Moral Depravity


I have often suspected that those who run for office probably have some underlying mental aberration that needs addressing.  In Anthony Weiner’s case there is no longer any doubt of his “issues,” which he really needs to deal with.

The sad truth is that people have a short memory.  Coupled with their lackadaisical attitude towards voting for the best person (i.e. character) there is a good chance that Weiner will get elected simply because he is a household name.  He actually has a “brand,” so to speak (in marketing parlance).  You would think that the Democratic Party would discourage him from being in the public eye but no, they seem to thrive on the attention, good bad or ugly.  Since the verdict is still out on what the definition of “is is” I am guessing that the main stream media will endorse his run for mayor, and paint him as simply misunderstood and really had no idea that the camera was on and pointed at his, well,… wiener.

Image Image

We condone a lack of moral character, we condone being caught in lies and deceit and we condone allowing our people being killed, doing nothing to help them and we condone the president “killing” American citizens with drones.  I often wonder if it is a matter of condone, or really just don’t care?

History will be the judge of all who are in power right now.  Unless they censure the truth and write their own version for the next generation to read and believe, I don’t think it will look favorably upon them or us; as we put them there.

I am unaware of what the “crotch shot” actually showed of Mr. Weiner’s, but if it showed his cojones, my guess is that they are brass.



It will be interesting in a “human interest” kind of way to see if the people actually vote for this person.

-Best to you and those that you care about!



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