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Enlightenment and the Truth

So I have  few thoughts that I wanted to share with you.

If you have read the first page of this blog you know that I am interested in Enlightened Conversation. Enlightened conversation however; depends upon “enlightenment.”

It should be no surprise to anyone that has read any of my postings that I am a Star Trek Fan, from the first episode with William Shatner getting all the girls; and the guy in the red shirt dying of some horrible attack, to every version there after of the series. The consistent trait among them however is the red shirt guy dies.   You would think that the red shirt people would figure this out.  🙂

As a writer, even since the beginning, I appreciated well written scripts.  Most have no idea when they watch something on TV or at the movies, why they either liked it; or hated it.

Look inside First

Part of the process of becoming more than you are, is to know yourself. “Well that is just stupid, I know myself, my name is this, and I live here, and so on and so forth.”  Truth be told, most folks really don’t know themselves, they know of themselves.

Most people act in a mechanical nature following their programming, not unlike the animals that trod the sod or fly in the air above us.

  • The sea turtle comes ashore at a certain time and lays its eggs and leaves again for the eggs to hatch and for the hatchlings to head to the water where most of them will be food.
  •  Some birds know to head south in the winter and north in the summer but they don’t know why?  What we don’t know for sure is how?
  •  Some butterflies migrate as well; do they really know what they are doing?
  •  Primates learned to make, and use tools to achieve an end result.
  •  Whales communicate and we suspect Dolphins do as well.

What we don’t know about this world, and the creatures that are on it would fill entire libraries.

The same can be said about ourselves.

Start with this simple exercise, each time you are moved in some way by someone or something ask yourself why.  What about that book did you like or not like.  What about that movie did you appreciate or detest. Than, ask the magic question of why…

If I talk with you about late term abortion.

I mention that the doctor pokes some scissors into the base of the Child’s skull making a small incision, clipping the brain stem from the spinal cord, killing the child.  From there he puts a suction device in and sucks out the child’s brain so when pulling the baby out, the skull will easily crush, not damaging the mother.

I know how I feel about it and why; how do you feel, and why?

What if you are looking at a painting of a lovely lady, sitting on a blanket under a tree, on a sunny day?  She is wearing a light white dress that the wind blows up past her knees on occasion. She is sitting there with a picnic basket, some wine and a book.  The sunlight pokes through creating small silhouettes of light on her, here and there as the breeze blows the leaves on the tree.  In the distance there is the ocean and a beach with families at play.  The seagulls are dancing in the wind while a young man approaches the tree from behind with a rose in his hand.

How does that picture make you feel, why?

It is not simply good enough to hate something or like something, you must know why!

Every time your emotions are plucked, know what plucked them.  When you are moved, know what moved you.

With Star Trek it was simple for me to appreciate Gene Rodenberry’s vision of a Utopian world where we had evolved past greed.  Truthfully, I think Next Generation did a much better job of this however; I never understood what drove people to do anything if they could have anything that they wanted by simply getting the replicator to create it.  So, is greed a motivator?  Why “Boldly Go,” if getting something in return was not a motive?

What drives you to do what you do?  With most of us it is some form of remuneration for our efforts.  Let’s face it; we live in a dystopian society currently, with a hint of 1984 looming over the horizon.  We have a government that fabricates the narrative as they go along, to suite some agenda.  We have smart phones that may very well be spying on us through some NSA covert initiative that was put in place by the same folks who developed the porn scanners at the airport.  We have drones that the government can fly over a mile from your house and look through an open window and count your freckles!

We have a percentage of the masses that believe whatever garbage comes out of Washington as the gospel.  These folks are truly lost and victims to their own programming and failure to think outside the box.  These folks are the kinds of folks that need that box so they understand the boundaries and try to live within them, or figure out a way to take advantage of the structure as they understand it.  You will not catch them asking why they “like” or “hate” or do what they do, as according to them it is their nature, it simply is.  It is simpler than that, it is their programming and all they know, and want to know.  Please don’t confuse them with the facts!

The Ferguson riots are a perfect example of emotion overrunning common sense or the programming.  Darren Wilson by the laws that everyone accepts was cleared of any wrong doing.  The young man that was shot was seen on video robbing the convenience store and roughing up the owner.  Before he left you see him once again come back and come after the store owner in a threatening manner.

