Month: May 2013

Moral Depravity


I have often suspected that those who run for office probably have some underlying mental aberration that needs addressing.  In Anthony Weiner’s case there is no longer any doubt of his “issues,” which he really needs to deal with.

The sad truth is that people have a short memory.  Coupled with their lackadaisical attitude towards voting for the best person (i.e. character) there is a good chance that Weiner will get elected simply because he is a household name.  He actually has a “brand,” so to speak (in marketing parlance).  You would think that the Democratic Party would discourage him from being in the public eye but no, they seem to thrive on the attention, good bad or ugly.  Since the verdict is still out on what the definition of “is is” I am guessing that the main stream media will endorse his run for mayor, and paint him as simply misunderstood and really had no idea that the camera was on and pointed at his, well,… wiener.

Image Image

We condone a lack of moral character, we condone being caught in lies and deceit and we condone allowing our people being killed, doing nothing to help them and we condone the president “killing” American citizens with drones.  I often wonder if it is a matter of condone, or really just don’t care?

History will be the judge of all who are in power right now.  Unless they censure the truth and write their own version for the next generation to read and believe, I don’t think it will look favorably upon them or us; as we put them there.

I am unaware of what the “crotch shot” actually showed of Mr. Weiner’s, but if it showed his cojones, my guess is that they are brass.



It will be interesting in a “human interest” kind of way to see if the people actually vote for this person.

-Best to you and those that you care about!



Political Football



Finding the words to express my distaste of the media’s proclivity for ratings, at the expense of so many simply overwhelms me at times.  If ever you were in doubt that we are a fallen people, watch the news!


What happened here in Texas and yesterday in Oklahoma is and was terrible.  When we learn that someone or a group of someone’s decided that they did not want to spend the money on safe rooms for schools in OKLAHOMA (known for tornadoes,) is beyond comprehension! Criminal charges should be filed.  Stupidity should be criminal…. Especially if you are in a position to make decisions like this!


I read a tweet today that some people are so stupid that they should turn pro at it… Kind of fits here. 


Today on the floor of the US senate some democrat senator turned the whole thing in to a political football using his time to push for cap and trade, blaming global warming / cooling on this recent weather.  These people should be so ashamed of themselves!  I truthfully don’t know how they can look at themselves in the mirror in the morning.  Don’t confuse weather with global climate.. There are no supporting facts scientific or otherwise to sustain this.  The only “Facts” that have ever been displayed were later shown to be falsified to fit an agenda of selling carbon credits of which would drive the cost of goods and services up.  In laymen’s terms you would pay for the carbon credit; that would go into some politician’s pocket, much like the Freon debacle of the 80’s.


Even if there were supporting evidence, do you really think that you can legislate China or Korea or other countries to “clean air,” water etc policies?  Why in the hell do you think that our companies go over seas? They do it to get away from the EPA, OSHA, crippling taxes and other rules and regulations that we (you) impose on industry.  And oh yes, they pay slave wages to their people as well.  We do everything to drive business out of this country and then blame capitalism.  Can’t we strike a happy medium?  Evidently not, Government types who make the laws, well they have a job / salary / and really good health care plans for life, what do they care?  Let me answer that for you, they don’t! If it puts money into their pocket they care, that is it.


To put it in our president’s words, “it’s the process and it is messy!”  As an

American I can tell you, if that is the process, it needs to be changed!  The whole damned mess of them needs to be fired, until they listen to the people.


We the People…We the people are their boss. They work for us!  Someone needs to remind them of that and my friends you do that with your vote!  The process sucks Mr. President, and it needs to be changed!  Lead for once and change the process, do what is right for the country and not for your agenda, or your party!  It is time that we do things to bring this country back together as Americans, and not rich vs. poor, black vs. white or any other derisive activities that have been perpetrated on the people to fit an agenda of divide and conquer!


When the chips are down, you can see who we are.  When we put our “politics” aside to help our fellow man, you can see who we are.  Does it really take devastation and heartache to wake people up to the simple fact, that we are all one people? 


