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Don’t use the condiments

Don’t use the condiments

On a local social networking site, a person sounded off about some child drinking from the chocolate syrup bottle at the local BBQ joint. She corrected the child and told management what had happened. The girl behind the counter tossed the syrup. When the boy told his father, he glanced at the woman, waved, and left the establishment.

The thread went on with many weighing in.

Since my thoughts are more verbose than intended, I thought I would put this on my blog instead.

It starts with the parents. It might be more profound than that. Kids are being raised by video games and what used to be Hollywood.

The economy is such that usually, both parents must work. Your children are not raised by ‘Father knows Best, or Leave it to Beaver.’ If they are in a single-parent home, that lack of good behavior goes double. Where do they then learn what is socially acceptable?

I am a writer. Often my characters bump into today’s value system. It has been incumbent upon me to learn where these kids get their values. It was not an exhaustive search. After looking at some of the games they play, examining the amount of unsupervised time they have, and the educational system tolerating bad behavior, I had my answers.

Not long ago, I was in the food court close to some teenagers who were lamenting about their home lives. These were kids wearing designer clothing. They each had a smartphone, some had braces, and they went on about how crappy their parents were. I had to leave.

Speaking with children of different generations, I notice a variance in what they think is acceptable behavior. It is rather shocking.

Today’s 30-somethings that I speak with are clueless. At their age, they should be saving for retirement. Instead, they rent an apartment equivalent to the house they grew up in. They attempt to live as if they were still under their parent’s roof and eat out as if it were free. Many parents enable this behavior by supplementing their income. Their kids live paycheck to paycheck, usually running a deficit by the end of the month. Much like that college loan, they also have credit card debt. Why? They were never taught to manage money.

Instead of attempting to do it for themselves, they complain about how crappy life is and, yes, spend their free time on the computer playing video games. It is no small wonder they cannot afford their student loans.

The gaming industry is $188 Billion. Proponents of video games will argue against what I am telling you. Still, from Sandy Hook to many other mass shooting events, most of those shooters had one thing in common. Can you guess?

One of the officers investigating Sandy Hook told the press that the kid was ‘very proficient’ at killing that many people. It was almost as if he were trained in the military. Huh…

The Parkland Shooter was part of a unique program where his misdeeds (criminal) were kept secret from the School to avoid the school pipeline to prison. The argument for this program is that kids will grow out of it. One trip to the south side of Chicago will change the mind of most. The FBI knew about the shooter’s violent proclivities and were even warned before the shooting. They did nothing. I am still amazed that the activist David Hogg has yet to figure it out.

A teacher in California was beaten by a student because ‘she gave him a failing grade.’ The school system tried to convince the teacher (while she was still in hospital) not to press charges. If memory serves, he broke her jaw, among other things. It would ruin the boy’s life if you pressed charges. I wonder where that ‘child’ is now?

Playing video games releases endorphins which make the player feel good. The hormones and chemicals released are addicting. We humans can be addicted to almost anything, even pain. Does that fact shed some light on why some self-harm?

Those game players reading this will likely chime in, telling me I am wrong. Truth is, I am not mistaken. If you were to honestly log the amount of time you spend playing games, you might be surprised. How does it make you feel to win or take that hill? How do you feel when you lose? When confronted with the truth, how does that make you feel? How does that make you feel if you are a sniper and kill the ‘enemy? No, I am not wrong.

Can you guess why Syrup Boy was drinking the syrup? Sure, it tasted good, but what else? Yes, chocolate is addicting, as is anything that makes you ‘feel’ good. That little feature of most animals is for the survival of the species. I don’t need to spell that out for most of you.

Those proponents of video games immediately tried to spin things differently, but…If you live in a world full of violence, day in and day out, guess what happens to your psychic? Where did this Sandy Hook killer learn to be so proficient? He blew one of the teacher’s heads off and was heard laughing about it after the fact. One wonders why. Was it what he expected?

Were you aware that you could get PTSD from video games? Now we have VR (virtual reality), which will most certainly make the game more real or immersive. Are we even looking into cause and effect? No, it’s the guns doing it.

It is almost as if we should have a consumer protection agency or something looking into cause and effect. What happens if?

There is a real danger among us; syrup boy is just one minor symptom that we are doing something wrong. The prison population is a vast indicator we are doing something very wrong. PFFT

Cause and effect, garbage in, garbage out. Why has nobody put this together? Is it that unpopular? Can we not handle the truth? Are we not paying anyone to look into such things?

Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte, it will all be ok.

I mention the $188 Billion gaming industry because they hire PR firms to spin events like some mass shooting in another direction, away from the obvious. IT’S THE GUNS!!!

Guns are an easy emotional target or trigger word. That is why gaming lobbyists push the gun narrative. They know what it is, but $188 billion pays for PR firms and lobbyists and buys congressmen. It also makes the 2cnd amendment and the NRA the enemies of the people. If they can tie it to a political party, that is just a bonus.

