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“What is one to do, shoot someone for $200?”

“What is one to do, shoot someone for $200?”


A recent post on a neighborhood blog elicited this response from me.  The man had some tools taken from his truck in his driveway and was upset.  He asked the question, what is one to do, shoot someone for taking my tools?


Here is my response to him and I think germane enough to share with you, good folks.


You (he) asks a good question.  “What am I to do, shoot someone for $200?”

Firstly, shooting someone for any reason will affect your life forever.  My litmus test is “Am I genuinely afraid for my life, or those lives of my family?”

If I am genuinely afraid, then the rest of this is a mute point.  Carried by six, judged by twelve, simple math really. 

The opioid epidemic is probably responsible for the increase in small crimes like this, as fewer and fewer doctors are now prescribing these types of “legal” drugs   Legal or not, people are addicted to them and addictions will cause some to sell their mother into slavery for them.  If they cannot get them legally, they will get them on the street.

That in and of itself might solve some of the addiction issues, as what they get on the street might very well end their suffering, permanently.  Not my wish or desire, just simple facts. Truth told they know the risk too and will do it anyway.  That should tell you something about their state of mind, and the risk they will take for a few tools from your truck.

Balancing petty crimes against lethal force is a tough call.  So what is one to do?

In this day and age, we have many tools at our disposal.

Alarm your vehicle.  Mine is set to lock and arm after 45 seconds, should a family member, or I forget.

“Viper Alarm from Car Toys.”

Keep your valuables out of sight.

Brand your tools or other valuables so that a pawn shop will not be interested in them.

Ring.com  makes some not too expensive devices like the floodlight cam and the doorbell.

Both are easy installs for the average homeowner.

That video goes up to the cloud and stays there for some time. In case your home is vandalized the evidence is not where the criminal can get to it.

  • You said you heard them, Dial 911
  • Turn on lights, so they know that you heard them.
  • With the Ring floodlight cam, there is a siren that you can set off.  Noises are not what they want.
  • Open your window and set off an air horn if nothing else.  Yell at them telling them the cops are on the way!  I would not use Uncle Joe’s advice about touching off your shotgun in the air.  Noise is the right idea, just not shotguns.

I would imagine that smash and grab is their ideal way to work so sound and lights will alert your neighbors as well.  Usually, they work in pairs. Getting a plate for the cops is a very good idea. Any information is valuable.  Many have cameras set up to watch the streets and alleys.  Talk to your neighbors and see if they captured anything.

If you were to go out there with your shotgun or another deadly force weapon you might very well be surprised to find that you are now in harm’s way as they had a partner.  If on the other hand, you were to injure them or kill them, some subhuman life form of a lawyer would find any family members that they had and represent them on a contingency basis to sue you civilly.   Pictures of the dead or injured person from his or her days in church, scouts, the soccer field as a 12-year-old, or as a family member and good dad or mom would adorn the courtroom.  They would paint this person as the ideal person having them appear the saint, and you the angry old curmudgeon without any heart, hell-bent on killing people with your mean old gun.  If the perp is or was a different race or gender than you, that too will factor into swaying the jury that you are now a racist or a sexist or both.

If you cannot afford a lawyer, they might very well get a judgment against you.  It is relatively simple to emotionally manipulate a jury.  This would then cost much more than a few hundred dollars in tools. As it is a civil case and not a criminal case, no free Lawyers for you.

If you can afford one and you had best be able to, it will cost you no less than $5K on a no bill.  The process will go on for months, and it will consume you.

“What is one to do?” You asked

Good luck, I hope that you or our neighbors find some of this information helpful….

Full disclosure, I have no vested interest in any of the products or companies mentioned. I also do not believe that all lawyers are sub-human life forms. 🙂







Who are You?

Who are You?

Who are You?

I updated my smart phone once again, and yet another $900 out of my wallet to keep up with the pimple faced urchins roaming the mall.  You know the ones, the 4 foot nothing loud talking kind, with the powerful Swiss-knife of computer devices hanging out of their ass pocket, in shorts so tight that the phone can only go in part of the way.

When they are talking to their friends, there is the distinct smell of some god awful flavored gum; with what they think smells good perfume or body lotion, or what have you…anyway you get the picture.

My address book has managed to grow in parallel my with my disdain for managing said address book.

Today a friend “new friend” added her name to my list of contacts, as I promised I would send her some information on a particular subject that we had been discussing.

I allowed her to add it, as we were in an environment that was ill equipped for parsing data of a personal nature amongst other ears, which might find that information handy.

