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See Something Say Something or SSSS Hmmm…

See Something Say Something or SSSS Hmmm…

See Something Say Something or SSSS Hmmm…

This policy is eerily reminiscent of the dark ages; when McCarthy was thinking everyone was a commie.


I will not bore the younger readers with what that is but I do suggest since it is history that you follow the link at the bottom of the page. 1

How long will it take before the Constitution is so corrupted that America  will look like North Korea or China?

When we give up our first amendment rights, you know…freedom of speech … under the guise of being politically correct … we set ourselves up to be taken advantage of.

Voltaire was no dummy!  Now who is it that we cannot criticize today?

Not long, before the San Bernardino attack, neighbors witnessed all sorts of strange goings on at this place but for fear of not being politically correct, they said nothing.  Many died for that error. 2


A few weeks prior to that, we had “clock boy” in Irving Texas take apart a radio shack alarm clock and re-installed the pieces in an old beat up brief case of sorts.  As a long time electronics person, I can tell you that it has seen its fair share of cockroaches living inside of it. 3

_85595033_clock_irving_police_ap roach.jpg
If you look carefully at the ribbon cable “that gray cable” you will see that it is covered with cockroach droppings. The case is beat to hell, if I were making some science project from scratch I would not put it into some old beat up case.

I am not here to debate whether this kid is a troublemaker or being used by his parents to further some agenda related to their faith.

Radio Shack alarm clock mounted in an old case.

I am going to argue that the teachers and school officials said something, and were slapped down by the white house of all things.


A few weeks’ later, 14 people are dead because the neighbors of the killers were afraid to say something as they might be taken as racist or islamaphobes.

Therefore, “cool clock kid” stifled the neighbors … In my opinion…


While Mr. Obama has a rich history of interjecting himself where he should not, this is one more example of a sitting president making an mistake!

“They acted Stupidly, If I had a son, …… Cool clock kid, want to bring it to the White House?”

Its a clock, we inspected it, you can trust us!



1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McCarthyism

2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_San_Bernardino_attack

3 http://www.bizpacreview.com/2015/09/30/muslim-clock-boy-has-a-history-of-trouble-the-white-house-doesnt-want-you-to-know-about-258280




The Time Dok explained

The Time Dok explained

Wow, I get a lot of questions about DOK.  Like I can’t spell or something!

DOC would be very presumptuous of me as I am no doctor. I don’t have a PHD so I can’t even claim it that way.  I do specialize in working on a type of clock that is very unique in the industry.  It is more mechanical than electric and the design has been around since, well, 1939 I think.

There are few around who really know how to work on them and do it right, and I happen to enjoy working with my hands so, I took on the challenge in 1995, when a friend ask me if I could fix it for him.

I have a reputation around church as the guy that can fix anything.  I have had more apparatuses brought to my home from toasters, lights, fans, VCR’s, DVD players, stereo’s, TV’s, laptops, computers of all sorts,  and well if it plugs in or takes batteries, chances are I have worked on them.

I have even repaired a number of regular clocks although that is an area that I try to stay away from as that is “very time consuming,” no pun intended.

It was no surprise when this clock came to me via that reputation, and it was no surprise to him when I asked him to get specific parts from the vendor and was able to repair it and put it back together for him.

As these things are sold around the world and the only animal that can survive the pounding that they get, the design has reached its zenith and will most probably stay that way until paper is outdated.

Since that day, I have repaired thousands of these clocks and am one of the few who do it correctly, with OEM parts, and get them back out there for another few years of service before they need to come back and be cleaned, and so forth.

As the hobby turned into a business I created a website www.timedok.com where it was, “That is Dok with a K!”  I was going to spell it correctly as Timedoc, however someone has that domain and I was not about to let someone profit for sitting on a name. There are those that have, but this guy was not, at least not from me.

I have been doing IT stuff since before the internet, when it was called Data Processing so my computer, network, all things IT acumen; is probably as good as anyone’s out there.  (Now that is an example of presumptuous!) On top of that, I possess copious amounts of business prowess; I am one of the few that get it!

I started with computers when CPM, Trisdos and finally DOS 1.0 were what you dealt with.  Cobal, basic and machine language were the languages around with Pascal.  Acoustical modems were in vogue and 300baud over the twisted pair was awesome!

As a brief aside, I also write science fiction, have a fascination with time, physics, particle physics, celestial mechanics, astronomy and electronics. I paint, study scripture, read way too much, and like photography and nature.  Philosophy interests me a lot, but it is often difficult to find someone to talk with about any or all of these things.

Because of that I have many friends who may have an interest in one or more of these things that I can talk with about them, but finding someone intellectual enough to keep up with me is not easy.  Snob you say!  No, not at all.

I have never met a stranger and talk with just about anyone.  Everyone has a story and just because their interest may not have the latitude of mine, that does not mean that they are any less interesting.  I value everyone.  I make a point to get to know the janitor, as he or she too has a story to tell..

Some folks lead a very simple life that focus around family, friends, horses or something like that, and I admire that.  I try and find time to quite my mind with things like painting, walks in the woods, or sitting by the ocean, just listening to the birds and waves and the screams and giggles of young children as they play in the sand, or get into the water with their parents in tow.

I restore old electronic equipment, as a hobby and get great joy out of bringing some 50 plus year old apparatus back to life after it has sat dormant in some closet or garage collecting dust.

