Taming Madness

While I try to keep in mind that life is about the journey and not the destination, often I find my-self in the perfect juxtaposition of chaos and tranquility.  It is all about choices.


Do I engage the foolhardy, tilting at windmills, or do I take time to enjoy the serenity of the moment and not engage their madness and make it mine as well. 


Life is about moments.  When looked at as a whole, the task of determining your path is daunting.  When however you realize that from one moment to the next, there are decisions; which determine how the next moment will play out. 


Feeling that tension well up within your soul is a message, which bears paying attention to.  Paying attention to details such as this can add years to your life and makes that life worth living. Ignoring them, conversely the opposite is true.  All too often we feel that our destiny is in the hands of our circumstances.  This is a lie that we tell ourselves in order to rationalize the decisions that we make. It is easy to place blame on our fellow travelers but you know in your heart that is not the case.  You made the decision that put you where you are, not them.


From one moment to the next, pay attention to those choices.  Is it madness or serenity which you seek? When in doubt, simply stop.  Remove yourself from that environment and allow your mind to go blank for just a moment.  The path ahead has many detours speed bumps and potholes.  Not all roads are made of gold. If the road you chose turns out to be the wrong one, admit the error and turn around.  Many of us fall into a trap of not wanting to admit the error and blindly plow ahead, doing the same thing day after day expecting different results.  Turn Around..


While some religions and philosophies will argue that we have many lives and that we come back again and again until we get it right; I would argue that you are here, now, lets get it right this time, just in case this is the only time that you get.  Turn around!


What I call mirror time is simply a way of examining yourself, not physically unless that helps you but more importantly your heart, the actions and decisions that you have made which have you in the place that you are in. When you take ownership of your actions, and your circumstances, then and only then can you dissect the minutes and decisions ahead to make course corrections. Own your stuff…


-Best to you and those that you care about.









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