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#fracking #earthquake Is it really worth it? @thewellsreport

#fracking #earthquake Is it really worth it? @thewellsreport

Fracking…Food for thought


Denton County in North Texas made it illegal to “frack” in the city limits.

Certain radio commentators “who do not live there” are calling “Dentonites” Stupid!



Having lived in Texas (and in Denton County) since 1962 the only earthquakes I have ever felt prior to recently, have been while traveling; non here in Texas until last year… after Fracking started.

When earthquakes started occurring in places where fracking was taking place the gas companies produced studies and other scientific data that conclusively proved it had nothing to do with what they are doing, simply a coincidence.  Hmmmm Bullshit!

My problem is not with lower energy cost, or even the small earthquakes from time to time, my problem is A: the sons of bitches lied about it, and continue to do so.  B: they are putting toxic substances in the ground that could and most probably will end up in the water that you drink and C: We are getting nothing for assuming the risk.

Lets take them in order, shall we?  Fracking turns solid rock formations into gravel.  What was once a stable solid “billions year old” rock formation is now gravel.  The solid rock that was keeping any movements of the plates from happening is now no longer solid thus, the plate is moving.


Knowing something about this, I doubt that there will be anything like in California but, it could happen.  There are major faults not too far from here and turning things in to gravel could relieve enough tension in the plates to allow the fault to move in a large way, affecting millions.  And where will they be if this happens?  Again they will prevaricate their way out of it, provide scientific proof from “the global warming scientist” that it was inevitable, and they had nothing to do with it, while they just fade into the background while the people bury their dead, pick up the pieces, and so forth.


 I don’t trust them, and neither do the good Folks of Denton Mr. Wells!

B: We need civilian oversight that has nothing to gain by lying. We have so many people who will sell their sole for the buck that we need a Ralph Nader type organization to watch these folks to make certain that everything that they do is above board.  If people get cancer or die of other contamination due to fracking their message will be “not us, we were never there!”

C: I would like to see them purchase earthquake insurance for the citizens in the areas that they are fracking.  If they buy it by the boatloads it should be cheap enough as here in Texas, unless the insurance companies have changed, one cannot even purchase it, as until recently the ground has never moved, even a little.


Civilian oversight

Ground water test, streams, lakes, wells etc.

The introduction of a marker in the chemicals that they use to inject, that would make their contamination easily traced back to them.  Gasoline companies have used something like this for years, the technology is there, make a law.


Total transparency; so we don’t have to worry about them saying things like they were never there If something screws up they need to be held accountable.

Purchase insurance that pays for the repair of anything damaged as a direct or indirect result of fracking from the start of the project; until 50 years past the end of the project.  

If they have a problem with this, than I would move to outlaw it.  Not just here, but everywhere!

Fracking in Texas