Now he continues on with this behavior with a cop. I don’t know how high he was or how far out of his right mind that he was but, you don’t screw with a cop! They have all the cards.  With a cop it is yes sir, no sir here are my hands in plain sight sir!  Anything else is well, stupid!

A grand jury clears the cop of all wrong doing so the people of the town burn down their own town and vandalize their own shop owners etc etc..  Is that programming, or nature?

Governments around the world understand people, the way we think and how closely we mimic animals, and play to those facts.  Functional idiots would be the ideal populous for any government, as they would do as they are told, and not question their leaders.  They would work at some prescribed task and give a portion, or have a portion of their money taken from them to support those that “pull the strings.”

No, not wearing a tin hat, don’t fall prey to conspiracy stuff.  I know technology and people and I am a science fiction writer.  Many things written by science fiction writers become science fact.  We think outside the box and leave the math to those that communicate with algebraic nomenclature and obscure symbols that only a scant few truly understand.  I would maintain that math holds those folks back from thinking outside the box because their formula does not support it.  It is only when one of them dares think that their formula may be wrong, do they look outside the box.

To be anything more than an automaton, takes work.  People are naturally lazy and take the easiest path, or path of least resistance. Some however do not. Some ask, “why?”

What about you?  Why ask why?

What kind of work does it take?  First and foremost it takes getting to know that person looking back at you from the mirror.

Why do we do what we do?

Enlightenment consists of knowing yourself first.

Once you start analyzing why you do what you do, you can then begin to understand what might motivate someone else.  Instead of blindly following your programming, you can choose a different path.

The folks in Ferguson were manipulated to do the bidding of some by using their emotions.  It is so easy to manipulate someone with their emotions it is laughable.  You know that you have been manipulated through guilt, into doing things that you did not want to do.  I think some churches use guilt to get you to tithe more, or to come more often to church.

Your wife of mother in law may guilt you into doing something that you do not want to do.  Guilt is a great emotion to manipulate you with.  Another is hate.

 “Hate is a poison that you take expecting it to affect someone else!”

We have a government for whatever reason is fomenting racial hate.  No one alive today had anything to do with slavery yet we hear more about it today than twenty years ago.  It serves a purpose to foment racism and I think it is to stir up the democratic base, when in fact the Democratic Party historically is the party that oppresses black people.  When you don’t know history you are doomed.  Americans have a short memory, and attention span and they know it and depend upon it..


I would proffer that it is natural to be bigoted against that which is different from you.

I would argue that part of your programming is to reject people of a different race in order to propagate your particular genetic line.  I would also point out that the male of the species “whatever the species” will stick his “business,” into just about anything, including a knot hole, to achieve the end result.  Again, programming and a reward system, which would lead to mutations in the gene pool of that species.  That by the way is my argument for macro evolution.  I don’t think that we just magically appeared as human one day, I think species intermingled and over time nature found a way to create viable species which too intermingled.  That intermingling is still in progress as today we have inter species procreation much more than just a few years ago. People (some people) are thinking outside the box, and their programming and moving beyond differences of colour and race. There is hope!

One prime argument against this is, “Well why did evolution stop?”  Who said it stopped?  Firstly, we human beings cannot fathom 4.5 billion years.  We have nothing to give context to that amount of time.  We live an average of 70 years.  That is not very much time!  We see beds that our ancestors used only a generation ago and note how short they are.  What we don’t put together is that we are much taller than they were.  We know that the appendix is a useless organ and is shrinking because our diet has changed and it is no longer needed.  If we look and are open minded we will see other signs that evolution of the Darwinian kind, is indeed happening. Is there a designer to this evolution?

While part of the programming in all animals is to reject that which is different, thinking people can look past those differences and indeed some do.  Part of the programming consists of a pairing of people simply by physical characteristics.  Things such as symmetry and physical build of the male as well as broad hips and large breast of the female.  This is programmed into us and useful for successful procreation.

When we were cave folks wearing nothing but lots of hair, things were exposed.  Women might have chosen to pair with men that were, well muscular and well hung, while guys most certainly looked at that which would better facilitate successfully bearing young.  Sex back then would most certainly have been Pavlovian.  If sex did not feel good and did not have a “reward,” I doubt that any species would be here.  Let’s face it; sex at its basic level is work! If done right, lots of work!  If you don’t think that there is some powerful programming at work, think again!

