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You’re a Doo-Doo Head!

You’re a Doo-Doo Head!


If that sounds familiar to you, you are either young or have children who are maybe three????

Social media intrigues me, as I am a people person.

I watch trends, check out who is saying what and sometimes I chime in.

Today we don’t use sophisticated adjectives like “doo-doo head,” no we have evolved…

We label people things like Racist or Perverts.

People attack what they don’t understand, and they also attack when they have no real argument for “their point of view.”

Case in point.


A teenage boy decides that he wants to shower with the girls so for the day, week or what have you he defines himself as a girl.  I watched the arguments for and against the transgendered debate and came to many conclusions.

People, who identify as a sex other than what they were born as have most probably been using the bathroom of choice for years.

Those who argue that they want to dress with the women or shower with them even though their plumbing is not a match, no dice!


Allow me to make a caveat to that, and it is this…

If a spa or other business wants to make accessible, “clothing optional facilities for anyone, and those that choose to do so are of an age that they are accountable for their actions,” then I would be ok with that.


In some circles this is NORMAL


Many countries other than the USA think nothing of nudity.  This country, due to its Puritan heritage is still hung up on such things.  It was not too long ago when there were police on the beaches measuring the length of a woman’s bathing costume to make sure that it was legal.






We have come out of the dark ages some…



Free the Nipple and other clothing free organizations have a way to go but on this transgendered topic, we must employ common sense.


Free The Nipple in Colorado


I know too many while going to school who thought that they were “asexual or lesbian or gay.” After they had got out of school, into the “real world” they found that they were indeed, straight.

School children are getting too many mixed messages from places like social media, Hollywood, their peers and so forth.  When gay is trendy, that should set off all sorts of red flags.

download (1).jpghispan64.jpg

Which one of these do you think is based on ignorance? 

The simple facts are folks, all fetuses “you” start out as a girl!  It is not until later in the process that the hormones kick in, and your “true sex” is crafted.  I chose the word crafted carefully as that is exactly how it works through a process of virilization.  If you men out there ever thought past the end of your “self” and asked, why do men have tits?  Well, now you know!  You, we all, started life as a girl.


By the way, a fetus has a unique blood type, and heart beat about two weeks after conception, that happens to be my definition of life.

Not only is the body crafted differently, so is the wiring in the brain.  There is indeed a difference between men and women and their wiring.  It was and is supposed to be that way to compliment each other.  It is almost as if it were “designed that way!”


Now, what happens if the hormones don’t work as they should?

Many different outcomes could be the result but, one might get a brain wired one way in a body “crafted” another way.  Not rocket science but not “trendy” either.

Hollywood and others try to make this something that it is not, which further screws up the process.

So why the doo-doo head title?

I was trying to make this argument on a “friends” post about the transgendered movement when one of his liberal friends called me a pervert!  Yes indeed, I made this simple argument saying that children in school need to use the locker room that matches their plumbing, so some young girls are not molested or traumatized by those among us who would use this as a means to a nefarious end.  There are deviants among us who would think nothing of this.


Scene from Porky’s


Now, his words did not trouble me in the slightest.  He, most probably a drunk, coward, or both chose to attack that which he did not agree with because he had no legitimate argument. Indeed, had he been in front of me I dare say he might have thought differently about his words. I am never surprised by the power of liquid courage, or anonymity.

When someone starts calling names or labeling you, they have nothing else, so they name call.  If you ever follow any threads where someone possibly likes one candidate over another and instead of using logic, they name call or worse, it is because they cannot defend their position.

Young boys using young girls locker rooms and showers with them is indefensible!

On any of my blogs, I welcome civil discourse.  When it stops, so do I.  I have no time or patience for it.

Clothing Optional Resorts



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Thinking outside the box, two cents at a time… 🙂


My Two Cents










My Two Cents #Cowardice and #Bullying

My Two Cents #Cowardice and #Bullying


Cowardice is certainly not a topic I write about often, but it seemed appropriate given the times that we live.

Following social media reminded me just how misguided some people are.  Launching vicious attacks on “public figures” under some pseudo name.

Those actions my friends are gutless cowardice. That gesture Does nothing to heal this country.  In fact, it further exemplifies just how fallen we as people are.

