Another Attack @GregThornbury @realDonaldTrump

Another Attack @GregThornbury @realDonaldTrump


I hear people on the radio and TV trying to take Trump to task on his past.

Some of this is troubling.  This same mindset kept millions of people home from the poles as they could not stomach a Mormon in the White House. 

“How is that working out for you?”

The latest person of notoriety that I heard is Greg Thornbury.

How many evangelicals would you like to be responsible for having them not participate this year Greg?

This election is important.  30% percent of the country thinks that Bernie Sanders is a viable candidate.  That should scare the living hell out of anyone who is educated.  3 out of every ten people are clueless when it comes to politics, economics and not to mention history.  I can say that because the only way that you could vote for him is that you are either stupid, or you have no idea what economics are, or for that matter what communism is.  

The time Obama leaves office we will be over $20,000,000,000.000.00 in debt.  What Bernie is proposing is spending twice that amount with no way to re-coup that money.  If he were to get it, we would go the way of Greece and nobody would get anything.  We would have riots, as the people currently living off the government  47% of us…would not be able to get anything as there would be no more money to give out.  Bringing in more folks through immigration, without any means of supporting themselves will also drain the government honey hole, faster… but that is another story.

Communism is great until you run out of others people’s money!

Between the three on the DNC ticket, Clinton is ahead by a skimpy margin which should tell the average Joe blow out there that we are in trouble.

Greg, People can change.  Trump is not a perfect candidate but he is self-funded…”nobody owns him.”

He has been married for some time to his current wife, they seem to genuinely love one another.

Moving into the White House would be a downgrade for him…I find that rather interesting, don’t you?

I think he has the swagger that we need to put us on the right track, and to shake up the establishment in DC.  I am certain that is why so many are attacking him from every angle as they don’t want the current good ole boy standard that has been the status quoi to change. 

We need it to change!

Our government in case you forgot is “of the people, by the people and for the people.”

We have career politicians who are running scared right now because of TRUMP!

Greg, I think that is a good thing!  It is time to change them all!

How does he feel about those things as a candidate that you expressed in your ad on the radio now, as a candidate…not three years ago as a business man…now Greg…how does he feel now!?  That is what I want to know.  Do you not suppose when he made comments in the past as a business man that he gave them little thought as his musings were simply that, musings?!”

“How does he feel now?”

Regarding your non-participation in the voting process “evangelicals” ….

To not vote, is to vote for the other guy!

Silence in the face of evil…is evil!

Maybe you are too close to the liberals up there in New York Greg…Come to Texas and visit with us a while, we can show you what conservatism is about. 





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