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Poll Numbers the #Trump enigma

Poll Numbers the #Trump enigma

Poll Numbers

Poll numbers of the presidential hopefuls are all over the map.  The media has been wrong since the inception of the Trump enigma.  They have been wrong because and not unlike most politicians they have not figured into the equation how pissed off most Americans are at this administration and politicians as a whole.

The Democrats have been whacked in two successive campaigns and Obama looks at that and I quote “I hear you, you want me to keep going.”  Instead of the truth of the matter; No, we want you to stop and turn around, you are taking us over the cliff!

Nobody could be this stupid, so I can only guess that with his pen and the phone, by-passing the House the Senate and the “people” is his way of doing those things which are so far out of his purview to do, that even the far left would dis-approve if they were not chained to the liberal agenda.

Politics interest me, as I have said in the past, this is all about manipulating the voters.

Democrats are pretty good at it and here is why I say this.

California is bankrupt, has some of the highest taxes in the country, hugely in debt with absolutely no rainy day fund, tons of crime and run solely by liberals.  Chicago has some of the highest crime rates in the country with some of the toughest gun laws and is run by democrats.  Detroit is just about a ghost town because of one failed progressive set of leaders, one after another and yes, liberals.

The voters are the people who suffer as the progressive leaders still live the life of luxury, and blame the conservatives, even though cities where conservatives run the city are thriving.   The voters who voted liberal philosophies, in their cities and watched them go down the tube. If they have the ability move out  where do they go; to red states where conservatives are and then do what, try to change it by voting their same old stupid way of progressive thinking!  Don’t you ever learn!?  Is liberalism a mental disorder?!

I would point out that Hitler was elected.

We as a people can no longer be afforded the luxury to sleep through this process.  While most of the people are charmed with social media, and all of the gadgets that we have, the progressive agenda is alive and well.  Bernie Sanders is a Socialist, and is gaining in popularity over Hillary.  Young folks today have no idea what Socialism is and equate it with “free stuff!”  Hillary Clinton the other day proposed making it legal for 16 year olds to vote.  Is she that damned desperate that she needs the pimple faced easily persuaded children to vote!?  YES, she needs those votes as well as the illegals as well as the convicts in prison, and even the dead!

Socialism only works until you are out of free stuff, and then someone like Stalin appears and the masses starve to death while the Stalin’s of the world sit back and watch from the tops of their ivory towers, sipping Champaign; and thinking with fewer people there will be less demand.  

Trump is literally sucking the air out of the room.  The people are paying attention to him.  He is flamboyant and is saying what folks want to hear.

  • Does he believe what he says?

One of the things that interest me about him is, that there is no benefit for him to run for president.  It takes a toll on your health, he already has ivory towers to perch upon.  He can have the best of the best and most probably does, so why run for a job that pays $174K a year?

All of the other candidates have that “want the ivory tower experience” as part of their motivation.  All of the other candidates would owe their allegiance to whoever their contributors were.  Trump needs nobody’s money. 

I think that the only thing that could screw Donald Trump up now would be if some other flamboyant billionaire decided to run on the other ticket.  Those guys however typically get others to do their dirty work, so I don’t see that happening.

We still have a long way to go, and Trump could get bored of the media attention so it is still anyone’s game.

If I were the other candidates I think I would leave sparring with the Don off the table.

Mr. Trump did not get where he is today by putting up with crap from anyone so, I don’t think you stand a chance playing on his field.

My advice to the other candidates is to not engage him in any way.  He thrives off of stuff like that and you won’t win.  State your case, why you think you are they best for the job and stay in your weight class.  Your only hope of winning is if Donald gets bored, and figures out that there is no financial gain for him.

To Mr. Trump, I hope you are serious and that you can find humility in your demeanor, as this is job for a serious contender.  A person like Reagan or even Washington.  A person who really does not want the job; but loves the country and the people enough to sacrifice 4 plus years of their life to put us back on track.

It really is about character, not charisma, or color, or ethnic makeup.


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