Peoples behavior amazes me! 

If you are inside a bank or the DMV, nobody would just walk up in front of you and cut in line, would they?  Generally speaking, no!

Driving down the road however, that is a different story.  The signs will clearly point out that one lane is going away in X miles and folks will run that lane down to the last few inches and then cut in front of someone, and expect it to be ,OK…  When it happens to you, you are pissed.  When you do it to someone else, that is ok.


Because we are in our cars with the windows rolled up, we are invincible and are “anonymous.”

A mile down the road it will all be forgotten until the next time that you have it done to you or you do it to someone else.

The truth of this however is that the person who you cut off maybe one of those with a bad temper who needs to take some anger management classes.  They may stay mad about it for hours, or even the entire day or longer!  I have known folks who when you speak to them about this their demeanor changes and the anger that they felt comes right back out and they are pissed all over again.


Yes, it is their problem and they need to deal with it but; do you want to be responsible for this? Do you want to be the one to push them over the edge?  Maybe you don’t care but trust me when I say this, some of those that do heinous things out of anger no doubt had some of the “straws in their back pack” put in there by folks who were jerks on the road.

Social media is another place where we can be anonymous.  We can “post” calling others names that we don’t agree with or, simply show our ass and laugh it off.

Lead by Example

You don’t like to be called names or cut in front of so, first and foremost, don’t do it.  No matter how much you want to, resist the urge to be a jerk.  Pretend that all of those folks stuck in that traffic line are friends and neighbors and folks that you will see again.

There is a group that I am following that is for people afflicted with a type of medical condition.  There are folks who talk shit to people because they are using some pseudo name and no one really knows who they are so they can be a complete ASS.  They are cowards.  Hiding behind a pseudo name attacking those which you don’t agree with is cowardice.  Not only is it cheap and complete chicken shit behavior, they are trying to make themselves feel better (smarter, more powerful) at the expense of others.


People on this particular group have health issues and are looking for people who are in the same boat for comfort and they find cowards who hide behind “handles” attacking them or others.

Texans are pretty good folks.  We are generally polite and would not cut someone off just to do it.  Most of the folks that I see cutting folks off, have license plates from other states, mostly from the north, why is that?

While Texans are known for our hospitality and polite demeanor, you should also know that we are also known for packing guns.


An armed society is a polite society.   

Shortly after concealed carry became law here in Texas the first person to get shot was involved in a case of road rage.  This person got out if his car and started trying to break the window on another car who he managed to cut off.

The guy pulled out his gun and when the other man did finally break the window, grabbed him by the collar and started punching him in the face; the guy pulled the trigger.

While this is an extreme case, it is fact that when temperatures get higher there are more incidents of road rage.   Not only does the temperature play into this but keep in mind because of the huge influx of people Texas is enjoying economic growth and with it a growth in people.  With that growth we have a growth in infrastructure to support them and that means road construction.  Lots and lots of road construction.


Treat others as you would want to be treated, and don’t respond to cowards!  Ignored behavior goes away.

I cannot stress enough to “lead by example.”

There are those of you who will say, what about if we get into that lane going away situation, by accident?

That happens and it has happened to me.  The correct way to deal with that is to immediately try to get over, instead of running it down to the end.  Most drivers will see and understand that for what it is, and not that you felt like you are better than them and don’t have to wait like everyone else.


(c) All rights reserved 2015


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