Mental illness is rife. Covid, the lockdowns, and much more play into what is happening. With the lockdowns, the youth have more time to immerse themselves in these games. During the lockdown, the youth were not as socially active as they might have been. Games are an alternate reality. One wonders where reality and games collide. Add drugs into the mix, and that line will get super blurry.

Uvalde; his grandfather was a drug dealer, his mother a junkie, and you know grandma was not innocent or clueless about where the money came from. Pot today has a THC content of up to 95%. In the ’70s, the THC content was about 5%. The effects on the brain are mind-numbing and can cause uncontrollable rage. A toxicology report is still pending on the Uvalde shooter.

Riddle me this, why did the City of Carrollton, Texas, spend tax dollars on creating an E-sports (gaming facility for kids to play video games?) Wouldn’t it be better for kids to play these around their parents? Is this a taxpayer-funded babysitter or surrogate guardian who would also drink from the syrup bottle? Is it for kids who can’t afford a gaming computer?

In truth, I am uncertain what this facility is. On the surface, it sounds like a taxpayer-funded Dave and Busters, only for video games, period. Shouldn’t we try to get kids away from the keyboard and outside playing sports?

I am glad that the kid that shot up the July 4th celebration was such a coward that he gave up without committing suicide by cop. We need to learn what motivated him and everything else we can. He, like others, will end up being a statistic, but nevertheless, information is valuable.  

Where did he learn to be a sniper? He must have known about ballistics to shoot that distance and hit the target. Where did he learn?

Many people claim that School is a pipeline to prison. They blame it on things that are far from the facts. To quote Jack Nicholson, ‘They can’t handle the truth.’ In School, you learn the basics to get by in life and are introduced to social mores.

When I went to School, if your shirt was not tucked in correctly and you were caught, you earned a swat. For the rest of that day, every time you sat, there was this stinging reminder to make sure your shirt was properly tucked in.

Some parents argue against such things. They doth protest. Their argument is that you are teaching kids to hit; I disagree. You are teaching them that we have rules. While you are here, you will follow them. Trust me, parents, kids know how to hit already.

If you have flown, there are more rules than I care to count. Do not joke with the TSA.

In society, there are rules. You and I have those same rules. We get hit in the pocketbook if we speed or drive erratically. If you have one of your tires over the line in a handicapped parking area, the fine is over $600. I am talking about accidentally crossing that little white line with one tire.

One lady had just picked her kid up from school. She was on her phone while speeding through the school zone. The motorcycle cop had his lights on. He tried to get her attention for over a mile before he was forced to go up to her window at a red light and tap on it. I hope her child watched that interaction.

She was terribly distracted by the conversation on the phone. Speeding through a school zone is a hefty ticket. On your phone, while driving in a school zone is yet another. Not seeing the cop for at least a mile…Those mistakes will be quite the spanking.

My point is that there are rules; when do we start teaching them to our kids? There are social mores that are also incumbent upon us to teach. We don’t drink from the bottle. We cannot be our children’s friends. We must be parents first; that is our job. We are not talking about child abuse or beating anyone; we are talking about course corrections. We are talking about parenting. Know what your child is doing. We parents are held accountable for their actions until they reach adulthood. Our job is to raise them so that the criminal justice system does not have to.

Some scream about prison overpopulation. We, the parents, are in part the cause of this. The lack of morality and, yes, the violence are symptoms of not being engaged with your progeny.

Dysfunctional families are endemic to the problem, and that is what congress should be addressing. Breaking the cycle of single-parent homes requires education.  

Drugs and the promise of easy money probably eclipse poor parenting, as even the best of parents end up burying a child due to an overdose. Some lose them to gang violence. That, of course, is systemic of drugs and the drug culture.

It starts at home. You are the person they will model until such a time they attempt to emulate some actor or actress. If you teach them correctly and raise them right, you will not need to worry about what the schools are doing to indoctrinate them into this woke world of weirdness. You might also keep them from hanging with the wrong crowd.

Anyone who teaches your kids to hate their country must be in a different vocation. Any person who grooms your young child must be behind bars for pedophilia. The messages children get today are mind-bending. Homeschooling is almost a must.

Your options are clear. Either be of good moral character and lead by example or teach them how to look innocent in a lineup.


The Ivory Tower of liberalism yet again shines like a beacon on a hill.

The Ivory Tower of liberalism yet again shines like a beacon on a hill.


Richard Dreyfuss @RichardDreyfuss shows us just how out of touch Hollywood types are by his latest twitter diatribe.


“Trump supporters are struggling, and those supporters of notoriety are whores.”  Paraphrased but pretty close.

  • Don’t you find it amazing that those that are the most vocal about doing away with our second amendment are those who have armed body guards to protect them?
  • Isn’t it amazing that those who claim to know the “real Americans” live inside a liberal bubble of propaganda, Hollywood elites, and other closed minded folks?

Richard; loved you in the movies but you don’t know me!  You don’t know the struggling whores who work two jobs to make ends meet.  You have no clue what it is like to struggle just to make the house payment, electricity bill and manage some sort of groceries to do it all again next week and then the next.

