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So much to talk about today it seems surreal.


We unlawfully allowed 5 Osama Bin Ladens on the loose, negotiated with known terrorist to “get back” a solder that was AWOL, who had denounced his citizenship, converted to Islam, and is known for his stance on hating America! Was that a bargain or what?


On top of this we have his father, also who hates America Bless Allah from the White House and talk about how he intends to get more people released from Gitmo.


The White house of course is spinning this whole thing as an oversight!


Along with that news, 2 twelve year old girls after planning for some months, try to kill their twelve year old friend to please some fictional character made up by some pretty twisted minds, even by Stephen King’s standards.


Now the crime is so horrific that the girls are to be tried as adults!  You see it really doesn’t matter what the crime is; you really need all of the facts before you pronounce a knee-jerk reaction like trying them as adults!


While I detest what these girls did, they were/are  not mature enough to understand what they were getting into with the Slimman character; and they damned sure did not have the maturity to speak with Police after they were “assuming they were” Marandized.  There should in fact be a law that would prohibit the police from Marandizing or taking statements from children without the presence of their guardians and or lawyer.  They should in fact be required by law to only speak with them after the family has had the opportunity to get lawyers involved.  I know that you probably don’t really care at this point you want these girls put away!  This could have been your kids that fell into the wrong crowd or became charmed with mythical creatures that took over their lives!  They are children, not adults and even though they did something very heinous they are not adults and therefor should not be tried as such!

Kids do stupid things and if they don’t have the maturity to deal with the twisted stuff they are exposed to through Hollywood, books, violent Video games, and stuff on the internet, bad things will happen!   We have seen it time after time after time!  After something bad happens a bunch of anti-gun loons come out of the woods and start the same old tired rant about how evil guns are!  We simply never learn, or are too stupid to learn or most probably don’t want to learn as we have an agenda and we want that agenda to work, facts be damned!


Some “adults” can not wrap their minds around this crap so how in the world do we expect our children to?  On top of this we are such a non-functional family oriented country that because we are so motivated to succeed; our children suffer and are quite literally at the hands of Hollywood and other outside influences.  We are so removed from our family and friends that we have traded “pokes and likes” for real conversation!


And finally we have the Obama administration castrating the American Business man once again by calling for EPA regulations that will drive more and more companies overseas or out of business!


The Chinese may very well take the lead as an economic power but my guess is that they will also take the lead in cancer related deaths as they don’t have or care about clean air, water and so forth.  They are very much overpopulated so what if a few tens of thousands die early due to cancer!  They don’t have any kind of record of human rights or caring for, or about their people so, this does kind of fit.


By the way Al, Global warming is a “global” thing and taxing business’s over here by selling them carbon credits will have no effect on our air or the worlds green house gas emissions as industry will simply move elsewhere.  Those who do not move will simply raise the price of their products in such a way that will take them out of the global market as China and other countries without these restrictions will make the widgets cheaper.


Yes you can charge some ridiculous import tax but, you will only continue to hurt the American People who can ill afford to live today, much less in the future.


This is much like Seattle raising the minimum wage to $15 and hour.  If I have to pay my employees twice what I pay them now, I will have to raise the price of my “widgets” to make up the difference.  So those employees, who now have twice as much money to spend, will have to pay twice as much for goods and services by others.  But we as a country are so stupid, that we can’t figure that one out.


Macro Economics must not be taught anymore.  If you raise the minimum wage of “entry level jobs” guess what else you will have to raise? Yep, the salary of those who have worked their way up to $15 an hour as they are no longer entry level and it certainly is not fair to them to get the same wage as a rookie!  If I am paying all of my employees more guess what happens to the cost of my widgets, and the stuff that I need to make my widgets.


Of course with the way that we are printing money, it will not be too much longer when paper money will be absolutely worthless and your $15 an hour will be a hollow victory as your money will be worthless as well, as there won’t be anyone in business to pay you.

Imageweimar2-270x3201 (1)weimar republic2

In case you don’t have a clue what hyper-inflation looks like, follow this link.




Take a look at the stacks of money that the kids are using to play with instead of wooden blocks!  That basket of money is for A single loaf of bread… How is that $15 an hour looking to you now?

Minimum wage is for entry level jobs, not real jobs.  If you want more money; get a real job.  Stop the government from strangling American companies through these EPA regulations with your vote!  Become educated on what is going on in the world and stop listening to the Carney Spin from DC.  They don’t tell the truth.  Get your news from lots of different places and not just the main stream “lap-dog” media that we have “enjoyed” for the last 6 years.


It will be very interesting to see how history treats this time in our history.  It will  be even more interesting to see how we survive it!







Trust Me


It never ceases to amaze me how people will blindly trust “in this case” the government.


People continue to surrender their rights to privacy in exchange for safety.  How safe are you? 

Here is an article I found most disturbing.  http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/14/us/14explorers.html?_r=1&


 These are kids playing soldier.   Does this not look eerily reminiscent of this? 


The government has deals with cell phone providers to get anything that they want detailing your account and activity.  My guess would be that they can also tell what you watch on TV and where you have been on the Internet, all without a warrant.

 Bush opened this can of worms and Obama is just capitalizing on it.  Do you know that once you surrender your rights that you will never get them back?  Again, looking at history; it will take a war with our young men and women fighting each other to bring about some sort of government that is not so “corrupt” if we don’t start now.  It will be that or the word “free” will have a whole new meaning.  With each new law you loose some freedoms.  

We learn that they have supercomputers which break your passwords and security algorithms (most probably using brute force) and that too is done without oversight from a governing body.



In months to come your complete medical history will be available online.  That includes notes about your confidential conversations with your mental health provider.   If you are prescribed any type of medicine for anything, big brother will know about it and most likely profile you in some sort of slot.

It would seem to me that they should tie this profile to a unique number.  There would be no names in it that could identify the person to whom the medical  information belonged.  Until you provide them a number either by telling it to them or producing a card with it on it would they have access to it.  I realize that it will take hundreds of thinkers in several states and committee meeting after committee meeting to think the process through and come up with this idea but, you can have it for free; and save the tax payers billions while you try to come up with it.  Oh, and use a hexadecimal numbering scheme so you have lots of numbers.

We have many companies out there providing backup services to companies and individuals via “The Cloud.”  Now how much would you care to wager that the same cloud that houses your encrypted data also provides a shadow over a less than honorable sector of our government?  “all in the name of safety of course.”


Their reasons for originally doing this may seem honorable but with absolute power comes absolute corruption.  If you doubt this, try reading some history.  It happens to be rife with such events although the internet was not invented then..


We in fact are following cyclical history and we don’t ever seem to learn from it.

Like the frog in the boiling water, we just never saw it coming…



-Best to you and those that you care about!