While we shook hands as she introduced herself, I discovered my penchant for remembering names is, well less than adequate for the task at hand.

Hours later I sat at my desk and found the information that I promised to transmit to her via these wonderful $900 dollar rolodex devices, when the issue of not managing my phone book for the last twenty five (25) years, came home to roost!

Who was she, what was her name?

Frantically I scanned my contacts trying to figure out who was not there earlier that day.  There are well over a thousand contacts in that book, including some Democratic voters, you know the kind, they live six feet under the ground… “Yes Cemeterians!”  I have many Cemeterians still in my phone book!  Why, it is not like they are going to call me, or I them!  If they do, the long distance charges will be incredible; talk about roaming charges!

The older you get, or putting it nicely, the longer that you trod the sod, your rolodex ends up with many who call the cemetery their home.  Removing them from the rolls of your friend list, to me seems “final!”  If I don’t remove them, than they are not forgotten.

While there may be some logic in that, the real dilemma came to light as the perfect juxtaposition of figuring out who was still alive and who was not; hit home.

Then there is this quandary of, who are all these other people?

I have to sit down and figure out how to create groups of personal, family, clients and vendors to start off with, and then categorize all of these folks and of course create a column for cemeterians..

Yes, I could simply delete them but that is just it, isn’t it, “delete.”  How do you delete your parents, or close friends, or even relatives that you only spoke to once or twice a year?

Then there is this group of social media friends.

I have often thought that with all of this poking that goes on FaceBook, that someone should really be buying drinks, but that is another story.

FaceBook, and other forms of social media brings a whole new aspect to “friends” into the mix.  Some of you reading this now, know of me, and how I think through these words.   If you have followed me, chances are good that I have looked at your blog “if you have one,” and followed you so, we may actually know one another better than those who mention your name on FaceBook every now and then.

I solved the missing name by calling someone who was in the conversation and untangled the problem but, that sparked my desire to manage my contacts better. As an IT guy for 35 plus years who has sold and installed more CRM packages than I can count, one would think that I would have done something a little more OCD, prior to this!

Outlook is actually a pretty good CRM package if used correctly, and in that data base, I actually put all sorts of notes in there so if my memory needs a little assist; I have it there.

Speaking of smartphones, I just upgraded and now, today I learn that they are coming out with yet another new on in September!  Are you kidding me!

These things start out at most probably $30 a unit to produce, and by the time you get to buy them they are $900 financed through your phone carrier at $40 a month for the life of the phone.

Now, if I had to make another guess, I would guess that the carrier actually buys them from Apple, or Samsung, or whoever, at a discounted price (or you are paying an inflated price) to make up for the “no finance charges.”  There is no way in hell that these things are worth $900 plus tax! Oh, and if you trade your two year old phone in, you know, the one that was $900 18 months ago; it is now worth about $100 or less….

Since they no longer discount the phone, why the hell should I purchase a phone that is locked into that carrier!?  If I am having to pay full freight, should I not be able to purchase a phone that can work on any other GSM network?

So, if you can live with older technology, buy last year’s model on eBay for a couple of hundred dollars and either go month to month, or find the cheapest carrier you can manage.

The problem I see with the older technology is, each and every update they do to the IOS, the phone slows down!  What was perfectly acceptable when new is now slower than dirt, locks up or behaves erratically.  Is this designed obsolescence?

Schick invented the disposable razor, which was one of the first, if not the first throw away razors and now we have, throw-away phones.

Unlike the phone or the razor, my friends as evidenced in this little diatribe, are not throw away, even the Cemeterians are near and dear to me.


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#viral web #traffic or 15 minutes?

#viral web #traffic or 15 minutes?

Viral web traffic or 15 minutes?

Is this what we want?  Do we want thousands or tens of thousands stumbling across our blogs because they were dragged here by some trick of code, or slight of algorithm?

The lady that harassed that driver to speed and loose control of his truck and subsequently wreck out was going for a viral video on YouTube.  Why?  For her 15 minutes of pathetic fame!  She played the role of traffic Nazi under the guise of “keeping everyone safe on the slick roads, until the guy is finally trying to pass her and she does what?  She speeds up to further piss the guy off until he does indeed go too fast and wreck his truck.  At which time she does what?  She stops and gets out and further video’s the guy in the ditch and does she offer to help?  Hell no, she taunts the poor guy even further and then, she adds insult to injury and calls the cops and plays the video that she was recording while driving down the road!  Had the cops had their heads out of their butts, they would have heard her engine speed up and figured out that she was indeed the person her provoked and indeed instigated the whole mess for what?  Her viral video!