“Father, we lift up the people of Oklahoma and all of the other victims of the recent storms. We pray fervently for wisdom for our elected officials that they may be humbled out of their ivory towers; long enough to waken them from their delusions that they are somehow equal to you lord. We give thanks for those who have selflessly given of their money, time and energy to help those in need.  Please watch over us and keep us humble as well lord, so we do not fall victim to the plight of those who have been given so much power that they have lost sight of who they are, and what they are there for.  Father, place your arms around those that have lost so much in recent days and comfort them.  Bring people into their lives to assist them through this time and in the days ahead.  Awaken the people who decide things like “which school or building gets a safe room and which do not.” as it is not their decision, which life is more precious than another lord.  In your sons name…Amen..”













The changing seasons historically bring with it violent weather.  As the winter winds loose their icy grip on the north, they send wave after wave of cold fronts south and east which are met by dry lines and oh yes, the warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico.




This is dangerous combination of conditions and often will generate the weather that we have experienced the last few weeks and of course today.  It has nothing to do with climate change, it is simply weather. 




Keep the people of Oklahoma and of course CleburneTX in your thoughts and prayers as they grieve for the loss of loved ones, while picking the pieces up and try to continue on.




It is times like this that bring out the best in folks.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we all acted this way just because; and we didn’t need an F5 tornado to remind us to be nice to one another?




-Best to you and those that you care about.


Below you will find an “idea” circulating around


Below you will find an “idea” circulating around the internet through e-mail and alike.

Whether Warren Buffet had anything to do with it is really irrelevant.  The true issues are that power is a seductive force.  Once these folks make it to Washington they loose their soul.  Getting elected to congress is almost like winning the lottery!  They write laws that do not apply to them i.e. “insider trading.”  While you and I would go to jail (paging Martha Stewart) they not only can buy and sell stocks on what they know, they can create the environment with your money and invest before the company is granted some huge infusion of cash (bailout).  That is akin to betting on the results of a “fixed contest.”

Washington is dysfunctional and growing the monster larger is not the answer.

If this makes sense to you, just point your friends to this and see what they think. Re-Blog it!  A conversation regarding such things is always welcome and in fact, a healthy debate with educated people is actually exciting!  So read on and tell me what you think.



Winds of Change….

Warren Buffet is asking each addressee to forward
this email to a minimum of twenty people on their
address list; in turn ask each of those to do likewise.

In three days, most people in The United States of America will have this message.
This is one idea that really should be passed around…
*Congressional Reform Act of 2013
1. No Tenure / No Pension.
A Congressman/woman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they’re out of office.
2. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security.
All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.
3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.
4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 2%.
5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.
 This one seems like common sense doesn’t it?
6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.
7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are void effective 12/31/13. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen/women.
Two four year Terms
Congressmen/women made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in
Congress is an honor, not a career.
The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their
term(s), then go home and back to work.
If each person contacts a minimum of twenty people then it will only take three days for most people (in the U.S. )
to receive the message. Don’t you think it’s time?
 We can do better than 20 with Twitter, Facebook, and of course the power of the BLOG!
THIS IS HOW YOU FIX CONGRESS!  I would also add Washington.
If you agree with the above, pass it on.  Lets make it (dare I say it) Viral!





Some measure time by the ticking of a clock, others by the days of the week and still others by the years that pass.

One of my favorite songs has a line in it about “being in the autumn of my life.”  That sounds almost forlorn in retrospect.

The truth (you know how I like truth) of the matter is that most of us measure time by the weekends.  We relish the hour when Friday afternoon rolls around and we can take some “time” to go out, sleep in, golf or what have you.

I used to watch people walking into the office on Monday morning and then watch them leave as the evening skies turn a pale shade of azure with crimson overtones flashing across the skies, dancing across the few clouds that sailed by.

In the morning people are full of life.  There is just about a glow to most of them.  Around twilight, the glow has turned to hollow, shadowed facial structures.  The enthusiasm that they greeted the day with has long since departed, leaving them bereft of cheerfulness.  They are in fact vapid, of that essence of “life!”

Looking upwards towards the kaleidoscope display of nature’s own brand of art, is not even a passing thought.  We have lost our way in the maze of time clocks, political correctness, rules and social mores.  We have forgotten how to be “us.”

Making our way with the throngs of other drones either by bus train or car we head to that last bastion of relief, our homes.  Summoning the last bit of energy in reserve, they “we” plod through our charted course until we finally can collapse into our beds, maybe even inviting death’s “sting” as we contemplate the day today, and start thinking about tomorrow.  Would that “sting” really be so bad?

The weekends are fraught with their own unique brand of dull drum, as we now must take care of the things that did not get taken care of during the week.  This thing called life happens on those days of the week that end in “Y,” and many of us may wonder “why” we chose the path that we did.

