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Are you as moral as you think you are?

Are you as moral as you think you are?


This test only has one question, but it’s a very important one.

By giving an honest answer, you will discover where you stand morally.

The test features an unlikely, completely fictional situation in which you will have to make a decision.

Only you will know the results, so remember that your answer needs to be honest.





You are in Florida, Miami to be specific.

There is chaos all around you caused by a hurricane with severe flooding.

This is a flood of biblical proportions.

You are a photojournalist working for a major newspaper, and you’re caught in the middle of this epic disaster.

The situation is nearly hopeless.

You’re trying to shoot career-making photos.

There are houses and people swirling around you, some disappearing under the water.



Suddenly you see a woman in the water.

She is fighting for her life, trying not to be taken down with the debris.

You move closer.

Somehow the woman looks familiar.

You suddenly realize who it is.

It’s Hillary Clinton!

At the same time, you notice that the raging waters are about to take her under forever.



You can save the life of Hillary Clinton or you can shoot a dramatic Pulitzer Prize winning photo, documenting the death of one of the world’s most powerful Democrats hell bent on the destruction of America.




Here’s the question, and please give an honest answer.

“Would you select high contrast color film, or would you go with the classic simplicity of black and white?”

hillary angry 4

Before you write me nasty messages that I will ignore, this is humor!


If Paul ran for office, would we vote for him? @realdonaldtrump

If Paul ran for office, would we vote for him? @realdonaldtrump


Political discourse in this country, as I suspect in many others, is rife with opinions, hate, and discontent.  Some with a passing understanding of the facts speak out as those who are heavily vested in the process.  Many, like Armchair quarterbacks in our lazy boys we scream at the TV or our friends on social media.


The disconnect is that depending on what part of the country you are in influences your opinions.

East and west coast alike are more liberal and have a definite liberal bias in the news, radio programs, and newspapers and of course the mega elite who live in the Ivory towers of Hollywood. We hold them up there; they are Gods don’t you know?  Because they are either genetically gifted with looks, or symmetry and have learned to emote when they talk, we believe them to be as their characters on our favorite movie or TV show.  They are so wise in that they must certainly know of what they speak!


download (3)
I am certain that she knows about all the issues… not!



Politicians wise to the ways of the world, hob knob with these Gods as they want to be accepted, so they will talk nicely about them.  Comedians also take on the liberal biased as they too are influenced by some politicians who wield power and might; with their pen and phone.


Politicians will spend vast fortunes of their own money to get the vote of the people as once there; it can be a lifetime job where suddenly the rules and laws that the little people must deal with, do not apply to them.


hillary angry 4
It does make a difference ….



Evangelicals are looking for Jesus to run for office.  They might dispute that, but they are.  The problem is, even if Jesus came back and ran, I doubt few would actually vote for him because he was the son of a Carpenter, and his mother became pregnant before she was legally married.


Twenty-Six Million evangelicals stayed home in 2012 because the idea of a Mormon in the White House was unfathomable.  How did that work out for you?


Wonder how many of these he sold?


Today we have “conservatives talk show host.” bashing Trump because of things that he did as a businessman.  Some of their allegations are true, most are out of context or flat out falsehoods concocted by those that study and practice political science and social engineering.




A perfect example of that was the nude photo of Trump’s wife on the cover GQ magazine sent to all of the voters in Utah, telling them that this was their “first lady.”  “Smarmy attacks like this “not to pick on the Mormons, will work because they will vote their conscience.   They did, and the sycophantic lawyer won by a landslide! They were played like a Steinway!  In her defense, she was a model back then and a damned fine one!  She speaks five different languages and is a successful business person in her own right!

Next First Lady

Now we are being played.  We have Evangelical leaders listening to other leaders talking about things in Trump’s past that may or may not be true. They are telling their followers to vote their conscience after dissing Trump.

The last thing I read said that no matter who won, the world will still keep spinning, the country will still go on, not to worry, just vote for someone you will not feel badly about casting your vote for.

If I ever doubted that the devil was real, this is where I would have clear evidence that he is real and active.