The public saw it from her view of “the guy was a jerk and got what he deserved.”  The forensically minded, “me” dug a little deeper, and so should the cops!  She provoked that guy and he was the victim.

We see many videos that were taken while someone was being beat up, or assaulted in some form or fashion.  Instead of helping or stopping the actions of others, we see many looking for their 15 minutes of fame!  There was one video making the rounds where some ASSHOLE was beating the snot out of a dog!  Some poor dog was getting the crap beat out of it while another asshole videoed the whole thing, and posted it for the world to see!

Yes, I want followers.  Do I want to trick you into following me, hell no! Do I want to pay some service to direct tens of thousands here to this blog, so WordPress can validate their advertising scheme and sell “clicks” to vendors who benefit from my work? No…

If you follow me and enjoy my work, that is what I am looking for.  If you feel others would enjoy what I do, and or find my words interesting enough to share; that too would be much appreciated.

This blog is for people who think outside the box, like me.  This blog is for thinkers or those that would like to engage in conversation that is above the normal fray.

This is the place to be if you like to engage in conversation about topics that others fear to even think about.  The opinions are my own.  I may not always be right, but I am open minded enough to listen to people from all walks of life, and welcome dialogue in that vein.

Yes, I want followers but, only those that will actually read what I write, and feel compelled to possibly comment or share it with their friends.  My goal is to surround myself with like minded folks, and make this a home for others, “like myself” to become acquainted.

If you find this blog such a place, then welcome!

Pull up a chair, kick off your shoes and stay a while.  I have spent many hours pontificating about many different things over the last several months, and will continue to do so; as I am either asked to, or as events of the day need to be talked about.

Make this a place to escape from the daily chatter or noise from the TV, or work, or life!

Enlightened conversation is always welcome, and appreciated!

-Best to you and those that you care about!

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Meteors Asteroids and other heavenly bodies

February of 2013 a meteor crashed into Russia.


Noted astrophysicist and of course NASA have said that the meteorite that exploded over Russia was not related to 2012 DA14.

While they may understand the complicated mathematical formulas that go along with their craft, I do notI do however understand statistics.

What are the odds that at the same exact time-frame 2012DA14 is flying by earth we have three widely reported meteorites and other similar reports from all over the globe?

Their argument is that the trajectory of the meteor that exploded over Russia and 2012 DA14 are not the same and therefore it could not be related.

One thing to take note of is that the Chatyabinsk Meteor orbit shown in the photo below was calculated on the trajectory from when it hit the earth.


This first paragraph is from Wiki.

Preliminary calculations rapidly showed the object was not related to long predicted 15 February close approach of what was at the time known as asteroid 2012 DA14 (later named 367943 Duende) that passed the Earth 16 hours later at a distance of 27,700 km. The Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory, Russian sources,[107] the European Space Agency, and the Royal Astronomical Society all indicated the two objects could not have been related because the two asteroids had widely different trajectories.

Credit for these next two paragraphs are from a fellow wordpress blogger [1]

February 16, 2013 – HAVANA — An object fell from the sky over central Cuba on Thursday night and turned into a fireball “bigger than the sun” before it exploded, a Cuban TV channel reported Friday, citing eyewitnesses. Some residents in the central province of Cienfuegos were quoted as saying that at around 8 p.m. local time Thursday (0100 GMT Friday) they saw a bright spot in the sky comparable to a bus in size. The object then turned into a fireball “bigger than the sun,” said the witnesses, adding that several minutes later they heard a loud explosion. One resident told the TV station that his house shook slightly in the blast. Cuban experts have been dispatched to the area to look for possible remains of the meteor-like object, said the report. It remains unknown whether the reported phenomenon in Cuba is related to Friday’s meteor strike in central Russia, which set off a shockwave that shattered windows and left some 1,000 people injured. –Xinhuanet

