#gopdebate   IV

#gopdebate   IV

Interestingly enough, it is not about the facts but more the style and impression that the viewers leave the debate from, which might influence them.

Kasich and Bush I feel were the two weakest up there, with RandPaul close third.

Rubio most probably came off best as he was most informed and I think we will see donations to him increase.  Carson was on point, soft spoken, and hopefully the media smear campaign will be put to rest.  I want to hear more about his ideas instead of what he said in the third grade.

Fiorina probably would be one of the toughest opponents against Hillary but factually I have no clue how well she would stand up.

Cruz is an animal, I think one of the smartest in the room; certainly one of the best debaters.

Again Trump was simply there…low on depth and high on platitudes… I think he has the swagger but he really needs to do his homework….If he had a little of Rubio’s facts that he could regurgitate “like Rubio does” he would be much more formidable…

The haters took to twitter tonight, as they promoted the progressive Hillary agenda…. It is almost laughable that 40 odd % of the country is behind such a corrupt individual…tens of thousands of tweets each denigrating the GOP and extolling someone who should be in prison…

Carson’s closing monologue was succinct and on message.

“During this debate we borrowed another 200 million dollars… 20 babies were killed due to abortions so many murders occurred from some sort of violence and 2 vets took their lives because they were depressed and not getting the care they disserve… “

Folks, if that does not mean something to you, than you are probably a progressive…

Of the pre-debate…the four that did not make the adult table cut…Chris Christie was the winner, and I hope that he makes it back to the adult debate…


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