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Conservative Moment @medvedshow @wellsreport @theblaze @ewerickson

Conservative Moment @medvedshow @wellsreport @theblaze @ewerickson


A lot of people have brought up the fact that they won’t vote for Trump if he’s the eventual nominee. I just want to put something in perspective…


With Eric being as smart as he comes off one has to wonder if he is not in really in favor of the Democrats practicing Social Engineering.


Justice Scalia’s seat is vacant. Ginsberg is 82 years old, Kennedy is 79, Breyer is 77, and Thomas is 67. Nowadays, the data shows that the average age of a Supreme Court retirement or death occurs after 75. These are 5 vacancies that will likely come up over the next 4-8 years. The next President will have the power to potentially create a 7-2 Supreme Court skewed in their ideology.


Think about that… 7-2. If the next President appoints 5 young justices, it will guarantee control of the Supreme Court for an entire generation. And 7-2 decisions will hold up much more over time than 5-4 decisions which are seemed to be lacking in mandate.


Hillary has made it clear she will use the Supreme Court to go after the 2nd Amendment. She has literally said that the Supreme Court was wrong in its Heller decision stating that the Court should overturn and remove the individual right to keep and bear arms. Period.


Everyone saying that they won’t vote for one candidate or the other if they are the GOP nominee, please realize this: If Hillary Clinton wins and gets to make these appointments, you likely will never see another Conservative victory at the Supreme Court level for the rest of your life. Ever.


If you are a Conservative, a vote for anyone BUT the GOP nominee, whomever that will be (or a vote for no one), is a vote for Hillary Clinton.

The truth of the matter is, that it should not make any difference who the president is when it comes to the Supreme Court.  Justice is supposed to be blind.  They interpret the Constitution as it is and apply the laws accordingly.  When however a country is ruled by activist judges as we have now.  We have a problem.

Your children will pay the price for our mistakes if we pick another liberal who wants to transform our country into a third world country.

Vote as if the future of the country depends upon it.

Whoever the GOP puts up there has to be the one that wins.  We know Hillary’s history and we know what she has said that she will do.  With the power of activist judges on the supreme court, she could pull it off leaving Americans defenseless against the rising tide of aggression from those that would seek to harm us.

If you happen to not like whoever the candidate is for the conservative party, hold your nose and vote anyway.  Many went to war and died for their country and many of those did not want to go. Suck it up and do the right thing!




#Trump and things that go bump in the night. @RealDonaldTrump @medvedshow @hughhewitt @DennisPrager @glennbeck @theblaze

#Trump and things that go bump in the night. @RealDonaldTrump @medvedshow @hughhewitt @DennisPrager @glennbeck @theblaze

#Trump and things that go bump in the night. @RealDonaldTrump @medvedshow @hughhewitt @DennisPrager @glennbeck @theblaze

One of the simplest occupations in the world must be “radio talk show host.”

I often have the radio on when I am working at things that require less intellect and more mechanical aptitude.  The Trump phenomenon is nothing more than ratings for every talking head to pontificate about.

Not shocking are the talking heads on liberal leaning sites who extol the virtues of Hillary Clinton, and how wonderful she is.  I wish I were making that up….  I swear Rachel Maddow is more in love with Hillary than Bill.

Trump on the other hand is no media darling.  There is not one outlet that has anything good to say about him.  Today I heard one talking head repeating things that some supposed butler that Trump had once said.  This talking head was rather vitriolic with his callers regarding Trump.  As if, his opinion trumps theirs (pun intended).  Oh wait he has a radio show so his must be more germane, more salient more accurate than his stupid listeners do.

How smug they must feel spewing out their “intelligence,” casting perls to the swine.

How is the view from your ivory tower boys?  Are you going to toss down some cake to the peons, the little people whose only voice is their vote!

If you people do not think you are doing this, I challenge you to listen to yourselves.

Let me ask the talking heads this, have you read Trumps books? Does it mean nothing to you that this man took $1 million and turned it into $10 Billion while our president has spent more money in 7 years, than all of the presidents that came before him combined have?

I firmly believe that Trump is the ultimate tactician. I think what he does and what he says is more deliberate than one might think.  His 2 billion in free airtime is either genius, or a rather stupid media hoping that it will bring ratings.

Do you think we can really afford four more years of Obama via Hillary? That is what it will be if she is elected and, you people are giving them ample ammunition.

Cruz is a politician and a Lawyer and comes off as Smarmy. Sorry Ted, that is how you come off.  If nobody has the guts to tell you the truth, I do.

Rubio did as well… I do think that his exit speech was praiseworthy, and I really appreciated the HairforceOne line.  Rubio has a sense of humor. I look for him to reappear one day, much wiser and more experienced.

Kasich is a politician and says what he thinks will resonate.

Bernie is a lovable old white person, ex hippy who has limited math skills, and not much of a grasp on reality.  If I were not so well informed; I might vote for the man…  He talks a good story and he makes you feel good.

Hillary is an oxymoron, an enigma…she is in fact the supreme example of “establishment.” Hillary is self-serving and at her advanced age, one has to wonder “why?”  Never mind the fact that she should be wearing an orange jumpsuit, and sitting behind bars; why Hillary?  Why spend your last years here on this earth in a job that sucks the life out of you? I am reminded of the Dark Crystal, with the big scary bird like things that sucked the life out of the Gelflings. The office of President is the granddaddy of life sucking entities.  Is power that much of an aphrodisiac?

