Adult men in bathrooms with young girls…

Adult men in bathrooms with young girls…

Adult men in bathrooms with young girls…

This is the cry coming from some on the right who feel there are those that would take advantage of a bill that the Dallas City council passed under the cloak of the darkness of night…  I guess they have a pen and a phone and don’t care about the public…the people that they serve…

A similar Bill went before the voters in Houston after Anise Parker pushed a bill known jokingly enough has HERO….

On its face, the law is nothing more than political correctness run a muck…

If a public place has bathrooms, that place must allow the trans-gendered people to use their facility of choice…Not anatomical birth; but choice.  Since there is no test for this…that means anyone…

Most, not all but, most women are the “fairer sex” and Men are compelled or duty bound to protect them from people that might wish them harm or want to force themselves upon them.  Chivalry is not dead in this country, just stunted by the progressive leaning individuals playing to the LGBT crowd… Most women that I know, like it when the door is held for them, and their dinner is paid for…

Our president plays into that crowd as he has modified his stance on Gay marriage as have many politicians looking to get re-elected.  It is not about what is right or wrong, but what is politically correct.  Politicians are afraid to say anything that might alienate anyone. So they stand for nothing.  

“When you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.”

“Activist judges are a scourge on this country, they in fact will be responsible for its demise, as we move forward trying not to offend any voting block… Judges are not there to write laws, simply apply them…”

Houston defeated the rule allowing people to use which ever public facility that they wanted, overwhelmingly, so the Dallas city council did it over night with the stroke of a pen.

If this is not challenged, this means that people of any sex can use whatever bathroom that they want while your wife or daughter might be in the stall next to them.

We already see deviant behavior by individuals who go into same sex bathrooms using cameras on cell phones taking pictures or video of others in locker rooms or bathrooms without their knowledge…Now we amplify  that risk of this happening with you, your daughter, or wife.

We have Korean style health spa’s popping up all over this country.  In these spa’s the sexes are separated by gender but folks are publicly nude…share hot tubes, showers and other activities all wearing nothing.  Since this is public what would stop someone who is nothing more than a common pervert to go into one of these places and leer at you, your wife or your child?  If this law stands … nothing.

This will have a devastating effect on the economy as people of moral compass will not want to risk sending their wife into such a bathroom or facilities where they could be harmed in any way… Restaurants with public bathrooms could indeed have perverts waiting in their bathrooms for your wife or daughter…

Action steps…

  • The entire Dallas city council and Mayor should be voted out of office, as the entire body are responsible for this action.
  • Houston’s mayor and people of her ilk who risk the general population over their deviant agendas, should be voted out and put on notice that this country is fed up with political correctness.
  • Women should take courses in self-defense, obtain a CHL, and laws should be re-written giving more latitude to women using deadly force, against sexual predators.
  • If a man which is identifying as a women, is accused of immoral conduct, that man had best be completely anatomically modified (incapable of penetration of a woman).
  • Sexual predator laws should be re-examined, and made tougher to thoroughly discourage this type of behavior.

If you are truthfully trans-gendered, these actions steps should not offend you…If you are not, than you will probably take issue with them.

If you are a women in a man’s body, than you know what it is like to be in a bathroom where you don’t feel comfortable.  Now imagine women and or girls having some bald headed tattooed bearded 300 pound man, waiting to greet them in a bathroom designed for them, just hanging around because under this law, that is legal…

I find it interesting that the proposal of having a gender neutral bathrooms for people who are not comfortable in their own skin, was rejected by the LGBT crowd as that was not fair in their minds…Putting women and children at risk because of your desire to force political correctness down our throats is using your sexuality as a weapon and is in fact the very definition of a bully!

I don’t like Bullies and in case you haven’t noticed…Americans don’t like bullies!

If you would read and learn from history instead of who is screwing who in Hollywood, you would know that Americans will only tolerate so much before they push back!

Political Correctness is an attack on our First amendment rights under the constitution… If they can’t change the constitution, they do an end run around it by forcing you to willingly give up your freedom of speech under the guise of “you can’t say that…”

Friends, you better say it…before you can’t!

Before you write me some ugly comment, know that I have friends in all walks of life; and I hold them near and dear…  None of them, think that this idea of men in women’s’ facilities is a good idea…

There simply must be a third option, and it should be explored before caving to people that are incredibly selfish, who don’t have America’s women’s or children’s best interests, at heart. It may be as simple as re-designing all bathrooms in such a way that any gender can use them, as they are private enough once in the stall that anyone using them can be safe from cell phone cameras or rapist of other deviant behavior.

This would mean that security cameras would most likely have to be installed in the common areas as to protect the public from criminals using ill-founded laws to their advantage.

A would be female rape victim shot and killed her attacker, shooting him seven times.  The police asked her, why 7 shots…. “I only had 7 bullets!”   Right answer!


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