Open Letter to Oil Change Business’s

Open Letter to Oil Change Business’s

We have a crisis on our hands with a simple solution. To Date, I have not seen anyone offering this service.

It is illegal for scrap metal places to purchase stolen catalytic converters. HB 4110 in Texas makes the crime of selling or buying stolen catalytic convertors a 3rd-degree felony which means time in jail.

That law went into effect on September 1, and yet the problem continues.

Here is the million-dollar idea…..

On your sign in front of your business, advertise ‘Free Engraving of your Catalytic Converter with Oil Change.’

The idea is to mark your property with your driver’s license, which will make the convertor even less attractive to the scrap metal dealer.

Since the threat of jail time doesn’t seem to stop the thief, just possibly the threat of time to the dealer would carry more weight.

If you had a little more on the ball than the other guy, you would have created stickers that would go on the person’s car window. These stickers would alert the would-be thief that the convertor is marked. The stickers would also be a reminder and advertisement of your place of business.

Even if you are not in Texas, businesses in other states can use this same technique to slow down the theft of convertors and increase business to your establishment.

I look forward to seeing how many companies follow through with this idea.



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