If you vote for anyone other than Trump, you are voting for Hillary.  Independents are there to funnel votes from Trump.  Hillary is such a corrupt, candidate that she has to pander to those who are only looking out for what is in it for them.  What is my vote worth to you?


She has peaked out, so her strategy must be to take votes away from Trump, anyway that she can.


Do you really think this guy has a chance in hell? 


Established politicians know if Trump is elected that their gravy train of $600 hammers sold by their brother-in-laws is over.  They would rather support the devil for their fortunes on earth than do what is right for the country!


Is Trump the perfect candidate?


Is Hillary a better candidate? Only for the State Pen.  She is, in fact, the first person to run for the office of president that could not pass a standard background check.


If Paul came and ran, would you vote for him knowing his baggage?



Wise up and do the right thing!





Trump is not perfect, so I cannot vote for him! @realdonaldtrump

Trump is not perfect, so I cannot vote for him! @realdonaldtrump



Many on the extreme right saw Cruz as the model of their idea of the perfect candidate.


He said all the right things to woo the evangelicals and of course hid his dirty work under the covers so the “perfect” voters could feel good about casting their vote for a man that held their ideals and worshiped the same Jesus that they worship.

This person won Iowa by cheating and pulling Lawyer tricks.


This person took delegates that should have belonged to Trump again through Lawyer tricks, and when accosted by Trump his response was, “all is fair in love and politics” paraphrasing.

To garner his win in Utah “he” sent out a nude photo of Trump’s wife advertising to the UBER right wing Mormon class, that this was going to be their new first lady!


Back in the day, she was a model… 


Twenty-Six million evangelicals stayed home in 2012 because they could not stomach a Mormon in the White House.  We got Obama for a second term. How did that work out for you?


Here we are in 2016.

A self-made business man who has had ample opportunity to screw up his life, has managed to not only not screw it up but raise a family that manages to deal with wealth and not be totally rotten to the core.


This is a man that does not drink, smoke or do drugs yet he could easily afford the best, like many celebrities, athletes, etc. and he does not.  His vice is a milkshake at the ballgame with friends.


If I remember correctly Oreilly bought them!


I see many evangelical posts on social media saying that they cannot vote for Trump.  Alas, he is not perfect!

“No Christian should bow their knee to Trump; his past is questionable.”

Trump is not running for a theological leader of anyone.  Trump is running because he wants to give back to a country that has been good to him.

Self-funded the primary, handily beat 16 qualified candidates and now he has to survive $1.5 Billion dollars of negative ads, social engineering and right wing nut jobs who think that the next president should be Jesus himself!

Jesus is not going to run to save you from yourself!  He gave you a brain and reasoning skills and expects you to use them!

This next election is so important you have no idea.

The progressive agenda will utterly destroy what is left of this country after this last 8 years.


He never inhaled or learned what the meaning of “is is…” 


We will be $20T in debt because of this administration and have many more problems than answers for the next president to deal with.


I am not an apologist for Trump.

I know who he is. He is not perfect  Folks, we could do one hell of a lot worse than him.  If you stay home, you are voting for Hillary.  If you are willingly voting for her, you need to stop drinking the kool-aid.


If you can’t chuckle at this your not trying!


Isn’t it a good thing that God does not judge you as harshly as you judge Trump?

Vote to “Make America Great Again!” It’s the right thing to do!





#Trump @realdonaldtrump @megynkelly @DLoesch

#Trump @realdonaldtrump @megynkelly @DLoesch


I have not read the “National Review’s” hit piece on Donald Trump.  I have known that Glenn Beck has been in the tank for years for Cruz, as are many conservative talk show host.


The media takes everything that any of the candidates utter and try to make it into headline news. Trumps latest comment about Megyn Kelly got me to thinking.  Did he say that as a side comment, or is he really concerned about it? My gut feeling is he is not worried about it.  He probably expressed an opinion, and the news is running with it like a front page story.

By now, I would think that Trump should be able to handle any reporter with ease. Much like other candidates who do not like the question asked, they simply pontificate on something else.