Trump perhaps is the biggest enigma of them all. Here is a person who by his own words turned $one million into $ten billion.  Here is a person who has by his own words “ an easy life.”

I do think that he might have an issue with prevarication. It would appear that exaggerating the story for entertainment sake, is part of the fabric of Donald Trump.

As politicians go however; he should fit right in as I have yet to see one that does not have an issue with the truth.  They will tell you what you want to hear for your vote, and then forget about you.

All of the stump speeches will have some story with an emotional hook, they will be about as sincere as you are when you tell the police officer that just gave you a ticket to, have a nice day.

There will be much more social engineering between now and November.  As it always seems to be, at the end of the day, Americans will have to hold their noses and vote for the lesser of two evils.

The “conservative” talk show hosts will have much more fodder to stir up the folks over, and we will go on. MSNBC and to a lesser extent CNN will be bringing you stories nightly on one of two things.  They will be either How great Hillary is, or how lame and incompetent the “republican” person is.  That is what they do.  Fox on the other hand is the Ying to their Yang.  I am beginning to see that Fox too has an agenda that appears self-serving.

The issues however, will probably not be addressed, by any administration.

Nobody is going to round up 12 million illegal aliens.

Someone might build a wall but Mexico will not likely pay for it.

More companies will leave the United States, leaving fewer and fewer jobs for the people here.

All of the candidates are painting the issues with broad-brush strokes hoping that the American people do not care enough to examine the facts of what they are saying. If Jessie Waters is correct, many are clueless and simply going with the wind.

Ted says he will abolish the IRS… Then what Ted?  Who is going to collect the Taxes?   Do you know how many people you will be putting out of work?

He is going to tear to shreds the Iran deal… Really…maybe you should read it first.. Maybe you can tear it up all you want but in the end, their copy will be just as binding as the pile of scraps on the oval office floor.

Ted is going to repeal Obama Care… Do you think you can just stop a speeding train that is heading downhill with sheer will?

They are great sound bites Ted… Some of us have a brain.

Kasich has said nothing that I can remember that he will do.  He does lead one to believe that when god was creating the earth, he was there telling him how to do it.

Trump has tangible assets that he has built.

Does he have skeletons in his closet, probably?

Is he a worse candidate than anyone on the democratic side?  No…


I do think that they all have it wrong.  If someone were to think outside the box, they would build a bridge to Mexico.  My take on this is simple… Help them fix whatever is wrong in their country so they can compete effectively in “free trade.”  We don’t have Canadians rushing our borders by the tens of thousands; why?  Canada embraces laws and capitalism, and even though they are more socialistic than we are, they still have an economy that works for them.

There must be a way to help Mexico get to a state that Americans want to go there or at the very least the Mexicans want to stay there. We have 12 million illegal aliens because their country needs help.  Building a big beautiful wall with a big beautiful door is not really the answer now, is it?

Do you realize how far 10 Billion dollars would go to assist the Mexican people to gain control of their country, making it a nice place to live, work and visit!

Mr. Trump, How…how are you going to Make America Great Again?  How are you going to “bring the jobs back? Some details rather than platitudes would really be nice. That is what I think are some of your largest detractors and critics. The devil is in the details and I for one would like some.


Not my Monkeys, not my Circus but maybe it is time to speak up.


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#GOPDebate or #barroom #brawl?  @RealDonaldTrump @oreillyfactor #gop

#GOPDebate or #barroom #brawl? @RealDonaldTrump @oreillyfactor #gop


Mr. Trump has a temper that Rubio manages to ignite rather easily.

In the “heat of the moment”, the contentiousness of the rhetoric was akin to a schoolyard disagreement about whose father was tougher.

Let me back up a little bit however, this was an interesting day for Trump, which I feel was partially set up by “his own party.”

For Romney to go after their frontrunner in such a fashion was suicidal for the Republicans, and really bad form.

The tone for the day was set for him and I feel certain going into a debate knowing what Cruz and Rubio had in store, was also disconcerting for him.

On top of this, Trump humbled himself to take part in a debate with Megyn Kelly who he has a less than congenial rapport.

As a businessperson, taking the facts on face value as they are, if he indeed took a million dollars and made 10 Billion out of it, you do not do that without making some enemies and or mistakes along the way.

Rubio has no path for success in this race; and should not be there. He also has no employees and a questionable record.  He did a rather contemptuous thing with Jeb, his mentor, so his character is dubious.

Cruz has a limited path and Kasich is a dreamer if he thinks he has a chance.

While Trump’s temperament is disconcerting, I feel like with most of us, if our patients was tested to the limits that his was on camera, we would not look presidential either.

The thing to keep in mind about attorneys, which Cruz is one, part of the job is to act.

I remember not terribly long ago I was sent to deal with a customer who another employee had pissed off greatly.  The customer was a small law firm.

The gentlemen “using the term loosely” approached me with fire and brimstone.  He had never met me before but, since I represented the company, he unloaded on me.  I was sent because I had a history of diffusion situations such as this.

He yelled, screamed and cussed me, spitting in my face as he unloaded his frustration.

Standing there with a small pad of paper and pen, I made notes of his “pain points” while he “acted.”

You see, there is no possible way that anyone should be this upset about what he was claiming to be upset about.

After I did not respond, other than look at him while allowing the last of the steam to escape his body, he looked at me quizzically, stopped and ask, “Don’t you have anything to say?”

Looking him straight in the face I simply ask, “Are you finished?”

