What does it mean to be an adult?

What does it mean to be an adult?

What does it mean to be an adult?

That question sounds so innocuous, and so simple that some may feel that this is a waste of time to read, much less to write about it.

With recent events around the globe, and here in the US, I am beginning to think that many simply have no clue.

Admittedly, it was a different age when I became an adult.  Drinking age was 18 and so was the age for the draft.  It seems incongruent with today’s understanding of things that drinking age is 21, and while there is no draft; you can still enlist and still die for your country at 18.

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Draft Card

The economy has been an excuse far too long regarding jobs.  I think that people have found other ways to survive whether that be living in the bedroom that you grew up in or, making money off of the radar, so you can get government funding to make up the difference.

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Drug Deal

The truth is that one set of circumstances will begat the second which in some cases could lead to activities which are less than conventional.

While the Socialist among you believe that this is ok, trust me; you are stealing from those of us who don’t and, you are taking away opportunity and resources from those who truly need it.  If that seems harsh, sorry but, you really need to hear the truth. If you think that you somehow are “entitled” to it you are most probably wrong.


Think of it this way: You pull up into a parking lot and the only close up spots are handicapped; you park there anyway as you are every bit as good as someone with one of those plastic mirror hangers that they keep in the glove box for when they too don’t want to park at a distance. I see you do it, others see you do it; have we become so callused, so bereft of what it means to be a loving caring human being that we rationalize that this behavior is somehow ok?  Someone that truly can’t walk is going to need that parking place, just like the young single mother is going to need that “assistance” with her bills, and you will have taken it from them because, you somehow feel entitled.

portable handicapped permit

Obama Care has “stuffed up the process” here in the states as many, (too many) companies have gone to part-time and contract employees to avoid paying for health care, thus putting the problem square on the back of tax payers.

Corporate lawyers have figured out all of the ins and outs of the 2000 plus pages of the bill that congress could not be bothered to read before they passed it so, who gets screwed?


Over 50 million folks are on food stamps or some form of government assistance. That number is staggering and bespeaks of a problem that politicians have dealt with by throwing money at it.  It is foolishness of epic proportions and because of politics, it has become a pawn or “football” if you will, that is used as a “distraction,” among other things.

This “football” was used during the last presidential campaign.  You remember, Romney and Ryan were throwing grandma off of the cliff. Total Bullshit but many bought it because many have stopped thinking.  Truth be told, to quote Jack Nicholson, “you can’t handle the truth!”

Romney Ryan 2012
Smear Add of Romney Throwing Grandma off the cliff
  • If you watch John Stewart and think that is news, you can’t handle the truth.
  • If you watch MSNBC and think that blather is the news, you can’t handle the truth.
  • If you hear only what you want to hear, you can’t handle the truth.

If this describes you, don’t vote.  Most probably you are too damned lazy to vote anyway so do the rest of the civilized world a favor and stay home, smoke some more pot and enjoy the mellow tunes from the music coming from the radio upstairs, from your mom’s radio.

This is a pretty pathetic depiction of youth in not just this country, but many others. While “we” learned to seize the day, you learned, let someone else do it. Where did that come from?  This victim mentality that exist with you; where did that come from?

I heard of a “professor” who teaches in some college up north telling her students that young white men were the problem with the world?  That is the most racist thing that I have heard and this is coming from some “young black women.”  Take your white privilege bullshit and smoke it too!  If you and the likes of you are preaching this victim mentality; you are injuring your students.  In effect you are excusing their poor behavior and or giving them “rational” for future bad behavior.  Instead of following in the footsteps of MLK you are following in the footsteps of Satan!

Kathy Bates

Sixty years ago before MLK you might have had some sort of argument, but not today!  That excuse is gone and those that hold on to it are simply ignorant; or wish to be so.  It was more than just black people and white women that elected Americas first Black President, White guys did as well!

The sky is the limit; not just for white folks but for anyone in this country that has a dream.  If you can’t teach that, you should not be teaching.

Some of us with younger people still at home ignore the problem and just think that it will fix-it-self.

