Is our government killing us with Aluminum Nanites?

Is our government killing us with Aluminum Nanites?


“Aluminum Nanites being spread by rogue government operatives at 50,000 ft. leaving chem-trials.  The objectives are to change the earth’s weather to a cooler climate and when these nanites hit the ground they are eaten or absorbed by humans and then activated through microwave technology via HAARP to control you much like the pod people. “

Film at 11:00

I am not sure that this would even compete with Sharknado on the SCI-Fi channel but, the looney websites and blogs that post this kind of stuff are teaming with ads to sell you prepper stuff, and more paranoid stories for as much as you care to read.

Sharknado (1)

Not too long ago I was confronted with the FEMA story and how they have these camps set up all over the place, and they have ordered thousands of coffins and body bags.  The plan is at some point to round up everyone and put them into the “camps” and then cut their heads off!

1289666118-95 Stuff_They_Don_t_Want_You_To_Know_the_New_Madrid_Fault_FEMA_camps

Here, buy these MRE’s and all of this other prepper stuff and be ready to bugout so that you can keep your head!

I am a science fiction writer and this stuff does not even make fodder for a bad story line much less something to write about.

Let me “Snopes” this for you.  “Snopes as a verb, who knew?”

At high altitude, the air is damned cold, somewhere between -40 and -50 degrees below 0.  Any exhaust from aircraft will leave a contrail.  Depending upon barometric pressures and temperatures and water moisture the con trials can last longer and be denser than on scalding dry days with little moisture in the atmosphere.  With enough air traffic, they can form a high layer of clouds.


There are thousands of flights a day so yes, con trials can appear to create clouds!

Nanites or the term nanite, borrowed from Star Gate and or Star Trek. 

Wesley_crusher_reveals_nanites_-_evolutionThey do not exist now nor have they ever existed.  If you want to see for yourself, clean a container really good and then set it out in the rain.  After the storm use a sterile eye dropper or straw and capture any sediment from the bottom of the jar/container and place it under a microscope.  You will find pollen, dirt and a myriad of things but what you won’t find is microscopic machines waiting to be activated by HAARP.


HAARP works at lower frequencies, not microwave as suggested in articles all over the net.  Microwave is line of sight ; therefore, you can even see that this claim is Bogus!



“White planes with no markings flying at high altitude flown by Chinese people are spraying these toxic chemicals making chemtrails. “

There are some solid white planes used to bring folks into and out of Area 51.  Well, mostly white other than that big red stripe.  They, however, do have registration, and I am confident that the pilots are not all of the Chinese descent.  Since this is a secure area, the pilots would be American with security clearance.

Janet Airlines getting people to work to and from AREA 51 at Vegas

How can you tell these planes are all white with no markings flying at 50,000 feet?  All planes at high altitude have no distinguishable markings.  Going past that how do you come to the conclusion that they are Chinese folks doing this?

“So you are telling me that these white streaks from jets are not chemicals.”

Nope, they are indeed chemicals in the strictest of sense in that they contain mostly ice from water vapor that immediately freezes at high altitudes.  There is also some carbon dioxide, smoke, small amounts of hydrocarbons (unburnt fuel), oxides and nitrogen and carbon monoxide.

So, if you want to call them chemtrails instead of contrails technically you would have a point as there is chemistry in them but, not in the paranoid sense that the people that want you to buy MRE’s are touting.

On to FEMA camps.

So the government has these FEMA camps all over the country ready to round up folks and cut their heads off.

Let’s work this one backward shall we?

Throughout history when some government of radical leader wanted to commit genocide they killed folks in an expeditious manner and then either left them for the animals to eat or placed them in mass graves.  They did not put them in coffins and give them a nice burial.  They were ruthless people and could not care a damned about who they were slaughtering.  Does it make any sense to you that the government would cut off your head and then give you beautiful funeral?

Screen-Shot-2013-04-24-at-7.47.19-PM-620x330 genocide1-598x600

I would not be surprised to see these camps “if they exist” housing undocumented migrants of certain age groups and sex until they can be processed.

When there is a lack of information people will invent it.

  • What is the real purpose of AREA 51?
  • What exactly is HAARP?
  • What are these FEMA camps?
  • Is there a government cover-up regarding UFO’s?

Because there is an extreme lack of transparency on these issues, it is easy to understand how so much time and speculation could be spent on these subjects.

Let’s employ a little common sense.

My guess is that Area 51 is a place to test long range and experimental aircraft that they want to keep a secret, not so much from the public but from those that would like to steal our technology.


I think HAARP is some experimental site that uses low frequency to heat up the ionosphere for reasons that only they know.  When radio waves skip from one part of the earth to the other, off of some layer of the ionosphere, they do so by bumping into molecules of air that have been ionized by solar photons or cosmic rays.  Depending upon the layer affected the signal could be absorbed or refracted making long distant over the horizon communication possible without satellites.


I would guess that communications of some sort come into play with HAARP, but unless I get an invite to see for myself, that is as close as I can come.

We could speculate and guess that they are using RF to ionize the lower layer of the ionosphere thus causing it to absorb or scatter RF at certain frequencies, instead of allowing it to bounce off of the atmosphere.

I doubt that there is any nefarious activity regarding weather control or brain wave control going on so you can put the tin foil hat back over the ham in the oven.


The simple truth is that we do have a government that is far from transparent with more cover ups than Houdini ever thought of.  Most of them involve embarrassments as so many have done so much to taint our election process, spreading propaganda through smear campaigns and yes, using the IRS to target conservative groups because they could not win on their own merits.

It is very easy to see how the public could concoct such stories and unfortunately fall prey to hucksters selling prepper type stuff.

Let’s for a minute indulge the paranoid among us.

The technology that the government has is incredible. If they were to become third world, rogue banana republic kind of thing, would give you the prepper no chance.  If they were to round up everyone, it would only mean that your incarceration would take a day or two longer than those who willingly walked into the van, or bus or what have you.

Even if you had guns, their guns, and weapons are so much more advanced than anything you can buy today. It is laughable that people are buying guns and ammo to protect themselves from their government.

A more likely scenario is that the infrastructure breaks down as it did in Baltimore or Ferguson, and you need to escape the fray.    Having some plan with medicines and what have you already packaged would be a good thing.


Three days supplies ready to go with flashlights, radios, water, MRE’s and Medicines would not be a bad idea in case there is a problem with the infrastructure from man-made or natural causes.


-Live long and prosper



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3 thoughts on “Is our government killing us with Aluminum Nanites?

  1. You forgot to mention the reptilian psychopaths who lack any kind of conscience or long-term thinking capabilities, yet have dedicated their entire lives over hundreds of generations to ensure that at some point one of their great great great grandchildren inherits the world.

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