of folks headed to church.  The cars are full of families with the mother making sure that Johnny has matching socks, and not the pair with the holes in them.

Mary is trying to apply that last bit of makeup before they arrive, as she wants Steve to notice her. Dad is trying to get to church just one day on time; without getting into a fight with the wife or children about things that have to be done before Monday.

While going to church should be a joyous occasion, it seldom is as we are a people that either stay busy, to keep up, or get left behind. We forget why we are up on Sunday morning to begin with, and why we are going to church?

Since the family has left the house a little late, it is important not to catch the lights and hitting the brakes while going down the hill seems counter-intuitive as the speed picks up from 40 to 45 in a few hundred feet anyway!

Enter into the picture a modern day Barney Fife.  Young guy wearing a freshly pressed uniform, clean car and sporting the most modern technology available, purchased with tax dollars from those he is “hunting.”

I simply do not understand why cops have an image problem?! 

622x350 (1)

If it takes high tech toys, pointed at cars going down a hill to determine when the driver has exceeded some magic number to earn a ticket of $200 plus dollars, while on their way to church, why do it? Is it to make this guy’s day, or increase revenue? Does he have some imposed quota of tickets that he must reach or is it simply a friendly competition with his fellow officers to see who gets the most tickets written in the month?  What motivates someone to sit at the bottom of a hill, waiting for some poor slob to not hit the brakes while going down the hill?   I can tell if someone is driving stupidly without the gadgetry, can’t you?

Sitting at the bottom of a hill shooting Laser up the hill is disingenuous at best, and I would think simply in bad form.  At what speed does one get pulled over in a 40?  Is it 43, 43.5, 44, 44.5, 45?  What, what is the magic number that one has to hit before Barney pulls out his ticket book?  Maybe its 44.788?

Make no mistakes about this blog…  I want the cops to do their jobs.  “To protect and to serve!”

If someone comes through there at 50 weaving in and out of traffic, I want them stopped!  That does not take LIDAR to figure out.  If someone is driving recklessly, they need to be held accountable.  If on the other hand someone gains a few miles an hour going down a hill on a Sunday Morning, when there is little traffic, and you need LIDAR to figure out exactly how fast they were going, that is simply DAFT!

Here is my challenge to you the policeTreat others as you would want to be treated.  Very simple idea I know but I think many have forgotten this, possibly because they are sitting in a cop car on Sunday Morning hunting with high tech toys rather than sitting in a pew somewhere learning that we are all sinners and all fall short of the glory of god. While the golden rule is not part of the Bible, it really should be.  Let he who is without guilt cast the first stone, is in the bible.

To you the people who see this same kind of behavior, here is what you can do.

Firstly there is technology that will beep at you, if you are speeding.  I have this in my vehicle and I use it driving anywhere.  People in my car tell me it is annoying but let’s face it, how many times have you missed a speed limit sign because it was behind a tree or bush?

Another thing is a radar detector.  I am not telling you to get one to speed, I am telling you to get one so you can even out the technology gap a little.  Radar itself will give you advanced warning, laser will not tell you anything, other than you have been tagged. Laser however is line of sight so, while they see you and “target you, if you are observant you will hopefully see them and wave, with all of your fingers….  “lead by example.”

In combination with your beeping GPS and radar detector, and eyes; you should be able to avoid giving money to the city.

The pitiful part of this is that I believe that it is all about money and little about protecting and serving.  That is why I would push for money from tickets not go into their coffers but, into education or, infrastructure.

I would challenge the Sergeants that have underlings; have them lighten up.  I can tell if someone is driving badly without any technology, I see it daily.  Do you really want people to see your guys sitting at the bottom of hills shooting lasers up the hill? Are you that damned desperate for funds that you have to ticket little old ladies on their way to church for failing to step on the brakes while going down a hill?!

To the Barney Fife’s of the world; I don’t know what drives you whether it be adrenaline, or you hated your parents but remember, one day this will be you.  You will not always be the one behind the LIDAR.  If you get stopped, are you going to pull out your badge and hope for some “good old boy treatment,” or possible professional courtesy, much like the shark that won’t bite a lawyer? You in fact are no different from us, and that is really the point of this blog.

There is this “us and them mentality” which you promote by doing things like sitting at the bottom of a hill shooting LIDAR up the hill.  Tell you what, Drag your sorry butt to Church when you are not on duty.  Go enjoy that fried chicken with your peers.  Let people in the community see you, and interact with them in a manner that is not judging.  You are no better than the rest, and when you think that you are, you are on the slippery slope.

Protect the people like you are supposed to do, which is what you signed up for.  To protect and to serve, not to hunt and to hassle.

I would also challenge the people to do one more thing.  Get a dash cam.

Not long ago I was pulling into a restaurant in Addison Texas.  Screaming out of the parking lot was a Dallas police officer who had been working radar in the parking lot, camouflaged by the other cars and trees. Had I not been keenly aware my situation and stabbed the brakes, she would have hit me head on!  Now, how do you think that would have gone down in court?  She was totally at fault, but it would have been her word against mine and possibly, possibly and unbiased third party cop, to see the evidence and maybe a witnesses but, had there been a dash-cam no contest.  Her zeal for catching some speeder on Belt Line just about ruined both of our days.  Had we collided without a camera, I feel that it would not have gone well for me. Maybe, and I hope that I am; wrong.

After the screeching stopped, our eyes met, she lowered her head breaking eye contact, and slowly pulled out onto the road.

No one is perfect and the dash cam would have made my life easier had I not been able to get that car stopped in time.

These cameras have come down in price and are certainly affordable.  If you see, as I have seen, cops driving stupidly, send the video to their boss.  They too need to be accountable.  I have listened to the scanner while I travel and seen some do some rather stupid things, including speeding excessively for no reason other than they can, because they are mistakenly under the opinion that, they are the law!  Once on camera, they will quickly find out that they are, not the law, but the man (or women) that has been hired by you to “protect and to serve!”