Time can be measured in heart beats.  I truly believe that time is relative in that manner as the creatures with the fastest heart beat seem to live the shortest amounts of time, conversely those with the slowest, seem to live much longer.

We sell our selves every day, one heart beat at a time.  Every heart beat that you spend, is one less heart beat that you have left.  Since we do seem to measure time with our hearts may I humbly suggest that you fill your life with love and laughter?  Life is too short to be angry.

I overheard a man today complaining about his employer at great lengths, regarding their intelligence, their breeding and so forth; and I could not help but notice that he was working for them.  His brand of “living” was to sew seeds of his discontent to fellow workers and stew in his lot in life.  We could talk about negative and positive energy but that is a topic for another day.  Do you know that when you are upset or angry, cortisol is released; the stress hormone. Does it really pay to be “angry,” Only if you want to shorten your life, and the lives of those people around you!

Time is what we make of it, and we are all the stewards of that time.  Tomorrow will take care of itself, live for right now, in the moment.  Enjoy what you do even at your work for there are no do-over’s, this is it!

You can do that with what I call PMA, the diametric opposite of PMS, to borrow that awkward condition in some women’s lives, as an example.

Positive Mental Attitude

It takes practice but after 45 days of doing it, you will be a different person. I have been practicing it for years and I do not look like those that I described earlier.  As the matter of fact I appear quite young for my age.  I guess I will have to write about that one day soon.  In short, don’t get caught in others negative attitudes and don’t ever project one.  Life is too short to hate, to be angry, to live in a constant state of turmoil.

Allow me to share one brief story of how I discovered PMA.

I had a job that involved going out to customers’ locations, carrying a 40 pound box of tools, parts and so forth to repair what needed to be repaired.  While I really liked what I did, and I enjoyed dealing with people, I really loathed the fact that parking was a hassle; it was in the south so high humidity and pop-up rain showers were normal on top of being in a large city.

One day I parked blocks from where I needed to go, as it was raining so all of the “close up” parking was taken.  The rain in this case was caused by a tropical storm sitting on top of the city, in short rain was moving horizontally as well as vertically.  Wearing dress clothes(very wet ones), carrying that tool bag, slogging through running water, I finally made it into the building.  Another older gentleman was behind me, so I held the door for him.  As we climbed into the elevator I began grumbling about the weather, the day etc.  As I was trying to engage this man in conversation as “I do that” his demeanor was very much different from mine.  He seemed content if not jovial.  He took off his hat and allowed the water to run onto the floor and patiently listened to me while I droned on about the rain.

Before he left he passed this on to me and I have never forgotten it.  “Son, anytime you wake up sucking air, it is a good day!”  We were at a hospital for cancer treatment, and I can only assume that he was a patient.  I had discovered PMA!

Those words rattled around my head for that day, the next and so on.  Every time I am having a tough time, those words re-play themselves they in fact, resonate with my soul; I usually strike a grin and silently thank that man for sharing that one bit of advice.  Rarely do I have “bad days” any longer.  It put things into perspective for me and it is my prayer that this may help someone else who is having a “bad day.”

Take a moment to smell the roses, watch the clouds, and my personal favorite is to watch the ocean.  I can sit there for hours just watching the waves and listening to the seagulls and other birds going about their day.  That is time well spent..

-Best to you and those that you care about!




There are many people who have “danced on the silver screen” in my lifetime.  There are many that I would watch the movie simply because they were in it.  This held true for the “silver screen” and of course the purchase of same via “laser disc, (yes I go back that far) video tape, DVD and of course Blue Ray.

It was not until I found the Hollywood elite; espousing their opinions on political issues did I take notice of the perfection to which their craft was honed.  One guy, who I really like; on his twitter profile says that he is a: professional pretender.  Yet he elucidates his opinion as if it were fact; which many take as such, as he plays a news anchor on the tube.  One would not let Alec Baldwin fly the jet as he plays a pilot, neither should you take their opinion as the gospel.

There are others that I admired as well until they open their mouths, unscripted, and now I find them an ignorant, bigoted, waste of skin!  To be so talented at your craft to fool the country is akin to being a politician!  While I congratulate you on your skill, thanks for the look behind the curtain.

I will no longer enjoy the programs with you in them, as I don’t like the “real” person who you are or, that you have become.

