Who are they and why do we care?

Hollywood joins into the political; arena with  messages in just about every show they produce.  Aaron Sorkin produced a show called Newsroom which at the very onset looked as though it was going to be a “right leaning show,” which shocked me.  The first episode actually had staunch republicans passing around the rant by the leading man Jeff Daniels aka Will McAvoy.   

The entire first season was in fact an attack on the right, taking on the tea party; making them appear to be a joke which diminished them in the eyes of many people who cannot differentiate between fact from fiction.  One of the reasons this country is so screwed up is the fact we have far too-many who watch the Daily Show and “believe” that John Stewart is actually disseminating the news!  They do not know that this is comedy, written for entertainment! 

 The Newsroom I think was supposed to be about how the media works and journalism works but it failed with its biases.  I stopped watching it after the first season as I think Sorkin went too far in trying to make the right look lame.

Some would say that HBO and the Newsroom could not affect that many people but again, not true.  Even Aaron Sorkin admitted that he did not really know what he was doing when he crafted this program but, here is the truth to this.  Someone passing them selves off as Jeff Daniels has a twitter account under the name of Will McAvoy who commented on many political things.

This 28 year old “liberal thinking person” who is a fan of the Newsroom, borrowed the personage of Jeff Daniels aka Will McAvoy and has sent out 41.9K tweets, posted 214 videos, follows 1.943 other “tweeters” has 74.4K followers and has 1,704 favorites.  This nobody, is helping to shape this country by affecting the votes, minds and opinions of the uneducated or gullible voter. This is subterfuge using technology, and the people are clueless.

His tweets have been re-tweeted by thousands who believe that they are indeed re-tweeting the thoughts and opinions of Jeff Daniels aka Will McAvoy!  He is still doing this today, now, this minute!

I would contend that this type of activity should be illegal, but your mileage may vary.

We should most certainly care is this type of thing has an effect on the world.


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