All cops should be required to wear active body cameras, not necessarily to point out your guilt or theirs but, to protect them from the people who would wish them harm, or by besmirching them, or accusing them of wrong doing.

At the end of the day we are neighbors, families and communities and what we each do for a vocation should not be an issue or divide us from each other.

Let’s get the Ne’er-do-wells off of the street, and if they wear a uniform, let’s get them a new vocation, as the man in blue should garner respect, not because you are told to respect them but, because they have earned it. 

Sitting at the bottom of a hill, hunting church folk is not going to do it!

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Sort it out in Court

Sort it out in Court

Watching a video shot by a “white witness” would make one think that the police were out of line.

Listening to the witnesses who saw more than a video focused on the police trying to quell chaos, is another.


An end of year graduation party was planned in a private area for a few teens, and some adults.  This was an invitation only event where many different teens were invited, including those of color.

Because it was talked about on social media some took that to mean that they could simply ignore the rules and crash the party via jumping over fences etc.

When asked to leave by security guards and some parents, tempers flared on both sides which  escalated the conflict until police were called.  That should have most probably been their first call as these kids jumping fences already demonstrated that they had no respect for the adults, or the security guards; and apparently the police.

By now the conflict was irreversible and when police arrived and tried to sort things out the teenagers were non-compliant with officer’s orders to “freeze.”  In fact they began running in all directions as we have seen over the last few months in different cities around the country.


As one of the girls walked away instead of running, she was detained and when she fought back “resisted arrest” the officer detained her by force. This is probably SOP.

When two of her friends tried to help her “resist arrest” the officer felt his life might be in danger and pulled his service weapon.  Had either of those kids had a weapon, I suspect the news would be different than what it is today.

This was not a racial issue.  This was and is an issue about those who don’t respect the cops and or the laws that we have here in this country.  When a cop tells you to freeze, you comply!

Had Michael Brown Complied, he would still be alive!

Had Eric Garner Complied, he would still be alive and most likely still selling loosies in Staten Island.

We don’t know the story of Freddy Gray because the Baltimore Mayor and others have this case so screwed up we may never know.  I suspect if he had complied, he would still be alive as well but; we don’t know for sure.

If the first two events had not transpired, Baltimore would be a footnote; and McKinney would not even make the local news much less national news, as McKinney was not sparked by racial unrest.  It was sparked by some having no respect for the rules and no respect for the cops.

  • Should the cop have brandished a weapon?
  • Here is the better question, should he have had to?
  • At a certain moment in time was he afraid for his life?

Those were not twelve year old soccer players trying to intervene on the “bikini clad” girls behalf.  Those were big boys that could have hurt him had they wanted to.

All cops should have body cameras on and active, when they are on duty.


This video should be instantly transmitted up to the cloud and to a monitor on their supervisor’s desk so they the supervisor has video of the event as well as the teen journalist video with a cell phone, possibly with an agenda.

If a situation becomes hot, the supervisor can decide to act.

The cop’s camera can vindicate him or her and their actions or indict them.  If nothing else has come out of these events, it should be that the cops need to present their side with video evidence too!

If the video would indict them, then they should not be cops.

As a kid growing up here in Texas I can tell you first hand I have had my fair share of run-ins with the cops that were un-justified.  I never, ever ran from them and always did as I was instructed.  My hands were always in plain sight as I was not wanting to be an accident!  The time to fight oppressive people is in court, not on the side of the road, you are in their world, in court; not so much!

The bottom line is this, if a cop tells you to freeze, dammit freeze!  How the hell hard is that?


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#speed…#Limits….#Cops…..and …#You

#speed…#Limits….#Cops…..and …#You

Speed….Limits….Cops and You

Road speed limit signs from fifteen to seventy-five. Vector illustration.

Traveling in 49 of the 50 states, I have seen many different types of roads and situations that need some more thought.

There are roads that are labeled 75 that should clearly not be over 60.  There are roads labeled 55 that should be 70.

In fact, I was wondering who decides what the speed limits on these roads should be and what criteria are they using to decide?

Reasonable and Prudent

images (5)

The consensus among drivers and those that enforce the law was “reasonable and prudent.”   That is entirely too subjective as clearly what one person thinks is reasonable and prudent another may not agree with.

States with the slowest speed limit that I have seen state wide is by far, hands down Hawaii.  Some roads are 15mph and the fastest I found was 50mph.  While it is reported that it is 60mph somewhere on an island, I never found it.  Renting a Mustang Convertible while in Hawaii was a waste. I truthfully had to keep it in first or second most of the time, to avoid speeding.

In questioning several of the locals I was told that each time that there was an accident they lowered the speed limit.  The problem with that method however was that the impairment of the driver was not figured into the algorithm.

I doubt that you will find that officially written anywhere however; I am fairly certain that being legally intoxicated, I could manage those speed limits and get from point A to B safely.


Please don’t take that as a proclamation to drink and drive as I am very much against that behavior.  Twenty Five (25) years ago I was in a head on at 60mph with a drunk driver.  He did not even have a seat belt on and was released from the hospital that day.  I on the other hand barely lived through it was in the hospital for weeks, and live in pain to this day because he drank and drove.

It is a well known fact that 1 out of 3 drivers are impaired in some way.  Add to this statistic that several of these folks have to surf the web, post on Facebook, text and or try to make a call while driving!  This is all bad folks, you can kill yourself, and others too!

The fastest speed limit I have found in my travels is in Texas.  Recently they have raised the speed limit to 85 on a road between San Antonio and Austin.  There is indeed a 40 mile stretch of road that is 85 and I am guessing that many push 90, without trepidation of getting a ticket.

Texas-85-mph-limit-could-spread-QL28235E-x-large (1)

So why speed limits?

The obvious answer is that people don’t always exercise prudent and reasonable so we have to “tell people” what that is by way of signs.  Of course there are penalties for deviating from those standards.