Yes, Richard, we are all whores as we sell our time and our bodies for money so we can go from one day to the next.  The others who don’t work, they too struggle as well as they certainly don’t get enough to make ends meet from the rest of us that do work.   With  millions on food stamps and millions more coming across the border it is only a matter of time when there is no more porridge left to give out.


Of course, you, Hollywood Ivory Tower types don’t know anything about that do you?  Maybe we should just all eat Cake!


1.5Million dollar estate of R. Dreyfuss


Trump supporters don’t like the idea of a Political elite class who cannot tell the truth if she wanted to.  The Clinton Dynasty is long overdue to ride off into the sunset of history.


download (2).jpg
Belongs to the dead broke HRD



Keep doing what you do best, regurgitate lines written by people that know more than you, and emote!


The crap that comes from Hollywood is part of the problem in this country.


Between the violent music and violent movies, we have a host of dysfunctional people that use what they see through media as a guide on a way to live.


The Useful idiots return. 


Throughout history, people have watched something on the silver screen or the idiot box and replicated some action or idea that was ill advised.


Now we have millionaires who don’t live on a budget trying to advise us that progressive values are what we should be voting for while not paying attention to how bad off California actually is.


If these kids paying for these high priced college educations were actually learning anything they would recognize this as a bad thing.




These same rocket scientists see this is their savior…



These policies that they espouse will be the total destruction of their state much like it is in Vennizueyla today or Greece was last summer and still is!


Socialism is not taught in America… They are in economic collapse!



Even if you have money, you can’t buy what is not available. 


No Richard, we are not struggling or whores, what we are is damned tired of elites such as yourself calling us whores or miscreants or idiots.  We get it because we live it!



When Trump becomes the next President, and you decide like so many of your ilk that you cannot live in this country any longer, please don’t let the door hit you in the Ass! In addition, please convince the rest of your kind to follow you.  The land is cheap in Venezuela right now, but you might want to pack your own toilette paper, as they do not have any!

My two cents…



Original Article

Richard Dreyfuss Goes Off on ‘Small-Dicked’ Donald Trump and Celebrity ‘Whores’ Who Support Him


My Fifteen Minutes

My Fifteen Minutes

Everyone seems to get his or her 15 minutes.

I made the front page of a small East Texas Newspaper twenty-four years ago, in a most austere way.

Driving home this evening I passed more than one person who was weaving in their lane.  Usually it is because they are texting or trying to see who called and of course, they are much better at this than every other driver is, so they can do it safely.  Sometimes the weaving is simply because they are drunk, or high.

In the year 1992, my life changed forever.

After a head on collision at freeway speeds involving an intoxicated 80 year old, I was forced to re-invent myself.  Managing to live through being treated in a small country hospital that doubled as an emergency vet… (Joking…, I think…) I was destined to do other things.

The broken bones and lacerations healed, but the scars remain, hidden just under the surface, pain is a constant reminder of that fateful day 24 years ago.  I have legs today because I happen to enjoy coffee.  Moments before the impact, I had stopped to purchase Gas and coffee. Filling one of those stainless steel thermoses, I had the thermos upright in the seat beside me.  Topping the hill to find a Cadillac, in my lane coming at me, my two options were to dive into the other lane or hit the brakes.  A red Truck was in the lane beside me so, in the split second that I had to utter the explicative “Oh Shit!” It was all over.  Literally, the accident was that fast.  I had locked up anti-locks breaks, and bent the brake pedal…He never attempted to hit his breaks.

The combined collision speed was 115 miles an hour.  How they got all that I have no idea however, my speedometer was stuck at 45…frozen in time.

The memory of that split second in time, indelibly etched into my brain is a constant reminder of what happens when idiots drink and drive.  Every detail lives with me in excruciating detail.  Time fascinates me today because of this, as I think time is not linear but relative. During the Nano second of the impact, the event turned into one of those films you see that was taken by a high-speed camera.  Bits of glass tumbled frame by frame, horizontally from my left to right.  The dash came up to meet me as the steering wheel crushed my face and chest.  The thermos full of coffee tumbled from beside me, launching itself to the floor, lodging between the firewall and the frame of my seat.  The hydraulic effect of the thermos filled with liquid, stopped the dash from severing my legs and most probably kept the shaft of the steering column from piercing my heart.

The driver of the other car was under his dash. He was hauled away first in the first ambulance arriving on the scene.  He had one small cut on his forehead and released from the hospital that day. He was not even wearing a seatbelt.   I never heard what happened with the driver after that. Since both of us had the same insurance company. I was lucky to be compensated for my losses.  I remember the claims person as being nasty to me on the phone…  They did not even replace my truck as it was now 6 months old.  I was upside down on the loan and they did not care…. It was a smaller truck, not one of the full size trucks like I drive today.  I understand that claims adjusters work for the benefit of the insurance company but I was surely not in “good hands.” Insurance is in fact unavoidable, if you are lucky; you are pissing your money away paying for something that you will never need. They do whatever they can do to keep from paying out.

The trip to the hospital started as I said, after they removed and transported the person who was responsible for the accident.

