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Bait and Switch

Bait and Switch


Bait and Switch

“Of course debating Hillary would be easy…so don’t count on it!”

As I watch the political landscape unfold into the nightmare that it is, I cannot help but wonder what is in the other hand.

“Look at this bright and shiny object while we do something underhanded…”

I truly believe that the DNC knows that currently there is not a valid candidate on their ticket.

Even she knows this but, she has to sell the lie.

While there is indeed a percentage of the population that have no idea what economics are, micro or macro; and will find communism under Bernie a great idea.  $20 trillion dollars in debt, making it $40 trillion just means more free stuff for them, the ill-informed useful idiots of the world.

Never mind that they are saddling their great grandchildren with their debt.

Maybe this will help you…A familiar face that you might know…

Of course, even if Bernie won; the house and senate would hopefully block him from staying on this course … as we are headed for an ice burg.  One only has to look at the state of affairs in Greece to see what we are headed for. Wait. What are the Kardashians up to?  Who is playing what team and what football player is hurt?  Will my team make the playoffs!? Those are what interest’s people…not politics.  They only care when they don’t have enough money to purchase beer, and shoes for the kids.

This cost the republicans the election… “Not a Mormon in the white house!”

I saw a post on social media that is warning Evangelicals that Trump may not fully believe everything that they believe…I guess that means that they should stay home, again, because they did not want a Mormon in the white house…If Trump is not in lock step agreement with everything in one of the over 3000 different denominations your brand of Christianity…that will justify your non-participation… again.  

When you see evil, not to speak, is to speak.  When you don’t vote…you are voting for the other guy.


With a thousand top secret e-mails kept on a non-secure, illegal server; only being the tip of yet another ice burg; the fact that Hillary is not sporting an orange jump suit learning to do laundry and yes, sharing a toilette with common riff raff; defies logic.  The idea of her still running for president again bespeaks of the complete ignorance of some of the people in this great nation.

I am a Clinton, what difference does it make?

Before the final deadline to announce candidacy to become president of the US occurs, I believe that the Clinton campaign will self-destruct; and much like the Hindenburg will be blamed on republicans with incredible spin from the left, and Hollywood elites as well as MSNBC, while totally ignoring the obvious design flaws.


A dark horse, as of yet to announce; will step into the ring as the “savior of the party” and the obvious choice to run for president, because she too is a women.  A women that will have escaped all of the vetting process of the election; and debates, thus far.


Have you asked yourself why the democratic debates thus far have been on at times when nobody would watch them?

Did not want to use a shared bathroom…So she missed  part of the debate.

Republican candidates will not be prepared to debate her she, as she was not and is not on their radar.  This will cause them to scramble and be un-prepared while she, Elizabeth Warren; will have all of her research and well-practiced debates skills down. She will know each end every little detail of who the RNC selects, while they will only have surface information on her.  Her jabs will resonant and theirs will fall flat.

middle onside.jpg
Onside Kick diagram

It is akin to football; when the loosing team pulls an onside kick rather than punting the ball back to the opposition.

Many liberals love her, but again they don’t know her.  Just like they don’t know the history of the American Indian as their brutality was washed over…they don’t know this women. The American Indian was the ISIS of the day, burning people alive and torturing them in dozens of different cruel and barbaric ways.  Find that in your history books…

download (11).jpg

The spin doctors and the Left leaning media…most of it…will spin her as the next messiah, much like they did with Obama… They will be all so surprised when Hillary is indicted, blaming their candidates faults on lies of the republicans and Trey Gowdy.  They will be so happy that Elizabeth Warren reluctantly decided to run and take one for the team… That trip that Biden made to see her, was more than likely a strategy planning trip for her, and this administration.  Men and Women of all strips will fall for it as well as many on either side of the isle.  It is a strategy that will probably work and remember…you heard it here first!

When the republicans say…”who would have seen that coming?”  Well, I did…and now you know too..

