#Brexit is the tipping point, power to the people is the answer!

#Brexit is the tipping point, power to the people is the answer!

I watched the events unfold. Keeping up with world affairs I was not surprised.

The mass shootings since 2012 just boggle my mind.


Evil exists in this world, and there are wicked people.  The weapon of choice could be anything from a sharp tongue to a rifle made to shoot full auto by some wannabee gun-smith. Evil will find a way.


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Garbage in garbage out.  Mental health should be paramount in any culture!


The mass shooting in Orlando was immediately exploited by the far left as an opportunity to use Gun Control as a talking point.  The narrative created by the far left is offensive to anyone with a brain, or should be.


We don’t enforce the gun laws we have, but the far left seems to think that creating more laws is the answer.  The sit in recently by the far left was petulant at best and downright idiotic to anyone who thinks.


These people need to be fired!



The emotional outcry from the dopey celebrities who are looking for their narcissistic moment just fuels the fire.


Her intellectual prowess is not what she is famous for, so why does her megaphone voice carry any weight?


When something moves you, self-examination of why you are so moved would be a good idea.

Why did the Sandy Hook shooting move you?

The asshat psychopath went to a school for young children and slaughtered “lambs.”  He laughed about it as he shot them, blowing their heads off!

He was a skilled gamer playing these violent video games for hours on end and was mentally unstable.

People that knew him knew that he was not right but said nothing.


What could possibly go wrong!


San Bernadino:

People witnessed the husband and wife team in nefarious activities, including making bombs in their apartment and said nothing. Why? The far left celebrity Micheal Moore types have drilled the PC card into our society so far that nobody dares say anything for fear of offending anyone.  They have blood on their hands!


Nothing to see here, need more gun laws!



Once again, we have failures by so many different groups that could have prevented this but what do they want to do? Create more ineffective gun laws which only affect law abiding citizens.

Does that make sense to anyone?


Hillary Clinton has touted that the Australian gun model should be looked at as a solution for the USA.

The Austrailian government to curb gun violence in 1997 confiscated the guns from everyone.  Legal gun owners would be prosecuted and made examples of if they did not surrender their weapons.  Personal protection was no longer a defensible argument for owning a gun.



In their country much like any other country, if there is a bad guy with a gun the only thing the cops will do is write up the event and allow the detectives to track down the perpetrator.  The victim will still be the victim.


Once the guns were confiscated, the bad guys ran roughshod over the citizens.  Gun crime is actually on the rise as handguns are the weapon of choice.  Still easily smuggled into the country along with drugs, it is a problem that will simply not go away! Give your citizens their guns back, idiots!


Their foolhardy response to the problem is yet more regulations are needed this time on ammunition as those few people who own legal firearms can produce their license and purchase ammo for anything vs. simply a shotgun for example.


Another rocket scientist gun-control fanatic celebrity. 


Australia is an island nation with no borders easily breached by those that would dig a tunnel or climb a fence. The island nation, however, has 25,760 Km of borders to protect. Smugglers could easily violate parts of it under the cloak of darkness.  When you remove legal means for something, basic economics take effect making the reward outweigh the risk.

We saw this with prohibition and we still see it today with drugs!  If Hillary is elected and has her way we will see it with Guns and Ammo!


The Unites States adopting a similar law as Hillary Clinton is advocating would leave the citizens vulnerable to attack from anyone with means to obtain guns from illegal sources.  With the porous border, we still have, the smugglers who would have no trouble getting guns, drugs, etc. into the country making guns much more expensive along with ammunition.

Maybe we should re-enact prohibition too, bringing bootleggers and speakeasy’s back in vogue.  It would put more people to work.


Texoma Bootleggers


Since the Gun issue is intentionally wrapped in an emotional blanket vs. a practical one, those on the far left scream at the top of their celebrity lungs blaming those of us who are more pragmatic as the people at fault.


Intentional manipulation of the clueless by the media and other professional PR types is vile, almost as despicable as the violent acts themselves.

44 MSM Brian Williams 2.15z16

Deliberate obfuscation of the facts to push an agenda by the far left corrupt the system and part of the reason for Brexit, not to mention the “Trump Effect.”


Guns don’t kill, and bullets don’t kill, they are merely a tool invented by the Ottoman empire and used to seduce those that do not have such tools.  Those that use such tools are the killers and the evil that exists in our world.


As countries, we play this elaborate game of brinkmanship, with much bigger guns, called Nukes.


This is a no-win scenario…


When the government that we put there focuses on their constitutional duties only then can we address the real issues in this country?  A country divided cannot stand, and that seems to have been the entire goal of these last 8 years to divide this country into as many fragmented groups as possible.


The media is complicit in this act which is reprehensible.

Brexit is the tipping point; the world is watching.


They saw through the lies!  Hopefully, others will wake up! Notice who they recruited to push their agenda, not rocket scientist…


Information is power, learn history people!


Decline of the Roman Empire



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