Dining in North Texas

Dining in North Texas

It is no surprise to anyone that knows me; I enjoy eating out.

Today I wanted to talk about a Mexican Restaurant that I take clients to often called 7Salsas. http://www.7salsas.com

Today I took a client there early; as to get in and avoid the usual rush.  After parking and walking up to the door we discovered that the place was closed.  Somehow or other the city damaged a water line feeding the row of restaurants and shops thus putting them out of business, on Valentines day.

The lady that greeted us quickly explained the issue and handed us three discount tickets for their sister restaurant, Salsas Mexican Grill.  Upon arriving there, the parking lot was pretty much filled to capacity and I was afraid of a wait.  We made our way through the line to learn that you place and pay for your order, get your own drink and have a seat.

I typically avoid places like this for several reasons.  When I am taking a client out to eat I don’t want them “fending for themselves.” This was not much better than a fast food place.  With food prices being what they are, this food should come with a smile and lots of service.  I over tip, but I expect good service.  If you simply want to grab a quick lunch and get back to the office; than this place might work out for you.  The place was crowded, the isles were narrow and instructions as to what to do were lacking.  I had to ask as I thought that maybe we were in the takeout line.

I wish that I could rave about the food; I can not.  I have had Mexican TV dinners that had more flavor.  The chips were not warm, and when the food was delivered it was cool around the edges and barely warm in the middle.  In stark contrast to 7

Salsas which I would give a strong 8 out of ten; I would give this place a 3.

To their credit they were trying to recover from an unfortunate turn of events and very possibly on a normal day their food might have been better.  They made good on the coupons and tried to make up for the inconvenience, the food was not impressive.  We all ordered the special of the day which I thought would make it simpler, perhaps it was too simple.

Look for more reviews, as I am either impressed or stressed about dining places and other places that I try in the area.  –Best to you and those that you care about!


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