We all have talents and of course opinions.  If you happen to be a thespian and you choose to proffer some factoid on being such, good for you.  To speak with authority on that which you clearly know nothing about, is bad form, and misleading to those that listen to you.

While we clearly give you that power, remember dear friend, it can be stripped away as easily when you remove the cloak, and give us a peek at the monster behind the mask.

I also take issue with those in Washington, holding in high esteem as role models those who sully the name of entertainer, by their vulgar behaviors, their lewd clothing and or dance, and their rather offensive words in their “music.”

What legacy  are we as a people leaving behind?


Thanks for reading my blogs, and as always, –Best to you and those that you care about!

Viri-The Truth about Bugs


Any of you who have read any of my blogs know that I have a thing for “the truth.”


We live in a society today that regards the truth as an inconvenience.  So here is the truth about anti-virus software from someone’s perspective that fought the very first virus in 1981, without the benefit of anti-virus software, on a 300 node network.


I cannot personally get into the mind of someone who creates these things.  One wonders why someone would spend the time to create a piece of software that literally is destructive in nature, when the person who created it cannot watch the affected person anguish over his or her brand new PC running at the pace of a snail.


Normally, (I say normally like I know,) but it is my opinion that when someone does something malevolent, they want to witness the carnage; much like the people who killed and maimed so many in Boston.  They hung around to watch the chaos, carnage and all of the injured people and then took some sort of “delight” in their handy work as expressed by their smirk.

When I think of someone who might create viruses, I picture some fat, anti-social kid with pimples, sitting around in his mother’s basement, in his underwear, trying to figure out some way to “show-em” that he is important, by creating a virus. I think that it is more than that however. While I do think that stereotype might fit some of them, I believe that it goes much deeper than that. (Don’t bully the nerds.. They are people too.)


Since a million or so viruses are written each year, you know that there must be millions of programmers writing them, or at least hundreds of thousands.  Some claim that it is the Russian mafia.  I was not aware that Russia had a mafia but I guess if we have one, so should they…


There is a practical use for viruses in that they have something called key loggers, that in fact will copy your keystrokes and when certain key words or phrases are caught, the passwords to you bank account and or credit card information are sent off to someone who compiles a list of such numbers, and sells them to the highest bidder.


Some viruses are written in such a way as to replicate when you try to delete them.  Just when you think you have your system cleaned, the virus pops up again and does its thing.


Others are time bombs, sitting harmlessly on your machine waiting either for an event or date to activate.

There are far too many to write about but, you get the idea.  The only way to be 100% protected from an infection is to never hook your machine to the internet and never put any software on it.  Sounds impractical doesn’t it, well, it is!

There are many different anti-virus software packages out there, some cost big dollars, and some amazingly are free!


I plan on looking at this one soon…

First Truth -With anti-virus software, you usually get what you pay for, and if it is free, it is not worth what you paid for it!

While I will admit that free is better than nothing, it is only slightly better.

While no antivirus software is sacrosanct, some are much better than others.  The trick is to find one that not only is layered in such a way to handle your basic anti-virus functions but, also takes care of your e-mail; as the largest percentage of infestations come in through e-mail; unless of course you are big into porn.


Ok, that was a challenge to find something that I could post..

Yes I know that the internet was made for porn…not really, but that is most probably the reason that the internet took off as it did. Porn is in fact a huge business with lots and lots of dollars spent on it… Another blog for another day.

I have removed viruses from computers that had each of the popular anti-virus software on them.  That tells me that there is no silver bullet.  How could there be as there are millions of viruses out there are more are created each and every day!


Currently, I am sold on Eset-Node32  Do I still see infected computers that have this, yes, but not near as many as some of the others.


The bottom line here is this; don’t skimp on anti-virus software.  If you purchase it, and support the company, and others do as well, than they can afford to keep folks busy searching for new viruses and devising ways to defeat them, as well as improving the product.

Full disclosure, I have no vested interest in ESET.  My opinions are my own and are derived from years and years of removing viruses.  Tomorrow you may ask me which is the best and I may like Trend or Norton… Today and for the last few years it has been ESET.  I often evaluate other brands, as I need to know for myself, so I can feel confident promoting one over the other.

Second Truth- When evaluating software, look for something that has a light footprint.


What do I mean by that?  One of the reasons I dumped a trusted anti-virus package is that its footprint was so huge, that I could not use my PC.  It actually was worse than having a virus, as the utilization was high and the memory it took to run was astounding! While the pc was kind of protected, it was unusable.