I enjoy meeting people on this media or via ham radio and have for most of my life.  As I said, we all have a story to tell and some should be preserved in book form, others anecdotally noted, and referenced as fodder for possible stories in books, yet to be written.

I have been called Dok and I don’t mind it.  My name is Scott and I answer to both when the phone rings or an e-mail is crafted to pique my interest enough to open it, and not think it spam.

Now you know, (as Paul Harvey used to say,) the rest of the story.


Copyright 2014 All rights reserved.




Some measure time by the ticking of a clock, others by the days of the week and still others by the years that pass.

One of my favorite songs has a line in it about “being in the autumn of my life.”  That sounds almost forlorn in retrospect.

The truth (you know how I like truth) of the matter is that most of us measure time by the weekends.  We relish the hour when Friday afternoon rolls around and we can take some “time” to go out, sleep in, golf or what have you.

I used to watch people walking into the office on Monday morning and then watch them leave as the evening skies turn a pale shade of azure with crimson overtones flashing across the skies, dancing across the few clouds that sailed by.

In the morning people are full of life.  There is just about a glow to most of them.  Around twilight, the glow has turned to hollow, shadowed facial structures.  The enthusiasm that they greeted the day with has long since departed, leaving them bereft of cheerfulness.  They are in fact vapid, of that essence of “life!”

Looking upwards towards the kaleidoscope display of nature’s own brand of art, is not even a passing thought.  We have lost our way in the maze of time clocks, political correctness, rules and social mores.  We have forgotten how to be “us.”

Making our way with the throngs of other drones either by bus train or car we head to that last bastion of relief, our homes.  Summoning the last bit of energy in reserve, they “we” plod through our charted course until we finally can collapse into our beds, maybe even inviting death’s “sting” as we contemplate the day today, and start thinking about tomorrow.  Would that “sting” really be so bad?

The weekends are fraught with their own unique brand of dull drum, as we now must take care of the things that did not get taken care of during the week.  This thing called life happens on those days of the week that end in “Y,” and many of us may wonder “why” we chose the path that we did.

Time can be measured in heart beats.  I truly believe that time is relative in that manner as the creatures with the fastest heart beat seem to live the shortest amounts of time, conversely those with the slowest, seem to live much longer.

We sell our selves every day, one heart beat at a time.  Every heart beat that you spend, is one less heart beat that you have left.  Since we do seem to measure time with our hearts may I humbly suggest that you fill your life with love and laughter?  Life is too short to be angry.

I overheard a man today complaining about his employer at great lengths, regarding their intelligence, their breeding and so forth; and I could not help but notice that he was working for them.  His brand of “living” was to sew seeds of his discontent to fellow workers and stew in his lot in life.  We could talk about negative and positive energy but that is a topic for another day.  Do you know that when you are upset or angry, cortisol is released; the stress hormone. Does it really pay to be “angry,” Only if you want to shorten your life, and the lives of those people around you!

Time is what we make of it, and we are all the stewards of that time.  Tomorrow will take care of itself, live for right now, in the moment.  Enjoy what you do even at your work for there are no do-over’s, this is it!

You can do that with what I call PMA, the diametric opposite of PMS, to borrow that awkward condition in some women’s lives, as an example.

Positive Mental Attitude

It takes practice but after 45 days of doing it, you will be a different person. I have been practicing it for years and I do not look like those that I described earlier.  As the matter of fact I appear quite young for my age.  I guess I will have to write about that one day soon.  In short, don’t get caught in others negative attitudes and don’t ever project one.  Life is too short to hate, to be angry, to live in a constant state of turmoil.

Allow me to share one brief story of how I discovered PMA.

I had a job that involved going out to customers’ locations, carrying a 40 pound box of tools, parts and so forth to repair what needed to be repaired.  While I really liked what I did, and I enjoyed dealing with people, I really loathed the fact that parking was a hassle; it was in the south so high humidity and pop-up rain showers were normal on top of being in a large city.

One day I parked blocks from where I needed to go, as it was raining so all of the “close up” parking was taken.  The rain in this case was caused by a tropical storm sitting on top of the city, in short rain was moving horizontally as well as vertically.  Wearing dress clothes(very wet ones), carrying that tool bag, slogging through running water, I finally made it into the building.  Another older gentleman was behind me, so I held the door for him.  As we climbed into the elevator I began grumbling about the weather, the day etc.  As I was trying to engage this man in conversation as “I do that” his demeanor was very much different from mine.  He seemed content if not jovial.  He took off his hat and allowed the water to run onto the floor and patiently listened to me while I droned on about the rain.

Before he left he passed this on to me and I have never forgotten it.  “Son, anytime you wake up sucking air, it is a good day!”  We were at a hospital for cancer treatment, and I can only assume that he was a patient.  I had discovered PMA!

Those words rattled around my head for that day, the next and so on.  Every time I am having a tough time, those words re-play themselves they in fact, resonate with my soul; I usually strike a grin and silently thank that man for sharing that one bit of advice.  Rarely do I have “bad days” any longer.  It put things into perspective for me and it is my prayer that this may help someone else who is having a “bad day.”

Take a moment to smell the roses, watch the clouds, and my personal favorite is to watch the ocean.  I can sit there for hours just watching the waves and listening to the seagulls and other birds going about their day.  That is time well spent..

-Best to you and those that you care about!