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You’re a Doo-Doo Head!

You’re a Doo-Doo Head!


If that sounds familiar to you, you are either young or have children who are maybe three????

Social media intrigues me, as I am a people person.

I watch trends, check out who is saying what and sometimes I chime in.

Today we don’t use sophisticated adjectives like “doo-doo head,” no we have evolved…

We label people things like Racist or Perverts.

People attack what they don’t understand, and they also attack when they have no real argument for “their point of view.”

Case in point.


A teenage boy decides that he wants to shower with the girls so for the day, week or what have you he defines himself as a girl.  I watched the arguments for and against the transgendered debate and came to many conclusions.

People, who identify as a sex other than what they were born as have most probably been using the bathroom of choice for years.

Those who argue that they want to dress with the women or shower with them even though their plumbing is not a match, no dice!


Allow me to make a caveat to that, and it is this…

If a spa or other business wants to make accessible, “clothing optional facilities for anyone, and those that choose to do so are of an age that they are accountable for their actions,” then I would be ok with that.


In some circles this is NORMAL 



Many countries other than the USA think nothing of nudity.  This country, due to its Puritan heritage is still hung up on such things.  It was not too long ago when there were police on the beaches measuring the length of a woman’s bathing costume to make sure that it was legal.






We have come out of the dark ages some…



Free the Nipple and other clothing free organizations have a way to go but on this transgendered topic, we must employ common sense.


Free The Nipple in Colorado


I know too many while going to school who thought that they were “asexual or lesbian or gay.” After they had got out of school, into the “real world” they found that they were indeed, straight.

School children are getting too many mixed messages from places like social media, Hollywood, their peers and so forth.  When gay is trendy, that should set off all sorts of red flags.

download (1).jpghispan64.jpg

Which one of these do you think is based on ignorance? 

The simple facts are folks, all fetuses “you” start out as a girl!  It is not until later in the process that the hormones kick in, and your “true sex” is crafted.  I chose the word crafted carefully as that is exactly how it works through a process of virilization.  If you men out there ever thought past the end of your “self” and asked, why do men have tits?  Well, now you know!  You, we all, started life as a girl.


By the way, a fetus has a unique blood type, and heart beat about two weeks after conception, that happens to be my definition of life.

Not only is the body crafted differently, so is the wiring in the brain.  There is indeed a difference between men and women and their wiring.  It was and is supposed to be that way to compliment each other.  It is almost as if it were “designed that way!”


Now, what happens if the hormones don’t work as they should?

Many different outcomes could be the result but, one might get a brain wired one way in a body “crafted” another way.  Not rocket science but not “trendy” either.

Hollywood and others try to make this something that it is not, which further screws up the process.

So why the doo-doo head title?

I was trying to make this argument on a “friends” post about the transgendered movement when one of his liberal friends called me a pervert!  Yes indeed, I made this simple argument saying that children in school need to use the locker room that matches their plumbing, so some young girls are not molested or traumatized by those among us who would use this as a means to a nefarious end.  There are deviants among us who would think nothing of this.


Scene from Porky’s


Now, his words did not trouble me in the slightest.  He, most probably a drunk, coward, or both chose to attack that which he did not agree with because he had no legitimate argument. Indeed, had he been in front of me I dare say he might have thought differently about his words. I am never surprised by the power of liquid courage, or anonymity.

When someone starts calling names or labeling you, they have nothing else, so they name call.  If you ever follow any threads where someone possibly likes one candidate over another and instead of using logic, they name call or worse, it is because they cannot defend their position.

Young boys using young girls locker rooms and showers with them is indefensible!

On any of my blogs, I welcome civil discourse.  When it stops, so do I.  I have no time or patience for it.



Clothing Optional Resorts



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