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Why II or, Gods and Insects II

Why II or, Gods and Insects II

I asked myself, why anyone would put this kind of hatred in a public space and on display for the secular and non-secular world to witness. I am of course talking about new signs popping up touting the killing of Jews as worship.

  1. If you want to conquer a country you must first divide it. It would be much easier to conquer a country divided and fighting itself.
  2. You take control of the media so you can keep control of the narrative.
  3. You divide the folks through propaganda, provided by the media and other outlets like sitcoms and movies that attack conservative values from notable people who we see in movies and sitcoms.
  4. You keep the people distracted through sports venues, 100’s of TV channels and other internet distractions which disseminate a narrative that is in line with an agenda.
  5. Silence dissenting views through arms of the government and you distract with issues which demand your attention through outrageous acts of barbarism.
  6. You pull out a page from a “magician’s handbook” by causing the world to look at the other hand and not the one containing the next “trick.”
  7. You allow or instigate actions which are so heinous that the government is forced by its citizen’s to call out to its government to come in and revise those rights that we hold dear to protect us from the bad people in the world and finally we disarm the citizen’s making them helpless and unable to care for themselves both with armory and even through the control of their ability to fend for themselves if the infrastructure were to break down.
  8. You destroy any candidate from either party that might actually do something to stop this train wreck from happening. Make no mistakes, there are people on both sides that want this country to change and fall in line with the rest of the world.

Let’s see, we have this imaginary war on women, we have racial strife, and we have a division between the law and the people.  Now all cops are painted with the same broad brush that a few power hungry cops have used, overstepping their boundaries.  We have millions of illegals in the country that the tax payer is supporting through taxes that are burdensome and unfair to say the least.

We have a media that is complicit to the left (far left) calling any kind of criticism of the current regime or the far left established empire of the Clinton’s just foolish talk.  We have smoke and fire and a lot of the dots depicting these folks as a dynasty who clearly thinks of themselves as Gods and the rest as insects; being protected by the far left media.

You enlist Hollywood to get familiar faces to speak to its base and against those who see the Wizard of OZ for who he /she really is, just a power hungry money grubbing entity whose agenda is gaining more money and more power, damned the consequences. Even if that means giving control of our Uranium to Russia, though backdoor deals!

The little people, you and I are kept in the dark by this media and when we listen to or hear talk that is of a nature that is diametrically opposite of the far left they we are painted as Tea Baggers and far right loons.

“BTW a Tea Bagger is a very offensive term which means one who puts their “balls” in someone’s mouth during sexual acts, which many find offensive but yet the left really does not care if they are offensive.”

Bill Maher-20111102-4

Most of the people have little time to study current events so many don’t spend their precious TV time watching the news.  The newspaper is mostly liberal so if they read it they get the progressive point of view.  Objectivity does not sell papers or subscriptions and let’s face it, they are left leaning.  To further that, a majority of people only care what is going on in the world if they are directly affected.  If someone comes to their house and demands their guns or else, they might care then, of course by then it would be too late.

Silencing the opposition through coercion, corruption, bribes and or by destroying their credibility by having people of distinction publically attack them in malicious manners, much like Harry Read lying about Romney not paying taxes to dissuade voters from voting for him.  I find it interesting that he had no remorse for his lies and felt that the ends justified the means.

And finally through free speech you allow hate mongers and or other groups to sew seeds of discontent that are so malevolent the people rise up and demand that it be stopped which the government then has a free pass to modify your rights in such a way that you give them up.

That is how we got the patriot act, porn scanners, groping of grandma and children and strip searching of anyone that they like, and the government’s ability to spy on you without a warrant.  Do you feel safer now?

The hateful speech in question would require a change in the 1rst amendment which conversely would affect all law abiding citizen’s ability to speak out against those things which they found offensive.  By pushing the envelope by allowing these Jihad signs in New York; they are hoping to get enough people  to cry out to their government to do something about it. 

Top Down, Bottom up, inside out!

no-free-speech (1)

Do you really want to forfeit more of your rights, to stop those with hateful rhetoric from offending you?

“A word regarding the second amendment.”

We as people are lulled into a false sense of security. We have the NRA lobbying for the legal gun owner of this country to keep and bear arms.  If it came down to a firefight between you and a criminal the odds are good that the criminal would already out gun you as they might have Russian made automatic weapons or even American made automatic weapons as they are not restricted by laws.