If you don’t agree with me or you understand the election rules regarding presidential elections better than I…weigh in.  I studied them for hours and they are murky at best.

If you like what you read…follow me…share this with your friends.


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Tonight’s #cnndebate was a love fest, for the democrats..plane and simple.

The Lines were scripted…

Bernie Sanders is probably the single person up there that like Trump, is telling the truth.

Because he looks like he is crazy, and he talks like he has dementia he; will be ignored.

Tonight no tough questions were asked of the candidates…I was seriously waiting for the group hug.

The easy target was Clinton and Bernie defender her…”We don’t care about your e-mails”

Translated…We don’t care if you are morally and ethically challenged... We don’t care that you can lie about anything and can have the Supreme court redefine the definition of  “IS” …

We just want to know how much more free stuff you can get us from those awful rich people...you know, the same ones who make up the super pacs!

I was at the dentist the other day… The dental assistant, a college graduate was talking about art with me.  When I mentioned that all sorts of people are artist that you would never expect.  GW Bush is an artist…My distant cousin Winston Churchill was an artist…..

“Winston who? he asked?”

“You got to be kidding me…where did you go to school?”


“You graduated from the school system in Dallas and you don’t know who Winston Churchill is?”

“No why was he somebody important?”

These are the idiots that vote for the likes of Clinton and Sanders… More free stuff!  Free education and the rich are going to pay their fair share… “F#$%K those rich guys…GIMMEE !

Its not the rich that pay assholes, it is the middle class, who does not own the lobbyists who pay; and continue to pay their way, your way, and yes..The Fat Cat Bankers who screw everybody way!.

Bernie is correct, the system is rigged and the GOP are the only ones that are saying something about it…

So, if you are one of those pathetic few who only vote D because you wait to decide until the last days of the election vote for Sanders...At least he is speaking the truthHe is certifiable…But he thinks he is doing the right thing and he is telling you the way that it is….   His counterpart by the way is Lindsey Graham… Both are out of touch with reality, but both are telling it like it is…

This country is going to be $20,000,000,000,000.00 in dept by the time this next election runs around because of the free stuff and social justice and folks…you who vote without the facts are responsible…..

It truly will be a brave new world, and drugs better be legal by then, and free, so at least you wont care that you are living under bridges…


Blowing in the wind

Blowing in the wind

California will soon be a re-creation of the dust bowl of 1930 and it is their own damned fault!  Liberal tax and spend policies over the years have bankrupt the state.


Their debt to GDP ratio is 18.5 %

They have a total population of 38,409,959 with an unemployment at 1,256,658 and a food stamp recipient population of 4,575,589!


Their liberal progressive economic policies are and have been unsustainable and yet the same liberal thinking that has them in this mess is trying to convert Texas and other red states to the same kind of thinking!

How are they doing this you ask?  By attacking voter id laws.  There was a lawyer on a talk show the other day who specializes in going after voter id laws in states that have them.

His argument is that the right to vote is guaranteed by the constitution so having a picture id to vote should not be necessary as it is for everything else that you do in this country including purchasing over the counter decongestants!  His argument defies common sense and logic and yet because he is a lawyer he knows how to twist the intent of the law to create a loophole so those that wish to steal an election can.  Like the counties that had over a 100% turnout and all of the votes were for the democratic candidate.  Statistically that is not possible!


Marxism does not work!  The uber rich sit up in their ivory towers while the rest of us suffer, and while they smoke their cigars and drink their Champagne we fight to keep alive.

Socialism, Marxism and communism only benefit the very rich the people at the top, those in control!

There are college kids today who have no idea who the VP is much less what Marxism is.

joe biden COA

How can they expect to vote intelligently when they don’t know any history?


If this drought continues the GDP of California will be worse than what it currently is and something will have to give.  When there is no more to give what then?  Will the people who caused this mess just disappear in to the woodwork from which they came?

Bernie Madoff is a girl scout compared to these idiots running the state, and the people who voted for them!