As I watched “Failure to Launch” a few years ago, parts of the theme resonated with me as I had kids working for me that lived at home and were clearly making enough money to have their own place.  Why?

That movie was over simplistic in that money was not an issue, he was simply too comfortable.

I wonder how many kids that still live at home are simply “too-comfortable.”

download (34) Failure_To_Launch-004

Truth be told many have this mentality where they want it now.  Instead of getting out of moms house and renting an apartment or buying a starter home they buy a new car, not just new car but a fancy ass new car, and a motorcycle, and of course all of the latest electronic gadgetry of the day.  They do this while living in the basement, eating moms cooking and having her do their laundry.


Mom fucked up!  She may as well pull a Kathy Bates and take a Louisville Slugger to their knees, it is equally destructive to them as human beings.

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Socialism does not work, it may appear to work for a while but at some point in time the money machine will have to stop printing money.  When the value of the dollar falls low enough that all of the countries which are currently devaluing their dollar as well will cause an economic destruction in other parts of the world like we saw in Greece last year, the World Bank and others who are playing Monopoly or Alchemy 101 with the world’s finances will find that unlike the big-bang, “You can’t get something from nothing!”


There is this thing called “Macro Economics” but I guess they don’t teach that anymore either.


My guess is that the uber rich are buying something that is “not tied to paper money” of any country. When the feces hits the rotating oscillator and a new world currency is created replacing the dollar the euro etc, they will have enough of whatever it is, to be rich again with the new currency and thus in control.  If I had to guess I would say something to do with energy, uranium or even coal perhaps.

Shit hitting fan

The governments, for whatever nefarious reasons that they have contrived are compelled to ruin the world’s economy by printing money, monetizing the debt and it cannot last forever.  Maybe this is part of a grand scheme to have a one world government controlled by the uber-rich Gorge Soros’s of the world.


Maybe it is simply short-sighted megalomaniacs playing god while they can, and “fuck the insects” (you and I)!”


I think it is more than likely the latter, if you keep up with the dynasties that we have created over the years and how they came into power you can see that they don’t give up power too easily.  The truth is no longer a concept that they subscribe to. Much like Martha Stewart actually spending time in a federal prison for insider trading, the politicians of today need that reality check.  Had she been a politician, nothing would have ever been said of it.  When a recent Dallas city councilman was caught taking kickbacks his honest to god response was “everybody does it!”  That was his total defense and I will be damned if they did not find some judge in another state to let him off. How did they get the venue moved out of state to begin with?  What judge could say what he did was ok?  Karma is a bitch however; he died.


May all who practice such folly meet their maker in such a fashion!

So what is the lesson, if you want to be a crook, become a politician; and you start that process by becoming a lawyer.

This is what BS looks like in a suit

So, adults, what is it to be an adult?

With power comes responsibility!

As you learn to drive you are “responsible” for what you do with that car.   We have laws that you must adhere to if you want to stay out of the “steel bar hotel.” Simply stated, there is accountability for your actions.


As you age and you feel the need (desire) to have sex, much like the car, there are responsibilities that go along with that behavior /action as well.  By diminishing “God” we have cheapened life to the point where millions of babies are aborted yearly.  So we are dealing with that responsibility “accountability” by murder, legal murder of a baby where it should in fact be the safest, in its mother’s womb.

Obama himself when promoting the “war on women” stated that he “did not want his daughters to be punished by having kids for having sex!” slightly paraphrased but that is what he meant!  Have you ever heard a sitting president make such an outrageous statement with absolutely no backlash from the complicit media!?


His answer and the answer of so many today is, “remove accountability!”  Baltimore has the same dumbass lame bunch of absolute bullshit reasoning and that is why Baltimore is in the shape that it is.  Oh wait, I forgot to tell you that there was some truth coming….  Stop voting for stupid people!


Sure, those six officers are going to get a fair trial right before the hanging!

We deal with adult situations in other ways as well with the casual cheap hotel visit as most “parents” are not too keen on having more people living with them that they can no longer deduct from their taxes, but still have to feed, house, buy clothes for, put gas in their car that they end up paying for, and of course provide high speed internet and endless cable channels because “kids” today merit it!