  • Trumps poll numbers are in large part a representation of the nerve that he has tapped into.
  • The JV team is out of control and this administration does little to stop them.
  • In fact, they are giving their leaders back to them, who we had.
  • Over 70% of Americans said no to Obamacare; He did it anyway.
  • The sales job to Americans was a bold face lie. You can’t keep your doctor.
  • American jobs are going overseas at an alarming rate.
  • Illegal immigration is out of control.
  • The vets are being treated horribly.
  • Fast and Furious was swept under the rug.
  • The Racial divide is pre-1960 levels of bigotry … In large part because of Obama.
  • Jobs handed to non-Americans through Visa’s are out of control.
  • Our military is being crippled by this administration … why?
  • Political Correctness is a subversive attack of our first amendment rights.
  • Our 2cnd amendment is under attack by the loons who have body guards … with guns.
  • This president could not work with the house and senate when he had a majority!
  • The DC good ole boy club needs to go and Americans are frustrated by this.
  • China is eating our lunch but American companies are handing it to them.
  • Politicians are beholding to someone … Trump is beholding to Trump.
  • The 1973 Gas Crisis was a lie, as is Global Warming; American’s know this.
  • The jobs numbers are phony, as most of those are part-time BS jobs that people have to have two of.

It is easy to see why other candidates attack Trump.  I would be interested to know why those that wrote their opinion against him in that publication.  Trump appeals to conservatives and Liberals; is that why?

Bernie Sanders is out of touch with reality but he is telling people what they want to hear, hence his pole numbers.  Is Trump in the same place on the GOP side?

  • Lastly … Why is Hillary Clinton not sitting behind bars?


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Faraway places…

Faraway places…

Faraway places…

This time of year always seems to ground people…well me anyway.  We get so wrapped up in the “season” … that we forget what the season is about. As we make it through Thanksgiving, the rest of the turkey is either tossed or frozen along with the last bite of cranberry sauce; I cannot help but think of those less fortunate folks that would have non left to freeze or toss.

Troubles exists everywhere and you don’t have to look very far or hard to find them.  The bell ringers are out there in force and many; including myself have done a fair amount of shopping through Amazon or other such services.  Local retailers will certainly feel the sting of online purchases as we hear about an American Icon …Sears… that is headed for the scrapbook or dustbin of history.  Like so many shops before them; box stores and our shopping habits align the blocks and events of history in a sequence for them, “like dominoes in a row” to fall, or in this case fail.

The poor blame the rich, the government blames the rich, while taking their money for super packs and what have you, and the game goes on, not really identifying the problem.  Folks, government is the problem and cannot be the solution as it is currently flawed.  Those that make laws for themselves, which are different from the laws that you and I are saddled with, must be changed. There must be term limits for all of them…

I firmly believe that we only live so long, because the God in heaven that created us knew; that if we lasted too long, one person could gain so much wealth and power that they could literally create dynasties that would enslave an entire world forever.

Few understand micro economics, much less macro.  Some pay credit card bills, with other credit cards to get by, not even understanding the hole that they dig themselves into until it is far too late.  These credit card people make it easy to do with checks made for the express purpose of transferring money around.

Our leaders are doing the very same thing with their credit card, (the one that you pay) to the tune of $18.5 Trillion dollars and counting.  If leading by example is the plan, they are doing a bang up job!

Last week we had a full on assault on Christianity, which many consider the magnetic north of their moral compass.  It was no accident that this happened at a Christmas party, and yet the Washington Elites in their ivory towers, tried very hard to spin this as workplace violence, calling for more gun laws in a state that has some of the toughest gun laws around.  The Hollywood marionettes for the administration took to the tabloids, and airways to echo the administrations agenda which will only effect the law abiding among us.  They need to focus on mental health…

30 odd % of the folks would argue with this, as they are probably the few who cannot accept the truth, and only watch liberal media; which is the propaganda machine for DC.   Somehow they feel that Bernie Sanders is a viable candidate, which boggles my mind.  If however; it was a choice between Bernie and Hillary, I would pick Bernie; at least he is truthful certifiable but, truthful.

Those faraway places with strange sounding names, are calling me.

The places are not so much geographical places but, places in time… The country that I grew up in has been changed and I feel not for the better.  Special interests have taken control of our government and I firmly believe have transformed it into something that our kids will learn to hate.  Kids getting out of school today are not ready for the challenges that we were ready for.  While trades are necessary, we don’t even have those types of apprentice programs today.