Fireball seen in Bay Area skies: It may not have been as spectacular as the space rock that streaked across the skies above Russia late Thursday, but the Bay Area’s close encounter with a meteor Friday night was drawing its own attention on social networks. Comments on Twitter indicated the object that flashed across the horizon around 7:45 p.m. was blue in color and visible throughout the Bay Area and large areas of the West Coast, with at least one reported sighting in Washington State. Amateur video footage broadcast on KTVU-2 showed a bright streak lasting approximately five seconds that appeared to head downward. Some viewers described it as a firework in the night sky. One commenter on Twitter, who said they saw the meteor while driving in a car in Cupertino, said the object appeared to be headed west. Scanner traffic at the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office indicated that they were aware of the event, but a dispatcher said they had not received any emergency calls related to it. Gerald McKeegan, an astronomer with the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland, was at the center Friday evening for its weekend stargazing sessions with free access to the center’s large telescopes, but he said they did not spot the meteor there. He said that the center received phone calls from people who reported seeing the meteor. Based on their reports, McKeegan said it may have been what astronomers call a “sporadic meteor,” an event that can happen several times a day but most of the time happens over the ocean, away from human eyes, and brings as much as 15,000 tons of space debris to Earth each year. Meteors, hunks of rock and metal from space that fall to Earth, burn up as they go through the atmosphere, which is what apparently caused Friday night’s bright flash of light, McKeegan said. It was likely smaller than another meteor that landed in the Bay Area in October, which caused a loud sonic boom as it fell, breaking apart and spreading rocks, called meteorites, in the North Bay, McKeegan said. –Mercury News

I think that they were related and I think a quick look at Newtonian physics will show why I think that they were. [3]

We must first look at; where do asteroids come from.  For that matter where did the earth come from?

Assuming that the big bang theory is correct, the cosmos was full of dust.  Even smaller than dust were most probably the elements that make up atoms.


Above is the first image of a Hydrogen Atom.  Notice the orbits… 

One of the most mysterious forces today is “gravity.”  We think we understand how it works and this is where NASA and others I think are missing the boat.  Follow the link for gravity if you really want to “geek out.”  [2]

As the dust floated around in a “perfect vacuum” these particles began to stick together. The more “sticking” they did gave them differing amounts of mass, which gave them differing amounts of “gravity.”  Wouldn’t it be fascinating to think that the different types of elements that we have today were the result of the way that different parts of the different atoms just randomly glued themselves together?

The earth, moon and all heavenly bodies are currently falling unless they are so far removed from any source of gravity that they are not affected.  Since we have the Kuiper belt, we can assume that gravity extends quite a bit from the Sun.  Indeed even Pluto is falling along with its neighbors, cousins and so forth, all falling.

If you think about how large a Galaxy is, it too is swirling around some force of gravity, most probably a large black hole.


Credit Wiki for the following 3 paragraphs.

The asteroid belt is the region of the Solar System located roughly between the orbits of the planets Mars and Jupiter. It is occupied by numerous irregularly shaped bodies called asteroids or minor planets. The asteroid belt is also termed the main asteroid belt or main belt to distinguish its members from other asteroids in the Solar System such as near-Earth asteroids and trojan asteroids. About half the mass of the belt is contained in the four largest asteroids, Ceres, Vesta, Pallas, and Hygiea. Vesta, Pallas, and Hygiea have mean diameters of more than 400 km, whereas Ceres, the asteroid belt’s only dwarf planet, is about 950 km in diameter. The remaining bodies range down to the size of a dust particle. The asteroid material is so thinly distributed that numerous unmanned spacecraft have traversed it without incident. Nonetheless, collisions between large asteroids do occur, and these can form an asteroid family whose members have similar orbital characteristics and compositions. Individual asteroids within the asteroid belt are categorized by their spectra, with most falling into three basic groups: carbonaceous (C-type), silicate (S-type), and metal-rich (M-type).

The asteroid belt formed from the primordial solar nebula as a group of planetesimals, the smaller precursors of the planets, which in turn formed protoplanets. Between Mars and Jupiter, however, gravitational perturbations from Jupiter imbued the protoplanets with too much orbital energy for them to accrete into a planet. Collisions became too violent, and instead of fusing together, the planetesimals and most of the protoplanets shattered. As a result, 99.9% of the asteroid belt’s original mass was lost in the first 100 million years of the Solar System’s history. Some fragments can eventually find their way into the inner Solar System, leading to meteorite impacts with the inner planets. Asteroid orbits continue to be appreciably perturbed whenever their period of revolution about the Sun forms an orbital resonance with Jupiter. At these orbital distances, a Kirkwood gap occurs as they are swept into other orbits.

Classes of small Solar System bodies in other regions include the centaurs, Kuiper belt and scattered disk objects, and Oort cloud comets.


So if they are falling why are they all not part of the large fireball we see each day lighting our way? According to Newton, an object that is doing whatever it is doing will continue to do so unless acted upon by another force.