PC magazines and consumer reports are good places to look.  I like to talk with the “nerds” at the computer store as they see even more of this than I do.  By the way, when I say nerd, I say that with utmost appreciation for them, as I are one albeit and old one, or “seasoned.”

I actually have a favorite virus if you can believe that.  Back in the early 80’s someone wrote the “pong” virus modeled after the video game “pong.”   How this would work is you would be in WordPerfect just typing away on that miserable blue screen and all of the sudden out of nowhere a “pong ball” would appear.  It would start traversing your 13 inch CGA monitor and as it came in contact with one of your characters in your document, the letter, would tumble down to the bottom of the screen.  I give them an A for creativity but, as clever as it was, it still destroyed the document as it was un-recoverable.



Could not find a picture of the pong virus so … I like Homer..


Once we networked the PC’s even in the world of DOS, the virus found a home in that once in, it had access to hundreds of computers and servers.  When Al Gore invented the internet, (can’t let that crap rest,) now we can infect millions of PC’s; world wide!

Be sensible where you go, don’t open attachments that you are not expecting, get a good anti-virus software and scan your machine every so often.  There are many good tools on the market to help as well and that too is another blog for another day.

If your experience is different from mine or you have some experience to share… Comment!

-Best to you and those that you care about!

Space Pollution, a possible niche market for someone with deep pockets


Since this “political football known as sequester” we need someone who wants to tame the new frontier, to “boldly go….” Ok enough..

Calling Bill Gates, or any of you other billionaires out there with nothing to spend your money on….  I have a proposition for you! Read on to hear my plan…

One year ago, in April, we just about lost a $960.000.000 telescope to a defunct Russian spy satellite.  Quick thinking on the part of several people managed to save our telescope however; the risk remains and it is not getting better, but worse.


With each and every launch, other “stuff” is left in space to orbit, and slowly fall back to earth.  Depending upon the altitude and velocity, it could take weeks, years, decades or centuries for the orbit to decay enough for the earth’s gravity to pull it back down.

The good news is that things fall back to earth often and usually burn up during the re-entry process , falling harmlessly into the ocean or some other body of water, the Canadian Wilderness or the Australian outback.  This is just about a verbatim statement from “those who know.”  I for one am glad that these things only fall where people aren’t; pretty clever of them to arrange that.


Truth be told, (you know how I like truth) this claim is made because 70% of the earth is covered with water of one kind or another.  If you have ever gambled you know that it is all about the odds, which are derived from percentages of one thing or another.


By last estimates there are 23,000 pieces of space junk and about 1500 satellites give or take the dozens that neither country will admit to.  That means that there are about 24,500   objects up there with no planned way of removing them safely. I think that we actually have an “end of life” policy created for ours, if the thing is still functional.


The hazards are increasing exponentially with each and every launch and of course should two satellites collide as they did in 2009 at hyper speeds, lots of space junk gets released into orbit.  The collision between Iriduim 33 and Kosmos 255 was not the only collision in space.  In fact there have been 8 known high speed collisions and several minor collisions.  Someone gets paid to keep up with each and every little thing up there.  How well do you think they do their job?


As of yet, there are no Universal treaties as to who does what in space; so the problem continues to get worse.  The lawmakers are too concerned about anything but what they should be, so don’t look for help from any government.

Along come the visionaries…


Well maybe not these folks…

We need some visionaries to come up with a way to reclaim the space junk.  Instead of figuring out ways to make a weapon more precise or more lethal, how about working on this problem before it is totally out of hand?


I actually have an idea that might work.  Scientist have proposed building a type of tractor (not like the one on Green Acres) but a “Space Tractor” to snag or deflect an asteroid causing its trajectory to change enough to save the earth.


What if…we tested that theory on some space junk?  What if…. we slowed the orbit of some space junk down enough so its orbit would decay at a more rapid rate, and maybe, just maybe with some practice, we could manage where and when it would fall, not using the current Vegas method of science, but real science.  Instead of trying to deflect an asteroid first, start out with something small and closer to home like, a defunct satellite.  One could actually make a business out of it, and charge Millions!  Why does it take a science fiction writer to come up with this stuff?   Maybe if the space station has enough mass they could figure out a way to test the theory with it.  It is already up there, with a crew and everything!