My vision was fading, as the pain in my chest was intense.  I made my peace with God as I knew that I was going to die and strangely enough, I did not seem to mind.  There was a strange peace about it as if the answer was at hand; this is how it will happen. God however had other plans… While waiting for the final sting… I tried to relieve the pain, I managed to remove my seat belt, but the pain was still there.

With what was left of my vision, I was able to watch as they pulled the other driver from under his dash and put him onto the stretcher.  A man came to my window talking with me as I told him about the pain and the vision issues.  It hurt to talk and my statements were short as breath was scarce.  My face had met up with the steering wheel, Or the steering wheel with my face, so talking “clearly, plainly” was not really an option; nor was it possible as blood was now leaving my body through every orifice that I had visible and some places that were not visible.

The engine and tires of my truck were underneath my seat.  Using the jaws of life I heard the popping sounds of the metal as they cut my door away from around me.  Finally, they got to me after removing my door and cutting what was left of the restraining device that was still wrapped around me.  By now, my vision was all but gone, but I could still hear the noises of the equipment, and the voices of the first responders.  You have heard people mention the white light.  My vision had faded from white sparkles to a blank white screen. One of the responders said, “It is a miracle that he is alive.” Placing that plastic collar on me, they then pulled me out of my truck.  Once they laid me down, my vision returned.  I could see the emergency vehicles, and the wrecker driver picking up my belongings as they were now strewn over much of the freeway. Steam was coming out from somewhere under my seat which was now where the engine was. The bed of the truck was warped; the force of the wreck torqued and twisted the metal.

Once in the ambulance the man told me that he was going to put some sugar water into me, the 18 gauge needle was going to hurt. Compared to the rest of the pain that I was in, that was a mosquito bite.

Arriving at the hospital, they were already working on the other person that hit me.  A curtain separated us, but I could hear him.  He was old, drunk and on medications.  His wife had just bought him another car as he totaled the last one.  He had badgered her about driving so she bought him this old big Cadillac so if he were in an accident; he would be protected. He bragged about how he guessed she was right because he was still there.

Laying there on the other side of the curtain, listening to him tell the story of his classic Cadillac, what was left of my blood boiled! It was not bad enough that they took the old person first, but I had to be in the same room with him!

It was now my turn to be treated like meat.

Cutting my clothing off me there was no shortage of witnesses to watch the story unfold.  Doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants (young attractive female with long curly brown hair) and a burly old cop who clearly had never missed a meal, were a few that made the cadre of spectators.

The report of the accident was read aloud to all that were present including the fact that my seatbelt was not buckled.

I tried to tell them that I took it off but, the cop was making notes, not interested in my wellbeing but who was at fault and if there was a ticket to write.  He looked down at me as if to say, yea sure…we have heard that one before…  I was pissed!  Arrogant son of a bitch!  If he could not see from the evidence what happened, he was a moron!

As they cut my shirt off, a large purple stripe across my chest and my belly that the belt left, told the tail, and at that; the cop put his ticket book away!  I was more concerned about living through this and he was looking to write a ticket.  I do not mean to sound churlish. I know many police who I call friends.  Thinking about this, I am still pissed at that asshole!

The doctor was wearing a black silky sports jacket with a yellow logo on it as he was at some sporting event and was on call.  He was not happy to be there and his bedside manner left much to be desired.  There were two hospitals in this town, one for poor folks, and one for people with means.  I had insurance and means and they brought me to the other hospital that was in need of so many things.

After examining my naked body in front of many people, the “doctor” flipped me over to stuff a finger up my butt as the final insult…  Now I had broken bones, crushed chest, face and legs and without x-rays or anything else, he treats me like a slab of meat to finish his exam so he can write up some orders for the nurses and get back to what he was doing before the rude interruption.  After he was satisfied with his initial exam, he left. They did a sonogram of my heart to find that it had been bruised.  Then they took me down to x-ray.  X-ray was close to the morgue, I could smell dead people, or was it me.

The ceiling tiles, stained from years of leaks and neglect told the tail of the financial history of this place.  The X-Ray machine would not stay in place.  After she would set it, get some distance to trigger it, the head would slide down, as its joints were old and loose.  We had to take several “pictures” before she was finished. No telling how much extra radiation that I was exposed to because of this antiquated relic that belonged in a museum.

Back in the emergency room, the man’s wife arrived.  He told her… “They said I was in the wrong lane.”

Laying there listening to him getting his three stitches on his forehead, it was not long before he was released to go home.  Before they left, his wife came over to me.  From what I could tell, I was covered in my own blood from head to toe. My beard was caked in blood.  She rubbed my forehead as she apologized… ”I knew better to get him another car.” She said…then she told me “I am not supposed to tell you this, we have good insurance…”

Even in my state of mind, I was too nice to tell her what she could do with her good insurance… I had to live through this day, this night and then another day before I could even think about getting things taken care of.

After hours spent in the emergency room; I was moved to ICU.  If you have never been in the hospital before “and I had not” this was not an experience that I would welcome or recommend.