If you stop and think about it, there is really nothing attractive about genitalia at all.  I am amazed that gynecologists have any type of sex life after working with genitalia day in and day out.  My guess is that the reward system of procreation and the programming of that same “sub routine,” overrule that of the id, the super ego and the ego.  While the super-ego may try to rationalize what you are seeing the id is strong thus the programming of the id seems to supersede that of the super-ego and the ego.

And speaking of genitalia, an interesting thing about the penis that puts it into perspective is the design of the tip or Glans is such, that if inserted after someone else, it will actually pull their seed out and make room for yours, if yours is larger then the previous occupant.

Design or evolution?

Men are typically visual people and as such can be easily stimulated by such.  If we see someone in a bikini where do our eyes first travel to? …. No answer? … Coward….  They travel to the parts covered by the bikini.  From there, some background subroutine kicks in and gets to imagining the rest. If that same person were nude, our eyes would most certainly travel there first but, the background subroutine would not engage, and I doubt that after a moment or two, the visual titillation would still be there. Our attention might then be only to the persons face and other visual queues or other folks that are around.

In speaking with nudist, I am told that genitalia and other parts become no different than an elbow or knee.  I often wonder how the sex life of a nudist would differ from that of a person who is not.  Maybe there is a government grant available for such a study?  If I had to guess, I would guess it would parallel that of a couple that was in the same general age group that was not a nudist as again I think it would be centered around the reward or pleasure part of the brain.

I often wonder what affect the “Extreme Availability” of pornography; will have on this generation and those people of the next generation.  We have children exposed to this stuff before they reach puberty.  They do not have the maturity to deal with this subject matter so one has to wonder what outcome it will have.  If it were simply nude people I think it would fairly innocuous. If on the other hand it is all sorts of pornographic situations and activities dreamt up by who knows who, they may very well take that as normal.  I fear for their moral compass.

Hazarding a guess I have to think that it would lead more males to self pleasure… ok… masturbate, rather than go through the “trouble” to get a girlfriend and have a “normal” relation. Pornography could have a much more serious affect on society as a whole.  I also wonder what if any affect it has on females.

Delineation between nudity and pornography is a must at this point, as there is ample confusion.  As there is confusion between nudity and pornography, there is also confusion between being naked and nude.  Semantics you might say but, a thinking person would disagree.

Let’s start with the later; if I am purposefully around other folks without clothing, I am nude.  If I were to say go into a spa where there were people without clothing and that was the accepted behavior than I and they would be nude.  If I had someone posing nude for me while I painted them, and it was consensual, “consensual being the key word” then they would be nude.   While we here in this country are way too hung up on nudity, trust me, it is not that big of a deal and healthy.

If on the other hand you are secretly watching someone undress, or you walk in on someone who expects privacy, and they are without clothing, they are naked.  While naked can also mean “without adornment” or the naked truth, naked is being unclothed in a situation where you would like to have clothing on.

So that dream that you have about being naked at school; that is naked unless of course you are posing for an art class without clothes, than you are nude.

Pornography is someone or a group of someone’s in the act of sex or some other sexual situation designed to promote sexual titillation for the participants or the viewers.

One famous “movie star” in “adult movies” was once interviewed.  She was asked how she felt about people looking at her naked, and pleasuring themselves.  This person who had a rather inauspicious start to life, also sports a 138 IQ.  Her answer was simply this; “than I am doing my job.”  It was very easy to tell from the interview that she was “smart” and chose this line of work as a way out of the normal 9-5 work world, that so many of us fall into.  Her bright and bubbly personality along with her IQ is quite frankly what I found attractive about her but, I actually did read Playboy for the articles, and maybe checked out where that staple hit…

Is nudity healthy?

I mentioned earlier that it is “in my opinion” and here is why.  Let’s say you have children and they never see you naked.  The only nude folks they see are themselves or possibly their siblings until puberty.  Now we have the internet with more porn than you can shake a stick at.  Your young men start “peeking” at porn and expect that all women will look like that.  You, under your garments have a poochy belly, possibly with stripes all over it from stretch marks, you breast have sagged  or were never a perfect perky what have you, and your butt well, its not a Kardashian butt.  Your mate accepts you as you are but, your kids have unreal expectations and once they tie the knot, a rude awakening is headed their way which could end up with ruptured nuptials.