The insurance company has an interest in keeping speeds down as the faster that someone is going is directly proportional to the amount of injury and or damage caused by an accident.  Traveling faster in and of itself statistically renders more accidents, thus more expense. The lizard or the good hands folks don’t give a tinkers damn about you, they care about the bottom line and slowing you down, making you wear a seat belt and a helmet if on motorcycle saves them money. Yes they have lobbyist on Ave. K and yes they contribute to whatever politician will give them favorable laws to help their bottom line.

My issue with speed limits is that there is no consistency.  They are arbitrary and assigned by local municipalities and yes, some are known speed traps.

I give you example A: Waldo Florida was an infamous speed trap.  Their officers had ticket quotas, and after a state investigation the chief resigned and the entire police force were disbanded.

There are several other towns in Florida which are just as notorious but my personal experience comes from a visit to the Keys.  I flew into Miami, rented a mustang convertible and headed to the Keys.

Every time I looked into the mirror there was a cop.  As soon as they ran the plate and it came back to the rental company, they were gone.  Once getting on the stretch of road that is the Keys, that was another story.

The Overseas Highway is 127 miles of 55-45-35 and 30 and if you’re in a sport car you had best be doing 50-40-30-25.  Each and every little town along the way has plenty of cops in newer cars, all looking for someone with out of state money to add to their coffers.  The entire 127 miles is under construction but, I never saw anyone doing anything however; there are signs that are flashing “active construction.”


My advice to you is rent an old truck.  Rent something from one of those “rent a clunker companies” that won’t do 55 going off a cliff!  Firstly, it would be cheaper and secondly the cops won’t look too hard at you.

While I enjoyed my visit to the Keys and did not enrich the local’s coffers, I was amazed that truly, driving that red mustang around garnered more attention from the local cops than if I had been Ernest Hemmingway himself!  I would love to cruse through there in a Lotus, and see what that does. Of course I would need an attorney on retainer as I would bet I would get stopped for something.

I drove under the speed limit my entire time in Florida.  I averaged 39 mpg in a Mustang!  On my way back to the airport I was looking for a gas station that was not $5 something a gallon, which the gas stations around the airport are, when once again a cop in the left hand lane saw me and swooped over three lanes to get behind me to yes, run my plates and then he was gone!

Profile!  No, surely not!

Florida is not the only state to have speed traps.

Louisiana has some of the worst speed traps around.  The local folks are so snake bit that the locals go 50 in a 55, not old folks in old pick up trucks but young people in sporty cars travel under the speed limit.  That to me is kind of a clue that speeding is an industry or revenue source; and it should not be.

Most of the little towns in Louisiana have the local cop, sheriff or trooper hidden in the trees just behind the sign lowering the speed limit from 55 to 45; so by the time you see it, you had best be standing on your brakes!

This actually inspired me to purchase a radar detector as I was traveling in Oklahoma.  Without advanced notice there is a sign lowering your speed limit from 55 to 45 and the local sits out of view waiting for you to cross that line of demarcation between 55-45 and the lights go on and you are ticketed for “SPEEDING!”

Escourt & Valantine


I am not a sales person for these companies.  I do not have stock in these companies and I will not make a nickel off of this plug.  If you are tempted to fight the fight against entrapment, “which is what this is” get an Escourt or Valentine radar detector.  Both of these are the top of line, and will trigger at least a half mile away, unless of course they are using LIDAR or instant on.  Most of them are too lazy to hold the gun, so most of the time it will be just sitting there giving you ample notice.  Do not waste your money on any of the other brands, I have tried them all, these two are the only two that work. Yes, they are expensive, about the cost of a ticket! Do your own research however; there are plenty of reviews on line.

Please don’t mis-understand my advocating radar detectors, as some means to break the law.  I advocate them to level the playing field! Sitting behind a bush “hunting” someone like an animal for not standing on their brakes when they see the 45 mph sign is disingenuous at best, and to my way of thinking complete and utter Bullshit!

download (3) 333radargun

If you are driving in a manner that is unsafe you should be ticketed. 

Not standing on your brakes however; to get your car down from 55 to 45 by the time you cross some imaginary line is BullShit!  If you are slowing you car either by taking your foot off of the gas, or making any other attempt to abide by the lower speed limit, that shows intent to obey the law, and therefore should be fine and not incur a fine!  Towns without warning signs saying slower speeds ahead are sadly speed traps in the making, if not active; and should be called out.

Destruction Zones

I rail against this form of totalitarian abuse! To put up signs warning of construction to double the fines, without so much as a spade of dirt disturbed, is extortion, and needs to be overturned in congress.  This practice needs to be outlawed and anyone who has been ticketed in this form should have some sort of class action suit against those that perpetrate such BullShit. Active construction zones means that the workers are present and actually doing something that warrants the slower speed.  A sign saying “active construction zone” without anybody doing anything is wrong, and should be criminal!

Here are the problems which make this what it is:

Ticketing folks is lucrative. Some police departments get a source of revenue from tickets.  This is wrong and needs to change.  Make no mistake, I want them out doing their job, I don’t want them to make a “fucking” game out of it!  Giving a ticket to someone messes up their insurance, adds points to their license, and messes up their day.  If you are going to give someone a ticket it should be for willful disobedience to the law, not an innocent mistake, or certainly not some crappy speed trap.

There are over 80,000 known speed traps in this country.  That is 80,000 places where the cops either make a game out of giving tickets or….it is a source of revenue.

States, find another way to pay your cops.  Any revenue from tickets should go into education or some fund that will not promote illegal activity like speed traps!

Police folk, if you pull someone over for an infraction and you know what I mean by infraction, not slowing down quick enough comes to mind and…. They don’t have any kind of record etc, give them a warning, shake their hand and let them know that you are there for them, and not the assholes that see this as a revenue source.