Since I had a bruised heart, it was decided that I could not have pain medication.  A dentist came in and checked my teeth that had gone through my face.  Stitching up my face from the inside out, no pain medication was used.

The next fun thing was the doctor that set my broken nose.  This person reminded me of the professor on back to the future.  Pushing on my nose with his thumb, he could not get it exactly straight so again, without any pain management, he put these huge forceps up my nose and … got it straight.   The pain was unbelievable as the final crunching sounds of the bones ceased.

The machine that monitored my pulse echoed the throbbing of the pains in my body.

Listening to the beeping of the machine, I knew as long as it was beeping, I was alive.

The PA came in and tried multiple times to get me to tell her what I was taking.  “C’mon, we know you are taking something, what it is…we need to know…”  “Really…my word meant nothing… I don’t do stuff like that, never have!”  Several times she tried to get me to tell her what I was on…the answer was always the same. I maybe the only person on this damned planet who has never done it but…I don’t…

“We don’t know what you are on so we can’t give you pain medicine.” She said… What was I supposed to do, lie so they could manage my pain?

The next day, after the worst night in my life the toxicology report came back…my potassium was low…”What are you doing to cause your potassium to be low?” the doctor with bad bedside manners asked.  “Ummm, I don’t salt my food…” Never did get as much as an aspirin.

The days and nights blurred together as I could not sleep.  My nose was packed with cotton, and it throbbed for days. I could barely breathe as my ribs and chests were broken, breathing hurt!

Every few hours someone came in and jabbed me several times with a needle to get blood.  The phlebotomist, if that is who they were, sucked at it! I was still getting saline from an IV so peeing was the only activity that I could muster.  Lifting the sheets was near impossible and on several occasions, I had to get help…talk about humbling…

After the third day, glass from the accident was still imbedded in my hands left arm and face.  My beard was one solid chunk of caked blood and not so much as one person offered to get the glass out of me or clean me up.

For entertainment, I found that I could control the beats of my heart.  Using some biofeedback technique, I could slow them down to an eerie slow level or speed them up. I was hooked up with a remote telemetry gadget so someone somewhere could look at a screen and see my heart rhythm.  There was also a camera on the ceiling watching me.  At some point in time, I wanted a nurse and could not get one.  I pulled the telemetry leads off my chest.  The monitor went to a silent tone and … nothing.  Nobody came for close to 15 minutes! If this was ICU, I shuddered to think what care was like in a regular room.

The next day the hospital administrator came to my bed as I had asked to be transferred to Houston.  I personally knew Dr. Debakey and he knew me.  He even told me once if I needed his services to let him know.  If there was anything going on with my heart, I would much rather he and his team take care of me than this bunch of people.

The next day they moved me to a private room in the “best part” of the hospital.  Some wing of the hospital had been made via donations from someone.  It was there, with help from family that I managed to get myself into the shower, and stay there until I managed to get all the dried blood off me, out of my hair, and what have you.  I then dug into my luggage and used my own damned tweezers to get the glass out of me.

The doctor with the crappy attitude before releasing me was much nicer on his final examination.  I guess he was finally satisfied that I was not on anything…the wreck was in no way my fault or…he got lucky the night before…. Either way, I was happy to leave that hospital.  Holding a pillow next to my chest my friend of many years drove me home where I lost months of employment and finally had to leave the job I loved, as I was no longer able to do it.

One of the people that I missed was Dr. DeBakey and his team.  I had spent years taking care of the doctors in the Texas Medical Center and ended up in a small East Texas hospital that was a joke by any standards.

Loosing months of pay I got a call one day from MADD…mothers against drunk driving.  While I could ill afford it, I sent them some money anyway.

Today 24 years later I am often teased about my driving.  I am very defensive, leave lots of room in front of me and preach to those that will listen. I tell them to pay attention to what is going on at least 15 cars in front of you and leave enough room so you can see them.  I am often told, I drive like a grandpa…slow.  Slow translates to the speed limit or a mile or two above or below it, depending on the average terrain.

Driving a full size truck with many airbags is only a small part of my strategy.  When I see these people with their damned phones driving and messing with the phone, part of me really wants to scream at them.  Then the cops have radios, phones and a laptop computers and a host of other distractions while they drive through school zones…Folks, they are no different from you… Watch them; you will see them drift all over the road as they mess with their toys. I have seen them, and I cringe.

Keep your distance from them, big trucks and cheerleader types who think a selfie while driving through a school zone is smart.  They do it!  They are all over Facebook… Just the other day a young woman picked up her child from school and took off from the school, passing everyone doing 40 or better in a 20.  She was on her phone at the time…texting as she passed me.  “Where is a cop when you need one I said…”  With that, a cop pulled up on her bumper on his motorcycle.  She drove a long way without noticing him behind her, as she was texting on her phone.  That ticket had to be pricey!

Who do you think you are that you can endanger others with your BS?

I wish I could say that this is a story and “blah blah blah” but the truth is, that this is the truth.

This happened, and I am certain that by now, some of the memories have faded but I must tell you, most are still there including the pain.  Twenty-four years now, I have lived in unmitigated pain.  I take nothing for it.  I live with it, working out as best I can to help manage it…but there are no meds that would leave me mentally acute.

