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Cliven Bundy or Holy Cow!

Have any of you followed this Cliven Bundy thing?

This just has distraction written all over it.  Why do I say this?

This guy has been letting his cattle graze where ever for over twenty years.  They go on land that is not his and eat whatever is eatable.  The land is covered in cactus and scrub brush and if it has grass, I didn’t see it.

The point here is that he admittedly broke the law and has been doing so for a long time.

The Sheriff is a friend of his and my guess is that he looks the other way as nothing is being hurt. As the matter of fact the cattle are eating material that could be combustible so in fact they are doing the feds a favor!

Now out the blue the feds come in with attack dogs, snipers and the freaking military to do what, to fine this trespasser?   Give me a break.

This is a way to get Fox news, which admittedly is no fan of the liberals to turn their attention to this, rather than keeping their eye on the ball.  Not only does this distract the news outlets but the American people as well.

This stand off had the makings of Ruby Ridge[1]  or Waco [2] until the militia showed up and said “cool it.”  This really could have ended badly.  Brinksmanship is a dangerous game where hot heads and guns are involved.   It ended very badly for Ruby Ridge and Waco and this is the same mentality at work here.

Even though the snipers and attack dogs have left, we still have good old Harry and his son stirring the pot. Harry, why does the Fed own so much of your state?  That land belongs to the people and you should make an effort to get it back into their hands.  Do you not represent your people?

On Hannity tonight he interviewed the family.  Brianna, a daughter in law made the statement that “we are a family of faith and have god on our side.” Brianna, I am certain that it is biblically correct not to break the law, read Romans..

This administration seems to have taken its cues from Houdini, watch the other hand if you want to see what is really going on.  As for the Bundy’s, get your cattle on your own land and respect fences.  Make nice with the feds, because as we have seen with past experiences, they usually don’t end well.

This is a stretch but if the feds had any sense they would make this go away.  Fine the guy a $100 and tell him not to do it again.  Next time don’t go after a gnat with a cannon!

Neither of you want this to go to court.  There was never a need for deadly force, and this really makes the feds look bad, again…

Just my 2 cents worth and it really is worth about that… 

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruby_Ridge

[2] http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/atf-raids-branch-davidian-compound

-Best to you and those that you care about!