I don’t think that you have to live in  a nudist colony to get the job done but, I think having your children seeing you as you are, from a young age, as they grow up is healthy not only for them, but for you.  You must be ok with your body, and you need to do what you can to feel sexy and alive.  Your kids must know that not everyone looks like a porn star and once they have babies, everything changes.  Even you dads out there with the beer belly.  You too need to be ok with who you are in order to live a healthy life into your golden years. Setting your children’s expectation from very young will not only help them to keep things in perspective but, hopefully it may go a long way towards young men not objectifying women and indeed seeing them as something besides sex objects.  An added bonus may very well be that if you don’t hide underneath baggy shirts you may make a little extra effort to keep excess weight off, as obesity  often adds to your chances of diabetes and other health concerns.   If your kids are older you can’t obviously start walking around naked but, you don’t have to hide the belly either.  If you are a young couple with young kids, by all means, don’t hide.

If you have any questions about this, speak with a counselor or professional or two.  This last generation has gone way off target with our kids, we incarcerate more today than ever before.  Something is wrong and we need to be looking for reasons why.  I think it has to do with Hollywood, the internet, violent video games, and dysfunctional families looking for that brass ring, but those that get paid $150 an hour might have a different idea.

Speaking of nudes, as an artist I can tell you that I prefer to paint those that are full figured much like the masters did of years gone by.  These women today who are bags of bones covered by a little skin are not attractive to me; as an artist or a man.  The bottom line is that you must be happy with who you are. That my friend starts by looking in the mirror and loving yourself, bulges, stripes and all. Start from the inside out, as first you have to know “who you are.”

The simple facts are that we are wired for sex.  From the time we reach puberty and maybe before until we are pushing daisies up, sex is on the brain. We cannot totally escape our programming, at that age sex is high up on the list of priorities.  The difference between the human and the animal is that we can control our programming.

During puberty, hormones are being introduced at levels we are not used to.  Our inner animal may come out and want to play and not always in a constructive manner.  It takes a special kind of “teacher” to work with us at that age, as we become impossible.  We say things that we certainly don’t mean.  We are mean to anyone that loves us and just beside ourselves.  You add into this cornucopia of hormones, drugs, you trigger the release of more hormones and drugs from the brain which can make us suicidal. It is most important to understand what is going on at this age as there is no rational explanation for behavior most of the time.  Keeping all recreational chemistry out of this system is a must!

In the animal kingdom the animal may desire sex from one of its harem and be threatened by a young male.  This Bull may have to defeat its young challenger in order to maintain its control over the harem.  That becomes the order of business for the moment forgoing anything else.

A Human may desire sex but there are many hoops to jump through just to have a chance at sex, and unfortunately at certain ages for certain people, fighting is not off of the table. Other rather stupid actions come into play as well.  Lacking any morals and education our sex lives would most certainly emulate the animal kingdom.  A parallel between human and animal could easily be drawn where sex or procreation is concerned.  If we could examine the “code,” we would no doubt find that the subroutines look very similar.

Programming must come from the double helix, and I submit that programming can be modified by changing the behavior of a species, and having that species propagate its behavioral modifications through its DNA. This would necessarily prove that evolution through behavior modification is not only possible, but probable.

Back in the day there were people who studied eugenics.  Their reasons were fairly malevolent in that they were after the “perfect race,” and hated Jews.  Eugenics could be a reality and I think that the answer for such is programming the DNA not artificially, but by altering the behavior of the subject and then using that DNA to inseminate the subject.  Because all of this takes time, as it is really a function of evolution; they should try this with some short lived creature like the fruit fly and see if they can’t program its DNA in some fashion, possibly only eat a certain type of fruit.

My theory is that our programming is a series of learned behaviors that somehow make their way back into the DNA that we pass on to our progeny.  For this reason it might be a real good idea to procreate late in life or, donate sperm to a sperm bank when you are old, and wiser than when you were as a teenager and not so wise.

It is no secret that we stand on our forefathers shoulders where our technology and knowledge is concerned.  Some of that knowledge and wisdom gets passed down before we too procreate but, much is learned late in life.

You can either believe that “god” creates you the way that you are or you can believe that Darwin was correct and indeed evolution explains “ooze to youze.”

To reject the later simply because of religious mores would be just as foolish as to dismiss the possibility of a spiritual being that uses evolution to create.  Who is to say that some “god” for lack of a better name, is not using evolution to create what we see today.