I do not know what happened with the man that hit me.  I know that if you have the same insurance carrier, you lose. By now I am certain he is gone, but there are plenty others to take his place.  There were no smart phones back then…Now everyone has one. Weed is legal in some states and I fear that those people will drive impaired as well. Even in states where it is illegal, I am certain that one of three folks is under some sort of influence.

Defensive driving if taught correctly, would be money well spent.


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What does it mean to be an adult?

What does it mean to be an adult?

What does it mean to be an adult?

That question sounds so innocuous, and so simple that some may feel that this is a waste of time to read, much less to write about it.

With recent events around the globe, and here in the US, I am beginning to think that many simply have no clue.

Admittedly, it was a different age when I became an adult.  Drinking age was 18 and so was the age for the draft.  It seems incongruent with today’s understanding of things that drinking age is 21, and while there is no draft; you can still enlist and still die for your country at 18.

download (32)
Draft Card

The economy has been an excuse far too long regarding jobs.  I think that people have found other ways to survive whether that be living in the bedroom that you grew up in or, making money off of the radar, so you can get government funding to make up the difference.

download (33)
Drug Deal

The truth is that one set of circumstances will begat the second which in some cases could lead to activities which are less than conventional.

While the Socialist among you believe that this is ok, trust me; you are stealing from those of us who don’t and, you are taking away opportunity and resources from those who truly need it.  If that seems harsh, sorry but, you really need to hear the truth. If you think that you somehow are “entitled” to it you are most probably wrong.


Think of it this way: You pull up into a parking lot and the only close up spots are handicapped; you park there anyway as you are every bit as good as someone with one of those plastic mirror hangers that they keep in the glove box for when they too don’t want to park at a distance. I see you do it, others see you do it; have we become so callused, so bereft of what it means to be a loving caring human being that we rationalize that this behavior is somehow ok?  Someone that truly can’t walk is going to need that parking place, just like the young single mother is going to need that “assistance” with her bills, and you will have taken it from them because, you somehow feel entitled.

portable handicapped permit

Obama Care has “stuffed up the process” here in the states as many, (too many) companies have gone to part-time and contract employees to avoid paying for health care, thus putting the problem square on the back of tax payers.

Corporate lawyers have figured out all of the ins and outs of the 2000 plus pages of the bill that congress could not be bothered to read before they passed it so, who gets screwed?


Over 50 million folks are on food stamps or some form of government assistance. That number is staggering and bespeaks of a problem that politicians have dealt with by throwing money at it.  It is foolishness of epic proportions and because of politics, it has become a pawn or “football” if you will, that is used as a “distraction,” among other things.

This “football” was used during the last presidential campaign.  You remember, Romney and Ryan were throwing grandma off of the cliff. Total Bullshit but many bought it because many have stopped thinking.  Truth be told, to quote Jack Nicholson, “you can’t handle the truth!”

Romney Ryan 2012
Smear Add of Romney Throwing Grandma off the cliff

  • If you watch John Stewart and think that is news, you can’t handle the truth.
  • If you watch MSNBC and think that blather is the news, you can’t handle the truth.
  • If you hear only what you want to hear, you can’t handle the truth.

If this describes you, don’t vote.  Most probably you are too damned lazy to vote anyway so do the rest of the civilized world a favor and stay home, smoke some more pot and enjoy the mellow tunes from the music coming from the radio upstairs, from your mom’s radio.

This is a pretty pathetic depiction of youth in not just this country, but many others. While “we” learned to seize the day, you learned, let someone else do it. Where did that come from?  This victim mentality that exist with you; where did that come from?

I heard of a “professor” who teaches in some college up north telling her students that young white men were the problem with the world?  That is the most racist thing that I have heard and this is coming from some “young black women.”  Take your white privilege bullshit and smoke it too!  If you and the likes of you are preaching this victim mentality; you are injuring your students.  In effect you are excusing their poor behavior and or giving them “rational” for future bad behavior.  Instead of following in the footsteps of MLK you are following in the footsteps of Satan!

Kathy Bates

Sixty years ago before MLK you might have had some sort of argument, but not today!  That excuse is gone and those that hold on to it are simply ignorant; or wish to be so.  It was more than just black people and white women that elected Americas first Black President, White guys did as well!

The sky is the limit; not just for white folks but for anyone in this country that has a dream.  If you can’t teach that, you should not be teaching.

Some of us with younger people still at home ignore the problem and just think that it will fix-it-self.

As I watched “Failure to Launch” a few years ago, parts of the theme resonated with me as I had kids working for me that lived at home and were clearly making enough money to have their own place.  Why?

That movie was over simplistic in that money was not an issue, he was simply too comfortable.

I wonder how many kids that still live at home are simply “too-comfortable.”

download (34) Failure_To_Launch-004

Truth be told many have this mentality where they want it now.  Instead of getting out of moms house and renting an apartment or buying a starter home they buy a new car, not just new car but a fancy ass new car, and a motorcycle, and of course all of the latest electronic gadgetry of the day.  They do this while living in the basement, eating moms cooking and having her do their laundry.