His demeanor changed like a light switch had been flipped; he actually smiled as the conversation changed as he was now interested in a solution. I did not buy his act.

This was not my first time to deal with attorneys; I was used to working with them from all over the country.  Some of them were really well known and some were ambulance chasers.  My point is, part of their stick is they have to act.  They have to convince a jury that their client is innocent; even if they know, they are guilty as hell!  That should tell you something about their character. “Not all of them are like this…no nasty e-mails telling me what a great lawyer you are, and that you have never yelled etc.”

Percy Forman once told me face to face, “It is easier for me to get you off, if I know that you are guilty!”

“Lawyers…the jokes are well disserved…”

Cruz acts for the camera.  He acts at the debates and unlike Trump, I have no idea if he is serious or not.

Watch his face as he gets the question, he receives the question, nods, goes into character, as he formulates his response and then “action.”  Every time….

Trump’s demeanor is honest.  I do not doubt that he would prevaricate if it served his purpose but unlike Cruz, if he is pissed or happy you can tell it.

I am not saying Cruz is a bad person or anything negative about him other than Washington is full of lawyers. All of those people are always looking for the loophole.  That is why we have 80 thousand pages of tax code!

Candidates talk in sound bites.  Lawyers, in double speak.

35 million people are in the Trump camp thus far.  35 million voters want that kind of a change in Washington.

“That speaks volumes!”

Politics as usual is what 35 million of the voting population is sick and tired of.  When the first mid-term election took place in 2010 the democrats were sent a message.  They lost seats in the house and senate.  Obama said, “I heard you, you are dissatisfied and want me to double down and do more.”

“No Mr. President, we want you to stop!”

2012 came along and while losing the house and senate, 26 million evangelicals stayed home as they could not deal with a  Mormon in the white house.  Sandra Flukes birth control pills were the issue of the day and the derived war on women and Occupy were top on the diversion list.

This was Social Engineering at its best.  “Never mind that man behind the curtain…pay attention to me the great and powerful…..” Yeah, we get it…lie to us some more because a large percentage of us do not really want the facts, we just want you to tell us nice things.

Obama gets another 4 years to perfect his golf game and apologize for Americans to anyone who will listen.

The stage is now set for Trump and Sanders!

A high percentage of the population has no idea what socialism is and even joke about it on social media as if they are proud of their ignorance. Bernie tells a great story and he is honest.  Bernie is an X hippy or old hippy who has little concept of math, much less economics, and the millennials love him.  His message resonates with millennials who think that when they come out of college that the corner office and the 6 figure salary should be waiting on them.

If they had learned anything of history in college, they would know that Socialism never ever works!

On the other side of the isle is Trump.

His message resonates with at least 35 million who, have truly been disenfranchised by the political elite; and business people who do bring in outside people to take American jobs.

A young Sanders supporter tonight tweeted that Trump was an “EF-ing Idiot and, anyone who supports him is an “Ef-ing Idiot.

This young women used her real name “I think,” which I found refreshing but, she is calling at least, 35million Americans “Efing idiots” while supporting a socialist!  She used the complete word in all of its glory; I am sure her parents would be proud.

I was going to respond to her tweet but, why? I don’t argue with idiots! I will leave that to Glenn Beck. Wait, he might agree with her… Wait, isn’t he a Mormon…?  Maybe this whole Romney, Beck thing is a Mormon conspiracy…!  No, I kid….

The middle class has no voice in Washington.  They are the people who work 50 ~ 60 hours a week trying to just get by to see their taxes go for nonsense!  Obama spends millions on a single 2-week vacation and thinks nothing of it while those that worked for that tax money struggle to make their rent!

The millennials who are on the other side want small companies to pay entry-level employees $15 an hour when some professional people are not making that!   They too did not learn economics.

Kasich, while having a grasp on policies is about as interesting as soggy toast.

For the RNC to try to figure out underhanded tricks to keep Trump from getting the nomination is detrimental to the party.  Their antics will further demoralize the taxpayers who see this as a rigged system. Much like the Democrats super delegates, they are waking up to just how rigged it is.

The “republicans” should rally behind the front-runner, and help make him as formidable as possible against the Democrats.

If Trump takes Florida, and even Ohio, it would be foolish beyond contemptible to not get behind him and unify the party before their petty bullshit does further damage.

You ran a good race, now bow out gracefully, and start talking nice….


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Politicians are tone death! @RealDonaldTrump

Politicians are tone death! @RealDonaldTrump

Politicians are tone death!


Whether you agree with Trump or not, he is where he is because of the established politicians.


Trump and for that matter, Sanders, are here, now, because of “politics as usual.”

From the onset, Trump was an anomaly that would never last.


His cavalier approach to politics brought scorn from all of the media as well as the “establishment.”

He was basically left alone until lots of donors lost millions on the “preferred candidate” who could not pull it off, not even with his mother telling us what a good boy he was…

Now that we have passed Super Tuesday, what are we seeing…?

Trump is ahead by a lot and…. The established candidates and establishment are spending millions of dollars on super-PACs, and, other under the table tactics, to take Trump down.


He signed this RNC, are you going to live up to your end of the bargain?


Attention Republicans!

This is why Trump is where he is…. We do not like your dirty underhanded ways.

If you had any doubts if Cruz or Rubio were part of the establishment, you now have your answers!


The Establishment… 


On top of this, we have the Social Engineers like Eric Ericson (self-avowed conservative) saying if Trump is the candidate he will not vote.  Folks, that is just stupid on so many levels.