Someone needs to get this country back to basics, before we really are making those small umbrellas for the Chinese to put into their drinks…

Those faraway places with strange sounding names might start with an A, and end with an A, as this place is … pretty strange…

“Spend wisely my friends…”


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There is a theme to my blog here, and it is simply that…insight or enlightenment…

I coined the phrase “mirror-time” In that one needs to know that person who looks back at them in the mirror.

Over the years I have given you clues like “know why you like, or don’t like something.”

I have asked you to examine why you did something a particular way.

Other things included looking for the truth outside of what you would like it to be, or your particular bias and once you find it, embrace it.  The truth truly will set you free….

The media in our country has divided this country driven by differing ideologies.  Social media is ablaze with ideas which are diametrically opposite of one another… We have devout socialist on one side and conservative capitalist on the other, and their opinions are driven by what the media and Hollywood are selling.

These folks who espouse that guns are evil, all have body guards with guns.  Folks who say that guns are a tool, turn a blind eye to the violence in this country.

Garbage in garbage out…

People who see the American way of life as “bad,” teach their children from a young age that dying while killing another people that they don’t like is glorious.  We have groups working with 3 year olds showing them how to kill someone, while extoling the virtues of it, while here we have people teaching their children to stifle their free speech; as to not offend anyone…

“There are none who are so blind, as those that will not see…”

Alcoholics refuse to believe that their drinking is a problem.

Drug addicts fail to see the connection between their use of drugs and a lifestyle that they have relegated themselves to while placing blame elsewhere.

Socialist, refuse to learn from history.  The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.

Some capitalist, don’t know when to stop.  How much money is enough?

Most politicians, lose their souls after they are elected, as power is such an aphrodisiac, that soon they rationalize that living in an ivory tower while looking down at the “little people” is there god given right.

(That is why we need term limits.)

When you start believing your own lies, or the lies of your peers…  You are lost.

The people, get it.  The people understand what the problems are, and that is why they have gravitated toward non-politicians.  Washington insiders are totally perplexed.  Like the men who flew the planes into the buildings on 911…  They truly believed what they’re doing was “right and good!” they were in fact delusional.  The man in the White House truly believes that what he is doing is “right and good.” Instead of looking in that mirror taking a selfie…  He should be looking in that mirror doing some soul searching…  He is lost.  His advisers who are all connected in some way to the liberal media, are also lost.  The voters have sent resounding messages to them and their response is to ignore those messages and find more voters in swing states who they can corrupt via scientifically targeted smear campaigns, to vote for them, or their kind.  Technology used in this way is in fact a cancer.  To corrupt the American way of life to fit an agenda that is anti-American, is by definition evil.

Once your mind is made up, you lose your objectivity…  You are of no value as a politician.  You are of no value as a voter.  As the matter of fact the opposite is true.  If you are unwilling to watch something else other than FOX or MSNBC, or CNN…  You actually harm the body that we know as the United States of America.

As the Brian Williams’s of the world are called out, you can at least know that somebody, somewhere, cares.  If groups have to make up the facts and otherwise lie to sell their agenda…  That should at least prompt you to dig into history.

We have lost our moral compass in this country, and somebody is trying to tell you what it is rather than what it should be.  In this case, history holds the key and you should look at it quickly before somebody rewrites it.  Talking with recent graduates from high school and college, one has to wonder if they have rewritten it, or simply stopped teaching it.

Back in the days of slavery it was illegal to educate them or teach them to read.  I would challenge the American people to look at their school systems today.  Is not teaching to the test, and ridiculous things like common core, not creating tomorrow’s  slaves?


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A note about #Trump

A note about #Trump

A note about Trump

I find it fascinating that the liberal media does not understand why Trump is where he is in the polls.

They think it has something to do with “thinking people,” not liking politicians, but they are not really sure.  “He is Teflon.”  they say, “He defies the laws of political gravity!….”

Trump cannot be bought by special interests, and that is what is resonating along with his, “in your face to PC speak” which has crippled this country for far too long! 

Add to this a complicit media that only reports on that which bring ratings, and only then if it fits an agenda of whoever they are supporting.

