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Grapevine Texas and Dining

Dining In North Texas

They claim to have invented the Margarita….

If you are close to Grapevine Texas; this is a must try..  http://www.esparzastexas.com/

I first went to this place when they were operating out of a small wood frame house that had been retrofitted as a restaurant.  It was a favorite escape from work to eat here and catch a flavor of Tex Mex that is head and shoulders above the rest.

Every time I go, the food just seems to get better.  The wait staff is friendly and courteous and the food is always served at the correct temperature; and just like you expect it.

When you go, pay attention to the architecture for just a moment.  You will notice that by design there is probably not one square angle in the place.  The floor is not quite level and I don’t think the walls are exactly at 90 degrees either.  This all adds to the charm.

Over the years the place has grown in size and popularity.  I generally make a night of it when I go to the Runway Theatre also in Grapevine http://www.runwaytheatre.com/ .

There are lots of things to see and do in this town which has also grown by leaps and bounds over the last 20 years or so.  As it is so close to DFW one could actually spend some time here between flights! Check out the visitor’s information.  https://www.grapevinetexasusa.com/Default.aspx

If you are in need of other information, send a comment.  I have lived in the area for a very long time.  –Best to you and those that you care about!