26 Million Evangelicals stayed home in 2012 as they could not deal with a Mormon in the White House!

“How did that work out for you?”


I think I know which one…


Either Eric Erickson is stupid or, he is a closet Democrat!

This is the time for the Republicans to unite behind the front-runner, and make sure that he has what he needs to beat Hillary. The Republicans are doing the Democrats job for them.


I would imagine that Hillary and her party are jubilant as they witness the self-destruction of the Republican “brand.”


Cronyism in politics is what it is, and Donald don’t play those games, so he must be stopped.


Everyone except Donald has his or her price; it is how business inside the Beltway works!  Sad huh!?


The republicans say they are worried about control of the house and senate, as a Trump candidacy might jeopardize their chances.


“What difference does it make?”

You have had control of for several months and done exactly what with it?

Obama has gotten everything that he wanted, handed to him on a silver platter!

Either play ball with the new team, or ship out!


To quote the famous newscaster Howard Beale, we are mad as hell! 


You folks have done this to yourself… Now let us shake up the team and see if we cannot turn the government back into an entity that is “of the people, by the people and for the people” and not for the elite political class looking out of their ivory towers shouting, “Let them eat cake!”

maxresdefault (1).jpg


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The Sheep have come home to roost! @RealDonaldTrump

The Sheep have come home to roost! @RealDonaldTrump

Convicting Trump of malfeasance before he even gets the nomination is the cause of many who promote social engineering in order to sway the would-be voter’s to their person or at the very least, to not vote.


They did this in 2012 and it kept 26 million at home.  Obama won…

While the country clearly needs a change of direction, many in the good old boy club are investing millions to sabotage the outcome in the favor of the Democrats.

One candidate who is non-trustworthy and should be in jail is the current front-runner on that side.

The people who vote for her only know that she is a woman and will stand up for their right to kill their unborn child.  Too harsh?  Listen to her speeches…divide and conquer are the democrats strategy.

  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Sex
  • Color of eyes


You name it, if they can drive, a wedge in they will do it!  Control the narrative away from the facts.  Maybe they can drag Sandra Fluke out again and we can all talk about her $6 birth control pills instead of jobs, Terrorism, Economy, immigration and so forth.


“Why are we talking about those things instead of her birth Control pills???? Because of Trump!

  • He is the reason millions are tuning into the debates.
  • He is the reason we are talking about the issues and not manufactured things.

Say what you will, his entrance has been good for the process.

The other, a Socialist / hippy who has no concept of economics is affable and tells a good story.  If you have no clue how economics work, his speech is nice.  If you don’t know history you are apt to vote for this guy.   A lovable Nut!


History is a great teacher and we fail to teach it much less learn it.


The rise and fall of the Roman Empire is a good start.  If that is not enough for you try looking at Germany and the Weimar republic. Hyperinflation is what is next….  Look at Greece in very recent history….


This is where we are headed when the money runs out…


Socialism has never worked, ever!  We are moving in that direction and have been since Woodrow Wilson.  Another Democratic win will take more of your money away from you and give it to those who do not want to work.


This is on your head if your fail to stop it!


26 million Evangelicals stayed home instead of voting, as they were damned if they were going to have a “MORMON” in the white house… We have Obama today for that reason…  How is that working out for you?

Well, we are 20 Trillion in debt, we will be $21T by the time Obama leaves on a golfing retirement now that he has perfected his game for the last 8 years… How did that decision work out for you?


For those of you who have no concept of how much that is…. $21,000,000,000,000.00 …. All of that money is borrowed!  The interests is incredible!


We still have not learned.

Those that practice social engineering acquired a new database that tells them all about each and every person in their target area.


Software for the political campaign that knows more about you than your do.


  • What kinds of cars you drive.
  • Do you go to a gym
  • Do you hunt?
  • Do you go to a church?

The information at their disposal is mind blowing!

Why is this important?

Using that data they can tailor and ad campaign or a speech for your particular demographic.

They can tell you what you want to hear!  (not the truth, just what you want to hear.)

To sit this election out is about is a head in the sand, rectal cranium inversion ish as you can get!


Cannot vote for them unless they are perfect and tell me exactly what I want to hear….

So what, you will feel better that you did not vote for Trump.  When Hillary or Bernie take the wheel, appoint up to three supreme court justices and welcome all of those Syrian refugees to live in houses in your neighborhood that you will pay for …you can feel good because you did not vote!


When the rest of the major companies leave this country because Bernie taxed them to death, you can feel good because you did not vote for trump.

When you are forced to live under a bridge because there is no work other than part time retail, you can feel good because you did not vote for trump!

I am not an apologist for Trump!

Folks, Jesus is not running this time around for president of the United States.  Sorry!


Well, there is that….. 🙂


Whoever is the  GOP nominee, I will be in his or her corner…

When the liberal media highlight anything in Trumps past that flies in the face of what Evangelicals hold dear, you are being manipulated.

If they cannot persuade you to vote for one of their two losers, they will persuade you to stay home and not vote.

  • Look up social engineering in regards to politics. Interesting stuff!
  • Look up the I360 App for politics… That is the app that knows you better than you know yourself.

This man is not my first choice but….I don’t think that he is a bad choice.

Six months ago, he was clueless how to be a politician.  Now, spending his own money, he is beating the “established” politicians who are owned by god knows who.

Every twenty-four hours his savvy regarding politics increases exponentially.