I think Americans are tired of being lied to and Trump, Carson, and probably Fiorina are Washington outsiders, who have yet to sell their sole to the devil that is the Washington DC Good old boys, what can you do for me” crowd.

Trump is most likely the only candidate that cannot be purchased by this crowd, and that is why (Washington insiders) are talking trash about him and, why he resonates with people, even if he is not the perfectly scripted, speech written by committee based on polls of different demographics, type candidate.  I find his rambling, unscripted style of speech refreshing, and if he wants to bitch about China at each speech, so be it.  He is what he is, and for that I will stand up and say Hell Yes!

If he “Trump” gets elected, how long do you think it will take to get the Keystone Pipeline started?  Do you think we will be spending more millions studying the effects on migration patters of birds or fish that are in some small creek?  The stalling will be over!  The Age of Bullshit will be over, at least political backscratching bullshit that has paralyzed this country for the last 7 years!

Twenty thousand (20,000) attended today’s speech, (not simply thousands WFAA) in Dallas, and I have no idea how many more watched it on TV but, I suspect that Wednesday, CNN will enjoy a boost to its ratings as never before, and it will be because of Trump, not the others…. (Sorry Ben and Carly) Those that choose to attack Trump at the Debate should tread carefully, he brought you that audience. 

I think Trump is right about this phenomena, I think it is a movement! 

Personally, I do not want to see another Bush or Clinton in the White house. I think it is time for the “dynasties” and Washington Elites to be dethroned, as they have time after time convinced the masses that they think that they are kings and emperors and other types of royalty who are above the law, who simply tolerate the little people.  “let them eat cake…”  Hillary still thinks she is above the law and this whole e-mail thing and the Benghazi lies are simply a right wing conspiracy!  Keep trying to sell those lies, you still have a few hard core believers…  Chris Mathews still loves you.

It is time for term-limits and hopefully we can get that enacted by getting the right person in the white house.  Whether that be Trump, or Carson, or Carly, I think Washington outsiders are a good start.

“Of the people, by the people, for the People, should be our battle cry!”

Our Government is accountable to us the people, and when they forget that, you get what we have, lawlessness! 

We also have pens, and phones, and Social Media and … we vote!


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Poll Numbers the #Trump enigma

Poll Numbers the #Trump enigma

Poll Numbers

Poll numbers of the presidential hopefuls are all over the map.  The media has been wrong since the inception of the Trump enigma.  They have been wrong because and not unlike most politicians they have not figured into the equation how pissed off most Americans are at this administration and politicians as a whole.

The Democrats have been whacked in two successive campaigns and Obama looks at that and I quote “I hear you, you want me to keep going.”  Instead of the truth of the matter; No, we want you to stop and turn around, you are taking us over the cliff!

Nobody could be this stupid, so I can only guess that with his pen and the phone, by-passing the House the Senate and the “people” is his way of doing those things which are so far out of his purview to do, that even the far left would dis-approve if they were not chained to the liberal agenda.

Politics interest me, as I have said in the past, this is all about manipulating the voters.

Democrats are pretty good at it and here is why I say this.

California is bankrupt, has some of the highest taxes in the country, hugely in debt with absolutely no rainy day fund, tons of crime and run solely by liberals.  Chicago has some of the highest crime rates in the country with some of the toughest gun laws and is run by democrats.  Detroit is just about a ghost town because of one failed progressive set of leaders, one after another and yes, liberals.

The voters are the people who suffer as the progressive leaders still live the life of luxury, and blame the conservatives, even though cities where conservatives run the city are thriving.   The voters who voted liberal philosophies, in their cities and watched them go down the tube. If they have the ability move out  where do they go; to red states where conservatives are and then do what, try to change it by voting their same old stupid way of progressive thinking!  Don’t you ever learn!?  Is liberalism a mental disorder?!

I would point out that Hitler was elected.

