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There are many people who have “danced on the silver screen” in my lifetime.  There are many that I would watch the movie simply because they were in it.  This held true for the “silver screen” and of course the purchase of same via “laser disc, (yes I go back that far) video tape, DVD and of course Blue Ray.

It was not until I found the Hollywood elite; espousing their opinions on political issues did I take notice of the perfection to which their craft was honed.  One guy, who I really like; on his twitter profile says that he is a: professional pretender.  Yet he elucidates his opinion as if it were fact; which many take as such, as he plays a news anchor on the tube.  One would not let Alec Baldwin fly the jet as he plays a pilot, neither should you take their opinion as the gospel.

There are others that I admired as well until they open their mouths, unscripted, and now I find them an ignorant, bigoted, waste of skin!  To be so talented at your craft to fool the country is akin to being a politician!  While I congratulate you on your skill, thanks for the look behind the curtain.

I will no longer enjoy the programs with you in them, as I don’t like the “real” person who you are or, that you have become.

We all have talents and of course opinions.  If you happen to be a thespian and you choose to proffer some factoid on being such, good for you.  To speak with authority on that which you clearly know nothing about, is bad form, and misleading to those that listen to you.

While we clearly give you that power, remember dear friend, it can be stripped away as easily when you remove the cloak, and give us a peek at the monster behind the mask.

I also take issue with those in Washington, holding in high esteem as role models those who sully the name of entertainer, by their vulgar behaviors, their lewd clothing and or dance, and their rather offensive words in their “music.”

What legacy  are we as a people leaving behind?


Thanks for reading my blogs, and as always, –Best to you and those that you care about!