You folks who see this as revenue, you need to be voted out of office, or kicked out or what have you.  You and your ilk are the reason that half this country hates Cops!  Speedtraps and other bullshit that you guys have done for eons needs to stop and it needs to stop now!

Police folk all over the country need to hire a PR firm, figure out how to get back on the side of the folks that you “protect and serve,” and not be some cog in some arbitrary revenue stream for municipalities.  You are better than this!

I have a lot of friends who happen to also be cops.  Thank God I know of noone that has some quota to fill or likes giving tickets!  What the hell has happened to us!?

It is not us against them, and I hate to see that kind of talk in social media.  You guys, and I am talking to the man in blue, need to step it up and change how folks perceive you.  If you can’t afford a PR firm, I used to work for one, write me and I will give you some free tips, although this blog contains much info.


The roads in this state alone defy logic how they are regulated.  If one thought as I do, one would think that once again they are regulated in such a way to make some revenue off of speeders.  I would call on the state to regulate how these roads are rated.  One example comes to mind with no obvious answers.  Highway 20 coming into Dallas is 75mph until about 20 miles out or so and it drops to 65.  I traveled this road the other night and I saw no sign warning me to slow down.  My Garmin is set to make a noise if I am speeding, and it started beeping after I crossed some imaginary line.  Shortly after that line, true to form, there was a trooper giving someone a ticket!

Why does the road slow down to 65mph.  One could make the argument that you are now in the city limit of Dallas???  So the hell what! It is the same road, same amount of lanes so I am at a loss.  One might retort that in the city limit, one does not need to be going above 65.  So when I jump on the GBT and the speed limit is 70MPH and it is all in the city limit what is that?  It should stay 75 until it hits 635.  By then you are in enough traffic that 75 may not be possible but, every time that I have traveled this road, every time, 75 mph would have been easy!

The citizens of this country disserve consistency, and responsible thoughtful planning.

I am thinking that the state should control the freeways, and the cities control the “non highway surface streets” as the state does not need to micro manage those. If that is already the case, damn; we need to fire some folks!


One would no doubt make the argument that this is all about public safety and not about revenue.  If that is the case why are you installing red light cameras, and cameras that take your picture if you are speeding?

58805-content-image-630op Red-light-camera-springfield-ohio

Public safety and red lights I get.  Drones on some lonely stretch of nowhere taking your picture and sending you a ticket for speeding, I am sorry, that is a revenue generator, and disingenuous at the very least, and should be illegal.


Why illegal??  When an officer is going to stop you for speeding the officer is supposed to judge “by his eye,” that you are speeding and driving in an unsafe manner and then confirm with radar, not the other way around.  If you watch traffic for any time at all, you too can tell when someone is speeding, without radar.  You have been on the road when some asshole is swerving in and out of traffic, which is when we want the man in blue to turn on the lights and go stop them!  This same night I was passed by several people swerving in and out of traffic racing!  They must have been pushing 90 on 635!  I want them out there to protect and to serve.  I want them out there getting the drunks off the streets!  I want them to stop me if I am one of the assholes driving in an unsafe manner.  I want them to get the folks off the road that drive 40 in a 65!

Their primary reason for stopping someone should be to protect and serve, not to make money for the city, county or new equipment or bonuses or raises or anything pecuniary!  You cannot do your job correctly if your motive is not to protect and serve!

It is time to stop.  Secondly, and more importantly we need to repair the relationships between the man-in-blue and the ordinary citizen.  We do that in many ways but firstly we stop harassing them for allowing their car to drift a couple miles over the speed limit, on a place in the road that goes downhill.  This is not a god damned game!

It is past time that this type of revenue generation is curtailed, and we need to have legislation introduced at the federal level, as well as the state level to stop it.

We have several spots where I live that the cops like to hang out and ticket people for really minor infractions.  I listen to them on the scanner and let me tell you, some of these guys are pretty childish!  And they have guns!


To sit at the bottom of a hill and stop someone for a minor infraction is “BULLSHIT!”

If you think that is a great game to play while you wait for the next adrenaline filled chase, than you qualify as a rectal sphincter!  You really mess up people’s days, nights and some people a lot longer than for a few moments of entertainment for yourselves, and your buddies, and $220 for the city!

This needs to stop!

I mentioned in a previous blog that our men in blue need to have active body cameras streaming video up to the cloud while they are on duty.  This video and sound would be visible and audible in a NOC type display that their boss and dispatcher have access to and there would be active oversight.  If the cop has a problem with that, he needs to find another line of work.  These guys have the power to kill; and that needs active oversight!

download (4)

If the cop on the street is the rectal sphincter, he needs to go find something else to do.

After you finish reading my blog and forwarding it and all of that fun stuff, go read about some of the speed traps.  Is your city on here?


Don’t leave yet!

What can you do?

Citizen, firstly let me tell you that I feel your pain.  I should be able to have a red sport car and not be followed, stopped, and harassed because I am a guy in a red sport car! I am too old for this shit, and damned tired of it!

Radar Detector:

Unless it is illegal in your state, and I think that there are only one or two that it is, get one and use it.  Don’t use it to speed but, if your town is on one of those speed trap towns, get it.  They have them now with built in GPS that has a data base of red light cameras as well.  I don’t want you ever running a light, ever!  But, I do want you to know where they are so you will make certain that you don’t try and make the light on a yellow if you can stop without getting rear ended.  The big issue with lights is that they too are inconsistent in the amount of time that they are yellow.  That is why robotic law enforcement is flawed!  You are guilty until proven innocent, with this technology, which is …..BullShit!


They even make a Radar Detector that is built in so it is not obvious that you have it, if your locals have attitude about such things that may be a way to go.  Escourt has one that is a GPS unit and also a radar detector so it would not stand out like a red flag to a bull!

Remember, you are buying this and using it as a way to stay within the confines of the law, not to break it.  So Mr. Cop with a hard on for people who have these, not all of us are the kinds of folks who get them so we can break the law! We just want to know where you are, if you are one of those who want to hide behind a tree and wait for us to not slow down enough before we cross your imaginary line.