We as a people can no longer be afforded the luxury to sleep through this process.  While most of the people are charmed with social media, and all of the gadgets that we have, the progressive agenda is alive and well.  Bernie Sanders is a Socialist, and is gaining in popularity over Hillary.  Young folks today have no idea what Socialism is and equate it with “free stuff!”  Hillary Clinton the other day proposed making it legal for 16 year olds to vote.  Is she that damned desperate that she needs the pimple faced easily persuaded children to vote!?  YES, she needs those votes as well as the illegals as well as the convicts in prison, and even the dead!

Socialism only works until you are out of free stuff, and then someone like Stalin appears and the masses starve to death while the Stalin’s of the world sit back and watch from the tops of their ivory towers, sipping Champaign; and thinking with fewer people there will be less demand.  

Trump is literally sucking the air out of the room.  The people are paying attention to him.  He is flamboyant and is saying what folks want to hear.

  • Does he believe what he says?

One of the things that interest me about him is, that there is no benefit for him to run for president.  It takes a toll on your health, he already has ivory towers to perch upon.  He can have the best of the best and most probably does, so why run for a job that pays $174K a year?

All of the other candidates have that “want the ivory tower experience” as part of their motivation.  All of the other candidates would owe their allegiance to whoever their contributors were.  Trump needs nobody’s money. 

I think that the only thing that could screw Donald Trump up now would be if some other flamboyant billionaire decided to run on the other ticket.  Those guys however typically get others to do their dirty work, so I don’t see that happening.

We still have a long way to go, and Trump could get bored of the media attention so it is still anyone’s game.

If I were the other candidates I think I would leave sparring with the Don off the table.

Mr. Trump did not get where he is today by putting up with crap from anyone so, I don’t think you stand a chance playing on his field.

My advice to the other candidates is to not engage him in any way.  He thrives off of stuff like that and you won’t win.  State your case, why you think you are they best for the job and stay in your weight class.  Your only hope of winning is if Donald gets bored, and figures out that there is no financial gain for him.

To Mr. Trump, I hope you are serious and that you can find humility in your demeanor, as this is job for a serious contender.  A person like Reagan or even Washington.  A person who really does not want the job; but loves the country and the people enough to sacrifice 4 plus years of their life to put us back on track.

It really is about character, not charisma, or color, or ethnic makeup.


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Political Correctness, All lives matter and Trump

Political Correctness, All lives matter and Trump

Political Correctness

Americans are being duped by a complicit media and a very progressive bunch of politicians that PC is the new accepted way to speak.

In other blogs, I have spoken about how politicians “manage” the voters, PC speak is yet one more way of manipulating you.


Progressives hate the 1st amendment which says: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Political correctness abridges your freedom of speech and the technicality in that is, that congress is not enacting it, you are by allowing yourself to be shamed for thinking anything other than the progressive agenda.

So, to those out there that are afraid to say that “all lives matter,” shame on you!



If you think about it, white folks are not “white” in the truest sense of the word, they are pink or as I like to say, as an artist; a mixture of titanium white, yellow ochre and a little alizarin crimson..   You will notice that those are all colors, or as my European friends type it “colours!”  Beneath that very thin veneer of pigmentation, we are all red…

This is my main problem with the NAACPHow has this group been allowed to exists?  To me, that is a very racist group and needs to be abolished as does any group that promotes one breed or race of human over another.

If I were to go out and create the NAAWF, Al Sharpton and every other race baiter out there would be calling for my head on a stick! Mob mentality would surely rule.  Indeed, it would be every bit as racest as the NAACP

“White is a color!”

The next president of this great nation needs to recognize that white is a color too, and find ways to mend the fences between the people of this nation.  Diversity is one of the things that make America a great nation, and looking at the evidence, this president has gone out of his way to tear this country apart; picking at race, much like picking at a scab, is an easy way to do it.  A lot of white folks voted for Obama so he has no ground on which to stand, regarding his assertions.

I would call for the disbanding of the NAACP!  I would also call for the disbanding of any remnant of the KKK.  The Confederate Flag is much more than a symbol of race and to target it as the cause for the hate from one young person who is mentally ill, is a huge miss-direction of the problem, and I would guess some politician somewhere thought, directing the anger of the people to something that is inanimate would be much easier than allowing the growing divide between the races to be the “focal point” as this young person wanted!

We have more that unit us, than divide us but yet, we focus on that which is most destructive rather than those things that bond us a people.  It is past time for change; and we the people need to lead by example.