We do this with our driving as well, as we are autonomous in our cars.  We think nothing of cutting people off or driving carelessly.  We can hide behind our sunglasses and know that we can escape those that we piss off. We use our horns as weapons to berate those that don’t drive aggressively enough to suit us. We use our vehicle as a weapon slowing everyone else down riding in the left lane because we have taken on the role as “road nazi.”

It is all wrong folks. 

It is not your job to force others to comply with your version of how to drive.

The horn is not a cattle prod!

The horn is to warn of imminent danger IE you have drifted out of your lane “wake the hell up!”

When in line at the bank or movie theater or grocery store we are much more polite.  Why?  Because the person or people that you piss off might take you to task.

That is how you should be while driving or on social media, pretend like those that you are talking with are sitting next to you.  Healthy debates are one thing, four letter name calling is juvenile, cowardice and flat out being a bully!

Don’t you find it interesting that millennials are driving this whole narrative about not bullying but in fact on social media are the worst perpetrators of it?

Maybe there is a disconnect in the terminology.  Maybe they have not figured out what being a bully is?

Possibly they are bullied in “real life” so sitting in their mother’s basement in their underwear calling others names under the pseudo name “Morbius, or Death Eater” is their way of dealing with their real life.

“I can bully this person as long as nobody knows that it is me.”

Is that why geeky people escape into role playing games where they can suddenly “be someone?”

Are the bullies behind the wheel or the keyboard the bullied in “real life.”

Read the stuff on twitter or feedback on some of these forums.  If you espouse an opinion such as on this piece, and someone takes some objection to it, heaven help you.

You cannot control the actions of others.

What you can do is lead by example.

State your case in a manner that would lead others to follow your example.  Ignore those that are helplessly lost in their world of four-letter words, and ethnic diatribes.

  • Ignored behavior goes away.
  • Leading by example teaches.
  • What is it that you wish to teach?

I for one want to leave this world a little better than I found it.  That should be the goal of everyone.

We can do that in our day to day discourse with fellow travelers on this road of life.

To my geeky friends out there, take heart, the meek shale inherit the earth.  In this life, I have found that the geeks also make the money and control those jocks who stole your lunch money! If this is you, stop pushing this agenda down the road.  Those that bully you today will grow up “mature” and those that cower in the basement will either learn to deal or become twisted internally spending lots of money on therapists or doing something stupid as in Sandy Hook or Aurora.


is it nice.jpg
I would add…act…Before you “act…take an action, Think!


The bullying must stop at all levels, and we can start with our day to day discourse online.  Everyone alive has some “shit” that they are dealing with.  Cut them some slack!

The Millennials have the right idea.  If they can arrest the bullying and learn that we all have talents either with physical prowess or with intellectual prowess it would be a much better place.  If I were a jock, I would befriend the geeks as assistance with calculus from them would go far.  A symbiotic relationship between the strong and the meek is nature’s way if you study it at all.


My two Cents


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It’s an age thing. #health #doctor

It’s an age thing. #health #doctor

It’s an age thing.


Walking into the doctor’s office, the music blaring through the “system” was very upbeat.  In fact listening to it made me jittery.

By nature, I am a calm and collected person.  Easy going is an understatement.

Each and every song that played had some repetitive rap component mixed in with the  “music.”

Waiting in a doctor’s lounge is tough enough in that they are never on time.  Arriving there in a timely fashion is part of the deal and waiting for an extra 30 to 45 minutes after your appointment is also “part of the deal.”  Their time is valuable and yours, well…not so much!

The waiting is not what was bothering me however as I had my “smart phone” to entertain me.  At issue, however, was this hideous music that was getting under my skin much like poison ivy or a horrible sunburn, you can tolerate it for just so long and then it just pisses you off!


The lyrics were not understandable and as I said the beat was such that it by itself was making me jittery.

I found myself thinking that I might need to find another doctor.  If this is the new norm, screw it!

One already feels bad going to the doctor, forced to endure that bullshit, I don’t need!

Leaving on the drive home, thinking back to my parents yelling at me to shut my door or turn that “shit” down; I had to laugh.  It could be that it is simply an age thing, and now what folks listen to today is “shit” to me.