It is necessary to think outside the box.  If you allow your preconceived prejudices to “box in your thoughts,” you can not learn.

Once I was talking with a guy who believes what he reads in the bible.  He professed to be open minded.  “So, you would be open to talking about evolution?”  “As long as it does not conflict with the bible, sure!”  Sadly, he cannot learn. His potential is limited by his ideology.

Me personally, I want to know the truth.  I don’t care what it is, that is what I want to know.  The truth will set you free.  We need to look for and learn the truth.  Once learned, that truth needs to be embraced, and then spoken about, Boldly!

While we build on the past we must be ever so open to the future and all of its possibilities. If there is a being that creates worlds, and all the life thereon then he or it must certainly use math as its language!  Science would be the common denominator and that would explain a lot of things.

There is a dichotomy between religious folks and science, not all, but most.  The dichotomy precludes either subset from learning the truth. In order to seek the truth, one must first be open to any and all possibilities. Is there a grand creator, great!  Is it all evolution and random chance? Cool!  Is it a combination of a creator using physics to create what we have today? Awesome!

Share your thoughts.  -Best

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Toys, Time and You.



I know that I have touched on this subject at least once before, but I think that it is worth expounding upon….


It is no secret that I like eating out.  If I could have any job in the world, it would most probably be that of a food critic, or restaurant critic, or both…  I have traveled to 48 of the 50 states and have eaten in more places, tried more different types of food than I can possibly recount.   I have seen and tasted the “good, the bad, and the ugly!”


I remember my parents fussing at me as a child telling me that I was not raised in a barn, where are my manners.  I took this to heart and instead of fussing at my child in a similar manner; I sent her to etiquette or charm school, when the time was right, and then lead by example.


Having said that; we went out Fathers Day to a local restaurant that has predicable food, and service.  Walking us back to our table they sat us next to a table that had just finished.  The floor was covered in water, ice, dishes, silverware and upside down cups;  food from half a dozen meals; and peanut shells.  The table was actually cleaner than the floor however; not by much.  The words, “holy molly bat man!” escaped my lips before I was able to restrain myself.  The hostess did not pick up on my displeasure, sat us there and walked off.  If the people at the table that made the mess had not still been there, I would have requested a different place.


The family that had made this mess was in the process of paying their bill and made no excuses for the disaster.  If that were my family, I would have been cleaning it up myself; after which, would go no further than McDonalds’ for eating out until course corrections could be made.


Across from us were a couple who were engrossed with their smart “stuff” taking pictures of their food and god knows what all.  This was a young couple but still a couple and they were more interested in their phones, than each other.


Looking around the room there were other families also engrossed with their “toys.” The children were playing with something electronic instead of eating and the parents were no better.


We noticed that the hours that we were there, had a “happy hour” which was a combination of a particular type of meal and an adult beverage.  When we tried to order this the waiter exclaimed that it was not available as it was Sunday.  Clearly the menu stated that it was and we got into a disagreement about what the menu stated and what he was willing to do.


I finally said “I am not going to let this ruin my dinner,” and proceeded to order the same thing knowing I was going to have to pay more.  These folks are known for their sweet potatoes, which is made much like candid yams, including the marshmallows.  The waiter took our order and then felt it necessary to share that he can’t stand them.  What an odd thing to share with folks who two of the three at the table had just ordered them.   I could not restrain myself at this point and nicely ask him “how long he had been working there.”  “This is my first week!”  I would wager that if I went back tonight; he would not be there.


The food was as expected although, the service and the cleanliness of the restaurant was below-par by a long shot!


Below par is actually a misnomer, in golf that is a good thing; using it in these terms, it is not a good thing.


Last night I went out again to an upscale seafood place.  Sitting at the Hibachi Grill we were joined by several different folks from different walks of life.  If you knew me personally you know that I have never met a stranger.  I am the one that will talk with just about anyone, anyplace; even on an elevator in New York; be warned.


This night was no exception and I quickly broke the ice with the different couples and children that had joined us.  One of them had two young children.  One of which was frightened by the “pyrotechnics” and screamed loudly enough to wake the dead; the other child felt it necessary to entertain us with her rendition of Jingle Bells!   This couple had their hands too full to “play with toys” although the mom managed to get some facebook time in between “going through the fields in a one horse open sleigh” and her other child throwing cheerios.