The Trump Enigma

THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE -- Episode 912 -- Pictured: Donald Trump -- Photo by: Ali Goldstein/NBC
THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE — Episode 912 — Pictured: Donald Trump — Photo by: Ali Goldstein/NBC

I have followed Donald Trump for years.

Why?  Simple, anyone that is that successful is worth studying.

  • How did he get there, what did he do to get there, how does he continue to do it?

Unlike most of the Billionaires’, Trump is more transparent thus, I believe that most of his business dealings are more transparent than say those of the Koch Brothers, or Mr. Soros.

Trump is a shaker and a mover and not afraid to make decisions.

His recent flip remarks about John McCain were just that, flip remarks and if you listen, he was entertaining an audience.  The audience loved him.  His remarks were not PC but I seriously doubt that he meant any dis-respect to the veterans.  As the matter of fact, he is fighting for them by all accounts.

Much like any comedian is not PC, Trump had them laughing; and I think took on the role of entertainer, as much as dealing with Frank Luntz.  Trump is no stranger to the lime light, so this is very likely the case.

So why is the media, and most of the GOP; and even the White House weighing in on this?

I am including this on this particular blog because this goes to the heart of the topic at hand… PC

Can you imagine if you had to carefully weigh each and every thought that came out of your mouth?  Each and every utterance is subjected to some sort of litmus test, of how it will poll!  How will the masses respond to it?  What will the media do with it?  What will your opponents do with it?  How will they spin it to make you look undesirable?

Take no prisoners!


One of the things that attracted me to Chris Christie is his outspoken demeanor.  As the matter of fact, that happens to be one of the reasons I like Joe Biden.  Obama talks from carefully written speeches prepared for him by someone from the bowels of the white house and it is only when he goes off script, can you get a sense of who he is. 

barney-fife (2)

I believe that whoever is pulling his strings, could make Barney Fife look presidential, as long as he can read and emote….

Donald Trump however; has no “string pullers.”  Donald has “no handlers.”  Donald is the “real deal” who is far from perfect but, he is who he is, and is not some puppet propped up in front a teleprompter to sell you on the idea that feces is actually edible, and you can trust it if the government puts a stamp of approval on it!

The rest of the hopefuls get their funding from people who would normally bet on the horses, which horse will come in first.  They are always in campaign mode to get more money, as becoming president is a high stakes game!

Donald owes nobody anything!  If Donald says that if you vote for him that he will take care of the veterans, he has nobody but the voters to answer to!  No political favors to repay!

In my humble opinion, that is why the media, and the other politicians are running scared!  Donald is a loose cannon in their eyes. He cannot be controlled by those who support him financially, because he does not need their money!


We know that he is smart, and a hell of a business man.  How will he deal with Putin?  Will he take his shirt off and ride some horse in the middle of the forest with a rifle in one hand and some dead animal in the other to show the Russians that he too has “balls!”


I think it is time we elect someone with balls, and not necessarily anatomical balls; just someone who can stand up to the world leaders and, flip them off if need be.  I am not suggesting a truculent attitude towards the other leaders in other countries, but i am suggesting that it is time for another Reagan.  We really need another “tear down this wall” moment.



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Monica for President 2016, She knows what “IS IS!”

Monica for President 2016, She knows what “IS IS!”

Monica for President 2016

Monica now

It is no surprise that as a White House insider, Monica would find her true calling as the next president of the United States!

She was privy to many secretive meetings of Clinton administration and should be well versed at dealing with both foreign dignitaries, as well as the highest level white house staff.clinton-intern-knees

Through her private tutelage under Bill, she learned what the definition of “is, is”.  Although it is clear that Bill is still a little foggy on the term.

Cute couple, yes?

Knowing her adversaries, well,  planning a successful campaign strategy should be a piece of cake, simply tell the truth as the Clinton’s have never tried that strategy before.XXX LEWINSKY A FEA  CA

I think that she is going to put away the blue dress and opt for red, as she is not happy with Democratic philosophy!


Yes, Monica for president 2016, its the only obvious choice!


Yes, this is satire…. Kind of like Hillary running should be!

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