2004 Viewtech XM, Cam 016.jpg

Turning on the XM to 70’s music, I calmed, returning my  blood pressure to where it belonged.


People today suffer from high blood pressure and one has to wonder how much of it is caused by the music that they listen to.


My Two Cents



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United we stand @realdonaldtrump @TheWellsReport #NeverHillary

United we stand @realdonaldtrump @TheWellsReport #NeverHillary


Engaging in protracted debates on social media, I am just amazed at how successful the social engineers are.

Bottom line

You are either going to vote for HRC, or you are voting for Trump.  It is a binary choice at this time and contrary to the Trump naysayers, I don’t believe that it is a selection of the lesser evils.

Social engineers will spin the lie to manipulate the masses.  They do this with your emotions.


I could get used to seeing her on TV “Class Act!”


Case in point.

The day before Utah was to vote in the primary, Cruz or his Superpack sent out a nude photo of Trump’s wife who at that time was a model.

“Here is your first lady.” The ad said.  Mormons had to reject that one and of course, Cruz, who swept in as Jesus incarnate, Got their votes.  That is how elections are won and lost friends.

The Hillary camp will use those tactics against any evangelical hoping to keep them home again as they did in 2012. 26 million stayed home giving the election to the Democrats.


Well, lady, this is what you are voting for if you don’t vote.

“I can’t in good conscious vote for that ungodly man!” one posted.


“So, you are for late term abortions, political correctness, more jobs going overseas, blacks going into even more poverty, more crime from across the border, tens of thousands of unvetted Syrian refugees and the list goes on!”  Is that really what you want! Are you going to fall for it again?

“Hillary wants open borders and bridges!”


He gave her another $6 million for open borders!  


The lack of jobs in this country does not bother you even just a little bit?

The #nevertrump movement must be a creation of the Democrats and they have coopted many Republicans by feeding them lies or half truths.


Our guy lost folks, best get on the TrumpTrain.


I also found it interesting that those in the Tea Party movement would use vitriolic vernacular against those of us who liked Cruz and now feel like we must support Trump to stop Hillary.

These folks are calling anyone that votes for Trump, a traitor!

Folks, you must vote for Trump to stop Hillary, end of story.

All of the things that you are against, Hillary is for, and then some.

While Trump thinks that Planned Parenthood helps women but would not fund it for abortions, Hillary thinks that late term abortions are ok. As long as it is not breathing it is ok to kill it.  That I find repugnant, and if you don’t vote for Trump, then you must think it is ok too.

There is a dichotomy between them on the important issues.

Radio talk show host who say Never Trump are either closet Democrats or incredibly stupid.

Erick Erickson
RedState Editor-in-Chief Erick Erickson is a #neverTrump guy.  

Anyone who says “Never Trump” is for the liberal agenda or woefully ignorant of the facts.

I would prefer Bernie Sanders over Hillary, and that is saying something!


Over the next few months, the candidates will spend anywhere from 1 to 1.5 Billion dollars each to either talk about the issues or tell you how bad and low down their opponents are.

$1.500,000,000.00  That money would feed lots of people.  Multiply that by two for the two candidates and you have $3 Billion in ads and other media just to feed you lies and innuendos so you think that each of them are the spawn of the devil.  Obama called it part of the process and “Sometimes the process gets messy!” Obama


We are in for several months and thousands of ads targeted in swing states of “messy!”

At the end of the day, we must vote Trump if you want to stop Hillary and save this country from ruin.

Anyone that says NeverTrump needs to be informed and if they still say that, then they are for Hillary Clinton.


The liberal media will sing her praises and report on the issues with a heavy slant in her favor and of course, anything that you hear or read you had best fact check!

After the political discourse of the GOP have you noticed that most of them are talking again?  They said what they needed to say to manipulate the voters.  I still think it will be a Trump / Cruz ticket after they bury the hatchet. Lyin Ted turned into a “hell of a smart competitor” just hours after he dropped out.  Little Marco is a smart guy, and the list goes on.

The voters of this country have spoken, and now we must pick up the torch and run with it.


I still like HairForceOne!  That is my favorite line out of the GOP Primary! 


My Two Cents



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