His outgo is a tenth of what the others are spending…that says something.

His promise to the GOP was predicated on them treating him fairly.  It is clear to anyone that watches the news that they are not, and still he is running as a republican.  The threat of running as an independent I feel is a shot across the bow… Trump is the ultimate tactician and a hell of a smart person.

“Is he a bully?”  I think that he can be but, I also know from his books and listening to those that know him, he has a benevolent side as well.

  • I think Mexico will pay for the wall…
  • I think that he will rebuild our Military
  • I think he will take care of our vets
  • I think that he will make sure that our police are taken care of, and respected
  • I do not think that he will be pushed around, by politically correct people.
  • I think that those who don’t respect us, will again…
  • Business as usual inside the beltway will not be the same!

During the last debate when North Korea was mentioned, he was the only one of them that had the right answer.

The established on both sides of the isle are responsible for this as they have been the good old boys too damned long!  They fight to get there often spending millions for a job that pays $175K a year to live by different rules and laws than what they impose on the taxpayers.

I for one think that his rhetoric is a breath of fresh air. 

I will be watching all of the debates, all of the rhetoric before I cast that final vote but to date, if nothing changes drastically, I will be voting for him.

I wish that his “New York” persona were not as hostile as it comes across, but having been there many times, many of them talk that way… Does not make him any less of a person or any better of one; it is simply a mannerism that comes off to some as caustic.

The country is in trouble and we need someone to kick ass and take names… Rubio is too young, too rehearsed and lacks the swagger.

I like Cruz but he is to me, too much of a politician…. (That may be just me.) I do think that either of those two would make a decent VP.

Read Trump’s books if you want to get a glimpse of who he really is.  The pundits and established are spending millions in smear campaigns against him.  There is, at least, one super pack funded with its whole purpose to discredit him.  With that many people against him, there is a reason.  I feel like the reason is that business inside the beltway depends upon people who can be bought.  Trump cannot!

There is not a perfect candidate, if there were you would not vote for him because he would not have the spiz, fire, and swagger that we need.   Ben Carson would be good for that, as he is basically and honorable man.  Nobody would hear him.

Folks, we need a big personality in the White House for a few years.  We need a take no nonsense kind of person for a few years to right the ship.

If we keep the house and the Senate they will not allow him to pass by executive fiat that which would be incongruent with our constitution.

I for one would like to see the GOP become that which they have not been in years…the voice of the people!


If you write your own blog you can take artistic license too! 


Feel free to disagree…keep it civil and we can talk about it.


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A few thoughts on this election 2016 @RealDonaldTrump

A few thoughts on this election 2016 @RealDonaldTrump


Part of the election process is that people want to “like” whom they vote for.

When I say to “like this person,” they must have many of the characteristics that they themselves have.

That is one of the reasons that Obama won both times is that he is likeable. You will notice in the polls that one of the categories is “likability.”

On that trait alone, Bernie Sanders should win, as he is probably one of the most likeable candidates around.

maxresdefault (3).jpg

He is an old hippie who espouses something just this side of communism, which resonates with the millennials. They feel that have been disenfranchised by corporate America because they have paid the big bucks for student loans and companies are not jumping through the hoops to court them with 6 figure salaries and the corner office!


Companies are leaving the country because of people like Bernie but that is another story!

If Bernie were elected his plans would cost another $20 Trillion dollars in just 4 years.  I do not think that any member of congress is that braindead to sign off on it.

This is 1 Trillion Dollars.

Firstly, those who paid the big bucks for college, get over yourselves.  You start in the mail-room or some other entry-level position and work your way up.

Immigration should really be on your top ten list to worry about.  There are more of you and fewer jobs.

If you want to make good money from the get go, be a plumber or AC repair-person or yes, even a mechanic.  You will never get rich, but you will never lack for work. Your white collar counter parts will spend more time unemployed than you.

Character is the defining trait that you should be looking for when you vote.

  • What has the person done?
  • What is their record of accomplishment?
  • Who owns them?

Which group of special interests has given them millions of dollars to hire all of these specialized marketing and PR firms to sway a certain group of voters by telling them exactly what they want to hear?

I seriously wonder if she can even tell the truth.

I do not care personally if I like them or not, I want someone who will do the right thing and make the tough decisions.  I want a candidate that will keep the country safe and defend the constitution!

You have no doubt heard it said repeatedly, it is always between a lesser of two evils.

Let me pose this question to you.

What has to be going on in someone’s mind for him or her to think that they are good enough to be the President of the United States?  How much EGO and Narcissism, not to mention delusions of grandeur, does it take to run for president?

In House of Cards, Frank is a Megalomaniac!  Great Actor!

They all share that trait; the only one that will most probably not change is Trump.  Moving into the White House would actually be a downgrade for him. Is that humility?

Love her as well… Great Actress!


Since Trump is funding his own campaign you pretty much have an idea of who and what he is, the rest are total unknowns, as you have no idea who owns them.

Is he a bully, I think he can be.  Will he keep his word? I think so. Will his family keep him grounded?  I hope so.

They call him the “unpolished” Politician.  Good!

Since all of the good old boys and even the other billionaires are fighting Trump, it seems like an easy decision to me.

Promoting and funding political unrest…why?

Just think … all of the billionaires that currently buy politicians will lose their control! The American People might actually get their government back!  Special interests might have to take a back seat until someone of lesser intestinal fortitude, wins the office.