Lights Camera Action!

Which brings up a question; why is it illegal for me or you to flash your lights to warn others that there is a cop around?  Folks that is Bullshit!  If I flash my lights warning others that there is a cop around, I am doing a public service as I am slowing folks down.  It is no different than the cop himself being visible driving up and down the freeway.  This law too needs to change and maybe this is a change.org thing! By the creation of that law you are abridging my freedom of speech!  Flashing my lights is a code, which is a form of speech!

If someone happens to be a lawyer and wants to do something for the little people, either get a ticket for this, or solicit to do some pro-bono work for someone who gets a ticket for this, and let’s take it to court!  Bullshit laws need to be challenged!  This case would make a name for the attorney who challenged it and won!

Dash Camera


Dash Cameras are cheaper than ever before and many have built in GPS as well as a G sensor.  If you are stopped, you have enough information to go to court and I recommend that you do!  It is interesting how polite people become, when they are being recorded.  The officer cannot legally touch your camera, phone or search your car without a warrant.   Don’t let him!

If you are stopped, turn on the dome light; put your hands in plain view.  I don’t think that any of them go out today and think, “I wonder if I will get to shoot anyone today” but, when they stop you, their adrenaline is pumping. I can hear it in their voice, and if you get a scanner, you will too.  You do not want to give them a reason to touch their gun, or Tazer, or club, pepper spray or anything else.   You do not want to be an accident!


The time and place to be confrontational is court, not on the side of the road with them who hold all the cards!  You really have no idea what possessed them to become a cop in the first place.  Are they control freaks, or do they really care about people, and want to protect them, the answer is “yes” but which one is which?

This should have been Protested
This happened right here in Irving Texas

Garmin / GPS

My GPS has a data base of the roads and associated speeds and notifies me if I am going over the speed limit.  It is annoying as it beeps at one mile over.  If Garmin can make this adjustable or perhaps your brand does this, and it can be adjusted to 3 or 4 mph tolerance vs. 1, this is a good tool, and I would use it.  I actually do, even though it is bothersome.



This device if used the way I recommend, will accomplish a few things.  Firstly you will get a feel for the folks that work for the local police force.  While they also communicate by phone and encrypted text via a laptop “talk about distracted driving;” they do a fair bit on the regular old two-way and car to car.

Where I live most of them are very professional and they have a hard job.  I would not want it.  They have a certain amount of hubris that comes out in their voice, mannerisms and when in person you can certainly tell it by some of their glibness. They are not SGT Friday on the old FBI show of the 60’s


Recently our town had one of those “collect old drug” events.  This is a great way to get all of the old prescription stuff out of your house and not have to toss it in such a way that is not recommended, as it will taint the water supply and or dump site.  As I asked the officer what they did with it, his answer was “we take it and sell it for top dollar!” About the time I snapped my head looking up at him to try and figure out his trite response and attitude, the guy next to him answered in the respectful manner that I was looking for.  Quickly I noticed that the guy beside him happened to be a friend of mine and when the sarcastic cop realized that I was somebody, he too became serious and to the point.

My reason for asking was that all of these contained information labels that I wanted them to have so they knew what they had but, I did not necessarily want just anyone knowing who I was and what I was taking.  The point to this is that is one of the childish behaviors that cops cannot have when they are on the job.

I use the scanner to know what is going on in my town and the surrounding towns.  They have scanners now that not only auto program themselves but, they also have built in GPS that will program them accordingly for your location.  That would be handy on a road trip.


Assume that these guys are the good guys, and they are there to protect and serve.  If you are pulled over, record everything, be polite, and if you feel that you were mistreated; go down to the police station and talk with the Sergeant.  If that does not prove fruitful, and you still think that they were wrong, take it to court!



Why do we have courts? Today we live in such a litigious society that everyone wants to sue everyone for anything.  The courts are clogged up with petty bullshit among other things.  The lawyers are the benefactors, and truth be told probably the real villains in this whole story.

We sue to right a wrong.  If you were wronged by someone, say the police, you take it to court and sue, not to get money but to stop it from happening to someone else.  To me that is the only real reason to take anyone or anything to court, “to leave the world a little better place than when you found it.”

Thus ends my epistle on speed, cops, you and the meaning of life..  Ok, maybe not the meaning of life but, another blog for another day…

-Best to you and those that you care about…And that is especially true for my friends wearing Blue…  I know what you guys do, and while this blog is critical of some, I know that is the minority. 

#Protests, #Respect and #Cops #handsup #icantbreath


The recent protests over Micheal Brown’s death were ill advised and predicated on lies.

There are senators, football players and people in all walks of life holding their hands up screaming don’t shoot. They are perpetrating a hoax on society to further an agenda that could have very dangerous consequences. This would be fine if it were not based on a lie!

Don’t resist arrest.  Parents, teach your kids not to resist arrest.  Teach them from a young age to respect folks, not just their elders, but the man in Blue.  Stop with the victim mentality..

The man in blue has a tough job, they have to do everything right.  Each and every decision needs to be automatic as some must be made in a split second.  If you brandish a weapon, the Cop now can fire at you.  If your behavior makes him or her fear for their life, they can shoot you. It is not as if they are going to mull it over in their minds.  If they see a weapon pointed at them they are going to use deadly force!  Shoot first ask questions later.  That goes with the territory of being a cop.  They deserve to go home at the end of the day, as do you.

Eric Garner should still be alive.  Unlike Mr. Brown, Eric Garner was simply not complying with orders to put his hands behind his back.  He was no stranger to the police; and the judicial system. Mr. Garner has a criminal record that includes more than 30 arrests dating back to 1980 on charges such as assault, resisting arrest and grand larceny.