While the moon is falling, because it has a velocity to it, it continues to “orbit” the earth at a near perfect speed to keep its distance.  I say near perfect because it is actually moving away from the earth at a very slow rate.

The thing to really pay attention to is the word perturbation.

As long as the moon is not messed with, it will continue to “fall” until it escapes earths gravity enough that its velocity will then carry it in whatever direction that it finally releases orbit from the earth.


While we need the moon for life to exists here on earth and the NASA folks should really be looking at their tractor ideas to slow the moon down a bit to keep it from flying away, that is a subject for yet another blog.

We orbit the sun using the same physics that the moon uses to orbit us.

If the earth were impacted head on with a large enough object to change our velocity or mass, our orbit would necessarily change.  Would we move out further into the outer regions of the universe or would we “fall” into the sun?  This is “perturbation” and this is what happens to other things in space. Our fate would depend upon if we gained or lost velocity and or mass.  Whether life would still be here after such an event is another story.

The objects known as meteors and or asteroids were formed the same way that we were.  As the matter of fact as time progresses on, some of those proto-planets could conceivably gain enough mass to draw other objects toward them to become larger and or become perturbed.

The idea here is that we “think” that everything is static. While there are those that declare there is no such thing as evolution, they are simply unable to comprehend the amount of time that has passed between the original creation of the earth and today.  4.2 billion years to our puny limited minds means nothing.  We have no context for that kind of time, so we cannot grasp even the idea of evolution; or the idea that the earth and everything that we see in the heavens at night was once simply dust.  That includes you and I. The simple facts are that things are very dynamic, we just have such short life spans we don’t get it.

If an object in the kuiper belt or the main asteroid belt is acted upon in such a way to slow it down it will loose the velocity necessary to stay in the orbit that it is in and “fall.”  While it is technically falling currently its orbit will change.  It will very slowly at first loose its orbit and start moving inward.  All objects that are currently in orbit around this object will also move with it, thus moving towards the sun.  Lets say that the asteroid is large enough that when it collided with another object pieces of it were knocked off of it, or possibly the colliding object was destroyed in the process.  This is exactly how the planets were formed.

Since there is mass/gravity to the object, some of that debris may very well have started to orbit this rock as it began to change trajectory.

As these objects were created in the same manner that we were created we have to assume that they have objects in orbit with them, it just makes sense. The larger the object the more “cousins” it may carry along.  Of course it goes without saying the greater the mass the greater amount of and size of these cousins.

2012 DA14 is such an object that was acted upon.  It is large enough to have its building blocks or other debris orbiting it.  As it begins to fall, those object stay in its orbit and as it’s velocity / trajectory change, so do the objects that orbit it.  Since they are all traveling in a perfect vacuum, there is nothing to change those orbits, no friction so it really doesn’t matter how fast it is traveling.

Now as DA14 cruises past earth, its cousins are moving along with it at the “speed of heat” all the while in orbit with DA14.  I emphasis ORBIT as that is how the trajectories of different meteorites that hit the earth can appear not to be related to DA14 when if fact they are.

DA14 now orbits around the sun as its orbit was acted upon by the planets that it passed by. Will its orbit change in the future?

[1] http://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/2013/02/16/meteorite-fireballs-streak-across-skies-over-cuba-and-san-francisco/

[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravity

[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newton’s_laws_of_motion

Instead of writing yet another blog on this subject I will add this addendum here.

Celestial mechanics is an interesting subject worth noting.  One would think that the astrophysicist that get paid for this kind of work would have figured some of this out and not been so quick to rule out the relationship between the other meteorites that were associated with this event.

As the planets orbit the sun, our solar system is also in motion.  not only in the direction of the X axis but the Y axis as well.  Think about this for a second.  Our solar system is located in one of the arms of the milky way which is doing what?  It too is in motion , a spiral motion so it is dragging our solar system along in the X axis.

Since we know from previous scientific data that the universe is expanding; we must therefor assume that we are not in the center of it which means the the Milky Way is also moving in a Y axis or vertical as well as the X axis.  Again we are also being dragged along for the ride as “gravity works.”

So, the sun is our gravitational focus which drags this solar system with it.  The Milky way is the suns gravitation focus which drags it with it, as it spirals and as it also moves as a collective entity, along the Y axis.  Is Andromeda heading for us, or we to it, or are we both headed to each other?

As with any of my blogs, I welcome enlightened conversation, questions, and of course well thought out arguments.

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-Best to you and those that you care about!