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Monica for President 2016, She knows what “IS IS!”

Monica for President 2016, She knows what “IS IS!”

Monica for President 2016

Monica now

It is no surprise that as a White House insider, Monica would find her true calling as the next president of the United States!

She was privy to many secretive meetings of Clinton administration and should be well versed at dealing with both foreign dignitaries, as well as the highest level white house staff.clinton-intern-knees

Through her private tutelage under Bill, she learned what the definition of “is, is”.  Although it is clear that Bill is still a little foggy on the term.

Cute couple, yes?

Knowing her adversaries, well,  planning a successful campaign strategy should be a piece of cake, simply tell the truth as the Clinton’s have never tried that strategy before.XXX LEWINSKY A FEA  CA

I think that she is going to put away the blue dress and opt for red, as she is not happy with Democratic philosophy!


Yes, Monica for president 2016, its the only obvious choice!


Yes, this is satire…. Kind of like Hillary running should be!

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