If it came down to fighting our government “you know the real reason that there is a second amendment” to stave off a tyrannical government, I know for a fact that drone strikes would not be off the table, much like we are seeing in Syria today where the government uses poison gas on its people.

So, if you are under the illusion that owning a handgun gives you some modicum of protection from anyone other than the common thug, you are dreaming.

If the NRA wants to ramp up the conversation, how about my ability to own an RPG or two?

The bottom line is to vote intelligently and get your news from something other than the liberal left or the loonies out in Hollywood who have some lollipop idea that the world would be great if we all fell in line like the rest of the countries who limit your speech, force PC speech and oh yes, limit your rights to guns or religion and keep you all working for the “common good” thus destroying capitalism.

The only wealthy people are the Gods, and the rest are insects!  The insects work for the Gods; or they are exterminated, which one are you?



You don’t need the government to stop idiots. You just need yourself and a few friends who also think outside the box.



Out of the box thinking continued…

After doing a little research on prisons, I have come to the conclusion that there are huge financial gains for “thinking outside the box” on this issue.

 The average cost to house a prisoner is $20k per year, give or take.  These include statistics in states where there is over crowding and states where there is not.


 What if we took all prisoners with non-violent offenses, although I would start with the 75 thousand non-violent drug offense inmates and made farmers out of them?  This could be their choice but, time off for good behavior while learning how to farm and become productive would be a win! Monitoring of them could be easier and less expensive with technology i.e. drones or proximity devices etc.  

The simple facts are that this cost “the tax payers” tons of money each year, both at a state and federal level.

If we were able to get the 75 thousand currently sitting in prison on non-violent drug offenses off the prison role and working on a farm being productive, that alone is $1.5Billion a year of tax money that could be used for something else.   

 Now how many are in prison for other non-violent offenses?

Factor into this the folks that are on welfare that can work and don’t, as well as the street folks who might want to take part in this, (comes with a place to live, heat and food.)

 Lets get them to grow staples that the country needs and then they all of the sudden are a “profit center” if you will.

 Between making a business out of housing criminals, entitlement spending and spending on aliens that are here illegally; tax payers bear one hell of a burden.  We really need some “out of the box thinkers” to address these problems.

 We really need some of these thinkers for the illegal alien issues here in this country.  I really hate to use that terminology for them.  If I lived there, I would do my best to come here as well.  While I would do my best to come through the front door, that is certainly a lot easier said than done.   Some of the basic arguments that I read are false however.  There are plenty of “white people” that will do those jobs.  There are plenty of “Americans” that will do those jobs.  To say that white people and or Americans are too lazy to do them is a blatant falsehood and offensive to me.  If you need work, you will do what you have to.  If the government is paying you not to work, well that is really the cruckst of it, isn’t it?  Who would dig ditches if the government will pay you stay home and watch The View or some other absolute mind-rotting nonsense?

 Propaganda comes in all shapes and sizes.  It comes from those that you “trust” on the nightly news, to shows from Disney with fuzzy little creatures.  Third world countries are not the only ones brainwashing their citizens.  While we can still get multiple views on certain topics, some countries have state run everything so the only “view” that they get is whatever the “government in power” wants them to have.

Currently we have the first amendment (free speech.) That however is under attack by the political correct police.  This needs to be stopped.  If what you say offends others let them not listen to you.  They have the right to not listen just like you have the right to make a complete and utter ass of yourself.  If I can control what you say under the guise of political correctness, than I can have free reign on a myriad of subjects and you cant say anything bad about.  Friends, that is not right and “UN-American!” 

The real trick is finding the multiple views as for some reason the media is in love “or in bed” with the progressives in this country.  I personally read news from all over the world as there is always something going on that other countries find newsworthy.  The BBC which is liberal is for the most part “right” of most of our media.

 It would be refreshing to have objective journalist again.  It would seem that the only time that they are tough on the government is when the GOP in charge.  I am not saying that the GOP is right, what I am saying is that we need objective standards in the media.  If the president drew a crowd of 5000 at some event, both FOX and CNN should say 5000, not “that there were only a few thousand” or “there were absolutely THOUSANDS that showed up for the event!”  Both statements are correct, and both are misleading. 

 There are thousands of folks out there “speaking of thousands” who have probably thought about these issues from time to time.  Let’s noodle this around a little and see what we can come up with.  Let’s have a little “enlightened conversation.”

-Best to you and those that you care about!