Unlike the Ferguson case where the facts were released and people choose not to read them, or believe them, here, all of the facts are not released.  They released enough relevant facts to justify their ruling however; a mistrust exists so it is unlikely that if all of the facts are released that the outcome will be any different.

We could get off into the weeds and talk about how this opportunist came to be a petty criminal, selling un-taxed cigarettes and that is certainly worthy of another blog. The outcome was unfortunate.

The press is playing loose with the facts to stir up interest which relate to ratings.  It was clearly not a choke hold but calling it one or misleading the reader to believe that it could have been one, will get more readers, thus more ratings.  It also leads to more mistrust and possibly more violence.

If he could talk, he could breathe, clearly if it was a choke hold, he could not have talked. Mr. Garner had asthma which complicated his arrest and most likely added to his eventual demise.  Had he not resisted arrest he would still be here.  Had he not been violating the law, he still would be here.  He clearly had no respect for the man in blue and that is the dangerous message that it being propagated by these two deaths.

To craft the narrative in such a way that Mr. Brown, a black teenager headed to college, was executed by a white cop is a dangerous narrative as more black folks are liable to believe it, and disrespect the cops.

Mr. Brown was a troubled individual that had a long criminal history.  Mr. Brown’s lifestyle and lack of respect for the law lead to his demise, and nobody but Mr. Brown is responsible for that.

Mr. Garner had underlying medical conditions which evidently played a role in his demise.  That would seem to be the facts as I can gather them from the various sources.

So who wants to be a cop?

Cops have a real tough job.  They have to deal with some pretty crappy people.  Watch Alaska troopers of some other Nat Geo shows about troopers.


If you want to know about the cops in your area, get a police scanner and listen in.  You will hear all sorts of non-sense and wonder who those people are that are pulling that crap.

Unlike what the media would want you to believe, neither of these deaths had anything to do with race.  The perps happen to be black and the cops happen to be white.  The interesting thing is, when a black officer shoots an unarmed white guy; it hardly makes the local news much less the national news.

Here is the message that is to the point.  “All life matters!” 

I would like to see all officers wearing body cameras that have to be on and recording when they are on duty.  This data, as it is being recorded, should be uploaded to the cloud so it is “non-volatile.” This data should be on screens that their supervisor has access to, live as it happens.  With the radio going and the cameras streaming video, it would take the cop question out of the equation.

If you are going to protest make it count.  Push for this technology to be in use so the cop gets a fair hearing and the people that he deals with cant claim something that is fallacious, calling the officers actions into question.  With the use of the camera, the “bad cops” if any; will quickly be looking for another job.

I know of cases where cops acted too harshly so I am not blind to the fact that some need to be doing something else beside wearing a gun and “serving you!”  When the facts are there in HD color with audio and video from many different angles, it would be difficult for the cop to claim an untruth, and it would be difficult for someone to say that he was kneeling on the ground with his hands up when he was shot!

-Best to you and those that you care about… Be careful out there if you are protesting, we don’t need to have any “Accidents.”

Copyright 2014 Timedok All rights reserved.

#Ferguson, #Race and Really?

After reading some post and other bloggers who are following the Ferguson debacle, I am convinced that they, “the rioters and looters and yes, Al Sharpton and the other race baiters have helped to set race relations back 60 years!

The world watched as young black people burned their own city down in protest for what most thinking people of any race or color would call an “overly fair” trial.

The press which helped to foment this hate described this person who was shot as damned near a boy scout! An innocent misunderstood child!  Then they described the cop as some sort of bigoted jack booted thug.

Setting the record straight, a few came forth and testified to the actual facts which the forensics in the case matched. The police officers testimony and the people that have some sort of moral compass and spine, had the same narrative and as much as they were pressed by the DOJ and others to come up with an indictment, they could not.

Now you have some who don’t like the way that it turned out and responded with violence and by the way, acted in a manner that is stereotypical of how some perceive all blacks!  You have not only destroyed your town, you have damaged your “people” if they claim you still.

Michal Brown, who the White House propped up, was a 290 pound thug that wrote rap lyrics including lyrics about rape, and killing cops.  This person was high as hell while committing a crime against a shop owner.  Not only did he steal merchandise, he roughed up the owner and threatened him.   In the video you can actually see him come back at the store owner after he had exited the building in much the same manner that he charged Officer Wilson at the end of his life.

Minutes later he is confronted by the police who now know that they have the probable suspect of the crime, right there.

To further stir the pot, the President of the United States clearly adds fuel to the fire by mentioning Ferguson during a talk at the UN for the whole damned world to now pay attention to, as well as sending the DOJ to oversee the investigation and if that is not enough, interject his buddy Al Sharpton and, send 4 white house officials to be present at this mans funeral!  Really!?


  • 18 year old thug steals cigars from local shop and roughs up owner. (on camera)
  • Someone from that store reports the theft.
  • Police, while in the area finishing up one call, run into the suspect and his partner.
  • Finds the two walking in the middle of the road blocking traffic.
  • Asked them to please move to the sidewalk.
  • Words were exchanged laced with explicative’s from Mr.Brown.
  • As officer goes to get out of his car; he is pushed back in, having his door slammed up against him.
  • Officer is then struck several times in the face and head by Mr. Brown
  • Officer gets gun out and tells him to back off, or he will shoot him.
  • A struggle takes place for the officer’s weapon.
  • After three attempts to get a shot off, a bullet finally leaves the weapon and strikes the thug in the hand.  DNA evidence of this is present inside the car, and on the officer’s uniform.
  • Mr. Brown backs off .
  • Officer Wilson calls for assistance, mentioning “shots fired.”
  • Officer Wilson gets out of his cruiser and orders Mr. Brown to freeze and to get onto the ground. “This is per his training!”  He has just shot a guy “albeit in his hand” and now among other things he has to get medical attention for him, after he gets him under control.
  • Instead, Mr. Brown charges the officer who fires a half dozen shots striking Mr. Brown a few times in the torso.
  • Mr. Brown momentarily stops and the officer stops firing, once again ordering him to get onto the ground. (At this point Mr. Brown could have lived through this.)
  • Mr. Brown instead goes into a football player like position, once again charging at Officer Wilson.
  • Officer Wilson with no options left, fires the fatal shot that kills Mr. Brown.

