Train wreck, the train wreck…

Train wreck, the train wreck…


Have you ever had such high expectations for a show that you were just devastated when you finally saw it?

Train wreck is the very personification of a train wreck.   The writers must have hired interns to write it. 

I first watched Amy Schumer on an HBO special and found her funny.  Out there, but funny.

I ordered the Blue Ray special edition of Train wreck thinking this was going to be one of those movies that I might watch more than once a year, when I needed a pick me up…

Truthfully, I could not make it past 30 minutes into the movie without turning it off.

As a writer, I pay attention to writing… The writers of this show must have been high if they thought it was funny.

Full disclosure, I did not like The Office with Steve Carrell, either, I know others that did.  That style of humor does nothing for me.


Your mileage may vary but as for me…waste of money and more importantly a waste of 30 minutes of my life that I will never see again.

I have walked out of movies before, as they were that bad.  I would have walked out of this at the theater.

Maybe it gets better but, if you cannot hook someone in 30 minutes…you have lost.

That is my opinion on this show…If you have a differing opinion please feel free to comment.


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