This dinner was a rather expensive dinner for two folks so I would have expected the food to be pretty good, not so!  The filet Mignon was overcooked and was more like meat flavored bubble gum.  Medium means pink in the middle, this was well done.  The Shrimp too was overcooked and dry and rubbery.  The chicken was overcooked and dry.  The vegetables were just ok.  The fried rice was really disappointing as it was not anything but rice egg and soy sauce. 


These folks usually have a real good “meal service” but, I would not recommend their hibachi grill.  While the chief was entertaining; I suspect that Gordon Ramsey would have not eaten there.


Maybe it is just me but, I would never take young children to an expensive place if I knew that they were not easily controlled or given to fits of hysteria.  If you are paying $100 and up for dinner, you don’t really want to hear or deal with screaming kids.  Chances are you may have your own at home and have them with a baby sitter as you want some time away from the chaos.  Keeping a relationship with your spouse that does not include changing diapers, or wiping snotty noses, or listening to Jingle Bells in June, is critical for your marriage.  Date nights are meant for the two of you to be around either just yourself or other adults. There are family friendly places where such things are expected but the odds are good the phrase; “do you want fries with that” will be employed sometime during the night.


These places have entertainment for kids as their take on eating is a few bites, and they are done.  Parents getting their child to sit still when they clearly don’t want to create an unpleasant environment not only for the child but guess what, for them and everyone around them.  It is reprehensible really to bring young children into “adult places” and expect them to behave as an adult.  They don’t have the mental faculties and or the patients to sit for more than about 15 minutes.  


It is very rare to find children that can sit at a table for any longer than that without being the center of attention in a good way or bad way.  When they can behave themselves at family friendly restaurants, in a consistent manner; than go ahead and try them at nicer places.


Even more disturbing, I find that some families will simply ignore their children’s bad behavior all the while messing with their electronic toys!  It is bad enough to sit within earshot of a family correcting their rambunctious child, it is even more upsetting when the parents are oblivious to it and just let them run amuck while they are on FaceBook or some other diversion from reality.


Training your child is your responsibility.  You can send them to a school for such things or lead by example or both!  Currently, your bad behavior, your child watches. They mimic their parents and so the adage about the apple not falling far from the tree is very germane.   Are your kid’s apples or nuts?


Put away the toys when you are together as a family.  Put away the toys when you are out on a date.  Make time for dates, without the kids and leave the toys in the pocket or purse or maybe even in the glove box so you won’t be tempted.  Toys, like TV, are neither a babysitter nor a substitute for parenting.


If you care to comment on this, please keep it clean and respectful.  With any of my blogs, I will happily discuss any part of them.  I will not tolerate disrespectful comments, nor will I make them.






Design, Nature or Luck?


Today I want to visit with you regarding a subject that will not interest about 80% of you.  So for you 20% who find interests in subjects that are not widely talked about or even known about, let’s go!

The Pinworm is fascinating.  There are three known species of these creatures scientist proclaim.  There are two that we can talk about as we have evidence of their existence and how they live.

One breed lives inside the chimpanzee and one breed lives inside us… It should be no secret that the human host parasites but, the pinworm is a creature that with some effort can be removed from you and your family’s bodies, if you happen to have them.

The pinworm infects the host either by inhaling the eggs, or by ingesting them.

This is probably the best argument for keeping pets out of your bed as the pinworm eggs can live on an animal’s hair, migrate into your bed sheets or other linen, and make their way into your system.

From the womb to adulthood most people sleep with a hand near their face.  I would argue that this is a leftover behavior from sucking the thumb from inside the womb but, I digress.  The simple fact is that we do.

The pinworm is ingested either by being airborne from possibly making the bed, or your child’s bed, or by petting your pet causing the eggs to become airborne.  They are also ingested by placing your unwashed hand either in, or by your nose or mouth.

Once ingested, the worm (egg) stays in your duodenum (opening to the small intestine), until hatched.  From there, it makes it way through the small intestine and takes up residence in the ileum.  It is in this area that the pinworms set up house.  They live by extracting nutrition from colonic contents.  They mate here and shortly after mating the male worms die, and are expelled with the fecal material.

The female worm or (gravid), becomes almost completely filled with eggs.  When the time is right the worm makes her way to the anus and actually comes out to

A: get air for her eggs

B: lay her eggs in the folds of the tissue of the anus.