For the record I don’t think that Trump is an “Evil,” I think he is a necessity.  I think that he has the Swagger to tell those who try to stick it to us, to go F#$K off!

Just my thoughts!

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Voice of Reason @realDonaldtrump @glennbeck

Voice of Reason @realDonaldtrump @glennbeck

Voice of Reason @realDonaldtrump @glennbeck



When the likes of Whoopi Goldberg or a Hollywood celebrity uses their megaphone of stardom to taint the election process, it sets me on edge.

Much like unions having their member’s vote for who they want them to, that to me is collusion of the process, or at the very least, a corruption of it.  That is one-reason preachers cannot use the pulpit for such things.


John Stewart in my mind is in large part the reason we have had 7 plus years of Obama.  Why? People conflate his comedy show with actual news.  I would suggest that they don’t read, watch, or listen to the news or tune out when a politician is mentioned.


California is in horrible economic shape. They vote for overly liberal candidates, which have been pushed in large part by the media and of course celebrities.  A conservative celebrity is black balled which to me should tell the voters that maybe they should not listen to those that use the megaphone of talk shows, to convince you how to vote.


Liberal giants own most of the mainstream media so a form of “yellow journalism” is a standard.


Glenn Beck who is on the opposite side of the isle has endorsed Ted Cruz.  Cruz is as far right as Bernie is left…  This in my mind makes him complicit if Cruz becomes elected, and then screws things up. (Another first time Senator.)

Beck has always been entertaining in a John Stewart kind of way except that Glenn is much more macabre that John.  Becks’ theatrics have engendered support from the far right.  With his advertisers selling things suited for preppers, he has created an atmosphere of paranoia.  With such talks of Fema camps, we have many spending their hard-earned dollars on things that they will probably never need.


Gold comes to mind.  The multi billionaires of the world can change the value of it in a heartbeat! It was not long ago that oil was a safe bet.  Right before the collapse, there were many radio and TV ads trying to get people with a minimum of $40K to invest.  Surprise!

Beck’s message resonates with those on the far right. Those who would happily take the world back to the days of no internet. Maybe even take away women’s rights to vote and to drive.   Too much?  I wonder…


Obama’s talk about guns is responsible for the huge amount of gun sales as well as driven the NRA to receive lots of money from new membership.  The gun folks should be thanking Obama!  Now we have grandma thinking that she needs an assault rifle with thousands of rounds…just in case! In case of what?


meme12.jpgAt a Sanders caucus, a college student who was caucusing for him was asked to explain socialism.  She was unable to do so but, still firmly entrenched in his camp. “Oh Bernie…what a man…. (Sarcasm)”


Beating Sanders will be simple.  Whoever is opposed to him simply needs to educate the useful idiots what socialism is, and why it never ever works!  I would suggest they do it with comedy, maybe even a Saturday morning cartoon, as those who vote for him must certainly be ill informed. (Yes, I am being nice…)


Clinton who should not even be running is another example of people not watching or knowing the news.  This person should be doing time … Not running for Commander in Chief! …

The Democratic candidates are all incredibly old … One would think that should cause some sort of concern among the voters as we have no idea who would inherit the office if or when they kick the bucket!


Stress releases something in the body known as cortisol. “The stress hormone.”  That hormone kills people.  Now a young person can handle it however it still takes a toll on their health.  And older person???

Truth told the DNC does not have a viable candidate.  The RNC has many.  Finding a moderate among them should be easy.

What are Americans looking for in a leader?

  • Trustworthy
  • Vision
  • In touch with the people
  • Defense of the homeland
  • Limited government
  • Set the stage where businesses can flourish
  • Bring Americans together, instead of dividing us on every possible angle.
  • Someone who can fix Washington … Tall order … Start with Term limits!
  • Fix the Tax Code, so we do not need accountants.
  • Stop screwing the Middle Class!


As far as Trump is concerned, Americans should be thanking him.  His celebrity status has focused the country to talk about topics that the political elite would love to not talk about.  The here to for technique is to control the narrative, talking about things that are benign issues.


Trump has forced the narrative to address things like Immigration.

Political correctness; which is nothing more than a voluntary surrendering of your first amendment.

Trump has made us painfully aware of how bad our “deals are.”

Trump is the elephant in the room and has forced the narrative to substantive issues vs team names and political correctness, not to mention Sandra Fluke.  You know the rich girl that wants you to pay for her $6 birth control pills.

This is why both sides abhor him.  They cannot talk about bullshit issues.  The narrative is now more real and they all have to talk about it.

One final note, Microsoft is not a Trump supporter.  If I were he, I would have all of the “free software” looked over carefully by people who know things about such things. 



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#Trump @realdonaldtrump @megynkelly @DLoesch

#Trump @realdonaldtrump @megynkelly @DLoesch


I have not read the “National Review’s” hit piece on Donald Trump.  I have known that Glenn Beck has been in the tank for years for Cruz, as are many conservative talk show host.


The media takes everything that any of the candidates utter and try to make it into headline news. Trumps latest comment about Megyn Kelly got me to thinking.  Did he say that as a side comment, or is he really concerned about it? My gut feeling is he is not worried about it.  He probably expressed an opinion, and the news is running with it like a front page story.

By now, I would think that Trump should be able to handle any reporter with ease. Much like other candidates who do not like the question asked, they simply pontificate on something else.

