A commentary on Social Media

A commentary on Social Media


The recent ouster of Bill Oreilly from Fox news was surprising.  We have no idea what goes on behind the closed doors of the executive suites at Fox.  We have no clue what has transpired if anything between the popular opinion show host, and his co-workers or guests.

There is the talk of a $13 million dollar payoff to five women.

Do we know for a fact that it happened?

My point is not to try the case of Bill’s behavior at the workplace.  The simple facts are, we have no facts!

What we do know, there is a long history of people becoming targets who are in the public eye.  How many times has someone been accused of saying or doing something untoward that was not true?  Too many to count.

In this country, we are innocent until proven guilty.

Read that last statement again and reflect on that.  The people, and I use the word “people” on social media loosely, have tried and convicted a man with no evidence, only hearsay!    Whether the man is innocent or guilty is not the point.  The point is that we want to believe the worst of someone who we take umbrage with. The tweets and comments on social media show the absolute worst side of our nature, for all the world to see.  He had the number one rated show on cable news for over 20 years!  Do you think that was a fluke!?

Not only are we so polarized that we cannot even be polite to someone who might have a different view than we do but, we scorn and scoff at anyone who is not ready to lynch Bill and everyone else that works for Fox. There were many threats aimed at other hosts who work for Fox today.  Is that the way we work now.  I thought we did not like Bullies, when did that change?

I expect this kind of rhetoric on Twitter.  The Twitter-verse where anything goes, and there are no real names associated with your vile forms of contempt.  I expect it on Facebook which is, after all, social media but there, a name is associated with your opinions and, we can assume that your audience knows you!

I do not condone it however and block much of it, as I would rather not see the hatred which is spewing out from many who are still not happy with the election results.

I was genuinely shocked to see this on Linked In, however.  To witness the vitriolic, hateful rhetoric from people who use this form of media to obtain employment and or showcase to the perspective employers of the world how employable they are is just outrageous! It is like piercing and tattooing your face, and trying to get a job as a model for Vogue.  After you are disqualified for obvious reasons, you then sue them for discrimination.  Where did you graduate from that you think this is ok?

As a manager for most of my professional life, I must tell you that I look on the internet before I hire.  After all the hurdles that one must jump through even to get an interview, do you think it wise to display your ignorance and your small minded demeanor for the entire world to see?

Linked In is not Facebook.  Linked in is a professional network which is not the place to air your witlessness.

It makes little difference how you “feel” about a TV personality.  To bloviate incessantly in a pejorative manner is ill advised on any media, much less Linked In.




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