As a science fiction writer it should be no small surprise that my focus is usually physics or other science things instead of politics.

Yes, I write about things that I notice that I think might be helpful but, I would much rather be talking about “Space, the final frontier…”


If we as a world did not have to spend so much money and time on all of the BS in this world, that we currently do, life would be so much better.

Instead of spending billions on wars, entitlements and bailing out other countries; we could be doing meaningful things like they are doing at CERN.

Yes, I think that this is meaningful and important!

Russia and the US and other countries have a space station for Pete Sake!


Tonight I broke routine and watched the news.  I usually do not watch too much if any TV, because I am a firm believer in Garbage in Garbage out.  Too much Garbage in the form of “entertainment” that comes from Hollywood and we as a country nay a people, are consumed with it and controlled by it.

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We have people who know everything about who is sleeping with whom in Hollywood, but have no idea who the VP is.

Vice President Joe Biden
Vice President Joe Biden

Watching trends in Twitter, you can see where people are focused, usually stupid shit!

Trending top on the list currently is USMNT (soccer).  At least it is not about someone sleeping with someone.


Politics fascinates me only in that it is full of lies, half-truths and manipulation usually aided by Hollywood and the media.  Hillary for example has a list as long as your arm of untruthful tales that she has told.  She and her husband are the King and Queen of prevarication and yet 47% of the country will vote for her because 47% are Democrats and that is what people do.  People vote the party rather than character.  It takes little thought process to pull the D lever…


What is interesting to me however is not Hillary.  She is part of a dynasty that we know all too well, and yet because of name recognition she stands a good chance of winning the Democratic nomination.  The person who currently interest me is Trump.


The Donald

Donald interest me in that he is taking a huge financial hit for basically speaking his mind.  Now think about this for one second.  Obama has handlers which basically tell him every word or utterance that comes out of his mouth. Without his teleprompter and his ability to read with feeling, he would be lost.

I find it fascinating that both the democrats and the republicans, are attacking Trump!


The media, both sides are attacking Trump.

maxresdefault (5)

How refreshing would it be to have someone in the White House that is not owned by special interest, lobbyist on Ave K, and of course handlers!


The more that he is trashed by the republicans, the more that I like him.  I was surprised to see Governor Perry trash talk him.  I know it is a political move but Perry has been dealing with these issues a long time.  He knows firsthand what we as a country face.

The simple facts are that we have some serious problems to deal with, and it is going to take serious people to solve them.  The debates should prove interesting as the republicans tear one another apart, doing the job for the democrats.

We are already hearing about stuff that Bernie Sanders (the other democrat) wrote 40 years ago or so regarding cervical cancer and why women get so much of it.  I am certain that was leaked by the Hillary campaign; Bernie is actually getting traction.   He is a Socialist, left of Obama and is gaining traction!


The game is afoot and the next 16 months ought to be interesting if you follow such things.

If not, keep in mind that we are close to getting our probe to Pluto, so there will be more “science” to talk about instead of politics.


Sleep tight, another day is around the corner and more “stuff” will happen; giving us much to talk about.

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