I blog for enjoyment.  While I write science fiction for authorship; I blog to work on my craft, to enlighten others, and to exchange ideas in a format that is inclusive of all civil discourse.

Some of the pictures I post, I have taken, some I have gleaned from the internet, from one place or another.   

Please keep in mind that I have no pecuniary interest in this blog, and make no money from it what-so-ever.  Most of this blog is a public service, as I do offer much free advice in the IT arena; I have been at it professionally since 1982.

I would like to think from the numerous e-mails and comments that most of you find it entertaining, and some of the blogs are meant for just that.

Occasionally, someone will search their picture and find that I have posted it.  Most of the time I get a message from them telling me that they are glad that I liked it enough to use it, and are surprised how it gets around.  Much like the pictures on Pinterest are re-posted by the thousands.

If the owner of the photo would like, I will actually give them credit for it in the subtext, as I have done with many pictures, as I would like to give credit where credit is due.  I also do that with text that I have copied from other places in the footnotes.  If you write it, you should get the credit.  I will even post a link to where I found it for others to follow, if they so choose.  If they have a © by it of course, I will honor that and not copy it.  I may still post a link to it if I reference it but, I honor the copy write as I would hope others would honor mine.

Pictures add to the blog I think, in that it breaks up the text, and a lot of folks are visual in nature.

Having said that, if you find something on my blog that is yours, and you would prefer that I not use it, just let me know and I will happily remove it. While I do make an effort to use pictures that are not marked with a ©, I understand ownership and intellectual property etc.



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