Obama to nominate first openly gay service secretary to lead the Army

Obama to nominate first openly gay service secretary to lead the Army

Obama to nominate first openly gay service secretary to lead the Army

Ever Since Obama flipped flopped on the issue of gay marriage, the gay agenda has been for front in the media.  Daily, there is a story about something gay.

The story of the bakers that were targeted by the gay couple, to make them a cake was one of the most outrageous stories dealing with this.  A quick look at their website would paint them as incredibly religious as there was scripture on every page!  An activist judge quashed their first amendment rights not only with their freedom of religion, he also repressed their first amendment rights when he basically put a gag order on them, so they could not even talk about it!  On top of this he found for the two gay folks that targeted this couple, and fined the bakery some $135k as one of the people claimed that she was mentally raped!

Kim Davis also had her first amendment rights quelled when she too was targeted by activist gay couples wanting to force her to do that which violated her religion.  She sat in Jail for several days as the activist judge found for the couple.

Now we have Obama nominating a gay service secretary to lead the Army.  I am sure Patton is rolling over in his grave!  This is a political maneuver to try once again to make the Republicans look weak or bigoted.  He has placed them in a no-win situation.  If they oppose this nomination for any reason, they will be painted as bigots.  It does not make any difference if the guy is qualified or not.  If they block it for any reason, they are bigots.  If they don’t block it, the conservative voting block will see them as weak, and vote them all out at their earliest convenience.

Obama is doing anything he can to make the republicans look bad, and this nomination is simply moving one more pawn on the chess board, dividing this country along gay vs. straight lines.  This president will go down in history as the “Great Divider!”

Those on either side will either see the LGBT side of this, or the evangelical conservative side who are being assaulted in these political maneuvers and are simply collateral damage, which this administration does not care about.

When you use your sexuality as a weapon, you are a bully!

Further collateral damage will most certainly occur in the minds of our service men and women.  Those of this day and age will probably not think too much about this but, those Vets, of an earlier generation like Patton, will be offended.  This is the emotional trigger that manipulates the masses, and some chess master in the Obama administration knows this; and is very good at what they do.

This is where the “Art of the deal” would come into play.  I would use any leverage I could to make Obama re-consider, and somehow put the monkey back on his back.  The republicans must take a stand, and force this president to take a stand, instead of giving him a pass.  I would force him to veto so many bills that he ran out of ink in his famous pen. Boehner and his people must grow a pair, or the 2016 election will look badly for them; as Americans will not see the political maneuvering, and the liberal media will certainly spin this in favor of the Democrats.

Those conservative candidates should talk about this during the next debate.  The general public has no clue how this government really works or as Obama calls it, “the process!”  “It’s a process and sometimes it gets ugly.”  Said Obama at some speech four years ago.  Trump is bringing a very large audience to the table, use it to place the blame where it belongs!  We have lost the art of the politics or we are cowards when it comes to this president.  The race card has been his “standard” for 7 years and that is getting really old!

Promising the American people a transparent government, with no lobbyist, are two of the first promises he broke.


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