By her wriggling around during this process this action can cause an itching sensation to occur.  Part of the reason that this condition affects children, more than adults is children will scratch what itches, and will not in most cases wash their hands afterwards.  The eggs get trapped under the fingernails and are now ready to be disseminated either from what the child touches, toys, each other etc, but also to re-infect the host by the child eating something that he or she touches or by simply putting that thumb into their mouths.

Adults are not immune as we also have pets that may get into our bed and we also hug and cuddle the little host known, as children.  How many times have you seen an adult or, possibly you have done this; allow the child to put their hand into your mouth.

Once inside the mouth, the process starts all over again or in the case of the adult begins.

Never fear, once detected there is a cure that usually involves the entire family and the frequent washing of pajamas and bed linen until the all clear sign is given by your health care provider.  It is also a good idea to wash the Childs toys with some sort of disinfectant, especially if your child is in a day care facility.

On a side note, it would be interesting to know if there are protocols in place to keep this sort of germ / parasite transmission down in daycare facilities.

Why does this interest me you ask?  My interest in this is the process that the animal lives and propagates.  We see many symbiotic relationships not only in the animal kingdom, but with plants and insects, plants and animals and so on.  Here is one more “relationship” where this animal depends on us, and our nature.

The mechanism for which this animal survives, by causing the itch around the tissue of the anus for the host to “scratch” that itch and the eggs are then either transported to other opportunities, or to re-infect the host. (Scratch what itches, and put our hands near our face or into our mouths.)

One other way that we stay infected (argue some scientist) is that the new born pinworm makes its way back through the anus and “goes against the current” so to speak, making its way to the ileum to become part of the process of reproducing.  This process is highly debated and if indeed it can occur in this manner than the rate of reoccurrence by this method is low.

You ask, “How do you know if you or your child is infected.”  Before the child’s morning bath, take some cellophane, “transparent” tape and apply it to the area of the anus.  Remove the tape and seal it into a plastic bag and take it to your health care provider.  He or she can examine it under a microscope and not only give you a positive or negative result but, if positive can identify your particular critter.  There are drugs to kill them.

Are they harmful?  The most common side effect is enterobiasis or (anal itching).

My apologies if I have “creeped you out.” So go wash your hands and insist that your family does the same.

Fun fact: did you know that “creeped” has recently crept into our language?  Although spell check does not like it; the word is viable and in fact means: off-putting, or to weird out or possibly even frightening.

-Best to you and those that you care about.

Paper vs. Plastic

Paper vs. Plastic

No, not a blog about re-cycling, this is a one sided conversation…well observation really on who we are as a people.

At lunch today my normal routine is to flip out a credit card (plastic) but, I decided to use “real dollars” instead.  When you hand over the plastic it does not really bother you that you just dumped $30 on lunch and another $6 on a tip.  When you hand over cash however; the reality of what you are spending hits home a little faster.

Years ago I took my child to be entertained at a place called Dave and Busters.  I still remember vividly how this resembled a small casino complete with the noises and sounds.  If you have been you know what I am talking about.  If you have not been, the place is an arcade/entertainment establishment geared to getting into your wallet in a big way.

When you go you “charge” one of their credit cards with one of your credit cards (or cash) and then give it to your child to go insert it into a machine and be entertained.  The reward for the child is that the machine spits out reams of paper tickets that one redeems at the end of their day for small toys straight from China.  The better you are at the game the more tickets you get. Yes, there are lights that blink and noises from the machine add to the excitement but the bottom line is that, Pavlov had nothing on these people.

Some children quickly accept the reward to play scenario and manage to use all of the “real money” on their card rather quickly in return for a fistful of tickets.  A quick visit to the place where you exchange your tickets for toys somehow actually teaches the dimmest of children the rudimentary mechanics of math.  I need this much for that and I have this much, how much more do I need?  Since the real money on the card came from your wallet, not theirs, the concept of spending $100 on an item worth $1.50; simply does not compute.  You may rationalize that they had a good time but, the model of using plastic for goods and or services works.

The moral of this story is this; give your credit card a break.  Go by the ATM and put $$ in your wallet or purse.  Only use those $$ for goods and or services.  The paper that you hand to someone is a real good reality check for anyone, including me.  The miles as rewards or the cash back as rewards will be better spent once you (and I) get acquainted with paper and coins once again.  –Best to you and all those that you care about.