Hot Pillow motel rented by the hour…

We kid ourselves that they will figure it out, as they are still in bed past the lunch hour because they stayed up all night playing online games with their peers.

More truth be forewarned:  When you are old enough to think with your genitalia and act upon it, you are responsible for any and all outcomes and….You should be doing it under a roof that you pay for!

Again we have no accountability for the sperm donors out there, and parents of same; “you fucked up, fix it!”

While the government is seriously doing damage to these folks who feel entitled to handouts and getting them in exchange for their vote, parents are spending their retirements on keeping their kids in the bedroom that they grew up in, or they subsidize them in some way that they should not be doing.

Is there some magic age that you become and adult?

No, it is not a physical age but a level of maturity and character that you develop, if your parents did a good job.  Sometimes in spite of the parents people turn out all right and I attribute that to books.  Some would say the “grace of god” and that may be true but; just maybe reading is the key to much of what is wrong with the world today.

I would argue that there are some 16 year olds that have more maturity and character than some 30 somethings out there still living at home and playing the role of victim.

Character is doing the right thing when no one is around to see you do it.

Years from now we can look back at how internet pornography effected Gen X.

My gut feeling is that many young men will retard their natural instincts to procreate by taking the safe way out of “dating” by substituting it with self-gratification with internet porn and or Cyber-Sex instead of dealing with the real world of relationships.  With this retardation of natural sexual proclivities, I think we will see more young men living in their mother’s basement, living in virtual worlds of video games and other unnatural social settings through the internet.   Their social skills will undoubtedly suffer and their marketability will also suffer relegating them to either be a cyber-criminal, programmer or ditch digger.  When you exchange your social skills for the virtual world of the matrix, you are screwing yourself!

While this might cut down on the abortion rate, I think it will also affect the age at which kids become adults.  I perceive that there will be more mental issues to deal with, because of this unnatural upbringing.   We are meant to be social creatures.  One way people are tortured is by placing them in solitary confinement.  Many people rather be in their own little world today and that really says something about how far we have strayed from who and what we are.

Our social mores of today may change, much like “OMG and pokes” have been substituted for the casual visit, phone call and sincere salutation accompanied by a hand shake, warm embrace and a“how have you been.”

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Speaking of abortion…

I have always had a hard-line against it…  I do not think murder is a right that anyone should possess. You can dehumanize the baby by calling it other names and rationalize all you want but at the end of the day, it is murder…. And worse than that, it is premeditated.

So, is there ever a time when it should be allowed?

Sadly, I would have to say yes….

  • If the mother becomes pregnant unwillingly, “rape” than she should not have to bring a child into the world under those circumstances.   Make no mistake, the pregnancy should be termed ASAP, not after the child is a living entity. A baby has its own unique blood type and heart beat after 15 days, so before that!
  • If the mother’s health is compromised to the point of possible death, than that should be “her choice.”
  • If the parents, either have done drugs or are doing drugs than by all means, terminate the life before it becomes a viable life form.  In plain language, drugs-fuck-up-your-DNA “which are the instructions of how to put a life together.”  Both the Dad and Mom should be free of drugs before making a baby.

It would be interesting to know how long one has to be free of drugs before the genetic instructions “DNA” are reliable, if ever.

To summarize: take responsibility for your actions.  It’s not the government’s job, nor my job, nor your mother’s job! Once you leave school. It is your job.  Get a good education.  I really don’t want to hear that damned sorry ass excuse about bad schools or what have you.  There is the Khan academy online for free that teaches every subject that you could just about think of.  FREE!  Take some damned initiative!

download (37)

If you have a lousy teacher take the initiative to get some help from this and other sources online.  Instead of gaming or surfing porn, try learning something that you can use.

One of the skills that my employees seems to lack is time management.  It is my belief that one could go far by simply understanding the principles of time management and practicing them.


This victim mentality will be your demise and it must stop!  You can never truly be an adult if you blame others for your situation.  You, you are in control of you.  You control your destiny!

Carpe Diem!

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