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The word of the day is profligate…”One who shamelessly pisses away money…”

I find it interesting that of the 50 states in this country, 11 of them are totally insolvent.

I also find it remarkable that of these 11, they are all run by liberal ideologues or profligates.

There is a 12th state, Delaware that is soon to join the other 11 which is troubling.

The amazing facts are that these states are losing their people who are traveling to states who are fiscally responsible and also run by conservatives.  Now these same liberal ideologues that have made their way to states that are not in any financial trouble complain.  What do they complain about?  That we are too conservative…


If you look at Greece and then at the state that you left; and cannot draw the comparison between them, than you are not only so wrapped up in your ideology that you are lost…but you may also be … well … Bless your heart!…

Look, don’t come to a state that works with your troubled ideas and screw us up… When you come to this country…you fit it with us… You offer the best that you have and fit in…

When you come to this state…  You offer the best that you have, and fit in…

…When in Rome…

This is not rocket science… If you are fleeing a state or place because it is screwed up…something is wrong… Why in the world would you not examine what is wrong and accept that you might have been part of the problem…. Like maybe something as simple as the way that you voted?

We have a huge influx of people here in Texas from all over the country.  Amazing as it may sound, I find that the plates from out of state are the people who cut people off, honk, and drive like crap and so on.  This is Texas…Chill…. We are friendly people here but remember…Texas is one of the states where we carry concealed and soon not concealed…when you wave…use all of your fingers pardner… Just saying….

We eat BBQ that is made the way god intended, and we drink Iced Tea.  We hold doors for ladies, and we say please and Thank You… We teach our children to be polite, but we also teach them not to put up with crap.


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