  • Trumps poll numbers are in large part a representation of the nerve that he has tapped into.
  • The JV team is out of control and this administration does little to stop them.
  • In fact, they are giving their leaders back to them, who we had.
  • Over 70% of Americans said no to Obamacare; He did it anyway.
  • The sales job to Americans was a bold face lie. You can’t keep your doctor.
  • American jobs are going overseas at an alarming rate.
  • Illegal immigration is out of control.
  • The vets are being treated horribly.
  • Fast and Furious was swept under the rug.
  • The Racial divide is pre-1960 levels of bigotry … In large part because of Obama.
  • Jobs handed to non-Americans through Visa’s are out of control.
  • Our military is being crippled by this administration … why?
  • Political Correctness is a subversive attack of our first amendment rights.
  • Our 2cnd amendment is under attack by the loons who have body guards … with guns.
  • This president could not work with the house and senate when he had a majority!
  • The DC good ole boy club needs to go and Americans are frustrated by this.
  • China is eating our lunch but American companies are handing it to them.
  • Politicians are beholding to someone … Trump is beholding to Trump.
  • The 1973 Gas Crisis was a lie, as is Global Warming; American’s know this.
  • The jobs numbers are phony, as most of those are part-time BS jobs that people have to have two of.

It is easy to see why other candidates attack Trump.  I would be interested to know why those that wrote their opinion against him in that publication.  Trump appeals to conservatives and Liberals; is that why?

Bernie Sanders is out of touch with reality but he is telling people what they want to hear, hence his pole numbers.  Is Trump in the same place on the GOP side?

  • Lastly … Why is Hillary Clinton not sitting behind bars?


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We are but Pawns on the chessboard of life. @oann

We are but Pawns on the chessboard of life. @oann

We are but Pawns on the chessboard of life.  @oann

Today’s news regarding the slide of oil prices brings back the memories of the volatile world in which we live and just how much of it centers around our lack of energy independence.


Still fresh in my mind are the long lines at the gas pumps of the “world coming to an end” oil shortage of 1973.

Much like the world ending “Global Warming Hoax,” I do not trust any of them.  (with good reason…they lie!)

If you really want to know what it means…follow the money… Who gets rich if we stop using coal, or we all use sunshine and unicorn magic instead of fossil fuel?  If Al gets to sell you his carbon credits that he already has printed, who gets the money for them, and what do they do with that money?

Many of my readers are too young to remember or know about the oil shortage hoax, so for those of you that were not driving in the 70’s here is the deal. 


In 1972 Gas was about .50 a gallon.  $5 dollars would fill my car…The price per barrel of crude was $14.00.  Minimum wage was $1.85. I made minimum wage for a while until I went to work flipping burgers making $2.10. “I was of course in school; this was popcorn, gas and movie money.”


All of the sudden there was this “Energy Crisis!” We had gas lines and limited supplies. According to Carter, we were going dry and in a few years’ time, there would be no more gas…ever!


70070-full.jpgThere were oil tankers crashing into each other as well as running in to under water obstructions spilling millions of gallons of oil into the ocean.  The shipping lanes, which they had navigated safely for years prior and years since; all of the sudden became more dangerous…?

My contention is that those ships were sitting off shore waiting for orders to make their delivery and ran into things because they were in places that they should not have been.

As Americans went from paying .50 cents a gallon and allowed to purchase all the gas that they wanted, that changed overnight. Suddenly it was mandated as to how much and when we could purchase gas.  No more than 10 gallons on odd or even days depending upon your license plate, and of course, the price jumped. Like sheep, we fell in line because our leader was someone we could trust, and if he told us this, we would do it.

President Carter responded to the crises thusly…. This is part of his speech…

“The oil and natural gas that we rely on for 75 percent of our energy are simply running out.… World oil production can probably keep going up for another 6 or 8 years. But sometime in the 1980’s, it can’t go up any more. Demand will overtake production. We have no choice about that.”

“To some degree, the sacrifices will be painful—but so is any meaningful sacrifice. It will lead to some higher costs and to some greater inconvenience for everyone. But the sacrifices can be gradual, realistic, and they are necessary.”

“We must not be selfish or timid if we hope to have a decent world for our children and our grandchildren.”

This is not the first time a sitting president has lied to us….Nor will it be the last.

Oil production during this period was steady with a slight linear progression all except one…The Middle East.

In 1970, The Middle East topped the oil production of North America, continuing its production to 21.894,000 and in 1974 to finally peak in to 22,020,550 in 1979.  At which time they cut production back to a low 10,645.400 1984.

There were other players in the market, but make no mistake, the Middle East was the driving force.

During this time, Asia Pacific was ramping up its use of Oil… In 1979, they peaked usage to 10,917,244 barrels a day.  At this same time, North America was sitting at 21,483,623 with the largest consumer of oil being Europe and Eurasia coming in at 25,117,430 barrels a day.


The problem was the OPEC Embargo.  Egypt and Syria announced that they were no longer selling oil to countries that supported Israel. Less supply of oil caused prices to rise 134%.  In response to this Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, and Qatar unilaterally raised prices by 17 percent.

These events caused issues with our markets and eventually negatively affected our GDP.

Once again, we were held hostage over oil in the 1979 Iranian Revolution.  OPEC once again raised prices by another 14.5%.  The US then halted Imports from IRAN and Kuwait, Iran and Libya cut production.  Saudi Arabia eventually raised the prices of crude to $24 a barrel. These factors brought an increase of oil up another 118% in one year. The Gulf War precipitated another increase of 113% in 1990… This adversely effected the strength of the US dollar as the feds started to lower interests’ rates.