The population of Ferguson is divided by those that do and do not have a moral compass.  Instead of a normal investigation by the local police, they decide that this case should proceed directly to a Grand Jury.  I am certain that pressure from Washington had something to do with this decision.

It is well known that a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich, if there is a ghost of a chance that this officer acted inappropriately; this is the best shot of gaining an indictment.

All of the evidence, every scrap is presented to the jurors.

At Officer Wilson’s own peril, he willingly testifies in front of the grand jury for four hours without the benefit of his attorney being present.  The unusual part of this proceeding is this, and the attorney for the other side is complaining about this being unusual!  This action by Officer Wilson could have sunk him and the odds are good that it would have, had this case not been so air tight, and by the book.

After 40 days of deliberation the grand jury returned a “no bill.”  There was not enough evidence against the officer to get the slightest conviction.

On the night of the announcement, Mr. Brown’s step father is on video inciting the crowd to, “Burn this bitch down!”

For some unknown reason the National Guard was nowhere to be found.  Many businesses’ were looted and indeed burned to the ground.  Many cars were also set ablaze. Over 300 shots were fired by unknown rioters.

Remarkably, no one was killed in all the mayhem.

All of this took place under a sign strung across the street that said “Season Greetings.”

On the next night, another police car was destroyed before police could arrive at the scene.

Protest broke out in multiple cities and towns across the country.

Some blacks are on record calling for a, “race war!”

Protesters pulled a stunt from dumb and dumber, and laid down on I35 in Dallas, blocking traffic for over two hours.

There were other arrests in other cities for violence of one kind or another.

There is little doubt that there are professional agitators in this group as few people in the crowd would want to burn their own city down.  The small businesses will most probably not return to that town, only serving to further impoverish it.

They are indeed showing the world how intolerant and I might add ignorant, that they are.  We are a country of laws, not mob rule!

That person calling for a race war would be surprised if her call to arms was met with the same type of violence that this bunch of folks enacted on innocent citizens terrorizing and entire community.

There are people in this country that would go toe to toe with them, so they should really be careful what they ask for.  There are some who are really sick of this, and it might surprise them to know that they are the same color as them.  They should really fall back and look outside the forest as they are flying blind.  The preponderance of evidence shows that Wilson was well within his rights and duties to do as he did.  The system worked and the cards were stacked against him.

Loss of life is a terrible thing.  This 18 year old that robbed that store could have turned his life around, but as it is, we will never know.  All we know of him really is from his social media page and his last actions in that store.

What can we learn from this to make this moment count?

The man in blue is hired by us, to protect and to serve.  If you don’t want to be a statistic, or accident, don’t give them any reason to “be afraid for their life.”

If you are pulled over at night, turn on your dome light and put your hands in clear view.

Make no quick moves, and do as you are told to do. That goes for anyone, of any race!

Body cameras are cheap and available and not only should all police have one on when they are carrying a gun but, I would argue that all of those who are CHS certified also wear such a device.  With this camera even Mr. Brown’s parents would have to conclude that he screwed up.  No one wants to believe that their kid messed up.  We as parents are in denial until all the chickens come home to roost. One can’t blame them for being in denial but one can most certainly blame them for causing millions of dollars of damage, and possible injury or death to innocent citizens.

These cameras are small enough that I wonder how this would play out for the ordinary citizen to wear such a device.  Would it compromise someone else’s privacy?   Google glass is such a device, when it gets more affordable what conversations will we be having about our privacy then?

It is a brave new world and we really must be careful how we introduce and use technology.

Witness testimony is seldom super accurate so a video of the altercation would have been concrete evidence of what happened; this whole mess could have been avoided.

All stores should have security cameras which actively stream video up to the cloud via some sort of cellular technology, battery backed up.

Professional agitators should be charged with conspiracy to commit crimes against the state.  Much like hiring a hit man, these folks should be held accountable.  Wearing a mask hiding your identity at a protest should not be allowed.  The law needs to be changed to forbid this type of activity.  People are much more polite and law abiding if they are not “anonymous.”

The Race baiters should be forced to come up with the money to not only re-build that town but, make up for the lost sales from those business’s.

The people who lied at the Grand Jury, should be charged with perjury and made to pay a fine, serve time, and should be made an example of.  You don’t create a story to serve some agenda.  I realize that I am asking the public to do the right thing and not take an example from this current administration that makes up any narrative that they want, to fit an agenda like “it was that video that caused the rioters in Benghazi!”

Mr. King is most probably spinning in his grave, and we need him now more than ever.  I know of no one that judges folks by their color or race.  You thugs in Ferguson have shown the world “THE WORLD” that perhaps it is ok to be prejudice against people of color, congratulations! Al, you fomented this hatred so now use your pulpit and fix it! The only thing I expect out of the white house is that somehow they will blame Bush!

This is the third racial incident that this president has weighed in on and the third one that has blown up in his face! One would think that he would learn to leave this type of thing to those that know how to deal with it, and not to foment hate and bigotry when we as a people have moved past it years ago.  If you want to cause and old wound to bleed, keep picking on it!

Hate is a poison that you take, expecting it to affect someone else. 

Stop the hatred. Lead by example.  If you want a war between the races, keep on doing what you are doing and someone of equal intelligence will certainly oblige you.  If you want it to stop, then stop.  Nobody wants this.  The few that do can stay relegated to the past and burn their lives out in hate or, they can look outside of their little part of the world and see that man has moved on past this.  Are there pockets of racists’ bastards still in this world, you bet, they are the minority; and it is time to understand and embrace that.  Character is King, not race, and certainly not color. –Grow up!