Mom fucked up!  She may as well pull a Kathy Bates and take a Louisville Slugger to their knees, it is equally destructive to them as human beings.

download (35)

Socialism does not work, it may appear to work for a while but at some point in time the money machine will have to stop printing money.  When the value of the dollar falls low enough that all of the countries which are currently devaluing their dollar as well will cause an economic destruction in other parts of the world like we saw in Greece last year, the World Bank and others who are playing Monopoly or Alchemy 101 with the world’s finances will find that unlike the big-bang, “You can’t get something from nothing!”


There is this thing called “Macro Economics” but I guess they don’t teach that anymore either.


My guess is that the uber rich are buying something that is “not tied to paper money” of any country. When the feces hits the rotating oscillator and a new world currency is created replacing the dollar the euro etc, they will have enough of whatever it is, to be rich again with the new currency and thus in control.  If I had to guess I would say something to do with energy, uranium or even coal perhaps.

Shit hitting fan

The governments, for whatever nefarious reasons that they have contrived are compelled to ruin the world’s economy by printing money, monetizing the debt and it cannot last forever.  Maybe this is part of a grand scheme to have a one world government controlled by the uber-rich Gorge Soros’s of the world.


Maybe it is simply short-sighted megalomaniacs playing god while they can, and “fuck the insects” (you and I)!”


I think it is more than likely the latter, if you keep up with the dynasties that we have created over the years and how they came into power you can see that they don’t give up power too easily.  The truth is no longer a concept that they subscribe to. Much like Martha Stewart actually spending time in a federal prison for insider trading, the politicians of today need that reality check.  Had she been a politician, nothing would have ever been said of it.  When a recent Dallas city councilman was caught taking kickbacks his honest to god response was “everybody does it!”  That was his total defense and I will be damned if they did not find some judge in another state to let him off. How did they get the venue moved out of state to begin with?  What judge could say what he did was ok?  Karma is a bitch however; he died.


May all who practice such folly meet their maker in such a fashion!

So what is the lesson, if you want to be a crook, become a politician; and you start that process by becoming a lawyer.

This is what BS looks like in a suit

So, adults, what is it to be an adult?

With power comes responsibility!

As you learn to drive you are “responsible” for what you do with that car.   We have laws that you must adhere to if you want to stay out of the “steel bar hotel.” Simply stated, there is accountability for your actions.


As you age and you feel the need (desire) to have sex, much like the car, there are responsibilities that go along with that behavior /action as well.  By diminishing “God” we have cheapened life to the point where millions of babies are aborted yearly.  So we are dealing with that responsibility “accountability” by murder, legal murder of a baby where it should in fact be the safest, in its mother’s womb.

Obama himself when promoting the “war on women” stated that he “did not want his daughters to be punished by having kids for having sex!” slightly paraphrased but that is what he meant!  Have you ever heard a sitting president make such an outrageous statement with absolutely no backlash from the complicit media!?


His answer and the answer of so many today is, “remove accountability!”  Baltimore has the same dumbass lame bunch of absolute bullshit reasoning and that is why Baltimore is in the shape that it is.  Oh wait, I forgot to tell you that there was some truth coming….  Stop voting for stupid people!


Sure, those six officers are going to get a fair trial right before the hanging!

We deal with adult situations in other ways as well with the casual cheap hotel visit as most “parents” are not too keen on having more people living with them that they can no longer deduct from their taxes, but still have to feed, house, buy clothes for, put gas in their car that they end up paying for, and of course provide high speed internet and endless cable channels because “kids” today merit it!

Hot Pillow motel rented by the hour…

We kid ourselves that they will figure it out, as they are still in bed past the lunch hour because they stayed up all night playing online games with their peers.

More truth be forewarned:  When you are old enough to think with your genitalia and act upon it, you are responsible for any and all outcomes and….You should be doing it under a roof that you pay for!

Again we have no accountability for the sperm donors out there, and parents of same; “you fucked up, fix it!”

While the government is seriously doing damage to these folks who feel entitled to handouts and getting them in exchange for their vote, parents are spending their retirements on keeping their kids in the bedroom that they grew up in, or they subsidize them in some way that they should not be doing.

Is there some magic age that you become and adult?

No, it is not a physical age but a level of maturity and character that you develop, if your parents did a good job.  Sometimes in spite of the parents people turn out all right and I attribute that to books.  Some would say the “grace of god” and that may be true but; just maybe reading is the key to much of what is wrong with the world today.

I would argue that there are some 16 year olds that have more maturity and character than some 30 somethings out there still living at home and playing the role of victim.

Character is doing the right thing when no one is around to see you do it.

Years from now we can look back at how internet pornography effected Gen X.

My gut feeling is that many young men will retard their natural instincts to procreate by taking the safe way out of “dating” by substituting it with self-gratification with internet porn and or Cyber-Sex instead of dealing with the real world of relationships.  With this retardation of natural sexual proclivities, I think we will see more young men living in their mother’s basement, living in virtual worlds of video games and other unnatural social settings through the internet.   Their social skills will undoubtedly suffer and their marketability will also suffer relegating them to either be a cyber-criminal, programmer or ditch digger.  When you exchange your social skills for the virtual world of the matrix, you are screwing yourself!