We had long lines at the gas pumps because the Middle East who we now relied upon for oil.     Years of negotiations finally eased supply but the price was no longer .50 a gallon. Today the barrel of oil dropped below $30 a barrel.  If things were equal that should make a gallon of gas about a dollar.

These are the scant few facts that history tells but… I would really like to know the rest of the story.  Who profited? Why did Carter fill our heads with lies?  Who was pulling his strings?



The Embargo that inconvenienced millions was a political play. Today we have a glut of oil on the market bringing the prices down to record lows taking the world stock markets with it.  They are blaming the glut on less demand … are you trying to tell me that there are less cars?

The Middle East for some reason, “economics” is crushing its competition by making oil supplies more abundant.  This adversely effects the other oil companies, as now exploration…fracking… and other sources of obtaining oil is no longer profitable.  With oil at $30.00 a barrel, all of the oil producing countries of the world will be effected, with Russia, amongst one of the countries hardest hit.

Enjoy your cheap fill-ups as your 401K is adversely suffering because of this.  

  • “Do they still teach economics in school?”
  • “Have they common cored our people into actual stupidity?”


Now she is pretty…This is far more important than your survival…look at that pretty dress…that bracelet is stunning…I wonder who did her hair… Sarcasm..yep!

If the kids of today understood anything other than who got an award in Hollywood or who was sleeping with whom,  or…what video game is great and why…they might actually protest our out of control politicians.  These overpaid bags of hot air who paint with unicorn blood and fairy dust, create rosy pictures for those of you who watch passively the greatest president that we ever had…ever…give the greatest State of the Union address ever!  If you do not believe me…ask him….he will tell you that himself if, he can pull himself away from his selfie stick or mirror!  “Yes, that is sarcasm.”  If the only politics you followed are on MSNBC or CNN and then watched the State of the Union Address you would buy the lies.

There is some sort of scandal with her and mean girls but that really does not interests me…She is attractive … but completely not germane to anything that I am talking about.

“Folks, they are lies…. People such as myself are not going to be able to keep this fight up forever…you had best engage and smarten up, unless you want to go the way of Greece.”

Protest in Greece turns violent… Out of free money…

I will take this opportunity to put a plug in for a news network that is strictly news.  No opinions, just the facts.

I actually think she is great!  I think she went to the Blaze …

Their reporters at time are sophomoric, but I find that part of the charm.  Just the facts, no spin.  They are currently in a battle with the major news networks, as the multi media giants are pulling strings to keep them off cable networks.  Verizon still has them but Time Warner and Charter who seem to be under the thumb of certain people in the administration, do not want them. The FCC is going to have to get involved with this one but I am certain that they “the multi media giants” can drag this out until after the election, as to keep the left wing loons influencing politics as they have been doing forever.

Seek the truth my friends!


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My Shameless plug for the Blaze…



Another Attack @GregThornbury @realDonaldTrump

Another Attack @GregThornbury @realDonaldTrump


I hear people on the radio and TV trying to take Trump to task on his past.

Some of this is troubling.  This same mindset kept millions of people home from the poles as they could not stomach a Mormon in the White House. 

“How is that working out for you?”

The latest person of notoriety that I heard is Greg Thornbury.

How many evangelicals would you like to be responsible for having them not participate this year Greg?

This election is important.  30% percent of the country thinks that Bernie Sanders is a viable candidate.  That should scare the living hell out of anyone who is educated.  3 out of every ten people are clueless when it comes to politics, economics and not to mention history.  I can say that because the only way that you could vote for him is that you are either stupid, or you have no idea what economics are, or for that matter what communism is.  

The time Obama leaves office we will be over $20,000,000,000.000.00 in debt.  What Bernie is proposing is spending twice that amount with no way to re-coup that money.  If he were to get it, we would go the way of Greece and nobody would get anything.  We would have riots, as the people currently living off the government  47% of us…would not be able to get anything as there would be no more money to give out.  Bringing in more folks through immigration, without any means of supporting themselves will also drain the government honey hole, faster… but that is another story.

Communism is great until you run out of others people’s money!

Between the three on the DNC ticket, Clinton is ahead by a skimpy margin which should tell the average Joe blow out there that we are in trouble.

Greg, People can change.  Trump is not a perfect candidate but he is self-funded…”nobody owns him.”

He has been married for some time to his current wife, they seem to genuinely love one another.

Moving into the White House would be a downgrade for him…I find that rather interesting, don’t you?

I think he has the swagger that we need to put us on the right track, and to shake up the establishment in DC.  I am certain that is why so many are attacking him from every angle as they don’t want the current good ole boy standard that has been the status quoi to change. 

We need it to change!

Our government in case you forgot is “of the people, by the people and for the people.”

We have career politicians who are running scared right now because of TRUMP!

Greg, I think that is a good thing!  It is time to change them all!

How does he feel about those things as a candidate that you expressed in your ad on the radio now, as a candidate…not three years ago as a business man…now Greg…how does he feel now!?  That is what I want to know.  Do you not suppose when he made comments in the past as a business man that he gave them little thought as his musings were simply that, musings?!”

“How does he feel now?”

Regarding your non-participation in the voting process “evangelicals” ….

To not vote, is to vote for the other guy!

Silence in the face of evil…is evil!

Maybe you are too close to the liberals up there in New York Greg…Come to Texas and visit with us a while, we can show you what conservatism is about.