Had they had a surplus like Texas currently has, they could spend a couple Billion and build some desalinization plants and guess what, the fields could be watered, the farmers could continue to grow their crops and there would not be the struggle for water that they have.


There is no rainy day fund.  There is only debt and IOU’s!

I think that California suffering a drought serves a larger purpose for this liberal ideology of this country.  If this continues, the narrative from the media will carry around the world the terrible conditions which exists and they can take their junk science that Al Gore is spreading like a cancer, and push carbon credits!


California’s drought is clearly because if climate change (we can’t call it global warming anymore because their science does not support it, so now it is climate change.)  There is no way that the drought could simply be “weather!”

California should be investing in solar powered desalinization plants as should most states that have access to the ocean.

The dust bowl of the 1930’s would be called Global warming or climate change if it had happened now, so they are not letting a crises go to waste.  They push their junk science to further their case to sell carbon credits so Al Gore can make more billions by scaring the hell out of people with utter BS!


I suspect that other billionaire’s are behind the carbon credit scam because how much money is enough?  How many billions of dollars does one person need?

images (6)

When you take your last breath what will your legacy be?  “I screwed over an entire country!?” Is it he who dies with the most toys wins?

I don’t understand a politician spending millions of his own money to try and get elected to a job that pays $150K.  I don’t understand people with Millions nay billions of dollars actively seeking more.

How much is enough?

What does someone with unlimited amounts of resources do for fun?

article-2584882-18EEB20B000005DC-732_306x423Monica Lewinsky meets with President Clinton

obama-1-e1416366690107-1940x10911361464171_obama-tiger-woods-article 475db38b0795a8a50021ceaff04d43e56a210293f2d058480399d3a1cce428c7_1 larry-ellison-lanai 0805spaceshipbuy-an-island_7-things-billionaires-can-do-that-we-can-t CHINA-ECONOMY-BUSINESS-AIRCRAFT-EXPO article-2759353-216E6D9600000578-828_634x418 Mark-Cuban-Private-Jets-640x375

How about creating a company that specializes in building solar powered desalination plants?

Attn Bill Gates
Attn Bill Gates

Wouldn’t that be fun to create a company that has a product that helps people?

I think it would be a hoot!


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I don’t know! #vaccines #measles

I don’t know! #vaccines #measles

I don’t know!

Listening to the news, talk radio or even reading the news online, wouldn’t it be refreshing if someone simply admitted that they did not know, vs. making a statement that is blatantly fabricated?


It is easy to tell why some news outlets have so few in their audience.  Even the most desperate of viewers wants it to be true so they watch and listen and parrot what they hear which is again blatantly false!

There is an old axiom regarding telling a lie enough where it becomes fact.  I think some in the news media are guilty of this.  I think that many in this administration are guilty of this.


Yesterday it was pointed out by Hillary Clinton and other liberal outlets that the GOP will take us back to the stone age if they had their way.  Vaccinations are totally safe according to their science.


Do you trust anything that any government says?

whatdifference-e1376969577252 hillary-clinton-benghazi HillaryBenghaziOnCongressAsAScreamingLiar-1-1 benghazi-hillary

140225200952-bill-clinton-ky-gi-story-topMr, “I did not have sex with that women,” defending his wife!  Really, we believe you, ah huh….!

Thimerosal is a mercury additive to vaccines, which are “multi-dose.”  This is a way that the drug companies increase profits by putting many doses in one vial instead of individual vials.   Problem, while thimerosal is effective at killing any bacteria that might make it back into the vial it is also linked to neurological disorders, especially in children.

hg_autismvax download (9) thimerosal-mercury-based-preservative-autism I feel for the monkeys….

Let’s think about this pragmatically for just a moment.  Mercury was so problematic, so hazardous that the government did away with all batteries that were made with mercury; forcing many to junk electronic equipment that needed that particular battery.

