What are you thankful for?

What are you thankful for?

What are you thankful for?

I wrote earlier that Thanksgiving was one of my favorite holidays as it does not involve gifts, or greed…simply food, fun, family, and Turkey Comas all around…

Roosevelt in 39 tried to move it up to promote more shopping time to boost a sluggish economy after the depression.  So, in learning that; it like anything else can be a political tool to meet some end, I was a little downhearted.  Man is who he is and I should come to expect that but…alas what do we hear about today…now!

Online black Friday every day!  Stores opening up 6pm the night before and staying open 24 hours to drive the bottom line.

Black Friday got its name by the way as that is the time of year when re-sellers hopefully get out of the red into the black.

Think about this…. Goods are generally marked up 40%… What they pay for it, and what you pay for it can have a 40% delta… Larger box stores have higher purchasing power so they can get it cheaper, and might pass that along while still making a large profit.  That puts the mom and pop shops out of business.

To be fair they have the bricks and mortar to pay for, and the employees, lights advertising …you get the idea.

Online stores can operate much less expensively, yet some of their prices rival that of the local Target or yes…Walmart…

If you shop online you cut out the teller… You cut out the salesperson and you cut out the bricks and mortar, when it comes to a store front.

While we do this for the sake of convenience, we do away with jobs… The very jobs that people bitch about not having…

We have lost our way… Sunday after church, there was a time when family was important…Homemade ice-cream and Ice tea on the front porch were important. Lunch with your church family was important.

To me…some go to church to be seen… and are ready to hit the door ten minutes after the first song starts.  Engaging people in the church is a tough job… Keeping the kids awake and engaged …I have seen it but truly, I think the art of preaching is waning…

I see people in church with their smart phones texting…How can you listen to a sermon and get something out of it, when you are posting things on Facebook; or texting while in church?

I have all but stopped watching TV… I listen to the radio some, but prefer to read my news, and stop before I get overwhelmed by the massive amounts of stupidity in the world.

In short, I am thankful for my friends and family…”You…and you….and yes you too.”

I am thankful for my pets, as they offer unconditional love…maybe because I feed them but, I think of it as love…

I am thankful for my intellect, and my ability to discern between what is worthy of my time and attention; and what is not.

I am thankful for those that take the time to write a nice note, or even challenge my take on a particular thing… Nobody has all the answers….

I am thankful for my faith, as it keeps me together, and sane, in this unsettling world that we find ourselves in.

-Best to you, have a stellar Thanksgiving…!

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