Michael Medved, Really?!

Michael Medved, Really?!

I listen to the radio when I work.

(I don’t have time to call in and pontificate, sorry.) 

If I am doing the kind of work that takes little concentration, I have talk radio on as I find some of the subjects thought provoking.


Today I listened to Michael Medved for about as long as I could tolerate his blather, without tossing the radio into the trash.

The subject was “millennials living at home.”   First off, a millennial is someone between the ages of 18 and 34, if I remember him correctly.

Michael went onto to extol the virtues of his kids living here and there, but would love them to be living with him.  They brighten up the room when they walk in.  Trust me, if they lived with you day in and day out that brilliance would tarnish quickly when they left their mess for you or your wife to clean up.  When kids become adults they need to have their own place, not sponging off of their parents.  They need to learn that the dishes don’t wash themselves, and the trash does not take itself out.

When they have a car, they need to learn that the maintenance of that car is their responsibility.  The gas does not magically appear, and the oil does not magically get changed.

Millennials are moving home, or never leaving, because this economy will not support them living out of the house.  They then become parasites on their parents, and the relationship can become synergistic in that the parents are getting older and need “want” help with certain things.  Those parents if they are able to do for themselves, they need to do for themselves.  It is not good to allow them to sit on their ass all day and watch TV.  They need to be moving, doing things and not having it all done for them, unless of course they are unable.

Obama care has companies using different hiring strategies to get out of paying these exorbitant prices for health care, so they hire twice as many part-time people instead of full time, thus screwing the millennials. Yes, a few find full time jobs but a lot of them don’t, or are under employed.  These “hires” also screw up the unemployment stats as all of these part time people would be half that number if they were full time.

We have millions of aliens in this country, flooding the job market, further weakening the job market.

We have corporations buying politicians through campaign contributions, which turn into thousands of H1-B workers taking technical jobs from Americans.  And still we have companies like HP outsourcing tens of thousands of jobs overseas where they can hire much more cheaply and OSHA and the EPA are not around to make their lives miserable.

For anyone to get a full time job, they must go after a job that is a profession; and simply not something that an unskilled worker can do. I consider trades as professions by the way.


I was at the local Kroger not long ago during the day, and a cashier saw me waiting in line and tried in earnest to get me to use the “self-checkout!”  This idiot is either so lazy, or so stupid, that he does not realize that those bloody things are taking their jobs and hours!

Every time you use a self-service device, and that includes an ATM, any kiosk, or shopping online; you are in fact doing something that someone would normally be paid to do. Technology is taking jobs away.

Michael did not go after these kids living in the basement but, rather celebrated the virtues of having your kids stay with you.


Michael, when the kid turns 26 they are no longer a deduction.  Never mind the fact that the deduction was minimal; it was something.  Now we have kids using resources that cost money, and allowing mommy to still wipe their snotty nose.

You have people who should be saving for retirement using those funds to help their children, as their children have been handicapped by their parents.  Yes, their kid’s issues are the fault of the parents.


Why don’t you simply pull a Kathy Bates on them and take out a baseball bat and break their legs while you are at it.  By not encouraging your kids to go out and make a life for themselves, you are crippling them.

Apathy… A major problem in this country is apathy but, nobody cares.

The millennials got this way because of apathy.  We saw it happening, we listened to news stories and read stories and watched it happen with our own kids, and we just allowed it.  We turned our backs on the problem until it became a crisis and then we screamed “how did this happen?! Look in the mirror pardner…That is how it happened. 

When I was a teenager, 18 was my move out day.  “When you get 18 you are out of here!”  My parents loved me, they loved me enough to force me to become a man, and make something out of myself.

Did I move into a house like I left? Oh no, far from it.

In fact, with my pitiful salary, I moved into a rental that cost me my first weeks’ paycheck every month.

I drove a car that I had to work on just about every weekend, and I did not go into restaurants.  I ate cheap soup, and a lot of cheap canned foods that are probably so processed, that cat food would have been better for me. I still managed a savings account while living like that.

When you have to live on what you make, suddenly you get a reality check.  When you work for someone; you do as you are told whether you like it or not because, you need that paycheck! 


Kids today wander around with a $1000 dollar phone sticking out of their ass pocket, wearing $200 jeans with holes in them, driving $25K~$50K cars that mommy gave them, and we wonder why they are so screwed up!

Bernie Sanders is gaining traction today because he is the government version of mommy! 

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks at a rally demanding presidential action to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Sanders will run to Hillary Clinton's left, trying to elevate economic issues.
Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks at a rally demanding presidential action to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Sanders will run to Hillary Clinton’s left, trying to elevate economic issues.

Socialism is great until you run out of the other guy’s money , then what?

I know, you riot, and you protest the fat cat bankers and anyone else that has anything, as you can no longer get it, because they ran out of money!  That day is coming folks, the day of the Obama Handout is going to end as we are over $18 trillion in debt, and a lot of that is Obama phones and other handouts.

By the way, how much of what somebody else earned is your fair share?

No Mr. Medved, you kick their asses out when they either reach 18, or finish with college, and you love them.  You love them much more if you allow them to have some tough times or even fail, rather than if you constantly bail them out. Failure builds character because it teaches us humility, which we see so little of today.  There is this entitled mentality because of logic like yours.  That is the same logic that everyone gets a trophy!  Really?!


If you teach them morality, and let them develop their character when they are young, bring them up to be self-sufficient; you will be raising them correctly.  Allowing them, or encouraging them to live at home is a mistake of biblical proportions and you Mr. Medved, who has a microphone, hence audience; really should be espousing responsible ethics and morality, instead of a freeloading relationship that so many fall into today.


It is not good to live in your mother’s basement, play on the computer and do nothing with your life, or make excuses.  Remember this, if you are coasting, you are going downhill.  If you want this nation to stay the “greatest nation on gods green earth” reconsider some of the stuff you preach.


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