CFL_inside_2253_1393 6a00d83451c9bc69e20120a66656b8970b 20120506-165353 notrashcfllg

Mercury is so toxic that you cannot throw those CFL light bulbs in the trash, they have to be treated specially.  Mercury is so bad that there are specific cleanup methods for the breakage of a florescent light or computer monitor or neon sign as they contain small amounts of mercury.

mercury-element-toxic mercury-relax-c-1

Handling mercury is incredibly toxic as it will go right through your skin and research on laboratory animals  prove that mercury seems to deposit itself in the brain.  Could there be an autism link?  Mercury, brain… let me think…..  “I don’t know,” but if it smells like a fart…… Do you really want to chance it?

Therefore, mercury is bad…yet it is perfectly safe to have it injected into your body.  Really, Hillary, now that you tweeted that the earth is round maybe we should check, because I do not believe anything that you say!  Someone who leaves the white house claiming they were broke when in fact they had millions, I just don’t know.


maxresdefault (2)

All vaccines for children have a Thimerosal free product and if you really care about your child, pay the extra and get the vaccine without the mercury “single dose.”  As the matter of fact, if it is not good for kids, it is not good for adults either so, I always opt for the thimerosal free product myself!


I don’t always get vaccinated; but when I do….

Between the lies of this administration, and the IRS, I do not believe anything that this government says.  It is one of those “I hear you but,” let me check it myself.


BX142_1B7D_9 Wouldn’t you like to play poker with him? 

Factually, it is politically expedient to lie to the people.  Much like the movie Mars Attacks, “horrible movie” but; do you remember the Martians telling the earthlings stop running, we are here as friends, right before they blasted them with their ray guns?  Why? Because people are lazy and will not fact check!

mars-attacks-banner-art Wait, don’t run, we are your friend….

That is the way that I feel about most of the liberal news media and of course, anything that comes out of Josh’s mouth, not to mention his boss.  2016 cannot come soon enough for me, and I hope that the voters this time pay attention to the blather that pervades the airwaves and ignore the millions of social media hacks, trolls and other vermin that seek to get another liberal liar in to the White House.

When you have to spend over a Billion Dollars to “buy the presidency,” what does that tell you?

money1 dark-money-64-million-opensecrets 3ba6bfc6549fe2e774f021ab3a0eb1ae_441x282 ads-mccain-v-obama-2008

Well, “I don’t know,” what people were thinking this last time around but I can tell you, I hope that they pay attention to the fact that they are not better off today than they were 6 years ago.  We should not have pulled out of Iraq, and we should not be pissing off our allies.

expose-the-dark-money-final Congress should be looking at this before 2016!






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Moral Depravity


I have often suspected that those who run for office probably have some underlying mental aberration that needs addressing.  In Anthony Weiner’s case there is no longer any doubt of his “issues,” which he really needs to deal with.

The sad truth is that people have a short memory.  Coupled with their lackadaisical attitude towards voting for the best person (i.e. character) there is a good chance that Weiner will get elected simply because he is a household name.  He actually has a “brand,” so to speak (in marketing parlance).  You would think that the Democratic Party would discourage him from being in the public eye but no, they seem to thrive on the attention, good bad or ugly.  Since the verdict is still out on what the definition of “is is” I am guessing that the main stream media will endorse his run for mayor, and paint him as simply misunderstood and really had no idea that the camera was on and pointed at his, well,… wiener.

Image Image

We condone a lack of moral character, we condone being caught in lies and deceit and we condone allowing our people being killed, doing nothing to help them and we condone the president “killing” American citizens with drones.  I often wonder if it is a matter of condone, or really just don’t care?

History will be the judge of all who are in power right now.  Unless they censure the truth and write their own version for the next generation to read and believe, I don’t think it will look favorably upon them or us; as we put them there.

I am unaware of what the “crotch shot” actually showed of Mr. Weiner’s, but if it showed his cojones, my guess is that they are brass.



It will be interesting in a “human interest” kind of way to see if the people actually vote for this person.

-Best to you and those that you care about!