No, Ok well how about this?


If any of you happen to know Michio Kaku; or the guy that demoted Pluto, or some other notable “scientist,” forward this to them.  If you know Bill, give him my best and show this too him but, sell it as the newest form of software development.  Someone would have to write the stuff to control this thing, right?.  I would love to hear why it would not work or why it is not a good idea.  Personally, I think if the nation(s) could focus on something else, other than politics, it would be a good thing. If any of you scientist need any more “out of the box thinking”…call me….phone is write here…waiting….

-Best to you and those that you care about.

Why do I think that UFO’s are not visiting us?


Why would they?

The only reason’s that “aliens” would come to this planet would be to exterminate us, and take the planet for themselves, or to simply take its resources or, manage us, much like we manage the deer population.  They might very well find sport in hunting us; and they might have a taste for human flesh.

Then of course we have the ET or Alf varieties, who just want to make friends and possibly eat our cats.


As a race of people, we are a violent race.  While some countries are “more mature” than others, there are elements or factions in this world who are malevolent in nature, and in fact still “live by the sword!”

There are other factions that enslave us with their corrupt, power hungry, narcissistic, maniacal, psychotic view of life, bent on gaining even more power or money, damn the cost!    I would ask them, how much money is enough?  Writing laws by the thousands, in order to enrich their lives by taking from the peasants.  No race or group is sacrosanct, they just manipulate us into believing that we are.

There is a list on the internet of the wealthiest men.  Bloomberg is worth Billions; is it any wonder that he now acts like a god; telling you what you can eat or drink or smoke.  Take your billions and go retire somewhere, buy an island and don’t take any guns or soft drinks.


There are factions on this earth who have been at war with one another most probably since they were in caves; learning to master fire.  There is in fact nothing that we have to offer a space traveler other than entertainment, much like the Romans throwing Christians to the Lions for being unpatriotic and not worshiping their gods Jupiter, Mars, Juno and Vesta.  Then they might want to do like the writers of Star Trek suggest in one episode, (original version), pitting one human against another in some sort of competitive sport where they fight to the death, with the aliens betting on which one would be victorious. Whatever a quatloo is worth in our money, maybe we should print some, just in case.  Actually thinking about it that was kind of a theme, I still remember the Gorn, do you?


My personal feelings are that if we were visited by a friendly race, we would be chastised for how noisy we were as a planet, and warned not to bring our war mongering ways outside of our planet.  I would in fact welcome such a visit as then, just maybe the super powers and the war mongering idiots of this world would see that there are bigger things out there other than themselves and their petty bickering.  Personally, I think they are all so wrapped up in their own agendas, that they truly can’t see the forest for the trees!

They all in fact need a “time out!”


Technology has truly outpaced our humanity.  We have “scientist” sending signals into space, looking for a response as well as SETI, much like the Short Wave Listeners of years ago, just listening to see what they hear.


We have more and better ways to kill one another.  We have created WMD’s that will kill off the inhabitants, while leaving the infrastructure in tact.  We have such a low value for human life that we call it a women’s choice vs. what it truly is “murder,” and then we make it a political lever or football in order to paint one side in a negative light.  We kill innocent people, in order to make a point of how “bad ass we are” and than threaten that you had better capitulate to our god, or more will die.


As far as a race coming here to take our resources, I have serious doubts that we would be worth the trouble.  There are far too many worlds out there that most likely have no life at all or possibly simple microbial life, at the beginning of its evolutionary cycle.  One has to wonder if Aliens did visit us, would they consider us at the beginning of our evolutionary cycle.

Carl Sagan was a man that I admired, and while I loved his shows, his brilliant forward thinking mind, I can not help but wonder if sending a map, to where we are; out into interstellar space was a good idea.  Hopefully by the time it is discovered, we will have evolved as well.  If when found and we are visited what will they find?  A functioning world with intelligent beings, or a world wrapped in nuclear winter?


Any alien passing by, on their way to who knows where, most certainly would listen to our broadcast, and if they could make sense out of them they would know that they would most likely be met with hostile threats or actions from some nation on this planet, probably multiple nations as the proliferation of nukes make there way into the hands of people who are not of sound mind and body, or have such twisted ideas of man and morality that most “normal” people, would not recognize them as sane.  They may in fact pass us by because of the hostility that exists on this world deeming us simply not worth dealing with; just to get a few cats.


-Best to you and those that you care about!