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Black Holes, a possible explanation

Black Holes, a possible explanation

Black Holes, a possible explanation


Without understanding all of the math associated with celestial mechanics writers like myself can take liberty with physics and often devise something like the flux capacitor to make up a good story.


The simple facts are that most people don’t understand the math either, so a garbage eating capacitor that makes time travel possible, entertains the masses, and allows those of us who understand physics, “to some degree,” to shift our brains into idle and simply enjoy the story.


Not being constrained by the math also makes it easier for us who “think outside the box” to do so as we are not locked into the math.


We can say “what if,” and get there leaving the folks with the slide rules, and what have you, to work out the details.


Quantum physics confused many who are no longer with us, including Einstein, because it does not play by the rules, as we understand them.


Black holes fascinate me, not because I enjoy the idea of “spaghettification,” or the “noodle effect,” but rather “how is this possible?”

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Weather is a phenomena that I understand pretty well.  I do storm spotting and while I have no interests in chasing tornadoes, well not to get too close anyway; I do appreciate the how’s and whys of weather.


The middle of the vortex is a low pressure area, simple as that.

The eye is a low pressure area.
The eye is a low pressure area.

When water runs down the drain you get a vortex.  Depending upon the hemisphere that you are in, it either goes clockwise or counterclockwise.


Now look again at the galaxy.

Antromrda Galaxy
Antromrda Galaxy

From one perspective it appears that the vortex is moving in a counterclockwise rotation, dragging all of the material in the “cloud,“ with it.  If we witnessed it from “down under” (as our friends in Australia witness the drain,) we too might assume that it is indeed rotating clockwise.

What is a black hole?

I am guessing it is an area of “low pressure.”

That idea is fascinating because then it begs the question of what pressure?  We know space is a perfect vacuum but, what if the center of a black hole is a “super vacuum!”


So out here at the edge of the Milky Way, we are rotating around the center of a huge drain, our speed regulated by the size and strength of the black hole.

  • What regulates the size and strength of the black hole itself?
  • Where does the stuff that the black hole eats, go?

What if, the action of the black hole pulls up all of these gasses and dust that make up the galaxy, and by it coalescing around the black hole, instead of just floating around aimlessly cause these materials to “gel” together via gravity, and thus we have galaxies instead of space occupied by random dust particles? What if the black hole actually gives order to things?

What if the big bang that we theorize as the start of things, was really a huge sucking sound? Of course sound is a metaphor as there is no sound in a vacuum. 

No Big Bang, just a lot of sucking!

Somehow, quantum physics and the Higgs Boson come into play here.  Speculation leads this writer to think that the “stuff,” may go into another dimension or multiverse.  The Black Hole being regulated by the pressures inside that other dimension.  If the other dimension is the “anti-dimension,” perhaps the black hole is the result of matter and anti-matter coming into to contact with one another, causing a void in the space time fabric of space.

One might think that such an interaction might end up with a “white hole” and just perhaps, in that other dimension, the hole is indeed white, spewing out those other particles that Einstein called, “spooky.” Possibly, if we went there; we would find Schrödinger’s cat!


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