I saw an interview with Megan Kelly and Al Green

The argument was this: He maintains that the Grand Jury threw out testimony from some that they did not find credible and therefor it was an unfair verdict and the people of Ferguson did not get justice.  WOW!  This guy represents the 9th Congressional district of Texas and is so far out in “LEFT Field” that he has no clue what he says or how stupid he appeared to the millions of viewers who watch Fox and of course Mrs. Kelly!

I don’t know if they, FOX News went looking for someone that is this shortsighted to boost ratings or, if this guy approached them to get his 15 minutes of fame.

The grand jury had three different autopsy reports from three different forensic pathologist  and the CSI type of evidence to compare to the testimony of many different “eye witness accounts.”

Through the process the people were interviewed “interrogated” several times.  The testimony that consistently stayed the same, each and every time, was also the testimony that was consistent with the evidence from the pathologist.  That is how you tell the difference between the tares from the wheat Mr. Green!

His hands were not up and he was charging the officer.  The officer did nothing wrong and those that want to foment racial tension simply cant understand or don’t want to understand how this works.  The DOJ in all of his political BS with all of the strings that he pulled could not even make the case that the officer did the slightest thing wrong but yet, this guy “Mr Green,” who was not there, only hears what he wants to hear.

This guy voted for Obama Care, he is pro choice, and is pro gun control.  He is the perfect democrat!

This officers life is ruined for doing his job and not letting a thug kill him.  Had the thug managed to get his gun and kill him, America would most likely never have known about it, and at most it would have made the news in the state of Missouri; not even headline. Obama certainly would not have talked about it at the UN!

One of the young men that testified, an upright employed individual who was warned by the people in that town to keep his mouth shut, was found dead in his car with a bullet wound to the back of the head and accelerant  poured on him and burned. It is also noteworthy to point out that the shop keeper was warned not to report the crime or bad things would happen.  There is video of many people breaking into his business, looting it and then burning it.  What kind of town is Ferguson that the mob rules, and honest people have to tolerate being robbed?  What kind of place is this where people who do the right thing are executed by those who wish to protect the guilty? What kind of country are we turning into where the DOJ tries to taint the results and the outcome in favor of a thug, against those that are sworn to protect and serve and put their lives on the line every day?

You need to be very careful who you elect folks.

We are being played by the media “for ratings” and the race baiters for their own narcissistic needs and to promote more social justice agenda’s.  How many Trillion dollars do we need to go into debt to make the Al Sharptons’ and the Al Greens’ of the world happy! How many towns must be burned down before you stop this Bull Shit!  Right is right, and anything else is Bull Shit!


Copyright Timedok 2014 All rights reserved




On a recent trip to Florida I rented a Red Mustang Convertible.  I had been told that was a perfect place for it, as the temperature is not too hot and you can see more with the top down.

The toll way /road coming from the airport to Key West is one long speed trap.  Most of it purports to be under construction but of course there was not one person holding a shovel or anyone doing anything regarding road construction.

There were signs saying that it was an active construction area but of course, no one working.  I am really not sure what active means but;  I would guess if you speed we get to double the fine!

The road is a pitiful 45mph most of the way, a little 55 and a lot of 35 with some 30 thrown in for good measure.  Don’t be in any hurry if you go there, and don’t rent a mustang convertible.  As the matter of fact I would get something that old people drive, so you would fit in.  Most of the locals puttered around about 5 under the speed limit as I am guessing that they too have been tapped one too many times for minor infractions.

From the time that I left the airport to the time that I returned to it, I had been followed by more cops than I could shake a stick at.  It seemed that most every time that I looked up, I had a cop behind me.  The last one was in Miami going back to the airport.  I saw him swoop over from the left hand lane to the right lane where I was, driving about 3 to 5 under the speed limit.  He appeared to call in the plate and as soon as it came back to a rental company; he was gone! 


Folks, this happened a lot in just a few days.  I used the cruise control to go just about anywhere as I had no intention of paying for one of their new toys.  I would look up, smile at them; and just keep doing what I was doing.  Had  I been in my truck, I would bet I would have not gotten a second look!

Regarding the Mustang I must confess that I was a little disappointed.  The ride was not very comfortable, I had trouble with the Window working correctly and the mirror adjustment is so far forward, that I could not adjust it properly from where I sat.  When I reached up to adjust it I was now out of my “zone” where I was sitting so I had to make incremental guesses until I got it close.

I am not sure what kind of an engine was in it but, I averaged over 33mpg so, I am guessing small.  There was not one place to let that pony run, so I really have no idea what it would do.

As Mr. Peabody would say, the moral of this story is rent a normal car and not one that looks like it is doing over a hundred sitting at the light.  I don’t know if others profile in other states but my guess is that they do.



-Best to you and those that you care about!


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Trying to piece the puzzle together requires that you not only look and observe but, listen and observe with an open mind.

 Towards the end of the video right before the “finger gesture and subsequent wreck” is the piece of the puzzle so many are missing.


He passes her and tries to get around her.


She then speeds up “listen to the background noise, her motor speeds up.”  Do you really think it was slick roads that she was worried about as she now speeds up to…

a: Further aggravate him and

b: Make a video that is sure to go viral!


He then flips her off which I am not sure who of us at that point would not want to and, B: gets in front of her so she can no longer mess with him.


He did not cut her off as it has been suggested, look how far ahead of her he is. He was trying to get away from her. 


Because she has now pushed her speed up to try and catch him, he is now going way too fast!  


Human nature is that we want to blame the guy who showed her the bird and accept that the girl is innocent.  Examine all of the facts, not just the facts that you want to see and the picture becomes clear.   

A little more telling of her “intention and nature” is the fact that she stopped, laughed, taunted by yelling at him all the while taking video and then made sure that not only did the police have record so they could ticket him, but posted the parts of the video that made him look like the bad guy on YouTube.  In my humble opinion “she is not a nice person.”  This man should get a lawyer…