Distracted Driving


How many times have you been going down the road and some fool does something idiotic and you said, “where is the cop when you need one?”

Distracted driving is illegal.  If you drive and are distracted while behind the wheel you are breaking the law.  Not Unlike speeding, distracted driving can get you killed!  Not only can it get you killed; it could cause the death or injury of others.

Traveling again this week I saw more people fooling with their phones while driving.  The percentage of distracted drivers is alarming!

I am not talking about taking your eyes off of the road for a split second and having to make a small correction, I am talking about the car “or truck” weaving all over the road “kind of like a dance” while the driver is clearly not paying attention to the task at hand, DRIVING!

I would propose a national number set up “like 911” but, this number would use the cell tower’s location to automatically direct your call to the state troopers in that area where you could report people like this.

 #267   COP

This is a common sense “change” that needs to be implemented immediately!

We need to really hit this hard in the PR area to get folks to realize that they are impaired when they are distracted. 

This trip, an 18 wheeler was “doing the dance,” in the rain, and over-corrected a little too much and instead of going into the left lane, went into the ditch.  Because of the rain the mud stopped him rather abruptly.  The next call he made “after to the wrecker” would have been to the company he works for trying to explain how he ended up in the ditch.  What would you care to bet that “I was on my phone” will not come up in the conversation?

Of course the irony in this is that there would be people without hands free devices calling some 3 digit number to “tell-on” someone else who was using their phone.  So, suggesting that they pull over to make the call would be too much trouble; so they wouldn’t do it and … it would be left to those of us you use a hands free “Bluetooth” voice-activated device to “save the world.”

This would be so much easier if you would just leave the damned phone in your pocket or purse while driving.  If it is that important, pull over!

The simple facts are that “technology” got us into this fix, and I would bet that “technology” could get us out.

It may be as simple as getting a dash cam installed and when it records dummies like this, you send the video into DPS and they examine it for what it is and that it has not been tampered with, and go give the driver a bad time.

Maybe we just take the video and post it on YouTube under “stupid people.”  Or, we could send the video, if it is a commercial vehicle, to the company that it is from.

 Here is a question for conversation, should trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles have a black box?  If there is an accident, this device would know the speed, location, if the breaks were hit, headlights were on, if the turn signal or hazard lights were on and any conversations in the cab.  This thing could even be rigged to “listen for RF” and tell what frequency it was detecting.

Either your “regulate yourself,” or the government will do it for you.   Did you know that there was a time when there was no speed limits?  It was simply use good sense.

Be Safe


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