While this might cut down on the abortion rate, I think it will also affect the age at which kids become adults.  I perceive that there will be more mental issues to deal with, because of this unnatural upbringing.   We are meant to be social creatures.  One way people are tortured is by placing them in solitary confinement.  Many people rather be in their own little world today and that really says something about how far we have strayed from who and what we are.

Our social mores of today may change, much like “OMG and pokes” have been substituted for the casual visit, phone call and sincere salutation accompanied by a hand shake, warm embrace and a“how have you been.”

download (36)

Speaking of abortion…

I have always had a hard-line against it…  I do not think murder is a right that anyone should possess. You can dehumanize the baby by calling it other names and rationalize all you want but at the end of the day, it is murder…. And worse than that, it is premeditated.

So, is there ever a time when it should be allowed?

Sadly, I would have to say yes….

  • If the mother becomes pregnant unwillingly, “rape” than she should not have to bring a child into the world under those circumstances.   Make no mistake, the pregnancy should be termed ASAP, not after the child is a living entity. A baby has its own unique blood type and heart beat after 15 days, so before that!
  • If the mother’s health is compromised to the point of possible death, than that should be “her choice.”
  • If the parents, either have done drugs or are doing drugs than by all means, terminate the life before it becomes a viable life form.  In plain language, drugs-fuck-up-your-DNA “which are the instructions of how to put a life together.”  Both the Dad and Mom should be free of drugs before making a baby.

It would be interesting to know how long one has to be free of drugs before the genetic instructions “DNA” are reliable, if ever.

To summarize: take responsibility for your actions.  It’s not the government’s job, nor my job, nor your mother’s job! Once you leave school. It is your job.  Get a good education.  I really don’t want to hear that damned sorry ass excuse about bad schools or what have you.  There is the Khan academy online for free that teaches every subject that you could just about think of.  FREE!  Take some damned initiative!

download (37)

If you have a lousy teacher take the initiative to get some help from this and other sources online.  Instead of gaming or surfing porn, try learning something that you can use.

One of the skills that my employees seems to lack is time management.  It is my belief that one could go far by simply understanding the principles of time management and practicing them.


This victim mentality will be your demise and it must stop!  You can never truly be an adult if you blame others for your situation.  You, you are in control of you.  You control your destiny!

Carpe Diem!

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Is “gay” a choice, or are you born gay?

Is “gay” a choice, or are you born gay?

Is “gay” a choice, or are you born gay?


Dr. Ben Carson was recently asked some gotcha question about “is being gay a choice?”

Dr. Carson is a Famed Neurosurgeon, he is also a potential GOP 2016 presidential candidate.  That makes him a target by the “Liberal Media.”

Firstly and most importantly as a politician you have got to know how to handle “gotcha” questions like that one and not give them what they want which is “talking points” for the next several weeks while people instantly form opinions about you based on some conversation taken out of context.

Subjective topics like gay marriage should all be handled at the state level; so if people don’t like what is going on in one state they can vote with their feet, they can move.  For instance if you don’t like the fact that WEED is not available legally in your state, MOVE!  This should not be a presidential issue as “there is no one size fits all,” where people are concerned.

download (11)

This would make a nice looking house plant..images (5)

The context of the interview went along the lines that straight people go into prison and come out gay, a lot of them; therefor he reasoned, that being gay is a choice. 

I think it is much more of a complex situation than being gay or not.  It has to do with making do with what you have on “hand,” pardon the pun.  After a while of changing your behavior to adapt to your circumstances, the associated life style comes with the package!  The real differences between man and women has a lot more to do with the brain, than the plumbing; but most don’t know that.

His answer should have been “I suppose it could be or, it could be that you are born that way.” Next subject! Now the narrative is cast for the next few weeks as he backtracks or explains his position.  The good news is that people are talking about him.  The bad news is that some will make the decision to vote for him or not by this one question taken out of context.

They picked that question to get him to swing in the dirt, because they knew he would. A short one sentence answer, to stop the BS; is all that he should have said.  They “the liberals” need to control the narrative and if they can keep good candidates on the defensive. subjects where emotions are easily involved, they win!

Politics is a science of manipulation and controlling the narrative through subjects like this or race or you name it, subjects where you can stir up people’s emotions damned the facts!  The War on women was a biggie for Obama

By damaging the credibility of strong candidates and allowing for the weaker candidate to succeed even if it means getting the other party to vote for the weaker candidate in the primary so be it!  That is how you win elections!

What difference does it make what the president of the US thinks about is “gay a choice or are you born with it?”  You are what you are and what he thinks is just a so what!

The good news is for him is that he is making his gaffs now when few will remember, and he can make points when it comes to other topics that people care about.

Going to be an interesting next two years, and I plan to be here to make sense out of it all.

-Best to you and those that you care about!

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